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"You don't have to be a genius to understand these things,
just use your common sense!!"
Luke 12:57 The Message

The 144,000 Covering

Believing Into

Prophecies in Dan. 7 picture the dreadful, exceedingly strong beast superpower of the end of this age as one aggressive head government leading 10 other sovereign states (horns). These 10 horn states cooperate with the head to protect it, but also supply it with power and means to overcome and break down modern Israel and other nations. Dan. 7:7. This is the situation which will prevail, until the Ancient of Days comes and the set-apart, the Chosen People (the holy, the saints) are given possession of the kingdom. Dan 7:22. In other writings, it has been exhaustively demonstrated that it is what was the former USSR which evolves into this Dan. 7 head with 10 horns.

But even as recently as early 1991, the USSR was made up of the Kremlin head and 15 "republics" under total Kremlin control. As the 1991 Soviet crackup progressed, it became clear that absolute control of the republics by Communist Party hard-liners could not survive as such. On Sept. 3, Gorbachev and 10 republics proposed transfer of all central authority to themselves and an appointed legislative council until a new union can be formed. The 3 Baltic states, Moldavia and Georgia chose not to join the new union. Of the 10, there are 6 which are Muslim dominated, with interesting and hazardous implications for the near future of Israel.

Russia and its neighboring Republics need massive financial and managerial help. Economic conversion in the process of shedding a Communist past and putting on a capitalist future has never before been attempted on the Russian scale. Even at its beginning, the process has meant hyper-inflation, plunging living standards, eroding production, rising crime, and a creeping sense of demoralization and hopelessness.

During the years after the coup of August, 1991 through 1994, little has changed. Only a thin veneer of apparent political stability and progress toward democracy and free enterprise has spread over a sturdy edifice of continuing political infighting and a bankrupt, state-controlled economy. For the most part, political and economic reform in Russia exist only in new ideas, not new practices. The constitution of the Communists remains the basic law of the land. The same parliament elected under Communist rule remains in place. Industrial and agricultural enterprises are still in the hands of the state and being run by the privileged bureaucrats appointed by the Communists.

Shortly ahead are massive bankruptcies and unemployment, if the huge state monopolies are forced to compete in a market with no demand for their products. U.S. government estimates show their industrial and agricultural output fell 7% to 17% during 1991. Retail inflation was about 141% and national income was down about 15%. The 1994 figures look worse.

The choice is between muddling through and disaster, according to the Moscow News. The political question is whether a society, accustomed to years of Communist state-guaranteed jobs will tolerate extreme difficulties long enough to give free market reforms a chance. The risk is that the Yeltsin government will be unable and that an odd alliance of communists and ultra-right nationalists will snuff out democratic stirrings

The prophecies of Dan. 7 further state that from among the 10 horns another horn, a little or "bit" horn, will arise. Before this 11th horn, 3 of the 10 are to be crippled or disabled. Then this little horn leader will make war with the "saints" and prevail, until stopped by the Most High. Dan. 7:8, 21-22. Those 10 of Dan. 7 are not the same as the "one hour" 10 horns of the Rev. 13:1 and 17:12-13 beast. The Dan. 7 horns increase from 10 to 11 and then 3 of those 10 are in some measure incapacitated. The horns of Rev. 13, 17 remain 10 in number and all 10 effectively wage war beside the beast during "one hour" (630-644 days). Rev. 13:5-7, 17:12-13. The 10 horns of Daniel are "transformed" USSR republics. The 10 of Rev. are likely separate Islamic nations (Syria, Iraq, Iran, etc.).

Among watchers and sort-of watchers, more and more attention may go toward identifying the "little horn" and the head which is to receive "the death blow" and then be healed. Hearing and seeing prophecy in the process of fulfilling, or about to fulfill, attracts interest and even develops excitement. Matching current events with prophecy has its importance. The Lord repeatedly, insistently commanded us: Watch! But the importance to the Lord of our study of current-event-prophecy relationships is not confined to ability to read tomorrow's newspaper today. To Him, the valid reason for placing prophecy before His children, and even allowing them to anticipate fulfillment before His actual schedule, is motivation into greater efforts to become adequately prepared before the actual fulfillment.

Encouraged by the 1992 Israeli elections, prospects have been shaping up, week by week, toward a dividing of Israel (and Jerusalem), as the price for "peace" with Islam. The process excites intense interest. But unless linked to expectation of the Lord's new and strange work of cutting His servant (the churches) in two and then Great Tribulation, His motivation leverage for intense preparation is being rejected - again. Without current events producing motivation toward living Truth taught by the Lord, recognition of fulfilling prophecy is fruitless.

If the age is ending, how should Christians be living? If "rapture" is a valid expectation, what should churches be teaching and for what should they be reaching? If only Firstfruits are to be taken initially, in what should the ambitious be preparing? And who should have ambition to participate? It should be obvious that all who love the Lord ought to be working hard to earn His favor.

The Firstfruits are the Rev. 12:4,13 man-child. The "man" designation refers to strength for lifting. Each of the two uses of this specific Greek word in the Bible can be seen as referring to a matured man, as contrasted to a male of any age. Maturity is also supported by the time context of Rev. 12 and his move to the heavenlies.

But today and with ambition encouraged, for what should they work? The picture in Rev. 12:1 is consistent with the characteristics of the heaven environment: Clothed in the sun (that which preserves life), with the moon underfoot (desire nature under full control), crowned with 12 light emitters. The crown is a victor's or overcomer's wreath. The 12 initially applied to ancient Israel (contending alongside with God), then to the 120 of Acts 2 and today to the first who complete the 12 on earth in conscious, earnest desire for and choice of what is for the ultimate good (God's whole Plan for man's well-being). The completion of the 12 is numerically indicated by the square of 12 (144). This is also emphasized numerically in multiplication by 1000, the lowest revealed God number. Therefore, 144,000 is the number of the minimum level acceptable to Him.

The Rev. 12:5 matured man-child taken from earth to God and His throne in the New Jerusalem above is seen in Rev. 14:1 as 144,000 men. They will have controlled the commonly experienced physical urges of men and come into physical-emotional purity (placed the moon underfoot, virgin). They will have chosen to follow the Lamb wherever He goes and leads, walking with God in His whole Word (clothed with the Sun, crowned with the Light of 12). They will have accomplished this on earth and been purchased from the earth realm by Christ. Because they consciously stand 100% on the Truth from God which they have assimilated, they are found blameless by the Lord - and fit for graduation to the New Jerusalem school. Rev. 14:4.

God does not change His mind or Plan from time to time for educating and graduating His children. He requires the same sequencing of earth lessons for each. Mal. 3:6. Of course, of those more exposed to His teaching, He expects more progress. Of him who has more, more will be required. Lk. 12:48, Mt. 13:12. To him who has made gains by his work with Treasure, much more will be given. But from him who has not worked with what he has, even that will be taken away. Mt. 25:29.

For our Heavenly Father's earth family, house rules are somewhat different than man's. The Father is fully in charge - Lord of the house. He who undertakes to learn His house rules may join the household. If he then fully cooperates, he can experience His protection, education, material and spiritual support, provision for all needs and extra goodies. But if the cooperating one at any time decides on but partial cooperation, his residual conformance is not recognized, until the cooperation problem is resolved to the Father's satisfaction. Perversion of the house rules to do one's own thing while appearing to conform, is the worst of non-conformance. Ezek. 18:24-32.

Within the heavenly Father's household on earth, as also in the human family, best results and full potential of children's progress is not realized without a pervasive spirit of full cooperation. Unless a child believes his father is wise, believes what his father tells him and also believes deeply enough to put his father's admonitions and suggestions into consistent practice in daily living, that child will not reap the benefits intended. Without such cooperation, the father's benevolent intent and Plan are thwarted. The father, if he is worth his salt, would then introduce corrective measures with the hope of protecting his child from self-infliction and of persuading him to reconsider and back off from impending harm (repent). If and when and for as long as a child rejects training in his father's house and moves into the house of another, he loses out not only on his loving father's thoughtful training, but also his protection, extra tutoring and almost automatic supply of needs - all of which are endemic to that home. Remaining with his father, believing in his wisdom, rightness and faithfulness to responsibility, and then follow-through in application of the training is "believing into" the father.

Thus says the Lord:

So must the Son of man be lifted up (glorified) that whosoever believes into Him (Sinaticus Text) should not be being destroyed (only in Vaticanus Text), but may be having eonian physical life (zoe). Jhn. 3:15.

Whosoever believes into Him shall not be being destroyed, but may be having eonian physical life (zoe). Jhn. 3:16.

He who believes into Him is not being judged. Jhn. 3:18. He who believes into the Son is having eonian physical life (zoe). Jhn. 3:36.

He who is believing into Me is not (just) believing into Me but into the One sending Me. Jhn. 12:44.

I have come a Light into the world-order so that whosoever is believing into Me should not be remaining in the darkness (but come to know how to continue living without physically dying). Jhn. 12:46,50.

Each is a literal translation from the Greek Texts. Each describes a process, one that has a beginning, extends over a period of time and ultimately reaches its successful conclusion. "Believing into" is a "doing" process developing physical immortality on earth! Of 62 occurrences of "life, live, liveth and living" in John's Book, 54 refer to (zoe) physical life. The other 8 (psuche) refer to man's whole being - body, soul and spirit.

In what has Christendom been leading its church members? "Only believe our doctrine, join our church and your soul is saved. Invite Jesus into your heart, and your soul is saved. Tell Jesus you are turning your life over to Him, and experience immediate saving of your soul." What a far cry from the Lord's call for valid repentance and then building a new life on His time-exacting training. The political and business arms of Christendom pressure everyone to believe into social programs (that buy votes) and insurance policies and bank accounts (which steer away from recognizing a need for God).

In our century, social programs have blossomed almost everywhere with the objectives of improving the quality of life and protecting against loss. Thus says the Lord: If you will diligently listen to the voice of the Lord your God and will do what is right in His sight, I will leave none of the diseases upon you which were left leave none of the diseases upon you which were left upon the Egyptians. I am the Lord who is your doctor. You shall serve the Lord your God. He shall bless your bread and water, and will take sickness from your midst. Ex. 15:26, 23:25. Is there any possibility that the loving Father will permit success of government and other health insurance programs designed to supplant His best health plan for His beloved children??

Unregenerated men, and many Christians, devise their own channel of "believing into." Increasingly it is man's intellect alone which he thinks will eventually resolve rapidly deteriorating political, economic and ecclesiastic relationships. There is increasing trust in the Godless, anti-Christ U.N. to bring about a "new world order" among troubled nations. Yet even computer models of current developments have shown nothing but rapid deterioration into utter chaos. At least computers agree in measure with God's Word about man-led "civilization."

Demons believe in God, but not "into Him." Christendom does likewise. Jas. 2:19. We have become a nation full of agnostics and truth perverts promoting self-satisfaction at the expense of others, angry at the wholly righteous God. Moses wrote, I call you to love the Lord your God (who is responsible for your being), to obey His voice (His Word) and to cling to Him (for guidance and help - not to what man offers to ease emergencies), for He is your physical Life and the length of your days! Deut. 30:20. It is written, blessed is the strong man who is trusting in the Lord, and the Lord becomes his trust! Jer. 17:7 literal. It is the Throne rule established from the beginning which is man's sanctuary-shelter, protection and refuge from disaster.

Christians have long been taught that they are "free from Old Testament Law," that Jesus has done all for them. So under the Dispensation of Grace, there is no need for strict sabbath-keeping, or celebrating Festivals established by the Lord, or observing the new moons. Paul wrote that these things of the Law were shadows of the reality. Being so very familiar with the Old Testament, he said these shadows are illustrative dramas, often parabolic, given in the form of "do it, or else" Law for training purposes. Gal. 3:24. The reality came with the Testimony of Jesus Christ, extending application of the Law from the external man to include the inner man.

Understanding built in by the lessons of drama was to result in total application. Dan. 9:27 forecasts the Lord's strengthened covenant offered during the 7 year "week" during which His once-for-all sacrifice finished the dramas of Old Testament offerings of lambs. The New Covenant contains all the principles of the Law, but mostly without its parabolic drama patterns. Mt. 5:17-18, 15:20. The "new Law" is right thoughts and emotions leading to right deeds through understanding, in place of legislation. Training of the inner man is added to that tuned to the outer man. There had been and is no thought of cancelling the required right external living.

Is it true that the Sixth Commandment need not be observed by Christians and they are free to murder? It seems all other of the 10 are being thus understood in liberal churches! How often it is heard, let no man judge you with regard to a feast day, or a new moon, or a sabbath. Col. 2:16. The sabbath was first mentioned as such in Ex. 16:23, and set to Law about a month later. From then on, it has been a point of contention. If you will not listen to Me to keep the sabbath day set apart (no work), I will kindle a fire in your gates. Jer. 17:27. I gave My sabbaths to be a sign that they might understand that I am the Lord who sanctifies them. They grievously made them common, as other days. Then I thought I would pour out My wrath on them. Ezek. 20:11-25.

Jesus explained again, 1363 years later, that the sabbath had been made for man's benefit. Mk. 2:27-28. When man properly delights in the sabbath, keeping it exactly as in Isa. 58:13-14, he benefits. The benefits include added attention from the Lord, ample provision for needs, protection, and added ability to benefit others. Man thus attracts His Father-care and keeping, while approaching the promised land of physical immortality. How few believe into His sabbath-keeping!

Even in the Millennium and beyond, the Lord's priests shall continue to teach the difference between the holy and the profane. And they shall keep My laws and My statutes in all My appointed feasts, and shall keep My sabbaths holy (doing no chores). Ezek. 44:23-24.

All 10 Commandments are still in force. The Lord does not change. Mal. 3:6. How then will His child fare, if the principles in the Law and the Testimony are ignored and there is no valid repentance? Will His careless child receive an atonement covering? Properly observing the 7th day sabbath, or the festival sabbaths, or each new moon has nothing to do with initial salvation, but intensely affects progress into full preservation. By pattern, Paul pictured the sabbath's importance. If the root (the 1st or 7th) is consecrated, so are the branches (the other 6 days). It is the root which supports. Root demolition is separation from the Lord.

He who does not live the Truth, even though relying on whole truth teaching, remains separated from the Lord. With his mouth he shows much love, but his heart is set on doing his own thing. To him, the truth-teacher has a lovely song. It can be entertaining to hear the Word, if not forced to strictly conform. But when desolation does come, then he shall understand that a speaker for God has been with him. Ezek. 33:30-33. Pray for the covering (atonement) which comes from learning to do more believing into Christ, which draws to His side.


Most Christians still place their piece of the world order ahead of the peace of Christ with them. Alas!

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