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"You don't have to be a genius to understand these things,
just use your common sense!!"
Luke 12:57 The Message

This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man
Gods Master Plan Index and ForwardGods Master Plan Index and Forward

The Master-Plan of God For Man

* "let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let

* them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the

* fowl of the air and over the cattle, and over all the earth,

* and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth..,

* So God created man in His own image, in the image of God

* created He him; male and female created He them." Gen 1:26-27

Here the first, simple and basic thought is that MAN has been brought forth in the very image of GOD - his Maker. In the preceding verses, we are told that fish, fowl and beasts were made 'after their own kind', but man IN THE IMAGE OF GOD.

Wherefore it is right and proper that we come to a better understanding of God thru a careful look at MAN. IF that we cannot (or should not) do, then are we not 'in the image of God.' Repeatedly is God spoken of as our 'Father'.

Take good and normal parents: WHAT do they desire for their children? That they shall be normal, strong and healthy, growing up INTO THEIR OWN IMAGE. And that their progeny shall achieve in life - at least as much as the parents. To this end do normally good parents labor hard and sacrifice much - that their children may have the fullest chance to achieve their own stature physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

THAT gives us the first and basic picture of God's plan for man: that all of His children shall arrive at His own stature. What vision transcendent!!

Man does not expect his progeny to 'come to stature' in either a day nor a year. And that applies to the 'stature' be it in body, soul or mind; or socially and politically in the sight of others.

By what process of warped reasoning can we arrive at the conclusion that God expects man in 'three score years and ten' to become like unto Himself? Or that humanity at large could even approach that of 'gods' in 6000 years?

And the Lord said:
* "My spirit shall not always strive with man,
* for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred
* and twenty years' - Gen 6:3

Nowhere in Scripture is it recorded, nor yet in the history of man, that the 'days of man' have ever been 120 years. Of a very few - like Moses - it has been recorded that they lived to be 120 years.

To postulate - as have our churches - that Noah preached unto them for a period of 120 years is but to announce our crass ignorance - if not imbecility. Assuredly, there is not the faintest trace of Scripture backing for it.

God did not say 'with these people', neither 'with this generation, but rather 'with MAN' that is, humanity at large. We have but to look at the record of God's dealing with man that HIS prophets, how, down thru the centuries His Spirit did continue to 'STRIVE with man' to lead him into paths of rectitude: that in spirit he might grow towards his Father's image. And even to this day it is apparent that His Spirit is still STRIVING with man. And plenty of individuals recognize within their inner selves, how the Spirit of God has ceaselessly STRIVEN with their own stubborn spirit, to bring them into the paths of His Righteousness, Truth and Goodness.

Not for a split moment can a sane individual countenance the drivel in the Revised Version which renders the same passage, 'My Spirit shall not abide in man' et cetera. Was not His Spirit abiding in Noah and his children? Even following the flood, Noah lived 350 years! Or maybe we should be so contrary as to say that 'His spirit did abide' in that wicked generation before the flood, but that ever since 'His Spirit' has not been in man? - In Gen 6:3 there is not the faintest allusion to Noah and his children being any exception.

Wherefore, since we are

in His image
and should manifest His Spirit, we must he 'children' of sufficient honor unto our Divine Father, to give Him credit or enough intelligence to say what he meant and for sufficient honesty to mean what He said.

In Ps 90:4 and II Pet 3:8 we read that a thousand years are but as ONE DAY with God. So, when we have outgrown our stupidly childish concept of God and His Word, we come to realize that the 'ElohIM' were in conversation in Gen 6:3 even as recorded in 1:26

Now, according to His revealed word, God is no earth dwelling creature of flesh being roused by the morning's sunrise nor wearily counting the years by the march of earth seasons. But on His plane of being, ONE THOUSAND YEARS (on earth to man) is but as ONE DAY with Him. Therefore:

120 x 360 x 1000 = 43,200,000 earth-years as that measure of time which God has predicted His Spirit would continue to 'strive' with His children; to bring them to a recognition of Truth and to that stage of sufficient maturity when He no longer needs' to 'strive' with them to pattern their life in the Father's Image.

According to Ex 12:2-3,6, the passover lamb was to he shut up on the 10th day of the 1st month, and kept to the close of the 14th day. That yields 4 days during which the lamb was kept in readiness to be sacrificed for the people's deliverance. Whereby we see that by the same equation to time four days with God would equal 4,000 earth years. And THAT is the generally recognized era of time between the 'fall' of Adam and Eve, and the birth of the Nazarene who became 'the Lamb of God' - unto all peoples' deliverance.

Wherefore as the 4 days from the 10th to the 14th of the month represented 4000 years so similarly do we know that the first ten days of the month of necessity speaks to us of 1,000 years as preceding the fall. However, we are not told that there were no months or years previous to that time. (This has been mentioned that the reader may perceive the error of the churches in their claim of a 6000 year young earth; or even humanity. When we postulate such childish nonsense, then we imply also that God was the prize loafer of all time - having done nothing back thru all eternity until a scant 6000 years ago!!

Whenever have we heard of a normally good parent who would beget countless children, only to commit the bulk of them to hideous torture from early life to end of days merely because of some disobedience, or from weakness to fully live up to a strict code by an exacting father? - - - So let us not impute to a loving heavenly Father, bestial and sadistic qualities which, by contrast, would make saints out of the most grossly depraved humans. Such Frankensteinish hell-lore was invented by a carnal priesthood during the night of man's spiritually 'dark ages', to hold in fear's abject bondage the souls of credulous and ignorant masses. Then did tyranny stalk the world of Christendom, that its 'golden eggs' should not be lacking from its massive 'goose'. And as 'persuasion', the mounting flame from burning 'states' carried heavenward the souls of countless martyrs whose chief sin was that of loving Christ and Truth more than the ecclesiastical Pit-beasts in Rome..

Let the reader bear ever in mind history's verdict:
* 'twas not the Church which Christianized evil governments,
* but emphatically state governments which civilized ecclesiastical heads
* in both the Roman and Protestant camps.

(Readers desiring a better insight into this, as well as an understanding of 'everlasting torment' passages in scripture, should read 'The Great Subversion', and 'Truth' also by MD - coming soon to the web)

" have also spoken by the prophets, and I have multiplied visions, and USED SIMILITUDES by the ministry of the prophets" - Hos 12:10

By which God has clearly told us that He has hidden the great Truths in parable, and by 'type' as enacted in drama by the prophets and His people. 'This was also corroborated by the Christ in His several sayings on that last fateful night, As for instance, "I have yet many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now! John 16:12), indicating that there were progressive stages of readiness for perception. And 'these things have I spoken to you in proverbs, but the time comes when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I shall show you plainly of the Father,' (John 16:25)

What! Was it beyond the scope of Omniscient Wisdom and outside the power of an 'Almighty God', to so pre-arrange for all details of dramas to be wrot, that they should speak to distantly future generations (when in later 'adolescence' they should be at the approaches to understanding), of His Plan for Man, in detail and awe inspiring grandeur? Well, hardly!

So once more let us glance at the 120 years which His spirit would strive with man! Only one truly great and outstanding Bible character is recorded whose life span precisely covered that number. And that was Moses who brought deliverance to his people. Although Christ implied that John the Baptist was greater than Moses, none outside of the Christ performed works even remotely comparable to the power wielded by Moses.

Wherefore, the age of Moses speaks to us of that very matter God lamented in Gen 6:3: of His STRIVING with man (to bring him to maturity and paths of rectitude). Moses too STROVE greatly with his people to get them disciplined unto readiness for the land of Promise. Thus he became a TYPE for that degree of spiritual progress, and state of maturity when His Spirit shall no longer need to 'strive with man'.

Look back to the extension of the number 120 and see how it yields 43,200,000. Stripped down to its basic figure it is 432. And THAT was the precise period of time required from Jacob's 'going down into Egypt' until his descendents had been delivered, led thru the wilderness, set up the holy Tabernacle (type of the human body) and received God's first order to 'go in to possess the land!' (For a corroboration of this statement, the reader may refer to Ex 12:40,41; 40:17; Num 10:11,33; 13:1,2, 25 and Deut 1:20,21.)

Israel means the princely servant of God who 'strives' to enter into the blessings. Egypt means the hemmed in land, which is an allusion to this material world 'hemmed in' by the limitations of flesh and the carnal mind. Ruled over by Pharaoh which means 'the great house', and the OPPRESSOR of God's soldier-servants. Thus did he typify lucifer who was given charge of this entire world and its surrounding stratas, who is also the constant oppressor of man. The wilderness is a type of this world of TESTING after that man has heard the call of God to CLEAR OUT from bondage to Lucifer. The mount Sinai typifies that mountaintop experience with God when His Law of Righteousness becomes engraved by the finger of God upon the two tablets of the human heart (positive and negative = Dos and DO NOTs.

From this understanding of symbolic representation, the picture clears. Thus, from the type that His chosen spirit-children 'went down into Egypt' - becoming incarnate in human form here on earth subject to Lucifer, UNTIL they hear the call of God to RETURN HOME; go thru the wilderness experience of testing, culminating in THE LAW OF RIGHTEOUSNESS within engraved by God; and the human 'tabernacle' dedicated and consecrated to SERVE and OBEY God until He says: "Rise up go in to POSSESS THE LAND "beyond the river, is exactly 432 years, or the precise era which 'His Spirit should STRIVE with man.'

THAT visions the day when man has attained a Divine, or God-consciousness. For, in God's number-language (see the writer's 'Number Symbolism') we must multiply by 100 to become representative for the world; and by 1000 to raise the human to the plane of the Divine. Hence, 432 x 100 x 1000 = 43,200,000! (Here let the reader PAUSE sufficiently for deep thought, that the terrific depth and significance of these number-factors may 'SINK IN.')

Because of that long 'night' of spiritual darkness which has reigned up to the moment; and our priesthoods (Catholic and Protestant) in the stupor of sleep can but parrot the traditions of men, are we now on the brink of world wide catastrophe.

* "Where there is no vision, the people perish!"

TRUTH has been distorted; the 'key of knowledge' removed!

"But IN VAIN they do worship me, teaching for doctrine the precepts of men" Mat 15:9, see also Isa 29:13.

HIS distorted glory-Truths according to the 'traditions of men': we could appropriately put down in the form of a mathematical equation, thus:

God's veiled Truth x Imagination / Confusion x 2 / Insanity = 1 Monstrous Inaninity!

Wherefore, let us look afresh at the glory of His Truth-word, that we may apprehend the Grandeur of God's Plan for man.

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