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This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man
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We read of the days of Abraham's impatience when Hagar delivered him Ishmael - long before Isaac was born. All these highlights are but reflections on earth of that which transpired in the heavenlies, back in the earlier cycles of creation. Howbeit, to portray spiritual events by earthly, is at times, almost impossible without apparent inconsistencies. Thus we read of Ishmael by Hagar the Egyptian, as coming some 14 years prior to Isaac.

This was the shadow of another mighty Being begotten by the FATHER, but on a much shorter cycle of gestation than the Master-cycle behind the SON, Ishmael was BEFORE Isaac, which should convey to us BEFORE the fullness of the 'Master-cycle', or, on a much shorter gestation cycle. Also, Egypt is used scripturally to denote matters pertaining to the world. This by itself bespeaks something far more ephemeral than the heavenly matters.

Ishmael is defined as 'God hears.' Hearing links with the number 2. By which we may infer that the young brother of the SON was begotten at the close of 2 cycles (instead of the 100), but not necessarily before the SON in moment of time.

Later we read where Abraham took Keturah to wife (after the death of Sarah), who bare him Zimran, Jokahan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak and Shuab (Gen 25:1-2). These total 6 by Keturah and the one by Hagar = 7. The cycle of their begetting has not been revealed to me. Though perhaps we have a clue in the name of their mother which means incense or fragrance. This links with the sense of smell and that of the atmosphere. Both these link with the number 3, by which we might surmise that the six were begotten thru 3 cycles.

The attentive student will observe that these in Scripture are referred to as "sons of the concubines", while Isaac only as the son of Abraham. However, Chron 1:28 classes Ishmael as a son of Abraham. The immaturity of their gestation cycle does not rate them as 'sons' of the FATHER, but rather, sons of the environment: that is, begotten for a purpose.

* "I behold a candlestick all of gold ----and his seven lamps thereon"
* with those seven: they are the eyes of the Lord
* which run to and from thru the whole earth." ----Zech 4:2, 10
* "---the seven spirits which are before his throne "---Rev l:4

Thus are we shown the seven very immature brethren of the SON together they make eight Within the single digits, 8 is by far the greatest number, being the only one which is the cube of another digit. It bespeaks REGENERATION. Thereby are we told that the seven are for bringing about unification while the 8th (the SON) will consummate an absolute REgeneration of all life (within the fullness of time).

Added to the eight are the twin begotten ones by the SON. This totals 10 which is the number of SUBLIMATION, of law authority and power. It denotes cyclic spiritual completion but not perfection (within itself). But these completed the primary cycle of begetting, thru which Beings all Of creation will be sublimated and all children brought to full maturity.

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