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Luke 12:57 The Message

This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man
The Virgin Spirit WavesThe Virgin Spirit Waves


The FATHER-GLORY had triumphed! HIS Master-Plan was on its way. For this had He painstakingly planned, working from cause to effect thru countless cycles of time we mortals label an 'eternity.' And thru another 'eternity' had His fire purged, and His Spirit brooded over the perfecting of the central atom for the ONE-begotten of His Joy, that the GLORY-PLAN might become possible of implementation. ALONE thru the mists of unfathomable cycles had He dwelt; by Himself had He labored in the deep to bring forth a mighty solar system with its giant planets orbiting about the Central Fire (from whence they spring). All this is the incipient but essential beginning and preparation for the glory unspeakable to follow. Great had been His joy as at long last the SON-OF-HISTORY rose before Him in the fullness of perfection. Then had the Plan leaped forward as the two commenced to labor together; great had been their filial joy as an entire galaxy had come to birth. Then came the great exuberance as the Twins arose before the SON and bowed themselves before the FATHER-Glory. And then the younger ones and still younger ones. But now? A UNIVERSE had filled with spirit-life; its throb bad quickened:

FATHER and SON required well nigh the infinite power of the Gods they were to contain their joy. For, in less time than HE had required to perfect the Master-Plan and bring into Being His One begotten, He now beheld the glory of the Twins, the brightness of the Seven and the prudence of the twenty-four, as well as the reverence of the sixty-six. And out beyond this inner canopy of Governmental Power, the vision of the Great GOD beheld the lowering (or outlying) stratas as a blaze of glory - lit by wave upon waves of spirit-flames in His own silhouette. HIS joy was unutterable He could but gaze in rapt ecstasy at the massive volume of HIS glory-filled universe in but the time He would have required to bring forth another GOD in the perfection of the SON! Of course; countless cycles of time would by required; that all might attain maturity of understanding thru experience, and to strength enduring. But was not 'eternity' ahead? Life plus time garners understanding. There was now no rush. But in substance He said to the SON: "The time is now at hand on the earth planet that we prepare multitudinous forms from out of its substance, and endow them with life, that our young ones may have fruitful fields in which to labor.

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