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Luke 12:57 The Message

This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man
Lucifers KingdomLucifers Kingdom


This is where Genesis 1:20 declares the formation of animated bodies on the fifth day, progressing into the mammalian on the sixth and culminating in man. * "And God blessed them and said unto them:. '-----replenish and
* subdue the earth, and have dominion over the fish of the sea,
* and over the" fowl of the air, and over every thing that moves
* upon the earth' " -Gen 1:28

This was the order given unto man upon earth, but originally (and still effective) it was - substantially given to the waves of virgin spirits seeking expression.

At the faintest will, man moves a finger, raises an eyebrow, walks or even reasons. This is possible because the cerebra-nervous system which can carry the required thought, or nerve impulses to the muscles or cells required for the matter in mind. And thru the sympathetic nervous system countless more functions are carried on more or less unconsciously, such as the digestion of food, the replenishing of cells et cetera.

From this perspective, it should he simple to understand that as a thought can cause a man to sprint; or the sight of a steak or maybe cake can start the salivary glands secreting, so similarly can spirit-intelligence's work thru the nerves and glands of life forms transmitting impulses to mate to migrate; to search for food and how to secure it the cunning to seek the prey and the fury to fight for survival.

Those were, and still are the arenas or labor and experience for untold millions times billions of virgin spirits in their onward progress towards the stature of the Father. The youngest ones work with the very lowest forms of life, where one virgin spirit may be in charge of a vast school of minnows guiding and herding them with reference to safety and feeding grounds. Thru observation they gain understanding of the life processes. And, from such humble post which they hold over a long period of time, they graduate to ever increasing responsibility in keeping with the growth of their understanding, and in ratio to the diligence with which they attend to duties. From the lower forms of life they take on the progressively complex, working up thru the various life stratas of the sub-human, graduating into the realm of domesticated animals. In this latter category there are individual virgin spirits in charge of single animals when in contact with humans, such as horses to labor, dogs to hunt, animals to intelligently perform and even parrots to talk. Yet such individual spirit-guidance does not obtain under herd conditions. Then one to a few spirit intelligences will be In charge. Others, much older, are in supervisory capacities and governmental control: assigning, and changing the posts of the younger ones from time to time. Often one spirit or several will abide with a person or a family over a long period of time, monitoring the various animals with which the person or family deals.

To the extent that they could be said to integrate themselves with the life of their wards, to such extent can they monitor, and also feel the joys and pains of those they guide. Not actually in the sense that we know pain and emotions, but rather similar to what we may feel sympathetically for someone near and dear to us. The gnawing hunger or pain of a beaten animal, is felt in a very slight measure by the spirit in charge. Thus is diligence in duty fostered, and incentive to secure obedience from their charges. For, they can only sway the animal by emitting fine impulses thru its cerebral-nervous system: this by means of the pituitary or pineal glands. The extent of integration in the soul substance of the animal life to accomplish this, also reflexes the other way at the rate of about ten to one, and a hundred to one. The purely physical pain in sensed by the controlling spirit in about one hundredth part, while the emotional one in a tenth.

Eventually as they successfully finish their course in dealing with the animal stratas, they are promoted to the human.

* "But to which of the angels said He at any time, Sit on my right
* hand---? Are they not all MINISTERING SPIRITS, sent forth
* to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?" Hebrews 1:13-14

It is great folly to imagine that all angels (which word simply means 'messenger') possess great power and vast wisdom. In the spirit world there is growth in power and understanding thru exercise and experience, precisely as it is in the physical. Even as a new born babe, they commence at zero. And like the babe who must first get acquainted with the elements, so similarly do the prismal virgin spirits commence their work in the fire gases water and earth (tho the latter two are derivatives of the two former in fact ALL have proceeded from the original fire). As the gases have produced the water and elements of earth so does the SPIRIT FIRE create and eventually engender that fire known to humans. Wherefore, as the spirit within man controls and directs the mind and physical body, so similarly is spirit intelligence capable of controlling all which has proceeded from the prismal fire. But virgin spirits on their plane of being must commence at zero, even as do mortals on their plane. Having mastered the successive elements, they commence dealing with the primary forms of life taking on the more complex until they are working with humans.

Here the same principle applies where they commence with babes until they near 7 years of age. Their next class comprise the following 7 years of development; but among the more primitive and backward races until they are fit to take on the guidance of adolescents in Christendom, and finally adults.

Neither should it be imagined that they control human life: they are but monitors and guides. But even more important than being a 'guardian angel' is the schooling they individually derive from their working with man.

Humans learn from observation; similarly do spirit intelligences. But with this vast difference that the ratio between the physical and spirit realms is 1 to 100. Hence a spirit without a soul-body must observe cause and effect about 100 times as much as needed by the human, in order to arrive at the same consequent understanding as the latter.

By this we should not conclude that spirits are 'dumb'. We might term it the intangibleness of the realm in which they live, in contrast to the denseness of the physical, and the intensity of feeling associated with it. A mother may tell the toddler a hundred times, "Fire ---hurt"; but as soon as a burn has been sustained, the lesson 'sinks in' and fast.

In the purely spirit realm there is next to no 'feeling' as we term it, for, that is rooted in 'soul.'

However, as the original prismal fire has developed ALL there is so is also the naked spirit-flame capable of building a vehicle, or 'soul-body' for itself, but only by means of experience plus TIME. As creation called for vast cycles of time until water became a fact, so must also the virgin spirit build thruout vast cycles of time until it has a fully developed soul-body in which to function. (Water in the physical world answers to 'soul' in the super-physical realm.)

Therefore, when the virgin spirits have advanced into that group which works in the water gases, they commence the building of a rudimentary 'soul'-body. As a human body grows and develops in capability thru the early years, so must cycles of time pass for the young spirits to accrue a fully developed vehicle in which to function effectively. We could not possibly pinpoint the exact age nor time when they have this fully developed vesture, but we may approximate it to approach a comparable stage to the emotional one of the young adolescent, when they have advanced into the group of those working with the consecrated, adult Christian.

From this we must conclude that as the fully developed 'soul' stands to the physical body in a ratio of 10 to 1, instead of spirit as 100 to 1; such are capable of receiving, or should we say 'appropriating' impressions, much more quickly than their vastly younger brothers.

The consecrated Christian is resolved to do the will and pleasure of the Lord. But often, ignorance or lack of understanding is a barrier. So guidance is sought thru prayer. This is where the most complex and difficult work of a 'guardian angel' enters. (Think not that it is THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE of the universe which is personally attentive to the individual's every problem and prayer.) Much will then depend on that guardian angel's stage in advancement; its intrinsic interest in its human ward, and penetration of the human soul-body. They may succeed fully, partly or even fail. Therefore it has been written: "Don't you know that we shall judge angels" 1 Cor 6:3

Naturally, later on, WE who have been ministered unto are the ones pre-eminently fit to judge those who have served us.

However, we should not conclude that our often 'balled up' lives are due to rank failure on the part of the guardian spirits. In a measure - at times - they fail us. But by and large, our great grief's are what we have richly earned for ourselves; and that which we need to come to understanding. For, over and above the rank of guardian spirits is the rank of Supervisors: each one in charge of 10 younger guiding spirits. Over the supervisors is the rank of what we might term Counselors: each one in charge of 100 Supervisors. Above the Counselors come the rank of Controls, or governmental body: each Director being in control of 1000 Supervisors. From man's perspective, this might be termed an inverted pyramid: that is, one human as the base; then 10, 100 and 1000. But from there the order reverses, or tapers to the plane of God, constituting the interlaced triangles.

Therefore, when angelic guidance fails us (from the human perspective), it is usually by the permissive will of the Counselor in charge, who in turn was apprised by the Supervisor on the job. But the Counselor - immeasurably older in experience, sees more deeply. He decides whether or not that special guidance should be forthcoming. In many instances the guardian angel is permitted to 'blunder' along: the consequences being that which the Counselor judged to be appropriate and needful. IF otherwise, the suitable and measured guidance is prescribed together with such a power-release as may be required.

Often the Counselor estimates the will and understanding of the human to be equal to the task of rising above the problem or difficulty. In such cases it is often let go without special guidance in order that the human - as well as the individual's guide, may both better learn, and more rapidly develop - thru the stresses engendered.

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