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This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man
The Soul WorldThe Soul World

Unclean Spirits

This adjective applied to spirits appears in profusion thruout Scripture. But how "unclean'? The spirit itself is 'a consuming fire': an ever-living spark from the Father-flame. Its intrinsic substance can never become contaminated any more so than we could say that a flame of fire here on earth is UNclean. As 'we understand the word, there can be no such a thing as an unclean flame. Countless and mixed gases and substances may be therein, but in a state of consumption: THAT is the very explanation for the flame. We use that flame to consume, and to PURIFY. So once more, HOW COME that there were 'unclean' spirits?

'Mother's little darling falls in a puddle: she is 'unclean.' Actually, the child itself is no more unclean than ever: it is but her garments and, at the worst, portions of her skin (or covering). Similarly with a certain class of spirits: they contaminated their garments, or SOUL-bodies.

These UNclean spirits were members of Lucifer's domain: they who 'kept not their first estate' 2 Pet 2:4; Jude 6): in contrast to the 'clean' virgin spirits, who, thru obedience and service, slowly and soundly built for themselves soul-structures from out of the inanimate soul-substance.

The followers of Lucifer were lured into disobedience: taking directly of the living, soul-substance emanating from the blood of dying animals - in which coursed the passions of fury, or aroused sex. And, as the soul-bodies of such animals were fully liberated (from the dead physical body), the unclean spirits could even draw layers there from in which to veil themselves. However, such veilings from the slowly disintegrating soul-bodies could be considered as second class. We might compare it to the garment of a ragamuffin in contrast to the garment of one without any patches.

Much later on when the era of mortal man dawned, the scope for unclean spirits was greatly multiplied. For, in the dense and highly perfected soul-structure of 'fallen' man, coursed intensified and more numerous passions than in the lower animals.

Because of carnal man's more intense lusts, these unclean spirits could secure - vicariously - greatly intensified 'bangs, through a partial integration into the tenuous soul-body of the fallen human! Moreover, as the human race expanded, factions, tribes and races could be goaded into conflict with one another, resulting in far greater bloodshed than was ever possible even by the more ferocious mammals. And on the gory field of battle from the warm, oozing blood of slain thousands, THERE was the banquet-in-lust for the 'unclean' domain. And even long thereafter, as the soul-bodies of the slain - indwelt by spirits, commenced to disintegrate (or lose of its power of cohesion), the unclean spirits could again draw of this partially alive soul-substance upon themselves. Altho such a 'ragamuffin' garment would wear out quickly, it was still rich in flaming passion-vibrations of life, THIS, passion-exciting stimuli could be said to be their ambition: vicariously it netted them the 'bangs' of human life without any of the burdens or responsibilities attendant on incarnation; nor the limitations devolving on the spirit incarcerated in human flesh.

Still another phase of the unclean spirits disobedience, was to seek out such humans where the indwelling spirit was young, and/or in poor control of mind. Here the unclean spirit, or even a host of them, could break the indwelling spirit's weak control, and seize possession of the twofold body. This was known as demonic possession, or obsession by 'an unclean spirit.' Under such conditions, the obsessed person could be goaded into lusts unlimited, for, the unclean spirits knew no 'law' nor restrictions, and, as and when such obsessed persons were deprived of opportunity to practice lustful license, they were driven to suicide - that the obsessing spirit might gorge its soul-body in the arising, lust-charged soul-substance from the warm blood immediately following death.

When we understand these conditions obtaining in the nether stratas of the soul-world, we come to realize that Lucifer's host does not incite to evil for the sake of evil, but solely for the two-fold reasons: to partake of exciting stimuli and, because of the fatal strife in which rampant evil culminates, to be able to feast sumptuously on living soul-substance which, as it were, is woven into the fabric of their own soul-bodies.

We behold, then, the two opposing camps: that of the virgin Spirits 'which kept their first estate.' They remained OBEDIENT unto the Father. Patiently have they toiled thru countless cycles of time, working in the fire gases and developing elements; graduating into hovering monitors for lower life -waves, and finally advancing into the class of guardian angels unto the elect of Christendom. Thruout these ageless mists of time, they have built for themselves a fairly well organized soul-vehicle in which to function more effectively. And, very importantly, a soul-garment which is sound and deathless because of its absolute PURITY…… These are well on their way to the unveiling of the sons of God - in their own realm. Unto these faithful ones has the Father spoken: 'ALL that I have is yours.'

In the other camp is the host beaded by Lucifer. These too made a fine commencement white 'working in the prismal fire-gasses. We might say that they developed the 'roots' of a soul structure, or the veins from which to build it. That was BASIC. To this was added as they worked in secondary gases, and finally with the elements of spheres in space. But when animate life came into being on earth, directly under the hand of God, these spirits were eventually lured into disobedience to VICARIOUSLY progress more rapidly, and that at an exciting pace!

We might compare them to the human 'underworld'; most of which characters do not commit crime for the sake of being 'evil'; but rather thru that selfishness which goads them to live fatly at the expense of others.

This disobedience in the spirit realm was later REenacted in the physical by the human. In substance the same Truth applied to the virgin spirits on the verge of disobedience as it did to the original, or first pair which sinned:

* "And the serpent said unto the
* woman: 'You shall not surely die: for God knows that in the
* day you eat thereof, your eyes will be opened, and YOU WILL
* ALL BE AS GODS - knowing good and evil' " Gen 3:4-5.

Here the 'woman' typifies the SOUL. Lucifer told them that their soul-bodies would not 'die', but rather they would become like unto Gods (the FATHER and the SON), knowing good from evil: that is, experiencing desirable progress in contrast to the slow, toilsome and tortuous spiral of progress.

GOD Himself had devised the glorious Plan by which the myriad waves of spirit-beings could outstrip the glow, spiral pathway thruout misty cycles of time. THIS said Lucifer, was to be eagerly sought. So why not "go whole hog" and really 'get places?' One third of that vast host fell into his net!

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