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Luke 12:57 The Message

This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man

God's Strategy

God was aware (in fact had planned for it misty cycles of time before hand), how Lucifer had already rebelled against the Divine injunctions by unlawfully appropriating soul-substance from dying mammals, and goading them into fury to speed their death. Now the embryo Plan could be implemented - to HASTEN THE PERFECTION OF ALL BEGOTTEN BEINGS!

Then He selected a man by which to carry out this Plan. He was named 'Adam' in the day God closed up the female portion of his sex. We might surmise this took place at his birth - rather than thru a special 'surgery' on the part of God. But if it was surgery by God when Adam was under heavy anesthetics, or the 'deep sleep' by a being who had not made use of his reproductive forces for a thousand years or more, is quite immaterial to us now. We know that for His Plan to work, another single sexed being of the opposite polarity had to be brought forth.

The Adam of Gen 2:7 had been led away to dwell by himself. He was different: he was an outcast; he was the solitary in the then human family. Hundreds of years rolled by, yet for 'Adam there was not found an helpmate for him.'

Then was the time and episode of which we are told in Gen 2:27 that God induced a 'deep sleep' to come upon him, and He set before him that other single-sexed being known to us by the name of Eve.

The spirits indwelling the said Adam and Eve, were chosen and commandeered from the Enemy's camp! For, God IS JUST. A small group, being one of the older waves of virgin spirits who had remained faithful, were those who were given the opportunity to attain a limited perfection in the perfectly complete bodies of the primitive humanity. But since Lucifer's host had worked as subverters thru the lower life-wave's on the earth-plane, it became JUST in the sight of God that these selfsame spirits should themselves become subject to subversion - on the human plane of being. Moreover, they had to be reclaimed, or 'redeemed.'

Thus it was that God judged, and divided the house of Lucifer into two folds that of the sheep and the goats. The sheep fold was comprised of those who bad beheld their folly, and grieved over the error of their disobedience. But since their eyes had been opened thru disobedience, it was impossible for God to take them back into His own fold; even as on earth today one who has proven oneself UNfaithful, cannot be trusted again - unless after much time, such a one has come to a true repentance thru suffering - in one way or another.

In the other fold of Lucifer's camp were the 'goats.' They were head-strong and willful, delighting in the ways of their error. In them there had been no recriminations.

To the sheep-fold God said substantially: "Since you have grieved over the error of your ways, you shall have your chance at REDEMPTION without having to go thru the purging fire. In your scanty vestments which you have already polluted, you can never abide in my presence, nor go on into perfection. Either those garments must be destroyed in the fire following that great and future day I have appointed unto JUDGMENT; or, you may purge them by being born into human bodies, by which process a new, clean, and vital soul-body will become fused with your present. THEN you will partake fully of both good and evil until that day. I open the fountain for your cleansing and complete restoration."

The two anti-rebels who had sought to break free from Lucifer's domain, were chosen to be the heads of this fold, and to lead the Homeward trek by becoming incarcerated in those two Single sexed beings: Adam, and somewhat later, Eve.

We have not been told how long Adam and Eve enjoyed their sinless domain, but it was then and there the time came about that 'the serpent beguiled Eve.'

This had been foreseen, and prepared for by God. Complete beings in a paradise-world had no temptation, nor excuse for disobedience. But the INcomplete, or single sexed beings, depicted for us by Adam and Eye, were instinctively reaching out for their comment. THIS was the avenue for Lucifer's ingress. Substantially he said in his heart: As I seized upon a following here in my own realm, so similarly will I 'open the eyes' of this earthly pair - that their progeny shall fill the earth, and be fully in my power. THEN shall I, with my mighty host of followers, FEAST from rivers of human blood; THEN shall our banquetings and progress become fantastic as well as exciting.

His foresight was keen: his prediction has been realized. But he knew not at that time, the depths of God's strategy.

Adam and Eve fell from the exalted position of their vestal estate in the flesh, even as they had originally fallen from their prismal estate with the Father. Lucifer saw to that! Were they not from his own camp? Doublecrossers! So he personally took charge, crowning his achievements with the subversion of that sinless pair.

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