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This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man
God's StrategyGod's Strategy
The FloodThe Flood


As their offspring began to cover the face of the continent, so did division also arise, fomented by Lucifer's band. The slaying of Abel by Cain is but an allegory to tell us how the grain and fruit farmers, took up war against cattlemen, largely because great droves of cattle would ruin their fields. Then did Lucifer's host commence their gala 'banquetings'!

On the spirit side of the ledger as viewed from the soul-world, the drama was far more important. Tens of thousands of human beings had provided new 'engines' for indwelling spirits from the 'sheep'-fold of Lucifer's camp. While these simultaneously provided a 'battlefield' for the 'goat'-fold of Lucifer, as against the obedient virgin spirits, sent by God to direct humanity into ways of Truth and righteousness. One camp vied with the other to secure obedience from its wards: one unto their destruction, while the other unto their restoration. This field of battle was the 'military academy' for both the 'angels of God' as well as for Lucifer's camp; while the 'sheepfold' from Lucifer's domain had taken up their trek back home!

Long and painful the journey would be, but the more they suffered - within their capacity to bear: the more deeply 'would be impressed the bitter lesson that wrong and evil brought its own recompense in suffering I And that the incarnating spirits should learn to value; and to reverence the sanctity of that body-garment which God bad made available for them, disease was permitted to make its inroads, adding to suffering, and shortening. human life.

God is not a Spirit-monster to wish suffering upon any being, but two stark facts stand out: First, the spirits involved were from the Rebels' camp, which had not hesitated to bring suffering upon animals for their own selfish aims-in-disobedience. Secondly, PAIN was the whiplash in the hand of God, whereby to correct the errant children, and the sooner restore them to Himself. It is even with pain, in contrast to the relatively pain free life, as it is with the earth-life in contrast to the soul-life; and that in turn in contrast to the purely spirit life (before spirits have acquired a functional soul-body). if we call the earth-life one (1), then the soul is ten while the spirit is 100. These ratios are with reference to TIME; that is: one year on earth equates to about ten in the soul world, and to one hundred in the pure spirit realm. But as to intensity of feeling, CONVERSELY. We might say it agrees with the DENSITY of the realm: the soul realm being ten times more attenuated than the human realm; while the spirit realm, a hundred times more attenuated than the earthly, and ten times more so than the soul-realm.

Wherefore, experiences on earth being ten times more intense in feeling than in the soul realm, bring about results - in lessons taken to heart. ten times more rapidly than could be experienced by spirits in a soul body, and a hundred times as fast as the young virgin spirits without a soul.

It was this intensity of feeling thru suffering which brought about that first turning to God in earnestness, of which it was written:

"Then began men to call upon the name of the Lord." Gen 4:26

Furthermore, the human body was God's masterpiece, designed to function thousands of years, until its indwelling spirit had gained full dominion. Therefore, since disobedience brought about its death, the conscious Spirit within had to be taught the importance of the body's proper care. This could only come thru disease and its consequent pain. And, that stern taskmaster known as Pain, must reign until the rebel spirits have been whipped into line; and, in heart ready to kneel before the Father - in all sincerity following wherever He leads. Of that day it was written: "and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain" Rev 21:4

Thus the present humanity is the 'stamping grounds' unto, or for the once rebel-spirits in Lucifer's camp. Peter and John, you and I, are from out of that host of renegades! Wherefore it was written, "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked." Jer 17:9

The seat of the human soul is in the heart. That human soul partakes of the qualities of disobedience-in-wickedness at birth, inherited (not from parents, but) from its 'psyche' white in Lucifer's armada. To be deceitful and treacherous, comes naturally to it! That primitive 'soul' has been fused with the human soul, generated by the Me-processes while within the womb. Since the spirit's primitive soul has been engrafted with the human soul, the composite structure becomes subject to death (after death of the physical body), without the ultimate necessity of disintegration in the flames of gehenna. (see page 134.)

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