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This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man

The Flood

The great deluge was no particular miracle brought about by God' s wrath, but rather a natural consequence of the then obtaining atmospheric conditions, but God had TIMED the matter to occur at the psychological moment, to clear away the old, and make a fresh start. wherefore, God called of the beasts - and all animal life, pairs which had not been tainted by Lucifer's subversive tactics. They went into Noah's Ark to preserve A CLEAN SEED in the earth. The balance of the animal kingdom was wiped out, together with that humanity which had been especially responsive to the Enemy's passion-arousing tactics of them it was written:

*"And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth,
*and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart, was only
*evil continually" - Gen 6:5

As water symbolizes soul; so similarly at the time that God caused the immense volume of water-mist held in suspension beyond the earth's present upper stratosphere, to descend and deluge most of the earth, he also caused the highly attenuated soul-stratas surrounding the earth to condense and become more compact. This corresponded on the soul plane to the recession and gathering together of the waters on the earth plane.

The result was that Lucifer's host could no longer fully control the animal kingdom. Previously, the soul stratas had been so attenuated, that the soul-structure of both man and beast was highly susceptible; or should we say, easily penetrated by the unclean spirits in their highly attenuated soul vehicles. We might compare it to a man who can readily dive into the water, but scarcely into the earth, for, the ground is as dense, or more so then his own body. Similarly, when the soul structure of both man and beast became densified thru the more compact stratas from which to build; then the spirits with bodies of the same nature but more rarified, could not enter. They had to work on the surface as it were; and became more and more limited in their scope, and confined to working thru mans brain by means of thought-impulses and desire-pulls. The first is centrifugal while the latter is centripetal.

Wherefore, the time of the great flood was not only a new commencement on earth, but also a new era for earth's soul-world. Demonic possession became rare, while the animal kingdom was virtually freed from demon control. It called for revised. strategy in Lucifer's camp, even as on earth today, when some new invention and engine of war, renders obsolete much of previous weapons and tactics.

Now the demon horde had to work harder for more meagre result: specializing in what we might term 'dart' work directed at the pituitary gland (causing evil thoughts to arise in man's mind); and suction pulls directed to the posterior lobe of the pineal gland to stimulate erotic yearnings. But except for the occasional individual, they could no longer control humans.

Incidentally, this also made it more difficult for the clean and faithful spirits in God's camp (commonly referred to in Scripture as angels), to successfully guide their wards; they too had to work harder and with poorer results. This densification of man's soul body at the time of the flood, also accounts for man becoming less and less aware of angelic presences: more deaf and blind to the unseen world (in the A. V. rendered 'hell'). (This last statement should be understood with reference to the young wave of spirit-guides who have, and still work with humanity; also to those in the enemy's camp. Angels of higher orders - such as Gabriel and many below him, have the POWER to manifest, regardless of man's dense soul-body.)

Adding still further to this lack of attunement with the lower Stratas of the spirit world, has been the addition to man's diet, of drugs - poisons, such as contained in coffee, tea and tobaccos. Altho these do not 'condense' the soul-structure they have a numbing effect on both the pineal and pituitary glands. It was thru these two that ancient man could more readily communicate with the spirit world.

To a considerable extent, it was for this very reason that God commanded the descendants of Abraham to live as a SEPARATED, or 'holy' people unto Him. Today it is commonly known as 'inbreeding.' Abram was married to his half-sister; Isaac to his niece, and Jacob also took nieces. Presumably the patriarchs had non-related wives, but thereafter their espousals were largely with -in the clan. This practice has the effect of sensitizing the pituitary and pineal glands - a great asset to a people set aside for Divine guidance thru their prophets.

* For lack of better words, "psyche", and the "primitive soul" expressions were used where marked (t) on page 72. ~Yet that differs much from the human "soul." The latter is subject to disintegration some time following death of the ph~sical body. While the "'primitive soul" possess~d by the young spLAt could be likened to an "aura", or to the magn£pc field surrounlirtg a steel core subjected to an electric current:. By the passage of time and the spirit's experience in contact witAi~environment, its, "aura" (soul) densifles progressively. Since its central core (th~;~pi~j~) is not sub3ect to death, so neither is its soul structure. 1~£ dissolution can only come about in the "fire~ of Gebenna", or, if as and wben~the-spirit incarnates in a human 'ate. In the latter event, that primitive substance fuses with the infant's soul - as the latter is gene-rated. It has then become one with the human 'soul, - imparting its nature to the latter, for, tile two are then one.

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