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Luke 12:57 The Message

This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man
A Fathers WayA Fathers Way


"Let us make man in our image and AFTER OUR LIKENESS!" Already the Son had FATHERED multitudes. It takes TIME for children to GROW UP!

It takes much schooling and training for a boy to 'fill his father's shoes.

And vastly far more time is required IF that boy has spent so much time with neighborhood hoodlums, that his father's vision of a right and joy-filled life, has become so distorted that he has fallen into delinquency and crime.

Unto such a delinquent one, a right father might say: "I decree for you long and very severe discipline - to the end that your vision of life may again get in proper focus. At that DISTANT day - when you are A SON after my own likeness, you shall know again the joy of my fellowship, and fullness of my love, and ALL THAT I HAVE SHALL BE YOURS."

THAT would be the equivalent of, and in harmony with God's promises of untold bliss in a distantly FUTURE day!

There is no other possible explanation conceivable to the mind of man.

On the basis of church dogma, and our priesthoods' 'interpretations' of the Word of God; the Creator reduces to a sadistic MONSTER - the likes of which have never been heard of from even the stratas of man's greatest depravity!

These parrots in fine plumage were designed (by man) to teach UNthinking ones to memorize certain words and dogmas, that all might remain in bondage!

THINKING people go stark mad IF they believe the hellish monstrosities, and brainless absurdities hatched in the stygian night of a carnal priesthood's Bacchanalian revelry!

God created man in His own image and after His own likeness!

IF you will HEAR His Word, and receive it into your heart, THEN shall ALL of life's vexing problems dissolve! Then shall monstrosities vanish and all absurdities flee into the shadows of yesternight. Then will the unreasonable fabricated by man give room to a glorious universe of which God THE LOVING FATHER is the author and upholder. THEN shall your tears transform to JOYS and your life become an incessant song!

Then will you see this earth-sphere the arena for a portion of the rebellious virgin spirits who were misled by Lucifer now working out their own salvation (Philip 2:12), while the other portion thereof are still in the soul world working against the interests of man. We might liken them to two armies in battle one learns thru victory the other thru defeat. The Great General and Head master will see to that both factions learn their required lessons, altho thru very different situations and dissimilar 'harvests'.

Be not so simple in your estimate of God as to suppose He is ever stalemated, nor ever fights a losing battle. HE raises one against the other that BOTH may receive their just dues - be that good or otherwise. In Ezekiel 29:19-20, God declares how He gave Egypt and her spoil unto Nebuchanezzar and his army, for the SERVICE he did in fighting against Tyrus. God decreed it to be his wages for services rendered. Yet JUDGMENTS were also decreed against him. (Jer ch. 51) which later came to pass.

Similarly with spirits - be they in or without human bodies. HE sets one against the other - that their required LESSONS may be learned. Unto each a reward for the service rendered, and unto all judgment over that wherein they have failed.

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