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This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man
Reincarnation ExaminedReincarnation Examined


TIME is the same whether on earth or in so called 'eternity.' But the spirit's awareness, or consciousness thereof varies greatly. Even here on earth a day, or a honeymoon - perhaps - may seem like little more than a moment of time; while a few hours under conditions of great suffering or mental stress may seem unendurably long. It links with the degree, or intensity of awareness.

God has shown us how the earth, soul and spirit realms stand in a ratio of 1 to 10. That is, when earth is 1, soul is 10 and spirit 100; while the lowest strata of the Divine realm is 1000 to our 1 on earth.

Since soul is much more attenuated than matter; and spirit more so than soul, it follows that the awareness in the soul-world is less keen than on earth; and the impacts in the realm of spirit far less intense than in the soul-realm. Hence the degree of awareness of time is in inverse ratio to the earth. That is, 10 years in the soul world approximate the same amount of impact as but one year on earth; while 100 years can be passed in the realm of pure spirit, seemingly no longer in duration than one on earth.

It was therefore that the wisdom and love of God contrived the density of the earth-realm that the 'school-day' on earth might he the equivalent of a very vast era of time in the spirit realm. The appended table will help to better understand the equivalents:

On earth / in the SOUL-world / in the SPIRIT-world
25 / 250 / 2500 years
50 / 500 / 5000
100 / 1000 / 10000

Let us take the instance of a person who is cut off from life at the age of 50. His 'schooling' has already equated to 500 years in the UNseen; while as much as he would have learned during 5,000 years without a soul in the realm of the virgin spirits. Yet that is not all. The liberated spirit has still a SOUL-body: the continued life of which will approximate ten times that of his unexpired life, or what he normally would have lived. Assuming that the strong body cut off at fifty would have lived another 25 years, that means that his 'soul' may survive about 250 years in the UNseen world, which in turn would equal about 2,500 years in the realm of virgin spirit. Thus, even the one cut off at 50, accrues the equivalent of 7,500 years in the native spirit realm, or 750 years worth of life in the soul world.

TIME remains unchanged, whether on earth or in spirit. But the intensity of the impacts vary. Therefore has a spirit made as great an advance during the normal earth-life as it would thruout 7,000 years in its native realm.

Those under the dispensation of LAW had atonements made for their souls. This came thru the transfusion of a young animal's soul into that of the one sacrificing. Thus, one who lived a full span of life on earth, and whose soul-body would ordinarily have perished shortly thereafter, received the transfused soul of the young animal. That soul of the animal being without 'sin', would have the energy to carry on a thousand years, or more (in some instances).

Thus were those atoned for enabled to carry on a millenium in the soul-world, which, in experience, would equal about one hundred on earth. Then would they be awaiting their next 'day'. That was the usual. However, as and when the Director-spirit (belonging to a much higher, or older order) might see fit for a spirit to return to earth much earlier, that would be in his power to command!

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