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Luke 12:57 The Message

This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man
The Resurrection BodyThe Resurrection Body

Reincarnation Examined

A very sharp distinction must be drawn between Bible-Truth as herein set forth and that of the Eastern teaching known as 're-incarnation.' According to their teaching, a spirit 're-incarnates' times without number until at long last perfection is attained and 'nirvana' entered. It is claimed that the spirit learns and gets progressively better.

Such a teaching cannot he substantiated by Scripture; neither is it in the plan of God!

IF age leads to progressive betterment, then would the spirits under Lucifer be quite 'good' by this time, or eventually. But on the contrary we find in Scripture that FOR LUCIFER and FOR HIS MESSENGERS was the lake of fire prepared! To roast the good' out of them? Well, hardly (See Mtt 25:41.)

Observation teaches us that there is a proneness to develop according to environment. Old wolves are still wolves: they have taken on no human traits. The one brought up in a home of license and disrespect for law, does - in most instances develop into lawlessness. While the one brought up conversely, and watched over carefully, is fairly certain to become an asset to society.

Impudence comes natural to ignorance. And it is far simpler to drift with the tide than to breast the current. Therefore, since lawlessness was entered into thru ignorance by the waves of virgin spirits, their naturally consequential course becomes that of drifting with that lawless tide. Eternity consummated would not make them perfect. Neither could human society ever approach the outskirts of Perfection - except for STRICT LAW enforced.

Strict law and its enforcement - more or less - has become society's only means of survival! It is a MUST for self preservation.

Were progressive goodness naturally inherent, prisons and police forces would be almost unknown. Even aggregate society is so utterly corrupt that today we stand at the brink of civilization's entombment (thru unleashed war).

God was well aware of this. Once disobedience to Divine Law had entered the realm, then DOWNWARD became the natural course. HE knew that it was simpler to be a parasite and vampire, than to earn one's own living (so long as there were plenty victims).

Therefore the formation of a SOUL-body with a comparatively short lease on life, but with an inbuilt life-record which would replay its score with feeling, conversely during its period of disintegration. We might liken this, inversely, to the process by which the tree builds itself into the seed - which later grows into similar tree; or to the complex human being which is built into microscopic seed which later unfolds into a similar human being.

The naked spirit needed a vehicle, or 'engine' thru which to manifest itself, even as a flame of fire is useless unless we can harness and direct it thru some type of 'engine.'

Therefore the physical body unto the spirit in disobedience. This was a perfect 'engine' highly sensitive to impacts (pleasure and pain). But unto the disobedient spirits, its life-span would be very short. Hence the Divine arrangement (or 'law')which, simultaneous to the building of a physical body, built a more finely knit, or tenuous body, within, and permeating the physical. This, at the collapse of the physical would survive a long time: delivering it impacts of life conversely to the spirit within, during the period of the soul-body's disintegration.

Thereby does the spirit become aware of the WHYs of life's vicissitudes, and, gets built into its own heart the distilled essence of life's experiences (thru much the same process as the unconscious oak builds itself into the acorn).

God the Father's prime objective then, became that of providing an 'engine' for the spirit-flame thru which it might direct its energies. But of necessity, this 'engine' would have to endure time without end. This would be impossible UNLESS the manifest life within was fully attuned to, or manifested in full harmony with that progressive life-tide (the Father) which brought it forth.

With spirits in a state of rebellion, this would he out of the question!

* Therefore was the plan conceived that God Himself would plummet from out of the Glory, to take upon Himself an infant human body. And, the God-spirit within being perfectly good, would live that PERFECT human life, which would INbuild a perfect vortex into its every generated life-seed.

This is an inescapable conclusion, and in perfect harmony with that law of life we see manifest in all species reproducing its like kind.

* This 'vortex of PERFECTlON', built into the central atom of the life-seed, became, or received its potential of an endless life. Incidental to this; or even the inescapable consequence of a Divinely lived, PERFECT life, became the GOOD, or progressive tide of God, as an inbuilt tempo of every life-seed generated within that perfect Being.

"In the fullness of time" we read that "the Word of God was made flesh."

Medical science tells us that within glands of man, are generated daily, millions of life-seed. Thus in short time this God-man, would generate within His own body, billions of life-seed with a PERFECTlON-vortex, and a potential unto everlasting life !

The Lucifer-led man has ever wasted this seed. To show us God's counter-measure to this was it written for our instruction: "I came to seek and to save THAT which was lost" (Lk 19:10). Which He further explained by saying: "And this is the Father's will - that of all which He has given me I should lose nothing but should raise it up again at the last day" (John 6:39). Observe that in neither instance was He speaking of human beings. 'It' is neuter.

Much in the realm of plant life, man can successfully graft, so as to drastically modify the fruit, eventually developing a new strain. In surgery, doctors have also successfully transplanted skin, tissues and various organs.

Should it then be considered incredible that Almighty God can also make transplants to the end that the downward trend of the human soul should be changed to that of a God-aspiring one? And that the selfsame soul thereby becomes deathless?

This is that of which the apostle wrote: "Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of INcorruptible thru the word of God which lives and abides forever" (1 Ptr 1:23). Actually, ' born again' is a very poor translation of the Gr Gennamenoi. Far more accurately it could be said 'generated again', or even begotten anew.

That 'incorruptible seed' which comes thru the word of God,' living forever', is the very life-seed from the body of the God-man!

Said He: "Except a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die it abides alone; but if it die it brings forth much fruit" - Jhn 12: 24).

This was a parable of His own body which should go down into the dust of death that the seed therein might bring forth abundantly. Except for that death, He would have abided alone; or, at the best, father a few children - subject to death.

His days were before the era of electronics. Had they understood the operation of electricity, He might have said:" When the primary current passing thru an induction coil is cut, immediately a current of greatly magnified intensity is generated in its secondary winding."

Since man is able to construct such a coil, should we construe it too difficult for God to make the human body after the likeness of an induction 'coil'; which, bearing the primary current of life, induces another life-current of high intensity in its 'secondary winding' when its primary life-current is cut (thru death)?

That human body ('coil') manifested the tremendously 'high tension' life-current in its 'secondary winding' when He arose from the dead.

That 'high tension current' He then manifested, transformed every atom of the previous physical body, including the life-seed. As that transformed body could pass thru closed doors, so similarly could the transformed life-seed pass thru space or a human body.

Therefore was it written:

* "He was taken from prison and judgment: and WHO SHALL DECLARE HIS GENERATION? for, He was cut off out of the land of the living: for the transgression of my people was He stricken" - Isa 53:8

HE was cut off out of the land of the living. yet the prophet psalmist exclaimed in astonishment: WHO CAN COMPUTE THE NUMBER OF HIS BEGOTTEN, OR GENERATED ONES?

Of this Divine regeneration did He speak to His disciples as in Jhn 16:14, but which words have been grossly mistranslated. Here is the Gr with its transliteration:

Ekeinos eme doxasei, hoti ek tou emou
He me will glorify for out of the mine
lapsetai kai ananggelei humin
he will receive and speak it to you

Whenever was there anything 'out of His' which was 'shown' to any of His followers which also 'glorified Him'? The translators not understanding the wonders of God's plan, could not properly render the originals - But when you look at the plain meaning of His words, and think in terms of His REgenerating millions of human souls, then will you see at once how that which is 'taken out of His and spoken to them WlLL GLORIFY HIM' (thru the transformation of their natures).

When once this startling Truth of God's operational method is clearly understood, then at once will you perceive the LOGIC and REALITY of that which some sneer at as the 'vicarious atonement,' The words may mean little to the ignorant, but when understood how brought about, then does an unshakable faith take root and bear fruit in great joy.

We see, then, that God did not invent 're-incarnation' for the erring spirits by which to 'go from bad to worse; but rather a limited number of re-births (in human bodies) until the pressure brought to bear upon them - both in the physical and soul-bodies - would cause them in their 'extremity', to turn to the Father and cry out: SAVE from this mess and 'hell', and cause me to become thy 'son' in Truth.

WHEN this stage is arrived at, then has the 'corner' been turned in the career unto evil. THEN is Divine help and guidance forthcoming, until readiness is achieved, for the reception of the Divine and deathless Life-seed from out of the body of the Glorified One. This is 'spoken', or engrafted into the seed of the human soul-atom residing in the heart. The human is then flushed thru with the DIVINE. A new 'generation' is commenced: a Divine REgeneration comes into being. But with that as with the birth of a human infant - which does not manifest the likeness of his father for a great many years: so similarly does the Divine TRANSPLANT require a great many years, to REbuild the soul geared unto evil, into that which perpetually manifests the goodness and Truth of God. But so sure as the CORE is good, so certain is that the ASPIRING will also be GOOD; and, as strength thru growth is acquired, so will also the weaknesses and 'falls' diminish giving way to the manifestation of the sons and daughters of Jesus Christ 'UNTO HIS GLORY'.

The 'converted' person may die - seemingly an incalculable distance from the eventual goal of PERFECTION. But so what? DEATHLESS seed is at the core of the soul-body; NEVER again can it die! And EVER will its aspirations be unto GOOD. THAT is all that the Father (or any father) looks for in his child: a perpetual reaching out to be like unto the parent. Thru TIME will that goal be achieved.

Now that the spirit has achieved a deathless 'soul', it has an ' engine' or vehicle in which to carry on into maturity. For its soul-body there is no more death! Hence no further need for re-birth; altho at times, such are also sent back. (Various situations an reasons arise which occasion such spirits to again come back, altho there is no further NEED for it.)

The DIVINE VORTEX within the soul-atom, now channels its energies to God-ward. THEN has the 'prodigal's' saying become Truth for that spirit: "I will arise, and return unto my Father." Tho the 'distance' may call for a thousand years of travel; or on to several cycles: the eventual goal is CERTAIN.

Over and beyond this, the spirit possessed a physical body at the time of its soul entering into a deathless estate. This too had a central atom which was keyed to the pitch of all that the body was. The selfsame atom - tho partaking of the physical, is of Divine origin (the 'word made flesh'): hence indestructible (except in the flames of 'Gehenna'). At the death of the physical body (thru ignorance of the laws unto LIFE), this atom was freed with the soul body. And, whenever the time arrives that it suits the Divine Plan, God sounds forth that note of required pitch which activates afresh the decayed body's central atom. Almost instantly the elements swirl and transform into a perfect replica of the previous body. Biblically, that is termed the 'resurrection.' Such 'Sons of the resurrection' are also deathless.

This becomes the second reason which obviates the need of re-birth, and gives the lie to the 're-incarnation' theory (as it is commonly taught). First, the soul-body became a deathless vehicle with an ever God-ward aspiring Divine vortex at the time of the persons 'born again' step on his return path to Home. After discarding the physical body thru its death, the soul-body has served the indwelling human spirit as an 'engine' thru which to direct its energies in the service of the Father UNTIL the specific time arrived that the Divinely empowered physical body should be re-taken. Since the entirety of the person's aspirations are now God-ward, IMMORTALITY is in place. And, since a minimum perfection is required by the Father, life on this earth-plane must continue until SELF and all the elements are mastered.

FULFILLED must be His decree to 'GO FORTH' and to 'GAIN DOMINION over all the earth and all that therein is'. The greatest of these tasks is SELF. However, when once the Divine vortex takes over, nearly all one's time and energies are channeled to that very end: even as in childhood our time and energies were directed towards growing up and getting prepared for life.

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