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This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man
Reincarnation ExaminedReincarnation Examined

The Resurrection Body

Many of a scientific turn of mind have stumbled over this, claiming that when the dead body has returned to its primitive elements, it becomes scattered and, even going to make up cells for other bodies. That therefore, its 'resurrection' would become an impossibility - even for God.

In a measure, they are right. But let us view it from another perspective: even from God's perspective. A little child has a gaily colored, beautifully painted balloon - well inflated, and tied with a silver cord. But in course of time the 'silver cord is broken': the rubber empties and the balloon is no more (at least so the child thinks). Wails arise and maybe hysterical sobbing: the beautiful balloon just is no more. But in course of time, daddy arrives. The child finds comfort in the words that 'Father will give it to him anew.' So, the rubber is once more inflated and securely tied. The child sees no difference, no one can see the slightest difference. Is it the same balloon? Most persons would answer yes, but the air inflating the rubber is composed of other atoms…. Or we could take a scientist having a mould in which to turn out ice figures of a human being. But in his absence the temperature gets too high the ice man melts and the water runs away. Is the scientist dismayed? Well hardly! He merely runs some more water from the same tap into the same mould and places in the quick freeze. Suddenly the ice man stands before him again: not even by a microscope can any difference be detected its every perfection and every flaw is the same as before. Even chemical analysis reveals it to be the same. But is it the same? Whatever your answer may be - THAT is a figure of the 'resurrection' in Truth.

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