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This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man
Index The Master-Plan of God For ManGODS FATHERHOOD

THE 6000 - year DELUSION

SCIENCE has well established that our present civilization dates back an approximate 6000 years; howbeit, fossil-remains give mute evidence of preceding eras of time, and humans dating back millions of years. Even the length of the Niagara river gorge shows us that an approximate 6000 years elapsed since the ice-age. This can easily be computed on the basis of the known rate of recessive break-down of the rock-bed over which the massive waters tumble. But the mere fact of only 6000 years since the earth's last ice-age ceased, is by far any proof of the childish contention that the earth was 'created' at that time with man just then fresh from the hand of God! In fact it proves the contrary.

Even Scripture mightily declares the very opposite. No sane, open-minded person can read the first chapter of Genesis and conclude it to be synonymous with the 'Adam and Eve' account in Gen 2:7-23. The humanity detailed in Genesis' first chapter were hermaphrodites, ranging the earth throughout unspecified eras, and (now) undeterminable eons of time. While the Adam And Eve account is the story of the cleavage, or separation of the sexes into single-sexed bodies. The 'rib-story' is but another distortion of the original truth: the Hegbrew 'tzio' stem being a place, or a cell or side; hence that place, or sell-SIDE structure, which the hand of omnipotent power removed, and closed up the flesh in place thereof, from which cell-structure He fashioned the other single-sexed being.

To postulate that 'Adam' was 'created' on the 6th, 24-solar-hour day, and before its close he had surveyed with an assessing eye ALL LIVING FORMS and 'naming them', yet finding among them no suitable compaion; that there remained of that 6th, 24-solar-hour day still sufficient time for God to reflectively stroke His chin whiskers and say: Well, maybe I should make a suitable companion for Adam: that He then rushed Adam into the surgical department, slapped on the anesthetic, yanked out a rib, fused up the flesh, anhd built around that rib A WOMAN for His Adam ALL before the sun had set on that 6th day, is such rank asininity that it could scarcely do credit to a 6 year old moron.

The basic error behind this fantastic absurdity, was founded in man's chilish concept of God, and His universe. The creation story is a detailing of the sequence in which God brought forth substance - out of chaos, and His endowing of form with life. But infantile minds conceived of God as an earth-dwelling being, who reckoned time by the setting and rising of the sun, even throughout three days BEFORE He made the sun! (Gen 1:14-19) . And such an 'intelligentsia' have constituted themselves to be our spiritual luminaries! We call them 'theologians'. And grant them honors!!!

"The evening and the morning were the first day" et cetera. Since recorded history began, man has never observed anything of the kind. From evening unto morning, whether we go forward or backward, has never measured more than 12 hours. And, since man must think of night as following evening, it doesn't even become "day"!

It is NOT written 'from evening unto the following evening', neither 'from evening and morning unto the next morning,' but distinctly, that 'evening and the morning were the first day.'

Thus did God strive to impress upon man's rudimentary intelligence, that His reckoning of time WAS NOT THAT OF MAN'S WAY, but diametrically opposite!

To men of science, there is but one motion of the earth known which answers to this opposite, or BACKWARD progress which we could say goes from evening to morning. This is known as the 'precession of the equinox'. It requires almost 72 of our years for this backward motion to amount to 1% (which is the sun's motion in our solar day). IF, then, we were to veiw this period in terms of '1000 years for a day', that 'day' would run into more than twenty-six million years, while the 'week' of creation would be more than 183 million years. IF to that we add the further consideration that we are now in not less than the 15th day (the 'lamb' sacrificed as closing the 14th day Ex 12:5-6), that would compute to more than 366 million years.

Here there is no intention of postulation that period as the time elapsed since 'creation', but it is intriguing to note how it comes into remarkable agreement with that which men of science have advanced during the last few decades. What is asserted emphatically is the Unbiblical asininity of the commonly taught 6000-year era since creation, and 'a new human soul fresh from the hand of God at the birth of every infant.' IF and when we consider the apparent likelihood of God commencing His labors as affecting our planet and this minute segment of gallaxy-filled space some 367 millions of years ago, in relationship to the incalculably vaster reaches of manifest creation, then we behold the answer to God's activities as covering the staggering eras of a past eternity. But when we postulate a 144 solar-hour period (6 days) of creation for the entire universe, we have propounded hare-brained drivel which is Unbiblical, making out of God the Prize Loafer of all time, and makes us unworthy of a chattering monkey's respect. "In the beginning" says the record: who could ever compute THAT fantastic era of time!

WHEN we have gathered together all pet monstosities as preached by our modern priesthoods, and dispatched them to Bikini to await the next H-bomb test, THEN are we ready to behold a portion of God's Being; to understand a segment of His plan for man, and to hear His voice: the tender voice of a loving Father, calling to His erring children to draw nigh, and HEAR His words of counsel: "COME HOME!"

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