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This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man
Re-incarnated SOULSRe-incarnated SOULS

Lower Life- waves

ALL forms of animate life have souls, but humans only have INdwelling spirits. Clearly does the Scripture speak of all animal life (including fowl and fish) as having 'a living soul,' (Gen 1:30; also elsewhere; but our common versions render this merely as 'life'). With reference to soul, there is not the faintest distinction made in Scripture between the soul of man and that of lower forms of life.

Decaying vegetation thru the centuries help to make the soil more humus: more readily productive for future growths. Similarly with the soul-bodies of the lower stratas of physical life-forms. First, their soul-bodies constitute a channel of ingress for the directive impulses from the spirit world. Secondly, after death of the physical, the soul-bodies disintegrate rapidly. The strata thus formed from the disintegrated soul substance can be compared to the stratas of decayed vegetation in the material; they also serve similar purposes- enabling better soul-bodies to be built, and in less time (to achieve the same density).

The foregoing observations apply to fish (marine life), birds, rodents and mostly all small animals. Comparatively, beasts of prey have more vitalized soul-bodies - which linger much longer in the, soul-world. Then there are the soul bodies of such species as the deer: their soul-bodies survive from a few months to that of many years, and can be used as temporary vehicles of expression in the soul-world, by the spirit entities which previously were their mentors. For instance, a young deer which is killed - either by man or beast of prey, may have had another five years of normal life expectancy. Hence the soul of that deer may serve as a body for more effective expression - unto a spirit in the soul-world: that is, spirits which have never been incarnate.

Animals which serve man are on a still higher plane: their soul structures are more highly evolved, Thru their service to man they have earned a long term lease on life. Their spirit-mentors take over the soul bodies of such after death of the physical, thereby securing more effective vehicles for expression, while the soul bodies of such as were slaughtered while young, are highly vitalized and survive death of the physical body for a hundred years and more. But now - as of yore - the blood should not be eaten. Doing so detracts from the vitality and life duration of the liberated soul: hence less effective and durable for the spirit entity which takes it over.

By this we see the sheer fallacy of certain cultists and religious sects which would not extinguish life for the purpose of fleshfood. Maybe we should say their intentions are laudable. But, since in their own mind they are better than the great God who commanded us to slaughter them for food (Gen 9:3) they actually hinder God's plan! As for instance, a sheep allowed to live its normal life, would constitute a vague channel of expression thru 'remote control for a virgin spirit, maybe six to ten years. Dying from old age, the vitality of its soul body would not go much beyond one to five years thereafter. While IF it had been slaughtered at the age of one, its liberated soul body would have served a spirit in the soul world, fifty, and upwards to a hundred years or more. A spirit taking over such a soul, can then monitor much more effectively, as well as receive the impacts more clearly (feelingly) from its ward.

Dogs, horses, camels and even some elephants, have well developed soul-bodies. Such as have been in close service to man are in favored positions, and constitute the highest available mediums of expression for virgin spirits, both before and after death of the physical bodies; often their souls survive hundreds of years. (See Rev 19:11, 14 where the heavenly host rides on horses.)

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