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This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man
Re-incarnated SOULSRe-incarnated SOULS


Here, we are not considering which animals will survive the longest, nor what strains may develop differently; nor yet if other species will manifest. But rather: Is there a more exalted future for the animal life-waves - even as it is to be for man?

YES (But here there is danger of misunderstanding my meaning. Read slowly and carefully:) Because animals have no indwelling spirit, there is no exalted future for any of the animal species (neither for fish nor fowl), in the sense that there is to be for physical man. The physical body - by itself - is as nothing, be it man or beast. And, because man's body is God's masterpiece, it follows that the bodies of animals are too far from perfection to be in store for any glorification. Yet directly, or indirectly, have they served man's interests. Therefore is man indebted to them. And, thru man's repayment of that 'debt', are they destined to a far more exalted future.

Yet let us not forget the words of the God-man; "The flesh profits nothing; it is the spirit which quickens" John 6:63

The physical body is too dense to change, or even modify, except slightly, and that over vast eras of time. But the SOUL-body is like water: it can be poured into any mould: form or re-form at the spirit's pleasure. Wherefore, the SOUL-bodies of the animal life-waves are destined to more perfectly serve the virgin spirits which have been the spirit-mentors of all animal life-waves.

AFTER mans glorification at the end of this eon (that is of a representative number usually termed the church of Christ) and the following millennial 'sabbath', THEN dawns the true 'kingdom' era. Then and therein commences the earthly manifestation of the virgin spirits which, hitherto, have been but the mentor spirits unto the animal life waves. THEN will they incarnate in human form, bearing with them the garnered soul-substance realized thru their mentor activities unto their previous animal wards.

Let it be clear in the students mind that the body of flesh of an ox, a sheep or a dog, is next to nothing: at the very best and most but a very limited vehicle or 'engine' for the expressive forces of a spirit entity in another realm.

The soul of the animal has acquired, progressively better organization and sensitivity to spirit impulses. While the mentor-spirit in the soul world has acquired an immense amount of experience, understanding, plus capacity to cope with conditions. Perhaps the greatest asset of all unto these virgin spirits will be the rhythm of OBEDIENCE woven into the soul structure. For all of the animal kingdoms live reasonably free from sin (which is disobedience) except for their 'sin' after the similitude of Adam's sin.' To this can be added the sin of some in having taken man's life (Gen 9:5)

Fish have not erred 'after the similitude of Adam's sin.' Therefore will their soul-bodies have the perfect OBEDIENCE-rhythm and hence become the nucleus-substance for a wave of vastly more advanced animal life. In connection with this we should recall the words of the prophet that the lion and the ox shall eat straw together. (Is 11:6-9).

THIS will be the great mission of the glorified Church of Jesus Christ: to watch over, and direct the earth-life of the new humanity to manifest in the opening of the new Kingdom-era. This 'new humanity' will be the incarnation of the virgin spirits hitherto never incarnate: the mentor-spirits unto the various lower life-waves.

"Your eyes shall see your teachers; and your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying: this is the way, walk in it.' Is 30:19-21.

Therein we see God's grand objective in the vast multitude of the lower life-waves now on earth: to get organized a soul structure with an inbuilt OBEDIENCE-rhythm: that, when the time arrives for the younger wave of virgin spirits (which did not fall away to Lucifer), to manifest as humans on earth, THAT THEY MAY LIVE AS OBEDIENTLY AS THE PRISTINE EDENIC PAIR; going rapidly on into perfection, at the conclusion of which the vibratory pitch of their physical bodies will be so stepped up as to launch them into the next plane of existence.

THIS was the original plan - and still operative. But WE - who fell into Lucifer's net in eons dimly past - had our cycle for manifestation injected at the time and in such a way as to SERVE; and learn obedience thru the suffering consequent on disobedience. Howbeit, for 'many of us this could not be achieved without the engrafted PERFECTION-SEED from the body of the glorified SAVIOR. We had dipped so deeply into the sin of disobedience, and so long ingrained that suffering would not convert us; but only bring us to that stage of weakness and yearning where we reach out for HELP - willing to BELIEVE and to RECEIVE.

Yet in our midst has also been a group still more tenaciously gripped in Lucifer's power. They have HEARD - but refuse to receive, and too obstinate to repent. The future for such is the 'lake of fire' wherein both soul and body will be completely and permanently destroyed.. (From THIS - He came to 'save' us.) From there - eventually - emerges the denuded spirit, humbled before the Father; yet bearing within the inburnt essence of all past experience, plus the distillation of unspeakable REMORSE lived in the lake of fire, THEN comes a rest (sabbath) for them in the Father's presence. Thereafter will they be prepared, and again have the chance to go forth to PROVE THEMSELVES in a new cycle of manifestation, when they will come into the stature of sons/daughters of God their Father.

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