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Luke 12:57 The Message

This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man


Growing up and coming to understanding-in-righteousness are the twin poles of any right parent's ambition for the offspring. Similarly with God the Father.

Two armies are locked in battle: one wins the other loses, yet either side learns as much thru their experiences as does the other. And whether it be aggressor or defender. the lessons learned in battle approximate the same.

Similarly is it with the messengers under Lucifer who are locked in battle with the angels of God. Humans are the defenseless victims which Lucifer's host seeks to enslave while angles of Light battle for their defense. Sometimes there are great battle arrays but usually the tactics of 'guerilla warfare'. Whether in victory or defeat both sides learn at approximately the same rate. But the great difference obtains in their growing up'.

With the angels of Light, they 'grow' as they serve in righteousness the organization and texture of their soul-structure very gradually maturing and perfecting.

But with Lucifer's host the situation is much different. True, they too grow in understanding of stealth, tactics (of warfare) and human life. And their soul-bodies also develop in texture, sensitivity and increased power. But the essence of their learning is - for the moment - negative.

Since the Father cannot permit evil to gain a lasting victory, He has prepared for them (especially), the lake of fire (Mat 25:41). For vengeance? No!

Humans learn thru suffering: pain is the consequence of error. But as yet, Lucifer's host doesn't know the meaning of suffering: as yet they have not made the first contact with pain. Therefore the Lake of Fire! (later).

The mode zone of vibration within the 'Lake of Fire' is exactly the opposite to what obtains in creation That becomes DISintegration. Since the soul-structure of the host which Lucifer rules, has been built up slowly over an exceedingly long period of time, so similarly will it require an immensely longer measure of time for their soul structure to fully disintegrate, in contrast to that of obstreperous humans who also wind up in the selfsame Lake of Fire.

As the human learns, and 'grows up' spiritually thru suffering so will also commence the 'growing up' process for Lucifer's host when they enter the Lake of Fire! There, 'growing up pains' will be a factual experience. As the oak thru its early life builds itself into the acorn, which, later OUTbuilds itself into another oak: similarly is the law of life for Lucifer's host. ALL of their infernal experience has been built into their soul-structure. Therefore, as this commences to disintegrate, the pain engendered by its unfolding or 'playback' (as of a record), sears itself into the central atom of the soul: building into the spirit's mind a consciousness of right and wrong. Their 'growing up' and 'coming to understanding' in Truth and righteousness, then goes forward exceedingly fast.

Yet kid not yourself that the Lake of Fire isn't 'hell' for all who partake therein! Howbeit, the 'torment' as graphed by pulpit artists of the old school of fire and brimstone, is a fiendish exaggeration. The closest and most accurate description we have thereof is found in Rev 14:11, saying: "----they have no rest day nor night". Similarly it could be said of some on earth in the advanced stages of leprosy - and some other diseases. Such too are in 'torment' - finding no rest. Their 'torment with fire' refers to the activation of the 'sea' by the Spirit of God; while the 'brimstone' is an ancient form of expression which means resting, trying and purging; or grinding down to test for purity and genuineness; hence smelting and burning-up the dross in His 'furnace of fire' that nothing but the pure shall emerge.

Humans undergo a twofold 'hell'. First, they endure it here on earth - more or less - according to the spirit's age and need of conditioning. Secondly, they endure a measure of suffering again while their soul-bodies disintegrate in the soul-world (not the Lake of Fire) after death of the physical. (This speaks of those who have not been 'saved'.) While the recalcitrant and unyielding type are due for a third 'hell'-treatment in the Lake of Fire.

Wherefore, as we look upon the lot of humans, and their measure of suffering here and hereafter), time and again until they 'arise to return unto the Father', we could scarcely be justified to say that the eventual suffering in the Lake of Fire awaiting the host of Lucifer, will greatly exceed that of humans. But we have had ours in small doses, interspersed with periods of enjoyment. They have enjoyed perpetual glee, but face very prolonged suffering. Tho the two lots differ immensely, they approximately balance one another.

However, after their 'uttermost farthing has been paid' and they emerge from the fire DEnuded spirits, they do not enter into the GLORY which has been prepared and reserved for those who LOVE Him. They will then have the inburnt essence of their entire past-in-error, and a will-unto-righteousness. But their estate is nakedness. Their first lot will be a sabbath of rest: a thousand years or more. Thereafter will they have their chance to commence afresh to build a soul-body for expression - in whatever arena of manifestation the Father has decreed for them. But their progress then, towards 'growing up' will be vastly speedier than that of their brethren virgin spirits who remained true to the Father. But being numerous eons behind their brethren in this commencement-unto-good, they will need all the speed their fire-experience has engendered!

As to Lucifer, his lot will be similar, but far more intense and of vastly longer duration.

We must bear in mind that he had his becoming back in the mists of this universe: being the twin brother to the third person in the Heavenly temple, who is spoken of as the 'Holy Spirit'. (Holy 'Ghost' is a ghastly term which Christendom would do well to drop. It is not to be found in the Greek texts).

Since Lucifer 'was of age' and entered into sin volitionally: his is the great responsibility. Bear also in mind that his vesture had previously been perfected. It is now 'case-hardened' with sin like unto the finest of steel.

Wherefore it will take a lot of flame in the Lake of Fire to utterly undo the entirety of his vesture, that he - like those in 'his tail', may once more be fully denuded spirits, bowing before the Father. Therefore is he the first to be cast in and the last to come out ('and ---shall be tormented for the eons of the eons. Rev 20:3,10)

'Garments' thru-polluted by evil must be fully destroyed - even as here on earth we do the same. In the meanwhile the spirit within 'has no rest day nor night.' It is God's final resort to 'burn home' the great lesson, and that will be effectively accomplished. As to his destiny in dimly distant cycles to come, that has not been revealed to me.

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