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Luke 12:57 The Message

This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man


The Kingdom of David portrayed this era of GRACE. The very name means beloved. And so we read "This is my BELOVED Son In whom I am well pleased."

David was anointed to be king over Israel long before the death of Saul. Similarly was the 'Beloved' One anointed long before the Law terminated. Even the Church at Jerusalem was a hybrid product of Law and Grace; the latter not coming into its own until long thereafter.

Toward the last of David's kingdom, we find treachery in his own house, and the attempt at seizing the throne by force of arms. Similarly shall we see in these 'last days' an abortive attempt to unseat Christian leadership by the treacherous (to Christ) United Nations Organization. (Readers interested in details of the prophetic drama and its full portent, should read 'The United Nations' by the writer. This treachery to usurp the authority of the Christian nations b y a U. N. Directorate, has been shown us by the prophetic drama wrot, to take place at the time that the 'bride of Christ' is taken out of this world. For, 'we find that as David was fleeing from Jerusalem he came to Mahanaim (which means TWO camps). And he sent the priests bearing the Ark back to Jerusalem. This is the symbolic drama prophetic of the DIVISION to take place in the church, and the 'secret messenger' service by the raptured ones unto those remaining. It will be thru the power of this 'secret messenger service' that the Christian nations will come to recognize their folly, and the trap into which they have been led. THEN will the Pit's stranglehold be broken and the U.N. farce (but that is too generous a word) ended.

The era of GRACE will then be near its termination. "Solomon"- the "Prince of PEACE", shall then shortly be CROWNED.

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