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This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man


THAT is the expression which has become common in church parlance to denote the era of 1000 years during which Satan is to be shut up in the Pit, and the saints of Christ reign in PEACE - as set forth in Rev 20:1-4.

According to the Law thru Moses, at the end of 7 x 7 years, the 50th year ushered in the 'Jubilee', when all forfeited properties were to he restored to the original owners.

This was a prophetic type of the resurrection (which many of us believe is a near event). The properties forfeited thru debt were a type of the physical bodies the indwelling spirits have lost thru death. The full legal restoration of such properties under the Mosaic Law, was a clear foreshadowing of the resurrection drama when God will restore the forfeited bodies unto the original owners. While the 'LIBERTY' to be proclaimed and the rejoicing attendant thereon, prefigured the 'coming into their own' by the unveiling of the 'sons of God' in the approaching age (when many shall shift from mortality to immorality).

This near approaching 'millennial' era was typified for us by the Kingdom of Solomon (meaning PEACE). No king before nor following him, attained unto his wisdom - declares His word. THAT portrays the great WISDOM of Christ Almighty which shall be manifest when He sets up the earthly Kingdom (having received the spiritual kingdom in the Heavenlies, and returned with it in the earth's stratosphere).

We are told that Solomon had one thousand wives! These portray the 1,000 years of the millennial reign, or that which shall be known as the earth's "Sabbath Day."

Does it not seem strange that a man of Solomon's wisdom and training in the LAW of his God, should amass one thousand wives? And three hundred of them concubines! And to get so demoralized that be was led into gross idolatry by them?

Adam and Eve decided that the 'fruit' was luscious, so they sold out their spiritual birthright; catapulting all their progeny into bondage to sin. Esau was faint from the hunt, so he sold his birthright for a mess of pottage. Jacob in his old age saw lean years; so, he too left behind that birthright which had cost so high a price, to join his son in a land of plenty. And a few hundred years after the return of his posterity to Cannan, 'Jeshurun' had grown fat and commenced selling out their birthright - on a national scale. Once more God plunged them into captivity for a season. And in the days of our Lord, the Rulers were so cocksure that their kingdom had been established that they said among themselves: "This is the heir: Let us take and slay him and cast him out of he vineyard: then shall the inheritance be ours"! So the procession to Calvary!

THEN the march of the Roman legions!

THEN the rivers of human blood, and final dispersion!

EVER it has been thus!

As soon as a measure of comfort has been secured, and 'security' imagined in sight: SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLE has been 'sold out' for a material consideration.

Even Solomon did likewise!

Make not the mistake of considering Solomon as a type of Christ. Solomon typified the era (the approaching 'Sabbath' day), but certainly not the Christ.

Solomon's 700 wives symbolize the first 700 years of the millennial period which, an abundance of signs and prophecy indicate is to commence as approximating the opening of the next century. Hence the 700 wives measure the period from 2000 A.D. to 2,700 A.D. THAT will also be a 'Sabbath week'.

During that Sabbath week, earth conditions shall approach that of a paradise. TRUTH shall flourish; HEALTH shall be common property; hospitals will empty, and material abundance shall abound!

But can the people 'take it?' God's forecast says NO! Under the strict surveillance of the glorified saints of God (Rev 2:26-27), those within the true 'Kingdom' confines, will live in full conformity to the pleasurable will of God, with His Spirit and abundant blessing overshadowing.

THEN dawns the era of the concubines. THESE are not the true wives, but merely females taken in for entertainment, convenience and pleasure (according to the carnal man).

As approaching the close of the first 700 years, the Shekinah Glory of the Christ shall commence to withdraw into the upper stratosphere, and with it will diminish the vigilance of His saints in watching over the earthly kingdom. Not that their vigilance will actually relax, but 'her week has been fulfilled' (Gen 29:27); therefore will the time and attention be turned to the spiritual counter-part in the Heavenlies. ("Your will be done on earth as in Heaven")

TRUTH has gone forth when "the knowledge of the Lord shall cover the earth as waters fill the sea." Even the "fruits of Truth" and Righteousness LIVED, shall everywhere be manifest! As at that time, there will be thousands from six to 700 years of age, with other thousands from one to several hundred years old: all in dynamic health and strength as "sons of Jesus Christ"!

But alas! the 'concubines' were not chosen by God they were there for no good; but only to cater to man's carnal instincts. Peoples of nations adjacent to the true Kingdom confines, will commence to infiltrate. "Liberalism" in thot will again come to the fore. "After all, should not the abundant fruits of our labors entitle us to some diversion now, and the deeper enjoyments of life?" will be the subtle sentiment encroaching, and loudly voiced.

Then do the Concubines commence building up into a world harem!

Their numbers increase! 'Solomon' has grown fat, soft and indulgent. Manicured fingers caress his locks while treacherous bosoms enticingly press; lying lips in service to "pagan gods" beguilingly plead: 'be not so strict and unyielding a joy-killer. Is it not evident that God has blessed us? So, now that He has withdrawn, He knows that we can look after ourselves; and, He wants us to enjoy life here and now!

The years of the Concubines keep mounting: the 'wives' are "old-fashioned" and, with the years have lost much of their charm; but the young concubines have youth, freshness and vigor they are enchantingly attractive and add zest to living! So, liberalism in thot commences to flourish afresh, while "altars unto pagan gods" once more abound. Radio and TV have again commenced to blare forth their hell shrieks: "entertainment" calculated to appeal to man's carnal propensities, is again on the upswing. As rulers in Israel of Jesus' day, were certain the Kingdom was theirs to keep; Similarly will "youthful" people then, 200 years old and more, get convinced by "science" that their lot is like those of old, if not indeed unending. Thus the Concubines win the day.

We look in upon the "Millennial reign" as the year 3000 A. D. approaches. The GLORY of the first seven hundred years is still in evidence but fading (from the poisonous toxins exuded, and 'antiseptics' used by the 'concubines'), His true saints on earth are labeled 'fanatics,' and we find them centered in Jerusalem (then a fantastically great metropolis). Because of Liberalism's resurgence, the true 'saints' thruout the Kingdom have gradually been converging on Jerusalem. ('Come out of her my people, and be clean, you who bear the' vessels of the Lord.') while conversely, those infected by the 'concubines' have been staging an exodus from Jerusalem; for, the glory of the 'saints' weigh too heavily upon them; their extreme righteousness has become oppressive! 'Solomon' is aging: the era of the 'concubines' has run its course; idolatry has reared its wanton head: gross sin is once more rampant in remoter areas.

'Solomon' dies! The Millennial era terminates!

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