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Luke 12:57 The Message

This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man


'Monday' here, is intended to represent the first WORK-day (1000 years) of the Kingdom era following the millennial reign.

During the era of the 700 'wives'; ALL of Christendom had voluntarily been subject to the DECREES-IN-RIGHTEOUSNESS emanating from Jerusalem. And many of the other non-Christian nations permitting themselves to be ruled by heads sympathetic to the King in Jerusalem (David of old). Somewhat similarly with others, but under what we might term 'coalition' governments, including a faction of the old world's school of thot (majoring in 'science'). It is of such we find it written that "HE shall rebuke strong nations afar off' (Russia and China especially).

But as 'Solomon' dies, His Shekinah Glory has completely withdrawn from over Jerusalem. Once more Lucifer is released from the Pit to go forth with renewed strength to deceive the nations' (Rev 20:7-8) and to cause his own kingdom to flourish.

The foundation for a truly 'utopian' world society has been laid; but as ever of old, man sells out his birthright for a mess of pottage. The 'concubines' won: the last to be embraced and their 'gods' worshipped.

Now, the 'sons of Solomon' plot for power. Rehoboam stands for the strictest adherence to the Truths made manifest during the first 700 years of the Sabbath. But the far-flung subjects of the realm send ambassadors to negotiate for a relaxing of the strictness of the codes (Lucifer is coming into his stride). So 'Rehoboam' decides that what is needed is more severity instead of laxness.

THAT rends the kingdom. As of old, it splits up into two factions. the one is Jerusalem-centered and adheres to the strictest code. The other is 'liberal' in thot, comprising the northern: kingdom. North stands for materialism and carnality. Observe that Jeroboam who became king over the northern kingdom, had come back from OUT OF EGYPT. Again Egypt is a type of this world in its fullness of materialism and carnality.

The record goes on to show how eventually the northern confederacy went into complete and final dispersion. Allegorically this portrays how the faction 'liberal' in thot' will become completely reabsorbed by the carnal elements in outlying countries. Serious inroads by liberalism will also be made against the segment of the strict code centered in Jerusalem.

The numerous wars and reigns by the kings of Judah, recorded for us, portray the struggle between the forces of good and evil: between Lucifer and the messengers of Light.

From out of the Holy City, then as now, will go forth evangelists to preach 'the everlasting gospel' (Rev 14:6). The gospel of Grace and Salvation as we know it today, will be no more. The 'everlasting gospel' deals with immortality in human flesh for the here and now. And its corollary - IMMUTABLE LAW. Grace and mercy are towards the ignorant adolescents, but when a full understanding of TRUTH is achieved, and its fruits everywhere manifest, then there remains no more excuse for error and sin, Wherefore, inexorable LAW takes over. This is in harmony with, and preparatory to the later era when the Son yields up the Kingdom to the ABSOLUTE.

However, we should not make the mistake of assuming that conditions then will be the same as now. The whole world will be on a new cycle-wave of increased devotion and spirituality. The truly 'religious' then would today be classed as extreme fanatics: while the better section of those herein referred to as the faction 'liberal in thot', would compare very favorably with the staunchest church-goers of today who also live good and honorable lives Monday thru Saturday. Crime - as we know it today - will be a rarity (within those countries which have voluntarily been fully subject to David's theocratic government centered in Jerusalem).

It is not easy to draw a word picture so that the average person of today can fully visualize the standards, and the differences obtain mg as compared to now TRUTH never varies, but standards o f conduct and degrees of holiness do As for Instance a truly good Christian of today may take In a movie without entering into any phase of sin as a result while another good Christian is fearful lest it becomes a temptation to 'backslide' (not having the spiritual maturity within to be fully confident). The one of 'spiritual age' who - for a long time - has walked with his Lord, can go to places or make contacts without being 'defiled' thereby. While the person immature spiritually, but who has entered upon the Path, stands in grave danger of becoming corrupted by the unregenerate, or by forms of entertainment invented by the unregenerate. THAT is why God commanded His 'chosen people' of old to be 'holy': that is, SEPARATE from the world - lest the ways of the heathen lead them back into paths of error. It was this very failing to keep them absolutely 'holy' (fully separated) which led to their dispersions and persecution in foreign lands.

The reader should bear in mind that the great objective of the Kingdom Era is that of becoming full-blown, unveiled 'sons of God.' That means IMMORTALITY in human flesh here and now. (I am NOT speaking of the deathless estate of those which become 'sons of the resurrection'.) I speak of mortals (subject to death) of today, who become Immortals without tasting of death; neither by passing thru what Biblically is termed the 'translation of the saints'. And I speak of children born as other mortals of today; equally as subject to death as those of today; yet who - thru careful training and instructions unto LIFE, shall never grow 'old', but shall grow into maturity and enter a full SONship to God before the age of. fifty. And from there continue to live UNchanged for thousands years UNTIL an absolute mastery has been achieved of every potential within, as well as all of that which is without!

God will surely see to that His injunction to man (Gen 1:28-29) will become fully realized. Every spirit indwelling human bodies was begotten by 'the Father of spirits. God is perfect; and He is a Creator. Therefore the Father's Master-Plan that His children shall eventually attain unto His own perfection ('Image' and 'stature'), and to become creators. Yet to become creators (like unto the Father), the rebel spirits inhabiting human bodies, must come to an under--standing and mastery of all the elements. Our experience and training therein during the early cycles of our spirit-being, was broken off when we disobeyed the Father and chose to follow lucifer. Therefore must we complete on earth our elemental studies, that, as 'sons of God' we shall possess the understanding which qualifies us (technically) to become creators. Millions times countless billions of spheres in space, now and still to come, are (and will be) awaiting the young creators to take charge of elemental and form developments. With the vastly magnified POWER which the future sons of God' shall be able to wield (in contrast to virgin spirits, or even older spirits with an evolved soul-body), the elemental development, and the evolutionary perfection of form will become vastly stepped up with reference to TIME - in contrast to that which obtained in preceding cycles. Also following the future renovation of this earth.(Rev 21:1) as well as many other spheres, the 'sons of God' shall constitute their perfect humanity, and become the teachers unto multitudinous waves of younger brethren.

THAT is God's operational method: 'the elder shall serve the younger.' Today, parents, and teachers and well trained adults in various fields, watch over, instruct and carefully train their charges. Thus has the youngster of today the opportunity of learning during the first twenty to thirty years of life, as much as he would have learned thru the first six thousand years or more had he been placed on earth in a deathless body by himself, or even if started out with several other similar beings.

Therefore we see (and history records) how here, there and everywhere a few righteous stalwarts, struggle to teach and discipline the lawless elements into paths of rectitude. From such of the past have stemmed our laws and constitutions - that the younger and obstreperous might be guided, and even herded into ways of righteousness. Thru His law of 'the elder serving the younger' do the younger spirit-waves learn, and become disciplined by the elder - to the end that their 'homeward trek' becomes vastly speeded up.

Let the reader try to understand that IMmortality in human flesh here and now necessitates an ABSOLUTE CONFORMITY to God's law unto LIFE. It calls for far more than wishful thinking; it calls for immensely more than 'a good Christian life'; yes, it even calls for vastly more than 'faith'. It calls for a complete understanding of that Law unto LIFE, and then LIVING UP TO IT.

Wherefore, that which today many would term 'fanaticism.' And, whereas immortality will then be coveted to precisely the same extent as many today fervently seek 'salvation', we can begin to understand the WHY of that spirit which will then be manifest, to 'fanatically' live a 'HOLY' life NOW we are under grace and so the weak and erring Christian is prone to say: My Lord is merciful: HE understands. But THEN grace will be a thing of the past: LAW will be fully operative. Therefore the FEAR lest laxness in the standard of conduct might tempt one aspiring to immortality to deviate an iota from the Law unto LIFE. With that Law broken as much as once DEATH will be the consequence. Wherefore the symbolically prophetic words of Rehoboam: "My father made your yoke heavy, but I will add to your yoke: my father chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions." Therefore the strictness of the code of conduct as it will be lived by those gathering to the Jerusalem camp of the saints (Rev 20:9) (THAT is the meaning of the word rendered 'saints': the SEPARATED ones ) The very keynote to their laws will be the words of the ancient apostle: "The friendship of the world is enmity with God" (Jas 4:4).

In the spirit of this ultra strict code the reader should vision the breaking away faction which leads to 'liberalism' in thot. We must understand it in a comparative sense. But then as now: there will be younger spirits in t our midst unto whom liberalism will lead to license. And beyond that group still 'younger' ones who will step up license into that of outright sin and evil.

In Russia there will be a gradual resurgence of the Communist spirit The materialistic sciences will have made vast forward strides during the Millennial era. The normal span of human life will be much prolonged. This will be added to further by their adopting certain measures from the Law of life unto Immortality. The net result will be that the materialistically oriented sciences in so many lands headed by Russia will be able to offer unto its people vastly increased health and strength. plus a normal life expectancy of one hundred and twenty years, while some attaining much more. 'ALL THIS' will be their propaganda, 'plus the fullest enjoyment of all that life and earth can offer, without the slightest subservience to the Jerusalem maniacs whom their god could not tolerate, but left behind.'

We can readily see how such propaganda - backed up by the facts of vastly increased health, strength and longevity will appeal to and captivate the younger spirits incarnate in those lands.

THUS will the way again become paved for world society to split into two distinct factions: one led by the SONS of God, the other by leaders of the materialistically oriented sciences. The world center for the latter will be in Russia, directed by the revitalized spirit of communism.

THEN as now, EVIL breeds within itself a fervent hatred of that which is GOOD. Therefore will they plan and labor to the end that the 'camp of the saints' (centered in Jerusalem) shall be wiped from off the face of the earth.

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