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This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man
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*"And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And God will wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death; neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away." ----Rev 21:1-4

That bespeaks the renovated earth AFTER Lucifer's last spree when he leads Gog and Magog against the camp of the glorified ones (Rev 20:8-9). The giant, super-nuclear bomb which will then be catapulted into the holy city of the saints, will setup that chain reaction required to ignite the earth's entire atmosphere. And with the atmosphere's consumption will also go up our oceans ("and there was no more sea"). All forms of life - as we now know them - will be extinct. Yet we see by the same chapter that the earth will again be peopled by a new humanity: deathless beings not dependent on air nor water.

Our scientists make the perpetual mistake of assuming that unless a planet has an atmosphere and temperature similar to our own, that it is without 'life'. Indeed 'life' is not thus handicapped.

After that our earth has been renovated by fire; with the atmosphere and oceans no more; then will the new humanity (creators in-the-making) pass thru their final schooling in working with the primitive elements and gases: refining, changing and creating (new elements).

How lamentably few in Christendom have ever realized the awe inspiring Truth and terrific dynamic of God's words: "So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him!' And, since we are not to worship the 'image', we know that the begotten spirit within is destined for the stature of its Divine Parent: eventually to be a 'creator' like unto the Father. We - the rebel spirits - who were once in Lucifer's 'tail', had our basic training in the prismal gases, cut off. The 'angels' completed theirs. By contrast we might be compared to some youngsters of today, who thru some hideous misdemeanor, were expelled from school permanently when in Grade 3. But thru the unfathomable love of a Father and the unspeakable suffering of a 'Savior', the way was prepared for our reinstatement and concluding education. For those of us who ACCEPT His sacrifice, this final tutoring will take place on the renovated earth in eons yet to vault from out His fire.

There will be a difference! We have dipped to the stratas of the lowest hell; and, in a measure, we have 'suffered with the damned.' And incidental to our being 'cast down into earth' (matter), we have come into possession of a physical body (engine), the POWERS of which shall become so transcendent that - in our 'graduating exercises' on the renovated earth, we shall approximate the power-potential of the Archangels - who are older than ourselves by the mists of countless eons! All this because our Father and SAVIOR paid the terrifying price to its suffering - most farthing - for YOU and for me.

To speak of our 'salvation' does nowhere near justice to that which He accomplished for us! HE actually clipped an 'eternity' from off the days of our 'schooling' and growing up!

Today a trained surgeon may slash open a chest to massage a faltered heart back into action; while a citizen of the renovated earth would simply increase the vibration of his hand sufficiently to dip through living flesh : a bloodless 'operation' Or instead of grueling hours for a specialist to remove a brain tumor, the 'new humanity' man could dip through the bone: sear off the tumor and take it out.

Today our scientists have their atom smashers. Within their stupendously powerful cyclotrons they have already effected the formation of new elements. (I doubt that we could properly use the word "created"). Our scientists in the physical, with their cyclotrons, might be compared to a creator on the plane of God, who brings about elemental changes thru controlled vibration. But a Son of the New Humanity will need no such contraption as a cyclotron; for, his very physical body IS A CYCLOTRON so fantastically perfected that what our scientists of today have, are but crude toys by contrast! While the Spirit within will be the Power-house. (More correctly speaking, the 'transformer'. For, God alone is the one and only Power -Station - from whom all must draw.)

Sons of the New Humanity will not only be able to 'smash atoms' as do our modern scientists, but they will be able to assemble them according to the desired functioning - or planned purpose for the atom. MATURING sons of Jesus Christ!

Today we have motorized equipment: mechanical-electronic. But the New Humanity shall be able to incorporate living material as sensitive as is our sympathetic nervous system! Such a machine will fully obey every thot of its maker; or could be used by an angelic entity as effectively as we use our bodies of today. While the graduating Masters of that age will also be able to instantly dissolve material objects, and re-assemble, of 'materialize' them where wanted. In fact THAT is the ultimate destiny of this very earth, that, when in eons to come, a sufficient number of its Master-Sons have "graduated" the combined 'voltage' channeled by their Power-tubes, shall be sufficient to fully TRANS FORM the entire earth-substance. It shall then flux at their will - like living substance in the hands of God! THAT will be the commencement of a New, or super-physical universe the Edenic-Paradise - arena for the full-grown Sons of Jesus Christ! For us He sacrificed a paid to the uttermost as much as it is possible for even a 'God' to do! Therefore the transcendent GLORY for all who fully accept Him, and who go on into the consummation of "overcoming."

With the ultimate of this vision in mind, perhaps the blundering suffering mortal of today will understand - in a measure - the depth and scope of the Father's reasons for permitting that which we might think of as our 'debacle in sin.'

Agony wrenched moments have walked with the children of man; anguish and sorrow have haunted his pilgrimage on earth - until the human soul has cried out in stark despair, THAT was not the Father's will. The angels who 'kept their first estate' remained in the Father's will. We have but reaped the consequence of willful error.

Yet thru a seed with a Divine vortex from the Compassionate One, shall the intensity of feeling we have endured on our pilgrimage, be channeled to that vibrational pitch: the essence of which shall equate to more than the substance of that which has been garnered by HIS spirit-children of our own age who remained within His perfect will.

In that day shall we love Him all the more as we enter into the enjoyment of that 'loot' He won for us - incidental to our redemption.

"He that overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God, and he shall be my SON!" - Rev 21:7.

(The 8th, and greatest of the covenants voiced by the Glorified One - unto all who reach the cube of 2 in overcoming)

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