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A Question Answered

A dear personal friend and student has submitted a question. Since it is realized that it could arise as a vexing question in the mind of others, it will here be dealt with for the good of all. Substantially, my friend said: I also believe that there is a return, overcoming out again from the flames of 'gehenna'. But what about the statement of our Lord in His parable where He has Abraham saying that 'between us and you there is fixed a great chasm; so that they who would pass from here to you cannot; neither from there to come here.' So what about that?" (This is the type of a question I like: it shows that the person THINKS, and searches for the TRUTH.

Were our entire future to he dependent upon our own capacities' many problems would arise to delay or thwart us thru endless eternities'. But we have a God and Savior who IS MASTER OF ALL SITUATIONS. And for US He descended into the lowest hell, and drank to the final consummation the bitterest dregs the cup of pain which human flesh can endure into death. Therefore, WE shall never have any problem - except to FOLLOW THROUGH.

Overlook not how in the same parable He said that at the death of Lazarus, the messengers ('angels') came for Lazarus and 'carried him into Abraham's bosom.' Why was he 'carried'? Because to him there was a 'chasm', or void which he had not the power to traverse. It is like unto our atmosphere thru which fish have not the power to travel: to them it is a void but to birds the native realm. And now man is building machines by which to traverse the interstellar void. Manifestly, then: the Creator Who fixed that chasm or void separating between 'the bosom of Abraham' and the nether realm, is complete MASTER of the situation. As our Lord on His ascension 'led away a multitude of captives; so similarly is He well able to provide transportation (IF needs be) for the spirits after they have been denuded in the flames of gehenna.

When that 'uttermost farthing' has been paid' (the loss of both physical and soul-bodies), then shall arise from out the destroying flame, a multitude of naked and humbled spirits, with but one thing in common: a fiercely consuming mania - THE FATHER'S WILL TO DO.

In that one glorious moment can the Son of God lay down His scepter; for, there remains none of His over which to "RULE"; but LOVE: that unifying magic which swells into a symphonic overture when 'the Father shall be all in all.'

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