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Luke 12:57 The Message

This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man
THE 6000 year DELUSIONTHE 6000 year DELUSION


And the devil said unto Him: "All this power will I give you, and the glory of them: FOR THAT IS DELIVERED UNTO ME, and to whomsoever I will give it." Lk 4:6

It should long have been apparent unto whomsoever thinks, that ours is a demon ruled world society And as above, we have the words of Lucifer himself clearly, emphatically and unequivocally. Did Jesus answer him: "You liar! You have nothing to give to anyone! Much to the contrary. Jesus' retort that man should worship but God, was a tacit admission that this realm was indeed LUCIFER'S KINGDOM!

Therefore did He send His disciples to preach, saying : " The Kingdom of God has come nigh unto you." Which clearly implied that it was not then known on earth. THAT is why in God's word to and thru His prophets, that He consistently spoke of the Israel people as His own peculiar people, 'not to be numbered among the nations' (Numb 23:9). Israel were the people He had chosen to infiltrate Lucifer's kingdom, by which tactics He planned to ultimately redeem the entire world society. 'HIS chosen people' were not necessarily better than others, but only peculiarly fitted for a particularly strategic task. All the rest of the world He called 'nations' (which word has consistently been rendered 'gentiles' thru out Scripture.)

We must therefore look carefully to see, grasp and understand the HOW and WHY of world society being completely in the power of Lucifer instead of Yahweh's. True, Almighty God is the overruling power, but Lucifer the 'regent' running world society. And, until Lucifer has had his day and fully wrot out the work in God's strategic plan, God will not interfere.

There was a time when this earth was a 'paradise' for a segment of God's children. Speaking of Lucifer, His word declares: "You has been in Eden - 'the garden of God; every precious stone was your covering ... You are the anointed cherub that covers; and I HAVE SET YOU so; you were upon the holy mountain of God; you have walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. You were perfect in your ways from the day that you were created, until iniquity was found in you " Ezek 28:13,15 (Here it should be observed that 'created' is a gross mistranslation of the originals. No spirit being was ever created but all were begotten by the Divine Parent. And, in the days of their arising maturity, ranks or orders were created for them, they were appointed to specified posts and certain ones set to rule over specific realms (I have set you so). But then dawned the day of Lucifer's upsurging vanity when he became enamored over his own brightness, and concluded that he would become a 'god' over his appointed realm with all of its host worshipping him (instead of Yahweh God). Of that time it was written:

"And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth" Rev 12:4. Actually, this was written for the future, but the point is: Lucifer's tail could not draw those who had not previously entered into allegiance with him. "His tail" bespeaks his followers: that vast retinue which once in the dim past beheld his glory and worshipped him - contrary to the Divine fiat. These are referred to as 'the children of the devil ' Lucifer has no LIFE in him in the sense that he is capable of begetting his own kind (John 5:26); but the WORK which any being does is the manifest of that which is within. And, on whose pattern those works are based, it is said that of such is he the child. When Jesus was speaking to the descendants of Abraham, He said: "IF you were the children of Abraham, you would do the works of Abraham" (see Jhn 8:87,39,41,44). This is founded in the fact that a son ever with his father, learns to ape his father. Wherefore, those whose works are evil are patterned on the Evil One, and hence his 'children' (tho not begotten by him).

In that we are told that 'his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven', we must understand the 'stars' (actually burners or shiners) as referring to spirit-beings. And "the third part" stows us the percentage of those who were deceived by Lucifer, and entered into disobedience to the Divine Parent. Because of that they were 'cast out', or excluded from the innermost realm of the Father, becoming exclusively confined to the earth and its surrounding stratas. Whether or not satan deceived the third part of all begotten spirit-beings, or only a third part of those assigned to the earth-realm, is, perhaps, difficult to establish by Scripture, hence beyond our right to say. But it is the writer's conviction that it refers only to those who were especially assigned to the earth-realm. Thank you for visiting. I pray that you are challenged to read on..

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