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This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man
The Fathers LoveThe Fathers Love
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God's Children

The Bible does not purport to reveal the time when God's spirit-children 'were first begotten', neither the environment they entered. There is no 'thus it is written' about them. Nevertheless, we have not been left in darkness pertaining thereto, for, GOD WORKS ACCORDING TO PATTERN. Therefore we can take the manifest pattern and deduce the unseen (realities). For, the seen (pattern) is but the 'shadow' of the spirit verity.

(Here, let the reader pause to deeply reflect on these startling declarations; while their foundation support can be viewed in these few passages):

"Who were unto the example and shadow, of heavenly thing" Heb 8:5

"For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood in the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhood; so that they are without excuse:" Rom 1:20

"And see (to it) that you make them after the pattern that was shown you in the mount" Ex 25:40

"The temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened" Rev 15:5

"YOUR will be done in earth AS IT IS IN HEAVEN" Mt 6:10.

Man has ever been dense, and 'slow of heart' (Lk 24.25) to believe ALL that the gracious Father has revealed to us. The words of God have been taken as casual, with little meaning attached. As for instance, His age enduring, Truth revealing unparalleled declaration: "Let us make man IN OUR OWN IMAGE"! WHO among our spiritual leaders ever took this matchless declaration of Truth and set it forth to SHOW UP the monstrous pit-frothings of a carnal priesthood about a 'Loving Father' having brought forth innumerable millions of 'souls to be 'tormented' in 'a furnace of Fire, time without end'? Not the faintest harmony-connection can be traced between such monstrously sadistic conduct and that of FATHERhood.

Similarly, we need but take the simple, Truth-revealing words of God, communicated to us by A LOVING FATHER, in order to discern and understand the hitherto UNdeclared mysteries 'of heavenly things'. (John 3:12)

And God said: "Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; TO YOU IT SHALL BE FOR MEAT." Gen 1:29.

Yet a carnal priesthood has only beheld in those words the silhouette of sinless humans browsing among the herbs - and picking cherries! But what said the Christ?

"My MEAT is to DO the will of Him that sent me, and to finish His work"----Jhn 4:34

Do not children and all immature forms EAT to grow and gain strength? By which we are intended to understand that in and thru the doing of God's will, comes GROWTH in body and mind, and the resultant strength in soul.

WHAT, and where is the living form which begets its own kind in a state of full maturity? Is not every newborn form comparatively small, simple and dumb (from lack of experience)? Spirit children are no exception, for WE are 'in the image of Father-GOD'.

HIS spirit children in the day of their prismal begetting were but small, naked flames of fire in the contour of God (of which man is the 'image'). (FIRE is the closest representative figure for spirit, given to man. Scripture abounds with FIRE as denoting or portraying spirit. Such as 'God is a consuming fire.' God manifested in the burning bush, and the holy mount was on fire with the presence of God. Horses and chariots of fire took Elijah up into heaven.)

Wherefore, as a sinless humanity was commanded to EAT of herbs and fruits, so does that show us that the DOING OF HIS WILL ('eating' to grow in spirit stature, and to gain understanding thru experience) by the prismal waves of virgin spirits, consisted of their working in the elements, and with vegetation, eventually advancing into the working with and thru the animal life-waves. For, it is written 'and let him have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air and over the cattle' et cetera -- Gen 1:26

Let the careful student observe that the order of creation as detailed in first Genesis, is in perfect agreement with the order of development of the inorganic into and thru the ever increasing complexities of organic life culminating in man, as now understood by our men of science.

As we find an INTERlinking of the elements and all of creation, even thus it is pertaining to that which we might term planes of being, commencing (from man's perspective) with the inorganic, progressing thru the organic and life-stratas on earth into that of spirit and the Divine.

That there is such an INTERlinking - but conversely was also shown us by the words of Christ when caught in a tempestuous storm at sea: "PEACE, BE STILL". But His words "SThpa, pephimoso" could far better be rendered, SILENCE! BE MUZZLED UP, (not another peep out of you)! Should we be so naive as to postulate that the Christ said to senseless elements "Shut up"? (HOW UNreasonable can we be?) No; He spoke not to senseless elements in turmoil, but to the intelligent spirits which were fanning the elements into wild fury. The Master had spoken: the spirit hordes were paralyzed; the elements were calm, the disciples marveled!

THUS commenced the growth in understanding for His 'children' by working in the incipient elements of fiery nebulae in space; in suns and thrown-off planets (which are but 'children' of the parent-suns); graduating into transformed elements; inorganic, and organic matter and finally with the various life-waves on earth. 'Children' of the Father must work with all of manifestation that, like unto the Father, in the eventual day of their maturity, they shall be capable creators - like unto the Father. ("The son can do nothing of himself but what he sees the Father do: for what things soever He does, these also does the Son likewise," - John 5:19)

Certain fish; like salmon - have been observed to travel great distances in order to spawn in the selfsame waters where they came forth from the roe; certain birds will migrate vast distances at specified times; low forms of life will build with a wisdom great enough to amaze man, while the 'senseless' oak will build a seed so perfect that it reproduces its own kind. And many birds and beasts have been observed to suddenly remove to sheltered areas long before the sudden breaking of a violent storm.

WHENCE comes all this wisdom? It has been written: "The older shall serve the younger." But stupid man has imagined THAT applied only to Esau and Jacob - the two sons of Isaac.

But God works according to THE PATTERN. Even with man, the elder children help the younger. Similarly did the spirit-children of God first become masters in what we might term elemental creation; thereafter GUIDES unto lower life-waves such as fish, birds and mammals.

The spirit-beings assigned thereto, can order the migration of birds thru their power of direction; fish yearning to spawn move at the guidance of their spirit-directors; the wild animals' instinct' to mate at the time appropriate to bring forth young in suitable season (weather and fodder conditions considered), is prompted by the spirits in charge of them. Spirits somewhat more mature are assigned to individual humans to be their mentors thru life; while others still more advanced are in charge of tribes, nations, kingdoms and confederacies. And still higher are those who select parents and arrange the suitable time of physical birth for incarnating spirits that the ensuing earth-life experience may be suitable for that ego's requirement - age and experience considered. (See Jeremiah 1:5-10). Aside from these are teachers, disciplinarians, and scrutineers of the 'books' recorded in heaven in order that 'destiny' may overtake their wards 'according to the Fathers will.' This 'Father's will' covers from the least of feathered life unto the greatest of man and nations. ("Not a sparrow fails to the ground without the Father's 'will' - said our Lord.)

The concept of a magician God who is in all places at all times personally overhearing and overseeing every detail thruout manifest creation, is an utterly fantastic one!

God is a Father. Fatherhood implies a family, which in turn implies appointments to posts and responsibilities befitting the age, training and experience of His children.

Man, 'in his Father's image' cannot be in many places simultaneously; neither to oversee and think of ten billion times ten trillion things all in one split second. Not even in embryo form can we observe this potential in man. But we do find within man countless myriads of life-cells endowed with specific intelligence peculiar to their intended functions. These function thru the two brains (one called conscious the other subconscious); thru the seven ductless glands, the vital organs and blood. Conscious man has no knowledge nor control over the digestion of food and the intricate chemistries involved in his functioning as a normal human being.

Such are the amazing 'governments' within the microcosm we call man. And such 'governments' has God set up to oversee and direct the amazing complexity of the macrocosmic universe.

To be sure, God is well able to 'tune in' at any time on any person's thoughts, words and conduct; but to suppose that His 'all seeing eye' observes the alley cat's pouncing on the sparrow and, in that split moment of time decides whether to 'turn thumb up or down' on that sparrow's life, is a childishly fantastic concept. WHY should any 'BOOKS be opened in heaven' (Rev 20:12) IF such a magician God PERSONALLY attends to every little detail thruout the reaches of infinite space? BOOKS are for others: not for One who knows all, sees all and hears all! We must awake to the infantile fantasy conjured up for us by a sleep walking clergy (Mt l3:25), and come into the fully conscious vision of a son beholding his FATHER. While for the detailed understanding of His 'governments' and plan for man, we look INTO 'His own image'. Whatsoever does not fit into that twofold vision is but an invented lie which must be cast out.

God - A PERFECT Being, builds from within, expanding or emanating away from His own center.

We must assume that a perfect being worked out a perfect plan.

Since He personally was/is PERFECTION, that perfect plan had to be founded in Himself! This He personally attested to by announcing that He would form man 'in His own image'. Wherefore, to KNOW GOD and His plan, man must learn to KNOW HIMSELF, and to understand the workings of the complex 'governments' within his own body.

Since man's vision is dim to look within, the Father graciously caused to be enacted dramas on large scale to portray the workings of His plan.

We see by the opening Genesis account how God brought forth the earth and then the gases. When the required relationship between earth and gases came about, then flashed lightning (the latent FIRE) uniting two parts of hydrogen with one of oxygen, resulting in water. In the process of time, vegetation, and the ever increasingly complex forms of life came into being, culminating in man in God's image.

The statement that God made the sun and moon on the 4th day is very misleading. Our sun was hoary with age long before our earth-planet was cast off from the parent body, even as our other planets also came forth from the sun. But with the earth enveloped by a vast realm of steam and water thrown out into space by the superheated earth, the sun did not become VISIBLE until that era He labeled 'the 4th day'. Neither could the moon be seen until later in that 'day', although 'born' from out of mother earth's body incalculable eras of time earlier.

The ecclesiastical child swells his chest with pride in proclaiming his magician father-God who spoke, when, in a split moment of time here bobbed in space the earth mineral-laden, water covered, with its countless pockets filled with gas, oil and coal (for future man's use.)

He is like the 5-year old who also swells his chest with pride and says to his playmate: "My father can lick anyone in town." While for 'the last word' maybe the little girl pipes up. "MY mother is the most beautiful in all the land."

The magician God of the ecclesiastical toddler must have created countless million wonders in the millionth part of a second -otherwise his Almighty Magician has been belittled.

Answer this question: In the life of an 'Eternal Being' who existed back in the incomputable eras of a past 'eternity', and who will carry on similarly into the future: WHY should He get so RUSHED a few days ago that He went Bang-Bang, when suddenly in a moment of time there were the endless reaches of space filled with galaxial universes with their billion times ten trillion awesome wonders?

A sow requires about 112 days to bring forth a litter of young, while the ewe requires about 35 days more time to bring forth but one or two lambs. Does THAT make the sow a greater magician or a superior mother? Or is the cow less wonderful because she requires about 280 days? Are they not all creatures from the hand of God?

Similarly with their Author. If He produced man in one millionth part of a second, or required one million times ten billion years that would not alter the wisdom required, nor yet the power to produce His masterpiece. Rut prattling ecclesiasts asleep in the night have dreamt of a split moment 'creation' by their magician God who - like themselves - must have been comfortably snoring thru the preceding eternity.

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