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Luke 12:57 The Message

This is a reproduction of the entire 132 page book "The Master-Plan of God For Man",
first published in 1961 by MD. / Index The Master-Plan of God For Man
The Great BuilderThe Great Builder
7 Younger Sons7 Younger Sons

A Young Father

Substantially spoke the Young One from out His prolonged reverie; "FATHER, I beheld how you brought forth a solar system by the creative power of your tone-drives. When within myself I yearned to also create, you approved, and supervised my work. Now an entire galaxy has vaulted out of the fire, and my work has won your approval.

"But FATHER (the very word conveys that YOU begot me), to me you have never spoken revealingly about fatherhood; nor yet is there another whom I have had the opportunity of watching come into being. FATHER, is it not also for me to some time beget another in our own image?"

The FATHER had realized for some time that the Young One was approaching maturity, so He replied: (substantially):

"My Son to the uttermost minutiae you are like unto myself; therefore, fatherhood is both your sacred potential and destiny. Yet HEAR my words that ever they may blaze within you: FATHERHOOD is the fullness and the ULTIMATE of our being; nothing has nor ever shall approach unto its terrifying importance, nor ever touch the shadow of its sacredness. It is ALL! It probes the depths and scales the heights, even to out-pressing of the infinite bounds of the Creator's wisdom. It enfolds everything; bears all; and gives to the totality of oneself.

"For our own instruction we can create; or, as we commonly practice, for a carefully planned and ultimate objective of transcendent scope and glorious climax. Similarly with fatherhood; it can be entered into for the sake of entertainment, experimentation and the resultant accumulative knowledge garnered thru observation. But such irresponsible conduct is the negation of our being and would lead to chaos. Deep, deep within the throne room of your Being, pulsates the projection tube I built for you. Thru its intrinsic capacity you can rapidly project for vision from cause to effect until a galaxy is complete, even though that would equate to several 'nights' of contemplation.

"But FATHERHOOD so far transcends the importance of the galaxy's glory, as does the galaxy's ULTIMATE surpass the void of the deep.

"Even now I could draw the nuptial veil for you - that a Father you might be. But we seek not negation. FATHERHOOD is the very glory of our Being raised to its ULTIMATE POWER. It must be planned to its ultimate detail until that which is begotten rises into the selfsame glory of the Begetter. UNLESS, or UNTIL, you have not the maturity for FATHERHOOD. Wherefore, the 'door' I have kept sealed.

"Back in the ageless mists of the unsearchable deep, I contemplated your BEING, and in vision perfected its building until a very universe shall throb with a glorified LIFE.

"THEN was the image sealed up as a hallowed matrix while its central core (myself) withdrew after imparting my own life to its Activating nucleus. THEN was the dawn of your being.

"Like unto your Father you can plan, and await the perfection of a full maturity, begetting but One - even the Son of your Joy unspeakable."

* "And Abraham was a hundred years old, when his son Isaac was
* born unto him." - Gen 21:5 (Isaac means joy or laughter).

"Should you withdraw into the deep by yourself to dwell, and, in contemplative repose await the fullness of your maturity, while you behold another galaxy vault from out of my fire; THEN, at the consummation of that cycle would the voltage within you equal the intensified dynamic required to beget a perfect Son in the fullness of our own image.

"When in absolute solitude One beholds dawning cycles spiral onward to their own square, THEN has the depths of ALONENESS been probed; THEN can the intensity engendered beget unto the fullness of glory. Thus in you - my son - my joy became complete, and our GLORY outshines the galaxy. I would that it should thus remain. The ideal is not for One to abide alone.

"As yet but 40 cycles scant at my side you have beheld: to us that is but youth. Yet if now within you burns the fire to see your own emerge, then shall the veil for you in stages lift - for the consummation of our joy.

"Yet HEAR my words and weigh their gravity until this cycle spirals to a close.

"In the New Dawn you may send to gather matrix-substance from out the prismal sun of my creation, and from its whitest fire form a womb. Into this you may build for your future offspring; IMPRESSING your own growth and accumulated experience. Should you conclude at the end of 10 cycles to vivify the fetus, the result would be a glorified LIFE. While should you brood and build another ten, WISDOM could be added to the brightness.

"THEN a choice would be yours and a decision to be made. ONE life imparted would yield LIFE'S brightness with discernment in-built thru the second 10. But should you decide to divide the central nucleus for a dual cast-off, imparting your life to the first, then vivifying the second when it had fluxed to the pattern of the first, you would have twin Sons both partaking of the same glory and discernment. But the '1' of the first would develop strength-in-independence, which could manifest the basic division of its split nucleus while in the prismal matrix. The second and younger would major in '2' which is discernment; while thru the '2' of the original division, would make a contact with '4', or the square of His own begetting. This would gender to a fruit-laden life (which glorious fruit is founded in FAITHFULNESS unto the Father). Your twin sons would labor with us and grow in dexterity and understanding.

"With the twin poles of progress (resistance versus co-operation) having come to manifestation in your future Sons, that would provide a channel unto fantastic progress for innumerable multitude-waves of children. These you could beget on a far shorter cycle-wave, cutting their gestation down to an infinitesimal in contrast to that required for the Twins. Instead of PERFECTION being built into the fetus within the womb thruout spiraling cycles, that PERfection can be achieved after birth thru experience, while the spheres within the galaxy we have created, will be arenas for their expressive life. Thus a whole universe can throb with life in fewer cycles than you and I can beget a small family of our own stature.

"For, should you covet for your Son any of the additional qualities contributive to a maturity at birth, mists of many cycles must be passed thru in imparting yourself to the unborn.

"Were you to add another ten to the twenty I have outlined, the 30th cycle would incorporate a perfection of reason. While were you to add still another ten, his '40' would yield 'life within himself', or the selfsame potential which is ours. Sixty more would still be needed to permit the maturity in perfection at the moment of begetting - as was yours to know.

"As you have perceived, the number of cycles within the matrix under the Father's building, necessitates the same measure of time in expressive life thereafter, to bring forth the fruit of all that was in-built. Wherefore, as '40' yields LIFE - which Is one's own fruit - so now are you yearning to manifest life in your own 40th cycle. While those brought forth short of LIFE'S cycle of 40 must go on in expressive life until their lack has been cubed, unless we were to shorten such cycles thru secondary 'matrix' conditions by subjecting them to a much lowered plane of existence on suitable spheres formed when the galaxy was young.

"Thus, were you to decide on twin sons at the conclusion of 20 cycles, the twenty cycles lacking to LIFE'S requirement would cube in 8,000 cycles later. But by that time we can have a vast universe athrob with life, and untold realms of grandeur awaiting to be taken in possession by a multitude of maturing sons.

"Yet hear, and dwell long on the weight of my words: YOU are the One-begotten in the fullness of my glory; one hundred cycles was the substance of your being, in purifying preparation in the fire THAT I AM, thruout the womb of your begetting. It is a great price to pay. But that is the glory of Fatherhood. And for You there are no real problems, but a progressively widening glory-path thru unending cycles at my side.

"But should you decide and take the short-cut to intensified glory thru Fatherhood in your youth, and the begetting of multitudinous life-waves of virgin spirits later, you must be fully prepared to bear the weight of such a glorified Fatherhood. The price is terrific, equating in substance to equivalent in weight of the additional 80 cycles while my fire refined your substance in the retort, and your central atom was perfected in my spirit-crucible.

"To accomplish this you must be prepared and willing to enter in-to the lot of the very least and lowliest of begotten spirits; to endure and to give up the totality of yourself, for the redemption of such as shall have become subverted thru the resistance to our Plan, by the Independent One after his SELF-hood eventuates.

"We are not worthy of Fatherhood until we are prepared to see to the full maturity (into our own image), and glorification of our offspring. Such sacrifice, is the price we pay for the JOY we reap thru the riches and glory of many full-blossomed Sons.

"The alternative to this is to follow the course your Father pursued."

"Weigh carefully, one against the other. The price paid for the one equates to that of the other, though differing much in detail. One is the shortest distance between two points in achievement, while the other spirals about that shortest line. The spiraling one is founded in our own perfection, utilizing time and distance to its maximum advantage. The short-cut also partakes of time and distance, but that path is hard-fought thru the resistance engendered. While at its conclusion, waives in glory multitudinous Sons, in contrast to but a few at the same point in time by the circuitous Plan.

"After your decision has been made and we prepare for action, I shall unfold by contrast for you, from time to time, multitudinous details of the two Plans I evolved before the master-cycle of your begetting."

The FATHER had spoken.

The SON was silent., But often His vision would extend to probe the crucible heart of the massive giant sun of His Father's early creation. In awe it rested there on the spirit-gold and precious stones in flux awaiting the Master's touch, or tone-drives to raise them to a glory just short of LIFE.

Well did the FATHER know what decision the SON would make.... Was He not His ONE-begotten? When they faced the deep together, identical were the images reflected: to the final minute they were alike. Only in time and experience, and hence matured understanding, was there a great difference. Therefore the powertubes of the elder could handle a vastly greater voltage of spirit-power, having been built up thru spiraling cycles hoary with age ere the substance of the Young One was activated in the matrix.

"My Father is greater than I." John 14:28

With joy unspeakable HE watched the intensifying light in the throne room of the young One, with an increasing wave-frequency of the softest golden pink emanating, only to linger at its wails, simulating a matrix for the unborn.

The Young One was in deep contemplation of Fatherhood, yearning to beget. Side by side the Two stood, sustaining the completing tone-drives to the perfecting of the galaxy - long since having vaulted out of their fire. As they ceased at the approach of eventide to their 'day' (which mortals call an 'eternity'), they turned aside to face the deep before their partial repose.

Where the light of their individual glories fused into one, a corona shot out around and stabbed into the deep. At last the young One spoke:

"FATHER, behold our corona when we are close together, how it outstabs into the deep, that of our individual effulgence".

* "Verily, verily I say unto you: the works that I do shall you do and greater works than these shall you do BECAUSE I GO UNTO MY FATHER" Jhn 14:12, ('Greater works' because the combined glory of the Two could, and would dip deeper to reach castaways still more remote.)

"Would not that also apply in principle after I beget my own? Would you honor them as you honor me? That the intensified glory of our combined coronas would light up and activate still deeper into the deep?"

"My SON" the FATHER said, "You speak of a distantly future day….. It is correct that the fusion of our glories intensify the corona, for, we cannot add one to another without increasing, either in bulk or in intensity.

"Yes; I would love yours even as you are loved. But you must know that I cannot 'honor' anyone short of an expressive perfection. Were you to beget on a shorter cycle-wave of gestation than that of the master-cycle behind yourself, such children would have a perfection POTENTIAL but not achieved. As my own would they be loved, for, what is yours is mine and vice versa. Between us there can be no division: in love we are fused.

"But should little ones spring from out your Being, very immature in their central atom, WE would love them but never 'honor', UNTIL their expressive perfection had been achieved thru service and labor in the galaxies of our making.

"It would also be well for you to withdraw to one of the adjacent prismal sun systems, lest you lean upon me for their guidance. A Father alone must meet every responsibility towards His young, that fatherhood may blossom to its fullness. A Father is a KEEPER of all of his."

"When young ones have come to maturity in impending cycles, in the dawn of their becoming new Creators, THEN in unison we shall sing, and they shall be 'honored' - even as WE one another."

Later the young Creator spoke: "FATHER, you know how I have been glued to the view-screen, projecting from cause to effect until I could come to a right decision.

"I will pay the terrifying price - for the joy unspeakable unto us both, that we may behold multitudinous Sons, light up into the fullness of glory before we fold up this galaxy.

"Was not that THE PLAN you singled out?"

"YES - my Fullness of Joy! I yearned to likewise do. But that Plan could not work without our being two. When the supreme sacrifice is to be made, ONE at the helm must remain. YOURS is now the privilege to consummate the intensification of our joy, and cause the glory of the universe to expand."

Sweet was the musing of the Young One as He prepared for repose, leading to Fatherhood.

* "And Isaac brought her into his mother's tent, and took Rebekah,
+ and she became his wife; and he loved be . Gen 24:67
* "And Isaac was 40 years old when he took Rebekah to wife." Gen 25.20

Withdrawn though He had to an adjacent system, He was still not alone, for, He could speak with His FATHER - even though they might be at opposite rims of the galaxy. Within it, space was no barrier.. Twenty cycles later He spoke to His FATHER, saying: "FATHER, speak to me now that my pulse may quicken, for, the moment is at hand that I must bring to life the substance I shaped, and over which I have brooded.

The FATHER answering spoke. Responded did the young One as a blaze of love within rocketed thru His transformer tubes to cube its normal volume. In the spasm of His ecstasy He spoke - twice.

Across the deep the FATHER gazed, rapt in exultation as He viewed the nova-burst of His prismal system when a God became a Father!

Forth from the matrix stepped the 'shining one': His first-begotten 'son of the morning' - perfection of beauty.

+ "You seal up the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty.
* Every precious stone was your covering ; the workmanship of
* your power tubes and transformer was prepared in you in the
* day that you were created." - Ezek 28:12-13

But twice had the VOICE sounded. As the second note throbbed thru the galaxy, forth stepped the younger brother.

* "And after that came his brother forth, and his hand took hold
* of Esau's heel; and his name was called Jacob: * and Isaac was thirty years old when she bare them." - Gen 25:26

"The sons grew" - in observation, in the Father's presence.

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