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"You don't have to be a genius to understand these things,
just use your common sense!!"
Luke 12:57 The Message

This book was written in 1961 and is here reproduced on the internet for the first time, for free and complete to "he who has an ear". This book was considered important enough to be mentioned in Time Magazine.. This book could well be subtitled "Read Annually". Send your comments and we'll publish them soon on a page. Enjoy!!

God's Master-Plan of Love For Man

"Let there be Light"!

So long as you permit yourself to remain in ignorance, just that long have you defied the creative Fiat!

"LET THERE BE LIGHT"! must become factual within yourself!

  • 'Traditions' and Fallacies

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  • 1 - The Master Plan of God For Man
  • 2 - GODS FATHERHOOD.html
  • 3 - THE 6000-year DELUSION
  • 5 - WHO ARE WE
  • 7 - God's Children
  • 9 - A Young Father
  • 10 - 7 YOUNGER SONS
  • 11 - 24 ELDERS
  • 12 - The Virgin Spirit Waves
  • 13 - Rejoicing
  • 14 - Creation
  • 15 - Lucifers Kingdom
  • 16 - The Soul World
  • 17 - Unclean Spirits
  • 18 - Humanity
  • 19 - Strategy
  • 21 - The Flood
  • 23 - A Fathers Way
  • 24 - STOP TO THINK
  • 26 - EARTH-TIME versus SOUL-LIFE
  • 27 - Reincarnation Examined
  • 28 - The Resurrection Body
  • 30 - Lower Life waves
  • 31 - Re-incarnated SOULS
  • 39 - A Question Answered
  • 40 - Prophecy For Our Day


    This treatise should be read carefully from it's opening. Special chapter selection at first,
    leaves the 'thread of thought' at loose ends, and its premise with little foundation.

    Let the reader bear ever in mind God's own KEYwords to humanity's origin:

    "Let us make man in our own image, and after our own likeness" - Gen 1:26

    Creed is founded in ignorance,
    and flourishes in darkness;
    but truth is borne by light,
    and is glorified in light!

    'Call to me and I will answer you and show you great and unsearchable things you do not know.'
    YAHWEH thru His prophet Jeremiah 33:3

    To multitudes in consternation at life's grim realities; at the struggle and heart aches; at suffering and pain (mental-emotional as well as phsical); to souls weary worn thru toil, anguish and perplexity at life's inscrutable paradoxes.

    Yes, and to other multitudes who believe in God yet who stagger in Unbelief because of that which seems so difficult to understand and to harmonize with their concept of a loving Father and Gracious Savior.

    To all these is this treatise solemnly dedicated that uncertainties may give way to understanding, and that their anguish may transform to JOY.

    The Author


    Repeatedly in this treatise the reader will find within quotation marks, conversations by the ElohIM. The 'im' ending denotes plurality. Although the highlights, or substance of such conversations were spiritually received by the author, he makes no claim that the words herein found were the precise ones by the Elohim. The words are - more or less - those of the writer to convey as closely as possible the substance of that which was received.

    Church indoctrinated readers should not allow themselves to stumble over that herein which appears to indicate more than ONE creator. Precisely the same is found in the opening of Genesis where it is recorded: "Let US make man ----." The seeker after truth who finds it difficult to reconcile those Genesis passages - as well as this treatise - with the "ONE God" of Exodus-Leviticus should read "GOD, Who What and Where." The difficulty clears as soon as a person enters into a full understanding of the word 'God.'

    To countless thousands of readers who have not been students of MD, much herein will be found of such tremendous scope and depth - that its authenticity may be questioned. HOW does he know?" will be the question arising in many minds.

    Yet the personal students of MD will understand that these awesome revelations of Truth spanning an 'eternity' of time have been received similarly to his numerous other revelations which are backed up by the proofs of history and cross-checking prophetic revelations.

    The readers' credulity will not be strained by the claim that he was taken up to heaven for any briefing; but were the reader to know him in the hours of that 'madness' (or ecstasy) when the high voltage revelations pour in, perhaps it would be easier to understand the awesome scope and detail of the Glory-Truths herein set forth.

    Again in places certain Bible narratives are referred to as allegories depicting or symbolizing this or that. Such are not intended to dispute the historic veracity of the Bible; but rather that God so directed the course of peoples and events as to dramatize Truths He wanted preserved inerrantly through history.

    'FAITH' is a wonderful substance to possess. But unfortunately, with the advance of science and the increase of learning (through materialistically oriented channels), there is a proneness to ever increasing scepticism towards that which savors of God and His revelations to man.

    The churches used to teach that the earth is flat with four corners; 'created' almost 6000 years ago, with a sun and moon circling about us. But dawned the day of scientifically founded progress: mechanics and sciences which thoroughly made laughing stock out of such childish notions. This was a serious blow to 'faith'. (For, 'faith' had been founded in man-established institutions - churches, and the 'doctrines and traditions of men' instead of in the inerrant word of God. For assuredly, none of the above can be established from the Bible but rather much to the contrary.) Had the ministers of God 'been taught by His SPIRIT', and tutored in His Word by the selfsame Spirit, no such nonsense as a flat surfaced disc of earth, 6000 years young would ever have been preached. But because man has ever had 'itching ears', he has heaped unto himself man-appointed parrots, repeating on broken records what empty skull-caps had previously muttered in the stupor of 'night's deep sleep'. (See Jhn 9:4; II Tim 4:3-4; also Jer 5:31; 50:6.)

    Now the situtation has greatly worsened. Because our children get schooled in the advances of materialistic science on the one hand, they find no adequate counter-balance on the other, because pulpiteers still adhere to 'the traditions of men'. Hence the wisdom, beauty and grandeur of the Word of God is given from little to no chance of competing with the so-called erudition of men. So 'faith' suffers defeat, gets anemic and slumps into a coma.

    Even among those brought up in Christian homes, who have had incipient faith nurtured by scripture readings and church attendance, there is a growing tendency to question, and to drift away.

    Much of this comes about through the simple process of reasoning. It is not uncommon to hear the voicing of such thoughts as these: "IF there is a God and a GOOD God, then why does He permit wars in ever mounting ferocity, with its appalling consequences of human grief and suffering? IF there is a God which hears human prayer, WHY do not sick people get liberated from their diseases and suffering, especially those who have apparently lived God-fearing lives? IF there is a God, why do we see so much of the innocents suffering, such as innocent little children with incurable diseases, others maimed and crippled for life? IF there is a God, WHY does He not manifest Himself to us that we might KNOW - beyond all doubt? IF there is a good God, He would not prepare a 'hell' both for the here and hereafter: a 'furnace of fire' in which to roast and torment, time without end, most of those born into this world, simply because they failed to fully please Him!"

    So, 'faith' goes into eclipse; atheism increases and agnosticism is rampant; to say nothing of the meteoring crime-wave and society-rocking immorality.

    THEREFORE is this volume undertaken to set forth an understanding of God's word, at least to such extent that the reader may see the GRAND OBJECTIVE behind creation; that he may arrive at a satisfying answer to the numerous and bedeviling questions which have termited at man's faith in God, and His goodness.

    With learning comes progress; with understanding comes FREEdom from bondage to fear, yielding 'faith' which leads on into peace and joys unspeakable.

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    Repeatedly it has been set forth in my writings that an Einstein, an Edison or any man of great achievements, would not write a book, nor yet a brief without appending his signature that others might know it to be genuine instead of spurious. Similarly, neither would God prepare for man a multitude of revelations (given in the various books of our Bible), without thouroughly AUTHENTICATING the same. Such a Divine Imprimatur we could call His 'SIGNATURE.' Such a signture dispells doubts and lends substance to faith.

    Since my writings abound in the Unveiling of God's 'signature', both thruoughout the old and New Testaments, it is not here deemed essential to first PROVE the existence of God and His numerous revelations to man. The reader who is agnostically or atheistically inclined, can readily and cheaply find more than ample PROOFS for an unshakable FAITH thru my other writings.

    So, we shall here proceed on the assumption that our Bible is the Word of God, and, that therein God has set forth the answers to all annoying questions, by revealing the PURPOSE behind creation, and the ultimate within His Master-plan for man.

    The reason for such details not being known (or apparent), is because He chose to 'hide them from the prudent' by setting to forth 'here a little and there a little': that when humanity arrived at the appropriate stage in its adolescence, TRUTH would become manifest. As yet but a very small percentage of humanity is ready for spiritual UNDERSTANDING. Even as it is not well for a ten-year old to understand the operation of a motor car, nor for boys and girls at ten to known all the details of parenthood, so neither has a full understanding of God's Plan for man been a safe and needful portion for our 'teen-age' humanity. But now increases the hunger to understand.

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    'Traditions' and Fallacies

    'Woe unto you lawyers! for you have taken away the KEY OF KNOWLEDGE: you entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering you hindered." Lk 11:52

    The 'lawyers' to whom Jesus spoke as above, were what we today call 'theologians.' Our Lord threw it in their teeth as to what they were, therefore they hated Him: neither has that clique changed their spots unto this day.

    In the days of Moses, great and awe-inspiring revelations were given by God Almighty during the two shifts of 40 days upon the holy mount. Much of this was substantially imbedded, in form, weights and measurements, and others veiled in rites and statutes. Hence the tabernacle pitched by Moses and its multitudinous rites.

    As much of this as God saw fit was made plain to Moses, and as much as the latter dared, he revealed to his brother and his sons. Over and above this we must bear in mind that the High prlesthood possessed the urim and thummim which, when putting on the ephod (which, presumably, held the urim and thummim), enabled any one of the priests to receive a direct answer from God. Wherefore, such mysteries as were puzzling, they could get elucidated - if as and when. Because of such revelations and understanding being available to them, we read that at the time of the 'nativity' the Israel people were THEN in a State of anticipation of their Messiah coming into the world. (Lk2:25-26, 38 and 3:15.)

    But this 'key Of Knowledge' charged our Lord, you have unscrupulously 'taken away,' neither did you personally 'enter in'.

    Throughout this long 'night' of spiritual darkness, multitudinous misconceptions, and 'doctrines of men' have arisen, because the 'key Of knowledge' was no longer available.

    In the pentecostal 'upper room' the disciples received a degree of illumination, but their labors became directed chiefly towards spiritual reformation of their own people, rather than towards an UNveiling of the great Truths - hidden from the days of Moses. And, when the 'fathers fell asleep' so did also the church in general fall asleep! (While men slept, His enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat' - Mt 13:25). The result is what we observe today: a multitude of discordant voices, with countless sects, denominations and pit-isms, with its ever mounting spiritual ignorance until the whole world totters on the cataclysmic brink of Armageddon.

    THIS was foreseen as the eye of the Master scanned the vista of the unborn eras, and He said: 'When the Son of man come shall He find THE faith on the earth' - Lk 18:8. (Here it should be pointed out that the translators of both the Authorized as well as Revised versions have DELIBERATELY falsified His words to read 'find FAITH'? intentionally leaving out the specific Article 'THE' - which is to be found in the Textus Receptus', and in ALL of t h e old Gr texts. By leaving it out, the reader gets the impression that Jesus simply meant faith would have weakened in general. But that identical clique with the selfsame leopard spots whom our Lord excoriated in His days, dared not 'let the cat out of the bag' by putting In the specific article 'the.' For, with it, the reader would immediately recognize that our Lord foretold that in these days TRUTH would have become so distorted, and hued with the spurious 'doctrines of men' that - go where He may - 'THE faith' would not be found preached in any of His churches!

    Hence we have a 'furnace of fire' roasting and tormenting countless billions of human souls, 'time WITHOUT END.' And every new born babe represents 'a virgin SOUL' fresh from the hand of God! Most of whom are 'damned into hell for ever and ever'! With a mighty 'Savior' in the heavenlies, entirely helpless to do a thing to stop the mad rush of innumerable billions into 'eternal torment!'

    Now, let us take a careful look at the Word of God - that we may be inspired to put the boot to these 'tares' and Pit-isms, peddled in the name of Christ; that the readers heart may he in awe before its Maker, and exult in rhapsody at the grandeur of His Plan for Man.

    "Why don't you judge for yourselves what is right?"
    Jesus - Lk 12:57

    The Master-Plan of God For Man

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