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just use your common sense!!"
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We Support Our Christian Friends
In Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines,
We Encourage You To Support Them Too!

HELP! HELP!! Your Help is needed NOW!!

This baby is on life support and no insurance is covering this. Can you send a few dollars to help?

Date : Mon, 29 Aug 03:46:00 -0700
Dear my brother,
My associate Workers wife who been to cesarean section still in the hospital,we tried to find some money or i told the Jetur my associate to lend any things to the pawnshop but the money still not enought,my brother if you can extend help for this brother,i appreciate it,they are ready to check out but the hospital hold them because of the standing balance,they really need our help,any help its great apprecaited.

Date : Sun, 21 Aug 2005 16:10:00 -0700 Dear My Brother the wife of Jetur Ramada(man living working with me and his famil) was attack by high blood plessure that cause her life 50/50 all are crying last night even Jetur,the Doctor decide to have surgery to get the Baby inside the Womb and i need 100$ for the surgecal operation we called that here (Cesarian) the baby inside is 7months old it is immatured and need to incubit that for two months in the Hospital. Thanks for your love and prayer for us. Fernando

Fernando Impang first wrote to me on Dec 19, 1999. He is the pastor of a small bible based church in an area where non-Catholics are persecuted by the Catholic majority. He had been reading and enjoying some of the concepts on this website. We wrote back and forth. He wanted any printed materials we had, so we shipped a stack of printed of booklets. Then we bought a case of Bibles and shipped them over (shipping cost almost as much as the Bibles had...).

Recently we have been sending boxes full of vitamins. Usually Walmart or Costco large bottles of Vitamin C, multi-vitamins and others. Also, on as regular a basis as we can, we send cash via moneygram.com or westernunion.com. If you would like to support them too, please send an email to: info at dadsdayoff.net for details on how to send support goods or funds.. It is a great blessing to hear how far a dollar can go towards Jesus' kingdom here on earth when we support Brother Fernando and his brave and humble fellowship. Blessings To You, the readers to read, see and feel this small outpost of Jesus' love and ability and desire to help "the least of these"..


Letters From Fernando.

Date : Mon, 31 Jan 2005
...our feeding program is encreasing the children is coming to many against the fund we have,we have two areas,pray for more funds for the feeding the children my brother,we are planning to hand rice even 5 kilos to the poor in our community.if you can help this project thats great blessing.thanks for your love to the filipinos.

We love you and praying for you,thanks for your advice to trust God with all our heart,im bless and encourage.

Date : Wed, 12 Jan 2005
Thanks my brother for the vitamins,i received it and its great blessing,my family use and we share some box to the needy pastors who are in a very need. Jan.14,that is friday,i invite all the pastors in the island and just one day fellowship with them and i will serve them lunch for this who are quite far. its great blessing to serve brothers and sister. we will cook for them and smoke fish and pork. Thanks for your love and prayer to us, fErnando

Date : Tue, 4 Jan 2005
Dear my brother,
Were able to feed the children who are mal nourish for 3 days now and we feed them fish but today after we give them tuna about 200 whole tuna somebody told us not to give fish because theres a virus affecting the fish in the ocean because of eating the dead body who died in tsunami,i was shock because it can happen becuase of the dead body who are flash to the ocean.

Tommorrow is the last day of the feedng for the children many mal nourish we found out and hungry children and the mother eat also,really here in the island many are in hard times were experiencing this but the difference we call God and the people around they call many gods and saints and God is a jelous God.
Thanks for your prayer and love to us.

Date : Thu, 30 Dec 2004
yo bro,
we are praying that the wave missed you and your
the devastation is almost beyond words...
may the Lord have mercy on the 100,000 who have died
and they say that many
will die from disease caused by the aftermath..
let me know you guys are all ok, ok?

yo bro.

Thanks for your prayer your prayer make big difference,we are okey and safe,here in the island but need more prayer because we are sorrounded buy active volcanoes in mindanao and luzon,its good to trust God. We are affected by heavy rain,and economically down because of many things happen in the government. im thinking of buying one whole chicken and apple for the Dec.31 to Jan.1 midnight for the family thats great already bro.

possible were gathering the whole family and the boys who are living with us from 10pm to 12midnight for prayer and after that little meal celebration with apple and chicken,im thinking of buying today but the money is not enough but i will ask madelene if she has safe some money,because women is good is saving. Thanks for your love and prayer,we are okey and we love you and your family,Happy Day every day.
Fernando Date : Tue, 7 Dec 2004
My brother,
I was instructed by the mason that its better to plaster the bricks because the water come inside because the bricks is not plaster ,or finish,i thinks thats one of the reason the water come inside also.

Jan.3-7 2005 we will gathered all the children in the feeding program and have like DBVS and have graduation also.thanks for your love and help to us,my son chester extend regards to your children.

Date : Mon, 6 Dec 2004
Dear my brother and family,
Thanks be to God for all HIs loving kindness endureth forever,heavy still we experience and this is the result of the typhoon even the typhoon gone the rain stil flowing.

Thanks for that vitimins thats great help for our health,chester my eldest son was in fever when he wake up in the morning and Daryl also we try to burn for smoke in the house because the mosquito is many.still we unwater the living room because the rain come inside in the house that needs to be thrown outside.

if you have some little extran blessing,we are knocking at your heart even a little just for this week because im very broke but not destroyed.We are okey than the people in Luzon in the north of the country,all relief,food help was bring to them.
Thanks for your love,

Date : Mon, 8 Nov 2004
Yes my brother,
the doctor demand madelene needs eye glasses but it cost 50$ for the frame and glasses.about the roof not yet im trying to gather lumber for trusses,and floor juis,to have 2nd floor and it takes many lumber im gathering now,like ipil ipil tree to cut and make 2x6x14 and we need many.

Madelene wants to build a bunk house for the boys i have another boy in the house the brother of belmar who is victim in shabu in negros and the mother bring brenan to us for relief i told them they need God.
Thanks for your love and prayer.

Date : Fri, 11 Jun 2004
Dear my Brother,
Thanks for the word TRUST IN THE LORD,Thats great encouragement,im sorrounded with catholic believers which is the trying to squezze me becuase of what happen,its not easy to die here very expensive because of traditional way of the Roman Catholic,9 days rosary,the man died is christian already he attend every sunday night fellowship but his wife is not and relatives.

Thanks for the vitamins,chester will be celebtrating his 20th birthday tomorrow in our time June 12 and we will be having little meetings with the youth and the family in the house.

Thanks for your prayer and love and encouraging words i need this very much.

Date : Sun, 6 Apr 2003
Subject : Re: re[8]: traveling
Thanks be to God that my family was very happy in my arrival,even i have no presence except the candy i buy in the airport.my heart long to visit you so that i can have little presence for the boys.

Bro Russ,if you have 2nd camera which we can use for little business to make our livelihooh thats great and we are praying for 2nd computer.heres my picture i got when i arrive.and the house we build for the widow which very needed this building is not finish and we are still praying for the supply of the materials.thanks for your love and prayer.

Date : Fri, 11 Apr 2003
Dear Russ,
Thanks be to God for His love and His mercy endureth forever.the widow has two children name Rachel and Jerimiah,her husband is only 37 years old he is my helper in the fellowship at the same time the work selling bread every morning,we have problem in our culture very few only go to the doctor for check up and this brother has highper tension or high blood,when his wife wake up eary around 4:00am for devotional she wake up her husband and he found out that her husband die already and it seem that he has internal hemoreids one of the viens in his neck was blown.

and because we are persecuted here in our island of Dauis the Catholic permit not us to buried the dead body of the bereaved and we travel the dead body around 1000 miles from the city of tagbilaran.Im helping this widow because she no means of living but i told her if she will married to another man the help must be cut off our help is very small its only two dollars to three per week that is one hundred fifty to two hundred pesos in our philippine currency.The name of the widow is Carmen Orano she is 41 years old they two couple is Mr. and Mrs Pricerio Sale and Mr.Mrs.Alberto Putong the house they rend be remodel and the owner wants the encrease and they cannot pay anymore all commodities is very high encrease and no place to stay so i felt in my heart to help this brother and sister.We build a native house and i buy the land for 600$ and we start building now making the foundation and we build the foundation for 300$ and needs miracle they will transfer by June ist week.

About the Account i have no account and i have no idea about pay pay account,if you have personal check i can change that here and no problem many money changer and i know one who is a believer in the Lord.

I will send some picture of the widow and the two couples if i can find somebody who can take pictures for them.

Thanks for your love and Concern.We love you and we lift you up to God in pryaer.

Contact us via email: info at dadsdayoff.net with your comments, questions, ideas, prayers, insights, etc. Don't be bashful..

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