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Dad's Day Off --- Non-Orthodox, Biblical Christian Truth.

"You don't have to be a genius to understand these things,
just use your common sense!!"
Luke 12:57 The Message

The reason that abortion is a total hinderance to the plan of God is that it denies an opportunity for incarnation to one of God's spirit children. The primary objective for us, His (spirit) children is growth and maturity. It is BODIES that are needed to provide the (spirit) child an engine to travel and learn the LESSONS OF LIFE that can only be obtained with TIME! While spirits do mature in their native realm, it is a far slower process than is found in a human body here on earth - God's training grounds. Every abortion frustrates God's plans by denying this opportunity. Imagine a spirit child who has anxiously awaited and prepared for their "turn" for a body, only to have it mutilated in an abortionists vacuum...

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When Is Abortion MURDER?

There is no Scripture Law against abortion, but it is contrary to God's Plan and, without adequate reason, should be discouraged. Physical danger to the mother, rape and incest are sound reasons.

So much of the abortion argumentation revolves around the unanswered question of when human life actually enters the unborn fetus. Neither physicians nor theologians admit to that knowledge, but it is easily available in our Bible. Human life enters shortly after the tenth week of pregnancy. But can we prove it in the Scriptures? This Bible study is about the timing of new life in the fetus.

First, we ought to agree that the Word of God in our Bible is to be our exclusive acceptable standard of truth, or it is of no use to read further. Solomon had more wisdom and understanding than our contemporary professionals, because he obtained it from God. In Ecclesiastes 11:5, the King James version reads: As thou knowest not what (is) the way of the spirit (how) the bones in the womb of her that is with child ... The Septuagint text reads: Among whom none knows what is the way of the wind as the bones in the womb of a pregnant ... The Young's Literal translation reads almost the same as the King James. The Amplified version reads: As you know not what (is) the way of the wind (or how) (the spirit comes) to the bones in the womb of a pregnant woman ... The identical Hebrew word is translated either wind or spirit. The words in parentheses were supplied by the translators to give continuity in English.

Therefore, these Hebrew words are also accurately translated: As you know not how the spirit moves to the bones in the womb of a pregnant woman ... Physicians agree that the bones become formed shortly after ten weeks of pregnancy.

Truth is to be established by at least two witnesses. Can this trimester be confirmed in other Scripture? It is written that the Lord, your God, speaks to you by the Prophets and increases your vision, and appeals to you through similitudes (dramas) acted out by the Prophets. (Hos. 12:10). The tense is present-continuous in the Hebrew. Essentially the same declaration is made in Matt. 13:35, Isa. 8:18 and Ps. 78:2.

The Chosen People of ancient Israel entered Canaan ("birth in the low place) 2707 years after the death of Adam (when time reckoning began), according to the Masoretic Text. The 2707 years applied to a people governed by Law, as by the Ten Commandments. According to Bible patterns, the application to the individual would be 270.7 years. But the Lord also uses a day for a year. (Ezek. 4:6) We know the human gestation period is about 271 days! This comparison ought to help establish the validity of patterns.

Abraham's assignment was to bring the nation of Israel to life. For important assignment, the age of accountability and beginning of the subsequent work cycle is at age 12. Lk. 2:32, 49. From Abraham, age 12, to birth of Isaac at Abraham's age of 100 (from the nation's conception to its initiation of new life) was 88 to 89 years. If we think in terms of one day for a year (Ezek. 4:6), the 89 years become 89 days from conception to the initiation of new life. In the human embryo, that would mean 13 weeks of pregnancy before the presence of life. This becomes a second witness!

Look again! The work week beginning with Adam is 6000 years then the Millennium Sabbath just ahead. That 6000 years is divided into a 2/3 part (4000) reaching to Christ's first coming and a 1/3 part (2000) to complete the Plan. The 4000 year portion was also divided. It was a 2/3 part (2667) to the Law. The 1/3 part (1333) followed into Spirit control by Christ. That is the story for these Divine affairs. For human affairs, the 1/3 would come before the 2/3. Abraham was called in 1979 B.C., 2021 A.M (after mortality). The interval to the birth of Christ was 1979 years. The 1/3 portion of 1979 is 660; the 2/3 portion is 1319. The 2021 A.M. call + 660 = 2681 A.M., only 14 years over the 2667 A.M. giving of the Law for order. The 2021 call + 660 + 1319 = 4000 A.M., the birth of Christ. The pattern of the 1/3 and 2/3 division is here validated.

The Bible number for human gestation is 273 days. 1/3 of the 273 is 91 days; 2/3 is 182 days. In terms of application to a people or nation and a year for a day, the 273 becomes 2730 years. 2730 years before the start of Christ's ministry in 4030 A.M. was 1300 A.M. The 1/3 portion of 2730 is 910 years. 1300 A.M. + 910 years = 2210 A.M.

Before Joseph began serving Pharaoh, he represented Christ. Joseph's going down to Egypt out of the Promised Land is the same pattern as the Christ Spirit out of the heaven realm taking up His official ministry on earth. Joseph left in 2214 or 2215 A.M. (only 5 years more than the above 2210 A.M.). The 2/3 portion of the 2730 years is 1820 years. Adding the 1820 to the base of the above 2210 A.M. = 4030 A.M. That was the beginning of Christ's official ministry in the Temple. Jhn. 2:15.

Joseph entered no Temple in Egypt, but we can apply the Joseph pattern to the human spirit leaving the heavenly spirit realm and going down to earth to begin a new assignment. Applied generally to individual human gestation, 1/3 of the 273 becomes 91 days after conception, when the human spirit is assigned to the developing embryo. It does not then enter the unborn body, but impinges itself upon it through an ethereal umbilical cord during the subsequent 182 days of pregnancy. At the end of gestation, the baby is born and the physical umbilical cord is severed. The baby's spirit is pressed into his body at that time to take full charge, though tenuously through the silver cord. If death occurs, the silver cord umbilical is broken and the spirit released. Eccles. 12:6-7, Ps. 58:3, Isa. 48:8 with Gen. 2:7, (after connection established), Zech. 12:1 (spirit pressed in literal).

Thus, if we are willing to take such increase in vision from the Designer and Builder, God Almighty, we can know the unborn fetus is not a human until about the 13th week of pregnancy - and can not be murdered before that time. It is doubtful these patterns from M. Dahl's prophetic revelations can be used effectively as proof with the rank and file, but they may help boost convictions of truth among the few who accept Hos. 12:10 as God's Truth.

C. Gordon Wolcott

Religious church-goers run to check an uncomfortable teaching with the minister, not with the Lord. Typically, the minister either rejects it out-of-hand or runs to his favorite Bible Commentary, not the Lord's full Word on the matter. Then man's doctrine is again reported back as the Word of God! Mk. 7:7-9.

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