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 As In The Days Of Noah

You Must Be Ready!!!

As in the days of Noah, so will be the coming (approaching) of the Son of man. Mat 24:37-42. This Mt. 24 section clearly shows two time-separated and selective removals of some people from the earth planet to meet the Lord where He then is. But how was it in the days of Noah? What are the reflections from the time of the Flood on the 1990s? What did the Lord intend that we learn from the drama of Noah and the Ark for profitable application at this end of the age? Hos. 12:10. Surely God is not limited to pictures in a children's Bible Story Book.

Noah's Ark and Flood

"Noah" means rest. Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation. Noah walked with God. Outside of Noah's family, others in the land were depraved, and the land was filled with violence. Gen. 6:9-13. Does that compare with our land today? God said He would make an end to all not of Noah's intense persuasion, and to the land as it had become.

Yet Noah was called into a lengthy period of preparation! building the Ark according to the prophetic dimensions given, but far from waters to float it. That assignment involved additional effort, time and self-discipline over an unstated number of years and months. Yet it is strongly implied that the Ark vessel was fully built and completed in the first month of that year. Gen. 7:11. Noah was told that a flood would destroy all in the land, except that which would enter or be placed in the Ark and remain there. Gen. 6:14-21. Thus far, it is not too difficult to understand that the Ark represented Jesus Christ as the Word of God.

Noah did not know when the flood would come, until 7 days previously. Then he did know! That was on the 10th day of the month. It was on the 17th day of the 2nd month that the flooding began. Being the 2nd month, it is indicated that this was to be a thorough separation (symbolism of 2) from the other people and their way of life. The Lord gave Noah the commandment to enter the Ark on the 10th day of the 2nd month and, 7 days later, the flooding began. Gen. 7:4-11. It poured rain throughout 40 days (40 is the number of testing). The waters prevailed from the 17th in the 2nd month to the 17th in the 7th month. The number of the true church is 7. There were 7 persons with Noah. These 7s being followed by the 40 of testing most likely points to the 2nd month following the lunar month of Nisan, in the spring of the year. Much later, the Lord also told Moses that the sacred year would begin with the month of Nisan, the month of the Passover. Ex. 12:2. God does not change the patterns in which He works. Mal. 3:6.

From the beginning of the year of the Ark's preserving work, on Nisan 1, to the day the Ark bottomed on earth again was 197 days. (30 days + 17 + 150 = 197 days.) The completion of the 197 days plus perhaps a few hours brought in a new period of potential blessing and enlightenment in that land. The Lord was again there to be a Light for the people. Assuming 197.2 days would not be unreasonable. The 197+ days covered the local experience. Extrapolating the local effect to a global application requires the 197 being increased 10 fold to 1970+ days. To the Lord, a day is as a year. Ezek. 4:6. Therefore, it can be understood that the Lord has spoken by this drama to the world today in terms of a prophetic period of about 1970 years.

Noah's Ark and Dove
The Ark represented the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, He is the sheltering "vessel." All who come to Him, enter His plan and remain there are preserved, and live with or in rest ("Noah" means rest). Mt. 11:28-29, Jhn. 10:28-29. The Lord Jesus came into His earth life in a physical body. His physical body "vessel" was built and completed in 1 A.D. (the date given in the Great Pyramid). That "vessel" also was lifted up high above the land, following His resurrection. Gen. 7:17. What then is His message for us today corresponding to the Ark returning to touch the earth environment? Prophetically, that was to fulfill in 1970+ A.D. What happened or was to start happening in the 1970s? There was an epic sign noticed not at all or hardly noticed by traditional Bible teachers, religious leaders and their followers. This sign was displayed not only once, but twice! spectacularly!

In the Old Testament wilderness Tabernacle, the sign of the Lord's presence was His Shekinah Glory. Ex. 40:34-35. That Glory later filled the completed Temple built by Solomon. 1Ki. 8:11. Even later, that Glory was evidenced again on the Mt. of Transfiguration. Mt. 17:2. These evidences of the Lord's presence were given to the nation of Israel. But when it rejected its Messiah, the covenant was transferred to the Gentiles. Mt. 21:43. It was not long before Christendom was duplicating the Israel drama, traversing its spiritual wilderness. Lk. 18:8.

During the Ark drama, the Ark itself indicated its presence. During the 20th century, the Lord has been far away, preparing to set up His Kingdom, and His Glory Sign has not been visible! at least until recently. Any observation of the Sign of the Son of man should have set off world-wide celebrations, but it didn't. His Glory Sign has been neither recognized nor understood by observers in this apostate age.

In his Jan. 1, 1970 report, Mikkel Dahl showed that The Great Pyramid geometry pointed to a January 7, 1970, return of the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth's upper stratosphere. He would then come that far, returning in His New Jerusalem above to await the proper time to call to Himself His 144,000 Bride group, His Firstfruits. Rev. 14:1-4. On Feb. 4-5, 1971, the Apollo 14 astronauts on the moon reported seeing an exceedingly bright light hovering close to the earth. It was a light never before seen by other astronauts in space. It was so intensely bright they feared blindness if they stared at it. Walter Cronkite specifically reported it in his Apollo 14 live coverage broadcast. I and many others heard the astronauts and Cronkite excitedly wondering what the fearsome light might be. The astronauts reported they were unable to sleep, the brilliance of the light registering through closed eyelids painted the whole brain blinding white. This bright light was one demonstration of the Sign of the Son of man. Mt. 24:30.

In mid-1971, surprising radio broadcasts leaked a report that astronomers more than once saw reflections collected by their telescope mirror of "a perfect city high in the northern heavens, shining and beautiful." Millennia ago, the Lord planned the time for His return to our earth's upper stratosphere, bringing with Him the stunning Perfection City He has been building for 2000 years. Having positioned it at the pre-elected spot high in the northern heavens (on the sides of the north! Ps. 48:1-2), He deliberately unveiled and occasionally turned on the light to give a few earth men an eyeful. From where was the New Jerusalem city seen telescopically? Interestingly enough, it was seen by the world's largest telescopic eye, the 200 inch mirror on Palomar Mtn in San Diego County, California. "San Diego" name means fitted or intended to teach, to convey instruction.

These sightings should be a "shot in the arm" to all serious Christians, encouraging them to hasten the process of their preparation. They should be lifting up their heads, being assured that their redemption is drawing close, very close. Lk. 21:28. These sightings should motivate serious Christians into always praying. They should strengthen serious Christians against weakening, losing heart and giving up. Lk. 18:1.

Noah's Ark and Flood

What is the importance of the 1970 decade to us in the 21st century? There should be a 21 year span between. How many Bible teaching Christians recognize the way in which the Lord has repeatedly used the number 21 in prophecy fulfilling in our generation? The Lord said He was the Light of the world while He during His ministery. He also said there were 12 hours in His day. Jhn. 9: 5, 4 in this order, and Jhn. 11:9. In the Hebrew counting, the new calendar day began with the 12 hours of darkness and completed with the 12 hours of daylight. The Lord's Day of work was from age 12 to age 33, or 21 years. Lk. 2:42, 49. Since He was the Light of the world, the next 21 years were the completing measure of His whole Lord's Day of 42 years. Because of refusal to fully believe Him, the Light was usually veiled. In our time, the darkness 21 years would have begun when Israel, in thoughtless and continuing rejection of its Messiah-Preserver, signed a "peace" treaty with Egypt in 1979. Israels' rejection of God to keep its peace was a total abomination to Him. Never has the Lord sponsored going to Egypt for protection. Therefore Israel has suffered much from PLO and other Arab nation attacks. The Lord has promised complete protection! if Israel would repent and accept Yahweh-Jesus as its Messiah.

The Noah drama of preservation by entering the Ark began on that year's 10th day of the first month (in our Sept.-Oct.) and pointed to a prophetic span of 1970 - 1980 years, which should end in the fall of its final year. Therefore, we should expect a span of 1979 prophetic years since the birth of Christ to complete in the fall of the end of the 1990 decade. As day 197 - 8 in the Noah drama issued in a new period for establishment on firm ground, so would the year 1979 show proof that a modern 42 year day of the Lord is beginning. But the pattern also shows the initial 21 years will be years of darkness. Its Light potential, undetected by the self-serving church world, should be seen to initiate on the 17th of the spring month of Nisan in 1997. That would be the first full day of ministry of the raptured and returned Bride-elect.

Thus the Lord's prophecy by the drama of Noah and the Ark becomes exceedingly clear. It can be accepted, refused, or ignored, but the message is crystal clear. The Second Coming will soon begin. The first stage of His unveiling Himself (at Resurrection) and re-entry into church affairs is thus pictured to be on Nisan 10, ????. If so, He will call shortly after midnight, cutting the church servant in two and beginning His new and strange work. The Bride-elect will return 2 days after the Passover to help Christians determined to learn the Faith. The Noah drama tells us we should anticipate this disappearance of adequately prepared 144,000 men plus a few women and children. Rev. 12:5, 14:1-4, Mt. 24:51. Then follow 1260 days of Great Tribulation (pressure), with all its motivations and opportunities for Christians left behind to make up for mistakes and deficiencies. Mt. 24:21, Rev. 12:5-6. Then the Gentile Pentecost, 56 days later, will feature a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon 1200 (possibly 12,000). Joel 2:27-29. Through their assisting ministry, many millions sufficiently prepare and qualify for the Lord's Household Harvest to be lifted up to the New Jerusalem after 1260 days of Great Tribulation. Rev. 14:15.

The Lamb is the Light of the New Jerusalem City. Rev. 21:10, 23. It is in the final days of the age, that the Lord shall be seen over them (who are on earth) and His arrow shall go forth as lightning. Arrows are shot to kill or disable. To go forth as lightning describes modern warfare. And the Lord God will blow the trumpet and goes forth in the whirlwinds of the south. The trumpet calls to arms and to war, which will involve the U.S., British Empire nations and possibly a few other Christian governments. The whirlwinds of the south picture great force and speed in conflict associated with the Islamic powers (Russia having been drawn in). Zech. 9:14.

The process of calling nations to arms spreads over many months, beginning with the Lord taking His 144, 000 to Himself. Based on that occurring in 1997, World War III will begin in Jan., 1999. Just before the Bride-elect is called to come up, modern Israel will be in serious war, resulting in division of its land to separate off a Palestinian "home." Dan. 11:39. When Israel "surrenders" all of the West Bank except East Jerusalem, the gloating in Islam (and the Kremlin) will know no bounds. Then, 1000 Israeli will flee at the word of one who is a dictator, and they will flee at the threat of five Arab nations, until Israel becomes a beacon to draw Christian nations to its defense (after being beaten down). Isa. 30:17.

Whoever becomes the victors' chief spokesman and strong man, he will be the excuse for Israel to reestablish and reimplement the animal sacrifice "abomination" of which Daniel wrote. Decrees and words of blasphemy will probably come from the Dome of the Rock site (which includes the Wailing Wall). Dan. 11:31. The sanctuary shall be polluted. "Sanctuary" may be translated as Holy Place of strength, Rock, or defense. It may be the Temple site, Calvary, Jerusalem, the Mt. of Olives, or Palestine. The desolation itself will probably affect no more than Jerusalem. The Lord's descent in 1970 to the earth's upper atmosphere is the first of three stages of His return. The second will be His descent into earth's atmospheric envelope from which level, on the early morning of Rosh Hashana (Tishri 1), He will call out the household of the Lord (the Harvest Company). During these two stages, He remains invisible to earth people. At the third phase, at sunset of Tishri 14, He will physically descend in a spectacular arrival, with the brightness of 7 suns. Isa. 30:26. As His feet touch down on the Mt. of Olives, the greatest of earthquakes suddenly terminates Armageddon and all other battles. The earth planet shakes so violently it staggers out of its orbit into a 360 day year.

You Must Be Ready! Mt. 24:44

As it was in the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of man. None except those with Noah, in the same rest with God, knew until the flood came. So will be the coming of the Son of man. At that time two (men) will be in the field (earth); one will be received to Himself and one will be left. Mt. 24:37-40. Lk. 17:34 adds more detail. In that night (at the midnight call), two shall be in one bed. The one shall be taken to Himself and the other shall be left. Then later, two (women) will be grinding together (in daylight); one will be received to Himself and the other left. In each case, the respective two were in the same place; they had one place in common. It cannot be argued that one was a believer and the other an unbeliever. The two in bed were in the same rest. The two at the hand mill were grinding (processing) the same wheat of the Word. Here is pictured a separation of believers adequately ready for His call from those not quite. Give strict attention, therefore, for you may not perceive the time at which the Lord is coming. Mt. 24:42. His coming will occur in the second watch and the third watch. Lk. 12:38 literal. He comes for a few (Firstfruits) before The Great Tribulation and for more at its end. But to participate at either time, one must be ready! Mt. 24:44.

The faithful servant whom the Master has put in charge of His household is to give food and supplies as needed. Mt. 24:45-51. In one application, you are His house and your soul and body are His household. In another, it is the Assembly of Called-out ones which is His servant. Blessed is he whom the Lord finds so doing; He will set him over all his possessions. But when He comes and finds His servant in indolent pride, apathy and lukewarmness, He will cut that servant in two, placing him with unbelievers in darkness of Great Tribulation. Rev. 3:14-17 is also written to the church of today.

Any thoughtful person can easily see that the world scene is headed rapidly to at least a blow-off in many areas of man's activities! almost simultaneously. But it is becoming more apparent that what man has developed for himself is worse. We are rapidly moving into the blow-up which Scripture prophesies for the end of the age. Yet it is hard to shape and re-shape our mode and tempo while everything is so abundant and comfortable, and while we have such a high standard of living. Which Christian really knows a pressing need for God today?

Given the strength of ingrained habits in thinking, wanting and doing, it is hard to wholly get into gear and give our all toward advance preparation for living out a time of exceeding great pressure on all men everywhere. Yet, in that we permit the difficulty to overrule, we are not very intelligent. When we see it does not take a very great emergency to set up an almost panic, instead of trusting the Father's provision, we are not very smart in viewing the coming distress casually. We are not very thoughtful if we assume we are or will be sufficiently prepared to cope, and rely on a Christian label. We may be a bit brash, sounding off in advance about how much we love Jesus, depend on Him and are one with Him.

How can we know the extent to which we will be willing to stretch, in order to utterly rely upon the Lord in times of intense trouble? We don't. Nor will we until we know experientially, repeatedly, just where we are in His plan. That is why the Scripture warns most Christians will be caught short of adequate preparation and suffer much loss. Initially, only the few 144,000 will have wisely prepared. Mt. 25:4, 10, Rev. 14:1-4.

Preparation is not just the accumulation of truth-facts, in spite of the glow accompanying the acquisition of new knowledge. It is the establishment of proper response to the truth-facts as they are progressively revealed. Mt. 6:33. It is the gaining of strength and endurance against and during opposition. Isa. 27:3-5. Preparation is getting into willingness to serve, not self, but the Lord exclusively in spite of seeming or might-be cost in security, reputation, material possessions, even life itself. Deut. 6:4-9. Preparation is not only the planting of the seed, it is the growing into fruitfulness, during calm and storm, from every seed planted. Mt. 7:20-27. Where not matching the Standard of God's Word, the preparation is inadequate. The amount of such fruitbearing is the measure of valid preparation.

Clear Sailing - Despite The Water.

Preparation is the consistent development of standing fast to accomplish works within the loving Father's design plan. Yet has not each of us been conditioned into misunderstanding His plan, by years of permeating Babylon's truth perversions? In whatever measure, are we not still waiting for the Lord to do everything that needs to be done? Don't we, in effect, justify a lukewarm "Laodicean Church" apathy in "knowing" that it is truly God who works within us all the while both to will and to do His good pleasure? Are we still unconsciously relying upon the teaching received from Ro. 3:22, that His righteousness comes by faith, by "just believing in Jesus"? Don't we "know" we are justified and placed in right standing with God by the magic wand of His grace? Ro. 3:24. Surely we need not be concerned if we are "saved by grace, which saving is through faith! a gift of God." Eph. 2:5, 8. So church Christians are taught.

So what is the need to get so exercised about getting prepared for eventualities which will mostly affect unbelievers and part-believers? We were also taught that a Christian is justified by faith and has access to God's grace by that faith. So is man justified by both faith and grace? We were told that Ro. 4:5 affirms that man's faith is counted for righteousness. We also have been led to read that man is justified by faith in the Son of God and not by the works of the Law in ritual. Gal. 2:16.

Yet, we can also read that every man will be judged and paid according to his works, and that persistent well-doing nets physical immortality. Ro. 2:6-7, without man's interpretation added, Rev. 22:12, Jhn.6:48-51. Why are there apparent discrepancies? Into what does the Lord's teaching actually resolve? Jesus Christ came to preserve, not just the intangible soul, but also the physical body. That preservation is through the practice of righteousness recognized by the Lord, which Mt. 6:33 declares as the first thing under His rule, absolutely the first. That rightness is what He sees to be right! What man labels right is rarely what the Lord accepts as valid. Deut. 12:8, 28. Just that is why traditional teaching is far different than the teachings found on this website.

There will be no preparation in sufficiency without the solid implementing in persistent living of the patterns which the Lord commended to our attention. That means works done in Spirit and in Truth, in understanding issuing out of personal involvement and earnest desire. We must develop an absolute leaning upon the Lord and His plan in the face of anything man or demon can throw up. Faith is progressively built on experiences of success and accomplishment, but also on the emotions of desire, trust and reverent fear (respect). There can be no strong faith without feeling, but unless faith is worked into the fabric by accomplishment, feeling is not durable.

Head and heart must be in symphony. (When two are in agreement, it shall be done.) But tradition-bound Christians still seek manifestation of God on the material level. They mostly look for His helping, protecting and enabling in material ways, rather than primarily from the spiritual plane of experience. There is too little "getting to know Him" through intimate familiarity with objectives stated by Him in His Word. His enabling in progress is through overcoming every deviation from His plan. It is we who need to cast out demon thoughts and emotions, replace worry and terror with well-founded trust, becoming proficient and constant-duty watchmen on the protecting wall. The traditional Christian's search for His manifestation does nothing much to prepare.

Who shall make his home in the Holy Hill of God (Zion)? He who lives uprightly, who works righteousness, who speaks only truth. Ps. 15:1-2. Who shall go up on the mountain top with the Lord? He who has clean hands (his works) and pure heart (purged and purified emotions and desires), free from falsity. That one shall receive righteousness from the Keeper of his preservation. Ps. 24:3-5. There you have it!

A faith is not the Faith without the works which implement it. God's grace or help is not available, except to encourage putting on the whole plan of God in daily living. Preparation is not adequate before showing proof of adherence to right action in the face of progressively greater pressure to deviate. This then is the process of generating preparedness in those who earnestly seek Him. Make the "hands" clean (works) and the heart pure (desires and emotions), Keep them so, refusing all falsity.

So if the darling of Jesus Christ would be prepared to save his skin in the potentially grim days ahead, he had better be up and about the Father's business with alacrity, pushing aside the man-made, baby-food Pablum diet offered by the religiously trained. Jer. 5:30-31, Isa. 30:8-15. Open up the gates of the eyes and ears, and open up the age-abiding doors of mind (intellect) and heart (desire) to His Truth. Practice the Truth and build the Faith. Only that will be adequate to withstand pressures in intensity as they quickly develop. Do this now and each today, that the King of Glory may enter in, that you may receive from Him His building into righteousness. Ps. 24:7-10, 127:1. Be attentive, burning with zeal, changing direction so the door may be open. Rev. 3:19-22. Be among the few who find the way into Life and see the brilliant Sign of the Son of man! without being blinded.

C. Gordon Wolcott

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