Chapter II


As the Christ with His disciples sat upon the Mount of Olives, He was questioned about the signs of His coming, the fate of Jerusalem and the End of the Age.

The Signs unto the then Jerusalem and the people of that age, are of no value to us. But for our day, the Authorized Version reads:

" And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come." Matt. 24:14

STEEL yourself for A SHOCK: As yet, that has not even commenced to fulfill !! Of course I am aware that portions of Scripture have been translated into a thousand and more languages and circulated; that missionaries, radio and TV have reached LIKELY every corner, people, tribe and niche of our earth; yet I repeat: the said prophetic words of the Christ have as yet not even commenced to fulfill!

The earliest possible date they can commence to fulfill shall be June 3, 1987 AD Please observe that I am not saying THAT is the date they commence to fulfill; still maybe.

Must you be knocked for a spin in order to wake up to the sad fact that the Devil is still in full charge? And that our Christian churches are only preaching the 'gospel' ACCORDING TO LUCIFER'S INTERPRETATION OF CHRIST? !

The quotation from Matthew 24:14 are not the words which the Lord spoke ! Stop ! THINK ! Carefully consider:

" And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come."

Some are asking: "what's the difference ? Tremendous - even staggering

"The time has come," he said. "The kingdom of God is near. Repent …" Mark 1:15

Such were the words of the Christ as He commenced His ministry. Similarly were the words He commanded His disciples to speak. But WHO cares about EMPTY words? THAT's where the difference enters ! The Lord had no 'EMPTY' words. He backed up His words by world jarring deeds: obsessing demons took off "like a bat out of hell" I The lame were restored to normalcy) the blind received sight, the deaf could hear) the dumb spoke and the dead were brought back to life

SUCH were the "GLAD TIDINGS of the Kingdom"! Let me remind you: "The GOSPEL" which is commonly known is not the same as "the GLAD TIDINGS of the Kingdom" ! Even the very word 'gospel' is nowhere near the equivalent of "the GLAD TIDINGS" !

STOP! LISTEN THINK ! You go to church, or maybe decide to relax at home and tune in on some "gospel hour". WHAT do you hear? Subjects may vary, but over a period of time, all add up to this, substantially: "God created man and breathed into him 'a living SOUL'. But because Adam sinned, YOUR 'soul' is destined to fry to a crisp eternally, in that fire which is never quenched. But IF you will join and SUPPORT our church and BELIEVE ON JESUS, you WILL BE SAVED"!! White the other camp tells you plainly THEY have the Keys: they can shut, or OPEN unto you.

WHEREIN can you there discern "the GLAD TIDINGS" of good things ? WHERE is the PROOF of what they preach? None ! No, not the faintest trace thereof! Some SHOWMEN have put on "healing SHOWS", but nothing beyond "shows". I have gone to such; I have known others who have traveled far to get healed by such showmen, only to come back as sick as previously, plus a pain in the neck !

Christ fed the famished multitudes, healed sick and raised the dead THEN AND THERE, our priesthood's of today preach "pie in the AFTER you die" ! What a difference! Sick get sicker, the blind made more blind the dying are buried ! The "glad tidings" of pie IN THE SKY AFTER you die!

"I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father." John 14:12

Please get this clearly: Not UNTIL the preachers actually heal the sick and raise the dead and do GREATER WORKS than those the Christ did, plus preaching TRUTH instead of Lucifer's interpretation of Christ, can Matthew 24:14 commence to fulfill.

And yet again: that can never commence UNTIL the Bride-elect of Christ (144,000 Firstfruits: Rev. 14:3&4) has been called out of this world. It is that "strange act" (Isa 28:21) which will bring the lukewarm church to its knees. THEN after 8 solid weeks of intercession and remorse, will Christ the Lord HEAR and ANSWER. That answer will be THE DAY OF PENTECOST UNTO THE GENTILES; THEN will Divine POWER be poured out upon 1200 or more, THEN will they commence to preach "the GLAD TIDINGS of the Kingdom, underscored by works of POWER UNHEARD of until that time."

Again we look back: the apostles - endued with Divine POWER laid the Roman Empire at the foot of the Cross in less than 3 centuries But unflagging persecution, and the catacombs, were far from the easy life. So, early in the 4th century, Christian leaders went in to the Roman authorities and struck "a big deal"! IF the secular power of Rome would shield those of the Christian faith, then would also Christian preachers and evangelists preach NON-RESISTANCE to Rome's rulership, and encourage prayers for and total subservience to all vested authorities

Yes, the "big deal" was on. But in the sight of Christ, it was but spiritual WHOREDOM - even the same as He charged ancient Israel because of their reaching out to secular powers -such as Assyria, INSTEAD OF FULLY TRUSTING TO YAHWEH..

So, instantly, the Virgin of Christ was shorn of her hair: no trace of Divine power has manifested since! All claims to the contrary not withstanding….

Oh sure, there have been 'showmen' and some women claiming "COME: thousands are being healed"! Nothing short of an outright lie !! The Christ did heal: people flocked to Him; He pleaded with many to "tell no man" ! In a small land when there were no telephones nor radios, the word of MIRACLE POWER spread like wildfire ! He and His disciples often found little time to eat or rest, hence the plea to not publicize. Wherefore, the mere fact that in our age of crass commercialism, 'showmen' spend money in astronomical figures, constitutes the PROOF they have no Divine power, but only a glib tongue to DECEIVE the sick and the simple.

Some decades ago I went to hear a great showman in his day. Under a massive tent the credulous gathered, also the sick. Dozens were prayed for. I failed to observe evidence of anyone being healed. The speaker announced he would fly someone from Los Angeles to tell us of his miraculous healing ! (Just one miraculously healed in that city would have constituted far more and better publicity than someone flown over two thousand miles to tell of his healing LONG AGO!

That showman impressed me very poorly! I believe the 'showmanship' should be accredited to his publicity manager. The preacher's Bible text was the raising of Lazarus from the dead - even one of the greatest Bible texts in the New Testament. Yet he had nothing worthwhile to say about it except that sometimes in the past someone dead as much as 3 days had come back to life, but Lazarus had been dead 4 days, hence the proof of God's power. I adjudged his message 99% worthless. Its principle part was begging for money.

Several weeks later, I was in conversation with an ordained gospel minister whom I knew very well. He told of conversing with one of the ministers who had been a member of the receiving committee for the sick. That minister had told him that he was not aware of as much as one that had been healed during that campaign! (But "COME: thousands are being healed!!)


I have not the faintest interest in denouncing anyone; my real interest is to AWAKEN MANY to the religious FARCE rampant today! Although the persons are different and the stage trappings changed, our priesthoods of today have followed beautifully in the footprints of their predecessors: the cursable gangster clan of Aaron.

We see before us 'HUMAN NATURE' in the raw!

It is but 'BUSINESS'! And by one who surely should have known, we were told long ago that big business is carried on by S.O.B.'s

Admittedly, here and there we find the occasional simple and very sincere Christian minister, truly endeavoring to be a spiritual light and help unto many. Yet that is the exception, not the rule.

What did the Christ say and forecast? That He was the GOOD SHEPHERD who lay down His life for the sheep. But that the "hireling" flees when he sees the wolf approaching, because he does not own the sheep (John lO:12).

WHERE is the Christian minister - known more than a block from his home - who is not "a hireling"? Here arises an important question you should endeavor to answer unto yourself. (A little later, as I deal with fallacies within our Christian churches, I will answer it.) "WHAT did the Lord imply when He said that the hireling does not own the sheep?"

Coming back to that showman' s 'sermon': it was the most vapid of anything I ever had the pain to hear from any Christian pulpit! (Here let me suggest to those not familiar with my writings - read LAZARUS COME FORTH. (coming soon)When that you have thoughtfully read, you will realize that our 'hirelings' are as blind and stupid as simpletons ever come. . .

Here I will only mention a minor fragment from the said treatise (truly, it is but minor): the name Lazarus means "he whom God helps". Therefore, it is symbolic of the Israel people. Four days dead: the body stinks! The Bible tells us that one thousand years on earth is but as "one day" with the Lord. Hence, 4,000 years dead. Check it out for yourself from the Masoretic chronology in the Authorized Version. Accordingly, Abram was born either 1946 or 1948 years after Adam entered mortality. Add four thousand years to 1948 A.M., and it nets 5948, being 1948 AD. THEN reverberated throughout the entire world: "Lazarus come forth"! THEN in the trappings of death, bound hand and feet, came world Jewry out of the tomb of the nations, emanating the stench of death! (But read to see for yourself the amazing volume of consequent detail, a little portion of the awesome depth and wonders thinly veiled in the miracle-works by the Christ. For, it has been written;

"For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." Rev 19:10

HOW COME that there "are fallacies within the Christian church"? HEAR the word of Christ the Lord:

"While I am in the world, I am the light of the world." John 9:5

But more to the point:

"As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work" vs. 4.

Even as the shadow of the Cross approached, the chosen disciple cursed, vowing that he did not know the man, neither understood what they were saying!

Even as He was taken in Gethsemane, 'twilight' set in! While during that twilight, the apostles wrought. Then followed about two more centuries before the 'night' became pitch BLACK.

You will please observe that during that long back Stygian 'night' the Christian dogmas rampant today WERE ALL HATCHED! And that, when "NO MAN COULD WORK" A portion of that long, black night of spiritual blindness is now known as "The Dark Ages".

Manifestly, whatever hatched-up dogma was espoused by any church, must be staunchly defended, Retracting would be undermining, even suicidal. With reference to these many fallacies, I will only deal with one or two.

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