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Introduction: TO countless Christians who wait for glory, and hope for joys beyond this life; who toil in patience - daring to believe (the silken rustle of tomorrow's portals), this is reverently dedicated - that even TODAY life may be enriched by treasures rare, TOGETHER, and hearts overspilling with JOYS here.

The author.

* * * * * * * * * *
For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. Mat 7:2 and 12

Here is a subject for meditation, of which the whole world is in dire need, and for the lack of which it even totters on the brink of destruction. And I cannot help but fear that countless Christians are also in great need of the SPIRIT of the above words by our Lord.

No doubt you have heard much about the "golden rule", but maybe less about the "golden" HEART OF GOD, whose immeasurable LOVE for His own is so consuming in its potential that He HAS ESTABLISHED A LAW OF BALANCE. Perhaps some other and more suitable word could be used, yet I think of it as HIS BALANCE: the SCALE OF GOD'S EQUALIZATION.

In this particular matter I cannot help but believe that our clergy has dwelled far too much on sentiment, overlooking the matter of God's LAW OF BALANCE.

It is very well and good to inculcate in our children and stress the desirability and the sheer beauty of kindness and charity; yet in an age where SELFISHNESS is the watchword, I believe that if both youngsters and adults were given to better understand that God expresses His Being thru IMMUTABLE LAW: we would get far better results.

Look now at the words by the Lord of Life: "by what measure you use, IT SHALL BE MEASURED TO YOU AGAIN!" He didn't say that it might be, or that in some cases it would be thus, but rather, AN EMPHATIC DECLARATION OF AN IMMUTABLE LAW, having nothing to do with IF's or MAYBEs! God is not fickle, temperamental, nor erratic: His very Being emanates thru inflexible LAW. True, on the lower planes of manifestation, the ramifications of LAW can be superseded by higher LAW, or by that LAW expressive on His own plane, yet THAT does not enable US to evade His LAW.

Thru painful experience we have learned that fire ALWAYS BURNS. Because we KNOW the immutableness of His consuming LAW, we handle it WITH CARE: we know better than to touch its searing flame to our clothes or skin. The youngster growing up in a home where A TRUE LOVE expresses thru LAW (enforced), learns to DO right at all times, and enters into the fruit and joy of a disciplined personality. While the unfortunate who grows up in a home where love is a misnomer for mush and gushing sentiment (which is founded in self-indulgence), eventually marries but to fight and part, and to go thru life from one grief to sadness and misery.... ALL - or largely so - because he/she was not brought up under the GREATER LOVE OF IMMUTABLE LAW in the home.

Similarly am I convinced the situation is with reference to the Golden Rule. Parents and our clergy handle it from the approach or perspective of SENTIMENT: of something that is GOOD and BEAUTIFUL. Forever shall that be TRUE, yet our growing children and adolescents and even adults are far too unapproachable and UNtouchable by beauty. But apply even a small flame to the bare skin of such a one and see how he jumps - to say nothing of the language you might hear.

He has had EXPERIENCE with Its LAW, and therefore has COME TO DISCERNMENT! Similarly, "GOD IS A CONSUMING FIRE! (Heb. 12:29; Deut. 4:24}.

Change Your Life

And the sooner you learn that - the better for your future! And the sooner you teach that to your children - the safer their future, and the more certain their abiding happiness.

Although I have here spoken somewhat against the SENTIMENT of the Golden Rule, that is because of its lack of effectiveness. On the contrary, I am overwhelmingly convinced that eventually, all phases of God's LAW must be met from the urge within, for all that which is GOOD and TRUE and BEAUTIFUL, rather than from the motivation: "WHAT WILL IT PROFIT ME?"

But with mass humanity at its present stage of selfish adolescence, THEY CAN BEST BE APPROACHED THRU THE CHANNEL OF SELF AND PROFIT (or else)!

Therefore, parents and clergy should hammer away at the immutable LAW which God has established, that "AS YOU DO TO OTHERS, SO WILL GOD DO TO YOU" (thru the operation of an established and immutable LAW).

Can you scoop a hollow into the ground withoughut it refilling - sooner or later? Or can you dip a cupful from the ocean and leave its place empty? Or take a measure of air and leave its place void? Hardly! There is an operative LAW of equalization, or BALANCE: God has thus ordained it. We cannot circumvent this LAW: it is utterly beyond us. IT IS!

THAT is what the Blessed One said! The standard you set unto others, HE WILL RETURN UPON YOUR OWN HEAD!

You have two sons: John and Bill. And you love them with consuming passion, yet EQUALLY. For no just cause BILL slaps John. As the latter begins to square off, you remind John, "vengeance IS MINE", where upon Bill receives the smart slap TO BALANCE THE SCORE. Nothing is said. Bill slaps again, but at once the scales of justice BALANCE. He pushes only to find himself flying headlong. In course of time he learns that he cannot evade a parent's vigilance. And at long last he also learns that EVERY UNKIND ACT TO JOHN IS DONE UNTO HIMSELF! He learns that when he is good, HE ENJOYS GOOD!

Change Your Life

THAT IS OUR PARENT - GOD IN ACTION! THAT IS THE IMMUTABLE LAW OF HIS BEING: JUSTICE BALANCED! THAT is the tutor He has appointed a multitude of wayward children; that is the stern Headmaster He has appointed a world of spiritual adolescents.

Remember, "a thousand years are but as a day with the Lord." You may cheat your neighbor, steal from your friend, or lie to further your interest; yes, you may even think that you are "getting away with it". But just as certain that an emotionally balanced and loving parent will not tolerate Bill kicking John, JUST THAT CERTAIN IS IT THAT YOU CAN NEVER "GET AWAY" FROM THE BALANCE OF GOD'S LOVE-LAW IN ACTION! A day or two might pass, a year or even many, but bear in mind that on the plane of God's TIME -reckoning, 21 years here are but as half an hour with God, And should He wait as much as 3 minutes before He lifts His hand of JUSTICE, that will be a full two years with you. And some times a wise and loving parent might postpone the lesson until, TOMORROW.

Show me the parent who permits Bill to practice unkindness against John, and I will show you a person who is NOT FIT FOR PARENTAGE. Is not God at least as GOOD as a human? Were we not created "in the image" of God? Or do you suppose that merely referred to feet, hands and a stupid head? Nay, beloved, GOD IS A SPIRIT! And our being IN HIS IMAGE, refers of necessity - PRIMARILY TO OUR OWN INNER, OR SPIRIT BEING; secondarily to the physical.

Therefore we can take a wise, emotionally balanced and loving parent and, THEREBY, LEARN OF GOD! IF not, then it is a lie that we were made HIS IMAGE!

During the eras of darkness, spiritual tyranny reached a nadir when a spiritual monster was preached in order to enslave the soul of man thru FEAR. Even today many pulpits reek with brimstone, and little ones tremble in fear having as yet not discerned the Father's face weighted in grief over the little children He loves.

In your spiritual blindness you may believe that ten dollars falsely kept back or cheated from your neighbor or merchant, are ten dollars IN YOUR POCKET. For one brief moment - yes. But as sure as every child has a parent, THAT certain is it that the SPIRIT-PARENT will not let "Bill" get away with it! Neither kid yourself by saying: oh well, IF I get cheated out of ten in return some time, I AM STILL NOTHING OUT! KID not yourself! God is not a "softy!" Clearly are we told in His Law (by the prophets) that restitution was not sufficient, but that an ADDED PORTION must also be given up. Restitution by itself, would consititute no PENALITY, and withoughut the penalty the hardened human soul will not learn: there is on LESSON to be taken to heart! Usually, I believe it was customary for A FIFTH PORTION to be added. The one fifth speaks of GRACE: that measure of grace we yield up out of our own substance, LEAVING ROOM FOR GOD'S FREEdom setting power to be poured back in.

For, of necessity, BALANCE MUST BE RESTORED (GOD MUST SET THINGS RIGHT) or the whole universe would crack up into chaos ! We are in existence because of COSMIC SYMPHONY. Every wrong, every "sin" must be rectified by God, or the "symphony" is broken. With the symphony broken, chaos would eventually result. But there is a measure of time, or a 'distance' which the discord can travel before catastrophic results. Within that measured distance, you will have to MAKE IT RIGHT, or, God will have to ATONE FOR YOU. IF that He does, then you are indebted to God, who in turn will settle the score with you whatever way He sees to be the most suitable at the time FOR THE LESSON TO BE ASSIMILATED.

The same TRUTH carries over into that sector of eternity, when every spirit - child of the Father stands before "the Great White Throne and when "the books are opened." Then with what judgment you have judged YOU SHALL BE JUDGED! "What would you have?

The spirit of love and generosity? Or thatof inexorable justice Or that of RESTORE ME FOURFOLD? Christ said we can NOW AND H E R E mo1d the very spirit of God which shall in that great Day of Judgment decree our lot I

And THAT is no exaggeration. Step up your vision into the next "frequency" and you will behold how THAT is but a portion of the selfsame LAW - of BALANCE! If we DO wrong or evil and God balances the matter for us; so similarly; IF in spirit we POUR FORTH GOOD, so in return God MUST RESTORE THE BALANCE - IN KIND!

It might seem like going too far - almost, to think that we can now determine and CHANNEL the Judgment of God. Yet Christ said we could! And THAT is but a correct STATEMENT OF IMMUTABLE LAW

I have dwelt on LAW and its inexorable trigger-balance which snaps into action at the slightest touch by every cause. And I do believe that as yet man at large is so dense and coarse that he can be reached most readily thru AN UNDERSTANDING OF LAW. Yet the LAW OF LOVE is by far the greater. To THAT end was CALVARY wrought by God. THAT LOVE MIGHT LIVE WITHIN THE HUMAN SOUL l

Change Your Life

LOVE IS OF GOD, IT IS A PORTION OF HIS BEING; it is THAT WHICH brought about creation itself! And IF of sufficient potency to account for all of creation, then assuredly great enough TO MAKE YOUR LIFE GLORIOUSLY RADIANT WHEN ONCE YOU TAP IT TO ITS FULL.

However, 'LOVE' is not our subject this time. Yet it has MANY FACETS. A few of these are. KINDNESS, Sympathy, Compassion, Patience, Tolerance, Honesty and TRUTH. Yes, ALL OF THESE - and others - are but expressions of LOVE.

Here, in our dwelling on the Golden Rule, perhaps its closest keyword is 'KINDNESS.' Many are too dense to grasp much of LOVE, yet most of Christendom know something about KINDNESS. And even though many are as yet too selfish and blind to practice the Golden Rule thru an outwelling kindness. NEVERTHELESS, IT TOUCHES ON THE HIGHER LAW: THE VERY URGE BEHIND CREATION. DOING GOOD - for righteousness' sake may as yet be far above the common level of humanities soul, but THAT is the standard to which He has sworn to conform us! It is the IMAGE which at long last we must fully reflect; it is the TRUTH which we must learn to express.

Can you look to the hungry and feel GOOD? to the cold and feel HAPPY ? to the grieving and REJOICE? Is there not a spirit bond uniting one and all which tugs at the heart strings to give of self a portion that another may rejoice? And is there not a blissful happiness aroused within as JOY to another soul we bring?

THAT is the Spirit of our Father, uniting one and all; and by which spirit we shall again come into His presence.

THIS facet of love shimmering in the light and beauty of KINDNESS' face, is that which can transform the life of the individual, and bring salvation to a suiciding civilization. The smile of Kindness can LIGHT UP a dismal life, and lift a heart with sadness bent. The hand of Kindness feeds a hungry mouth and shelter gives the cold and worn. Kindness is a friend in need: an ANGEL'S FORM to silhouette in memory when vision has grown dim thru years. Kindness is a magic touch to fire deep within the dying embers of hope forlorn; to rouse again the zest to LIVE and LOVE on verdant carpetries of sunlet dreams. Yes, Kindness is that mystic muse with lilting song and waving wand, which lifts the wearied soul to rhapsodies over life's enchanted ways! Behold its magic and drink its joy, that the Father's face may beam on you, Yes, walk with its wand and talk to its sprite until its sorcery has wrought afresh - a new tapestry of life abloom with happiness.

SEE not thru eyes of SELF where all is ME AND MINE, but view the cosmic galaxy of LIFE for which a Father bled and died that others - all - might hear His voice and kindly lift a stranger by the way. THIS is the Master's healing touch which even we today, can lay upon the maimed and blind, groaning, groping by the way.

HEAR, then, His parabolic voicing of the Law POWERED from on high - into the deep, that children of His Love should come to know that AS WE SOW SO SHALL WE REAP!

Behold the Father's face!

* * * * * * *

Soon the world is to "reap" the fruit of its hatred selfishness and greed. BITTER will its harvest be...

"World War III" will it be named. And the prophet of God said that the "sword would b e doubled the 3rd time." That means at least twice as killing and horrible as '39- '45. Unless Christ personally intervenes to stop it, "no flesh would be saved' - said He.

We know He will: His word is good.

But what of you? Is your 'shelter' secure ?

Our time is short.

We are helping many; and need the help of a great many others.

By "MD"

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