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Dad's Day Off --- Non-Orthodox, Biblical Christian Truth.

"You don't have to be a genius to understand these things,
just use your common sense!!"
Luke 12:57 The Message

Fallacious Dogmas

1 : embodying a fallacy
2 : tending to deceive or mislead : DELUSIVE

1 a : something held as an established opinion; especially : a definite authoritative tenet
b : a point of view or tenet put forth as authoritative without adequate grounds

Presumably you were of multitudes taught to believe that because of "Adam's sin" YOU must expect to suffer much in this life: to be "kicked from pillar to post" in an unending round of misfortune; to know little of happiness (unless you are "lucky"); to bear up under sickness and pain until finally you "give up the ghost" and the disease filled body is permanently put out of sight...

"According to your faith be it unto you." Thus spoke the Christ! and thus has it fulfilled in Christendom...

HEAR the Lord's lament as He prophesied: "...night comes, when no one can work" (John 9:4-5)! His 'light' made it 'day' while He remained with them. But He foresaw that at His departure, 'night' would close in upon them - when none could see to work. The "Dark Ages" did set in, and their baleful works of darkness left their curse unto Christendom - even as He foretold in:

While men SLEPT, his enemy came and sowed tares..." Mat 13:25

The tare-seed appears like real wheat until ripe. When eaten it leads to sickness, convulsions and eventual death. He predicted that the tares should grow "until the harvest" (Mat 13:30

Therefore the 'counterfeit' dogma on which Christendom has been nourished down through the centuries, taught from the pulpit in both camps. We have seen two masssive 'convulsions' in our day: while now the nations of Christendom prepare for international suicide.

All because the true teachings of Christ were supplanted by the tare-seed!

Hear again His great lament as He forecast the tragic situation on His return to earth:

Nevertheless when the Son of man returns, shall He find THE faith on the earth? Luke 18:8

The rendering above is correct according to the eight oldest Greek manuscripts in existence. Observe the definite article ("the") preceding faith. That is, He questioned as to where He might go and search to find "THE faith" (He had delivered to His chosen).

Why was that "THE" dropped out by the translators? It calls for no Solomon to answer that! Had it been left in, it would have "let the cat out of the bag"! Every thinking person would have known that the pure Truth is no longer available (through the sources where commonly sought).

You "Christian believers", let me ask you a question in logic: IF the full and true faith as Jesus taught to His , is common knowledge today (in one or more of the great churches), they WHY is He going to return (to earth)???

HE forecast He would go "into a far country to receive for Himself a kingdom, and to return." Since that "far country" is not on earth, then is His Kingdom not an earthly one - so WHY come back to earth???

When you leave your son and daughter with specific instructions to carry on and go forward as you embark on tremendously important business, WHY would you suddenly return? Simply because in one way or another, you had learned that they had utterly failed: that through the wiles of an enemy they had been 'taken in' and messed up everything; that unless you personally returned in time, all labors of the past would be lost as well as the future destiny of those you loved. THAT is what would cause you to streak back at top speed.

THAT is why the Christ must return from that 'distant land' - lest all be lost.

He must personally come to take absolute charge for a while; REintroducing the glorious and 'Happy Tidings' He brought in the long ago: the Kingdom is NOW and HERE (even "within you")! Only through the tremendous power He will wield will He then be accepted and believed (Ps 110:3); and through the manifest result-getting power of those who are in possession of the "Keys to the Kingdom"; putting them to use here and now (John 14:12)

"WE have the true faith" - is but the wishful thinking of the simple, and the twaddle of fools! ABUNDANTLY clear did He make it that man would accept the false - but an imitation.

On that 'imitation' would the enemy establish his kingdom, subverting the entirety of man.

Can you look out upon human society of today, and still fail to observe the appalling facts of that very sad and catastrophic situation?

Christ came that we "might have life, and... have it MORE (SUPER) ABUNDANTLY"!

What kind is yours?

From pillar to post"? Stoically trying to bear up? Enduring? Suffering? Struggling (beyond your capacity)? Questioning? Wondering? Maybe wishing you were dead - all because an enemy sowed the counterfeit seed, and you have fed thereon! You have eaten the death-dealing doctrines: you are paying the price (which He forecast)!

If YOU are a "Christian" you might reply to the above: "Christ came not to glorify the earth-man, but to 'save his soul'."

IF that the Christ came to do, then WHY didn't He ever talk about that? THAT cannot be found in the gospels! NEVER did He preach on "saving the soul for heaven". In but a few instances is "soul" mentioned; but the renderings are not correct: they are not in agreement with the old Greek manuscripts: in them we find no support for the pulpit dogmas in any church of today! (You are challenged to prove it otherwise).

WHAT was the work of Jesus? Preaching? But very little! There is the 'Sermon on the Mount'. In it there isn't even a hint at "saving the soul for heaven"! The "Kingdom of heaven" and its entering is mentioned in Matthew 5:19-20 and 7:21, but of WHAT did He speak? It takes no scholar to see that the gospel writers used the "Kingdom of God" and the "Kingdom of the Heavens" interchangeability. Compare:
Matthew 5:3 vs Luke 6:20
Matthew 8:11 vs Luke 13:28-29
Matthew 11:11 vs Luke 16:16
Matthew 13:24 vs Mark 4:26
Matthew 13:31 vs Mark 4:30-31
Matthew 13:33 vs Luke 13:20-21

There are others, but these mentioned suffice. Did He not repeatedly declare that the "Kingdom of God" had come nigh unto them? He spoke of an earth condition for man - here on earth. To postulate that Christ left heaven to take the gruesome tortures which fiendish man could invent, in order to "save man's soul for heaven" - but that NEVER throughout His entire ministry did He spend as much as thrifty consecutive seconds to tell people about it - becomes but the mutterings of the lamentably simple! Or perchance, the inventions by a caste with an ax to grind...

Jesus went about dealing with the problems of earthmen (as He found them then and there)! The sick in body He healed; the blind He gave sight; to the deaf He gave hearing, and tied tongues He loosed. The sorrowing He comforted; the obsessed He freed and dead bodies He restored to life. When people were hungry He filled their stomachs, and when a tempest threatened the life of His disciples, He calmed the sea!

In every instance He dealt with EARTHman and wrought for man's HERE and NOW.

Where Christ is, THERE is His Kingdom! He left Heaven to come to earth: THEN and there was His Kingdom (which He also proclaimed). Again He returns to earth: HERE will be His Kingdom (for EARTHman).

God's redemptive work was for the ENTIRE being of man. Is not ALL which man is the "handiwork of God"? IF then, a redemption had to be wrought: of necessity it had to be for the complete being of man.

THAT is earthman HERE and NOW!

An EARTH-kingdom was opened for His people through Moses-Joshua. But unto all the glory promised they did not attain. Dealing with this sad fact, Jesus excoriated the scribes, pharisees and 'lawyers' of His day, saying:

"Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering." Luke 11:52

In this saying, "you did not enter in yourselves," He did of necessity imply a 'kingdom' estate for the individual here and now.

Or could you be so simple to believe the eternal future for man's 'soul' was entrusted to one weak and somewhat simple MORTAL? And where the claimants to his succession now spend wearying months debating what dogmas to hatch and which to boot out? How utterly preposterous! Yet preposterous is man's gullibility!

Any eternal future for "man's SOUL" must remain within the power of the Creator to determine. Any "keys" given to mortal man must be keys to an EARTH-kingdom for mortal man.

Only simple fools would deny that...

Man is God's masterpiece of creation: God wants to see him achieve the utmost glories, and attain that perfection of mind and body which - of necessity - was part and parcel of God's original creation when He "made man in His own image, and after His own image, and after His own likeness" created He him.

Therefore said the Christ(unto exiled man):

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Mat 5:48

THAT is man's destiny (I am not speaking about some 'soul' - with wings, heaven bound).

It is man's birthright to choose his own lot. THAT can be the Kingdom of God for his here and now!

Man gets filled with trouble, sorrow, sickness, and death takes him under. Man is expected to learn - but oh, how stupid!

HEALTH he hopes to gain (or retain) from medicine bottles (though not approved by God). The fullness of health must come from within. And that "within" is expected to understand how the outer man should eat and live.

Man tries to invert the "Kingdom" through the means of "war on poverty" and other "great society" brain storms. Yet the Kingdom's fullness and joy must come from WITHIN.

Man goes into orbit about the earth; sending 'explorers' to Moon, Mars and elsewhere (and also hopes to send himself), to explore "outer space." But about the infinity of 'space' within, he is still as dumb as a 'debrained baboon'.

Medical science experiments in tapping the human brain; yet that is not the "infinity WITHIN" of which I speak. Even such experiments has God condemned.

There is an awesome UNIverse within man; the SPIRIT within man is the KING of that UNIverse; but unfortunately, his sphere has fallen into anarchy through a minus "I.Q." That is why we see sickness and sorrow; insanity and crime, and a thousand evils as the lot of man; for, the teachings of Lucifer were accepted.

"The prince of this world comes, and has nothing in Me." John 14:30

THAT was the Lord's awesome prediction, that the 'prince' to follow him - which His people and the world would accept, would 'not have a thing in Him'!

Have you stopped to assess the tragic import of those words? Lucifer could not blot out the historical Jesus; neither could he do away with Christ's atoning work on Calvary. But Lucifer was/is no dummy: he is the mighty "PRINCE of this world": the very name means "bringer of light." Therefore his super-intelligence went to work to falsify the TRUTH-teachings of Christ. He placed his stooges in strategic places to teach and to "interpret" the word of God, which our Lord clearly forbade through Peter (2 Pet 1:20). And in the written text were certain words dropped out (and possibly much more - for all we know). As for instance the article word "the" preceding "faith" ("shall He find THE faith on earth" on His return?).

And the consequence? See how the ancient artists portrayed Jesus as an undersized, effeminate weakling. Thus to subtly instill in human consciousness the virtue and holiness of being a nonentity: meekly taking whatever devil in human flesh might impose: never to question; never to stand on one's own feet, not to think for oneself. This paved the way for an apostate priesthood to lord it over the ignorant masses: holding them in spiritual serfdom through abject terror of a roaring inferno to torment their "soul" throughout an unending eternity - unless they were obedient to the priesthood: the dumb people constituting that 'goose' to perpetually "lay the golden eggs"!

For their priesthood - they averred - had received the "keys to the Kingdom of Heaven" - that they might open the pearly portal for whomsoever they would ("loose on earth"), and to shut it permanently ("bind on earth") against whomsoever they would.

Indeed our Lord delivered the "Keys" unto His chosen (but not to Peter exclusively). WHAT were those "KEYS"?

by "MD"

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