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Dad's Day Off --- Non-Orthodox, Biblical Christian Truth.

"You don't have to be a genius to understand these things,
just use your common sense!!"
Luke 12:57 The Message

The Four Riders

To the individual in a hurry;to a world that is rushing;

to the masses bewildered,yet seeking tangible truth,

and its evidence of the thingswe cannot see nor hear nor feel

this work is reverently dedicated. ----- MD, 1953



God has spoken to this generation in a language which we can understand, but the generations gone before us could not understand God's message (for us) because the horizon of their knowledge was too limited.

Therefore have our teachers postulated many foolish concepts of God's end-time plan, for, to them the words were sealed.

And out of that night and its slumber have been handed down (for us) fantastic ideas of God, literally turning water into blood, and causing strange and various plagues to befall man (Divinely brought about).

Hence have so many - who think - been inclined to skepticism. But now the dawn is breaking. Light is diffusing: now is the language of God an open book unto this generation, that even "he who runs may read."

To that end has this and other articles been written, that the ultra-modern language of God may impinge - lastingly - upon the soul of this generation.

- The Author.


  • Revelation Prophecies
  • Four Seals
  • The Second Beast and the Second Seal
  • A Great Sword
  • The Third Beast and the Third Seal
  • The Fourth Beast and the Fourth Seal
  • Few - if any - of the Bible prophecies have been dealt with so extensively as has the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. If mere words and beautiful books constitute the all-sufficient treatment of a subject, then assuredly this Article is superfluous. ... Yet the hour is at hand, even late, that something much more than mere volumes of words should be made available, for as yet the human mind is held in darkness by half-truth doctrines conceived in the lurid light of man's night in spiritual waywardness. Although so-called "new books" can be found on the subject, they are mostly - if not all - rehashing of time-worn ideas out of the stygian night. Perhaps, then, as we look afresh at the record of history, and with a prayer for understanding in our heart, we shall glimpse treasures new that our soul may rejoice, and take fresh courage to victoriously walk the last steps of our earth's war-seared mile.

    There are two well entrenched concepts concerning the Apocalypse prophecies. Since both are considerably in error, their brief mentioning will here be in place... The first and most misleading is that the Revelation prophecies give but a vision of the struggle between Christianity and the forces of paganism and Judaism: that thus its 'prophecies' have been fulfilled.... The second mishandling lies in the more modern belief that these visions refer mostly to a period of Great Tribulation after His Church has been taken out of the world. And, say they, since His Church is still on earth, manifestly "the Tribulation" is not commenced, and is therefore, entirely future.

    The great and consistent error throughout this closing night of darkness has been man's persistence in "limiting the Holy One of Israel." Doubtful is it that anyone previously, and outside of the writer has proclaimed and demonstrated that there is a "great central pattern" unto which everything must be conformed! Therefore are there fragments and portions of Truth, and many varying interpretations. Indeed, considerable portions of Truth are to be found in the concept of the historical, or continuous fulfilment of these prophecies. But only a portion of the Truth. The other, and even greater portion, is the fact that He has conformed everything unto The Pattern. Therefore must there be many phases of fulfilment to these Spirit-inbreathed Revelations, some of which are past, while others are yet to come.

    As to the more modern error that He shall first take His Church out of the world, we need but turn back the pages of His record to see what He did and how He dealt with the great antetype of His Church. For, "God changes not." His ideas have not been modified; about Him has been no modern school of psychiatrists to persuade Him to adopt different tactics in the dealing with His children! The end was fully foreseen, and its details were mapped before the commencement of Creation. And throughout, the Master-Pattern was adhered to. Therefore, as He has revealed to us the details unto the very end by means of a vast picture, we have but to look unto such 'types' to positively know His method and general plan.

    Briefly, then, we scan the ways of Israel in Egypt. and as they were led out under the hand of Moses. For, ancient Israel in Egypt was but a type of the New Covenant Israel (Christendom) in this world of corruption and sin; whose cry of distress God hears, and raises up a Mighty Deliverer for their emancipation.

    Was Israel of old delivered out of Egypt before any troubles befell them? Hardly! First we read how there arose a Pharaoh who "knew not Joseph," (demoting Joseph, recognizing not his authority), and laid upon Israel grievous burdens. So great was their distress that the anguish of their national cry arose before God.

    Here some will say: but that is a picture of the weight of sin upon the unconverted before he finds deliverance through Jesus Christ.

    True! But the pattern is not changed! For, His Church which is yearning for deliverance from the world is but the greater replica of the individual sinner yearning for deliverance from the taskmaster of Satan. Therefore must God again conform unto the pattern for His Church. Thus, the entire course of His Church is one of distress and tribulation under the Overlord of Darkness who 'knows not Joseph': the Devil who refuses to recognize our Jehovah Savior (Jesus our Salvation).

    Therefore we see that His Church is under the constant onslaught of the Powers of Darkness - as was Israel unto the days of Moses. Then was tribulation increased through Moses' ministry while Israel was still in Egypt. Yet after the three first plagues God severed between Goshen and Egypt so that the last 7 plagues fell only upon the Egyptians. Again, while Israel was in the wilderness, plagues fell hard and fast upon them unto the end that nearly all perished before the final entrance was effected to the Holy Land. Thus in both the panoramic vistas portraying His Church, we find that they were subject to plagues and great tribulation. That is God's answer to the wishful thinkers who proclaim that an indulgent God shall coddle them instead of correcting them! True, God did draw a line of demarcation between Israel and the Egyptians, but first they endured three plagues. Thus must it also be unto His end-time Church. Yet those details are not for this particular study, but only to show that we have no right to look for a full deliverance before all troubles begin. For, according to The Pattern which then He wrot, so shall He also work now - even unto three great wars.


    As we read carefully the 4th, 5th and 6th chapters of Revelation, we find that John was commanded to "Come up hither", and immediately he found himself in the vicinity of the glorious throne.... Aside from the account of the Beasts and Elders and their worship before God, we find the detailing of a "book", or a Roll which was "written within and on the back side" and "sealed with seven seals."

    This fact is also mentioned in order that the student of Truth should not be kept in darkness through the false interpretation that the 'seals' of Revelation's 6th chapter will not be broken until the time that His Church has been taken out and up. For, lulled to sleep by that pernicious lie, many shall be found napping when they should be found praying. While still others, looking only for milk and honey, shall find themselves in anguished jeopardy as the mounting waves threaten to engulf....

    First, let us take full stock of the fact that this 'book' was no book as we of this age think of a book. For, God speaks always to a people in that language which they can understand. Had John been shown a book such as we know it, he would not have understood what he beheld. But this 'book' was a scroll rolled up, written on both sides of the sheet. Thus, when rolled up it had writing both on the inside and on the outside, or its "back." The scroll was also tied about with 7 separate sealing bands.

    We may safely assume that these sealing bands were broad enough to hide the greater portion of the outside surface, for, 5:3 tells us that no one in Heaven or on earth was able to 'look thereon.' Yet all were looking at it, including John! Manifestly then, the words of 5:3 do not refer to the gazing upon the scroll as a unit but, rather, not able to look upon and discern that which was written there. For, inside it could not be seen, while outside the sealing-bands hid from view that which was written.

    With this proper perspective in mind, we realize that as soon as the first band (seal) was severed, certain portions of the writings on the back were laid open to view. Therefore is it recorded that as seal by seal was broken, things were said (or read), and immediately John saw in vision the actual things which those words conveyed. We should also bear in mind that as the first 6 seals were broken, the scroll still remained in its rolled up form. In other words, nothing but its back, its outside or external factors could be discerned. Not until the 7th seal was broken could the scroll be opened, revealing its inner contents. Yet there would be portions obscured by the 7th band as well as certain outside portions not discernible until the scroll was unrolled. The evident analysis of this shows clearly that the first six seals deal with outer or worldly conditions previous to the 7th seal (the seal of the Church) being broken. And that in the breaking of the 7th, matters pertaining to His Church are contacted, to the end that its inner secrets shall be revealed, although much of the outer or worldly (back side) remains to be manifested after the 7th seal is broken, due to the rolled form of the scroll.

    Although we shall not here study more than the first four seals, it may be of interest to observe that no one could open the seals except "the Lion of the tribe of Judah".... Man may plan, and labor to execute his plans; men may have conferences and secret sessions, and Governments may gear their people for this or that yet His word declares that it is none but the Lamb of God enthroned in the Glory who, is empowered to open - that any of these things may come to pass! We may stand aghast at the A and H- bomb; we may cover our mouths in consternation at the stock-piling of the munitions of war which man is feverishly doing, yet it Is The Lamb upon The Throne Transcendent "who has opened" that these conditions of horror may come to pass! Shall we then quail and panic? Shall we then rave about the madness of the nations' rulers and make it our task to convert them to the sanity of normal and peaceful pursuits? On the surface such an ambition appears laudable, yet when we look behind the scenes we know that the One upon the Throne has decreed an era of judgment, neither shall the puny might of mortal man swerve the course of world judgment one iota off that predetermined....


    Here let us look thoughtfully to the first eight verses of Revelation 6 bespeaking the first 4 seals as they are broken.

    "and I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying: come and see." Rev. 6:1

    John the revelator did not "hear thunder", but "as it were" the noise of thunder.... What is like unto thunder? - if it be not the rushing of the nations as they leap into the action of modern warfare? Motorized cars, trucks and trains carry soldiers; monstrous tanks speed into the fray with heavy guns spewing lethal fire; overhead the bombers and fighters roar in such volume that man can scarcely hear himself shout; jet planes split the air in pursuit as the lightning; loads of TNT drop: great structures collapse, while miles away the window-panes shatter with the concussion!.... Nineteen centuries ago, John in the Spirit was given to hear these things. What better choice of words could he have made than to say that it was "as it were the noise of thunder"?

    Then said the First Beast: "come and see."

    Are we told that John went anywhere to behold something? NO! In spirit he was already in the proximity of The Throne: no travel was needed for him to see. And this is further supported by the other beasts using the same command; yet had he gone any where when the first beast spoke, he should first have been recalled to the presence of the other three beasts in order to see and hear the balance of the mighty drama enacted in the presence of The Ineffable Light. Yet four times was he told: come and see.... Manifestly then, the injunction to 'come' was not unto John in spirit, but unto us in the flesh! 'It is we who must travel in order to see and to hear that which the first four seals bring into action. In other words, that which takes place is confined to a specific geographical area! It may be Great Britain, Germany, Russia or some other place. Therefore is it necessary for us to "come", or to go to the area affected in order to behold that which takes place....

    Verse 2: "And I saw, and behold a white horse and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him; and he went forth conquering and to conquer."

    Quite commonly has it been claimed that he who sat upon the white horse was none but Jesus Christ! Yet that is sheer folly more babble from those who sleep in the night! Did not the Christ say: is a candle lit to be placed under a bed, or covered by a bushel? Did He not say that while He was in the world, He was the light of the world? And is it not written that in the New Jerusalem, no sun or moon shall be needed because He shall be the light thereof?

    Now it is evident that the four riders were cloaked figures, otherwise some description should have been given us. For, the rider is more important than the horse! Therefore we know the utter impossibility of the Christ to be a cloaked figure upon the first horse. We might as well try to close a shutter over the sun as to drape the Glory Magnificent! It can't be done! Neither would it be in harmony with the Lord's own words just quoted. For, if a candle is not to be hidden, how much more shall not His light be always manifest? What twaddle in the night to declare that the Central Light was cloaked that only the horse could be seen and described!! And finally, could John the beloved speak of the white horse, but utterly ignore the glory of its rider if so be that the rider was the King of kings? How utterly ridiculous! What stupid parroting in the depths of slumber!

    Are we adults? Have we a portion of intelligence?.... Very well then let us use that intelligence in the maturity of discernment, that we may enter into understanding, and, incidentally, bring praise unto the name of Him who has known and also revealed the end from the beginning.

    In each instance of the first four seals, a rider went forth and his horse is described. As we delve more deeply into His Word, we find that the horse is associated with war. Therefore, as in times of old, the horse was the great power and speed in warfare. So does his life and power betoken the "spirit of war".... He is the carrying and driving power in war; he stands for the militant spirit. We should also observe that with the breaking of the first four seals, the four different beasts spoke in their turn. Although we shall not here enter into a study of the four beasts nor why those beasts were in heaven, yet we cannot escape the associated thought of that which is beastial.... And, when we consider that the horse is emblematic of war's Spirit, and the roar as it were the noise of thunder - linking it with modern warfare - it becomes quite harmonious to associate therewith the bestiality of the animals seen by the Revelator.

    Come now that we may learn of His Spirit; unbend that shackles may be broken: that the eye of spirit may discern, and your heart receive the "message in truth" as delivered under the hues of the rainbow Glory.

    First the Lion spoke: come and see! And the cloaked figure riding forth sat upon a white horse. Here is much symbology in a few words. Number one of the beasts first spoke. One is the number of Life. And the lion the acknowledged king of the beasts. White was the horse in the spirit of battle. No disputing the white, all recognizing its significance of cleanness and purity.

    What then is the king of all bestial wars that by comparison can make out of one war that which is pure and noble, as well as that which is founded in the Life of the number One?.... Man has fought since recorded time, and the cause of his warring has usually been founded in the grossest of selfishness: envy, hatred and the desire for power, or to rule over someone else. But when man is fully persuaded that the Great God has revealed Himself to the nation, and that people wage war for the sole purpose of bringing the knowledge and rule of God unto an ungodly people: that becomes the voice of the "lion" unto the white horse rider, founded in the '1' of Life. Even though the ruling voice of such a people were to have an ulterior motive in the war, the masses going forth in the spirit of their God, are still carried by the White horse! Even though the armed forces had swallowed propaganda, the basic concept is that of '1', or Life (Spirit-life) that becomes the Church Militant....

    From the perspective of an overall picture, that can be said to apply to the early Christian Church after it had its first affair with the Roman State. (Here the writer will neither uphold nor condemn the various military exploits, and the war-spirit's conduct of the early Church, but merely to set forth the perfect agreement between the vision's symbology and that which did transpire.)

    The rider had a bow, and a crown was given unto him as he went forth conquering and to conquer.

    In the days of the bow and arrow, the bow was the "spring", or "power" unto a more distant objective. Yet the bent bow is also the sector of a circle! The circle is Life: the unmanifest life!

    All these factors of symbology link beautifully with the spirit of the so-called "holy wars." For, the unmanifest Life of God within lent them power (the bow) to die - if needs be - for the glory of the more distant objective in the Christian crusades.

    The rider received a crown. One victory was granted him! How we interpret this is not too important. We might say it was the crown of the Holy Roman Empire, or we may say that it symbolically depicts the spiritual success of the bloody wars - Loath as we may be today to admit that any good came from the rivers of human blood shed in the name of Christ, yet it lies not within the scope of the finite mind to see and detail precisely what the world situation would have been today had those wars never been fought. It is a simple matter to castigate generations long dead, and to use big words in judgment and condemnation of that which our narrow scope of vision cannot fully and properly assess; nevertheless countless millions today enjoy a rich heritage which might not have been ours had no human blood been spilled.... We know well that it is not the pleasurable will of God that the church should seek its progress by means of the sword, yet we know equally as well that a world steeped in sin is not the pleasure of His will. Nevertheless He permitted sin to enter the world - and shall ultimately turn it to His glory. Likewise with the errors of the Church! Not only did the rider go forth conquering, but also "to conquer." Unquestionably, that was the objective of the Roman Church to place the entire world within the sphere of its ecclesiastical rule. But in those words of the prophet "conquering and to conquer" we have the clearest of implication that the more ultimate objective would not be realized! And therein may we confidently abide, calmly rejecting the hysteria and hate propaganda of those who would infuse us with frenzy against the Roman Catholic Church. For, regardless of what their motives may be, or the technique employed, the Word of God declares that it is not to be. And His word is sure!....

    So much for the more distant past. Yet God conforms all things into the Central Pattern. Therefore may we look again, knowing that God changes not.

    In the wake of the First World War, a Sawdust Caesar arose, imbued with a colossal ego. And he roared like a lion. No doubt he thought the whole world was his for the picking! And he secured a workable understanding with the Vatican. Then in the fall of 1935, Mussolini sent his armed forces into primitive Ethiopia. And the Roman Catholic Church sanctioned this unprovoked carnage under the cloak of planting the Cross of Christ when cannons had cleared the ground!

    We may approve or disapprove, according to our basic bias, but the fact remains that up to date, it was the one and only war-rider who went forth with the noise "as it were of thunder", who could be said to be carried by a white horse - founded in the intrinsic value of the number '1'. Neither can we help but to observe how remarkably the balance of the prophetic symbology was fulfilled in that the King of Italy was made "Emperor of Ethiopia" ("and a crown was given unto him").... The roar of the hungry lion continued, and shortly he went forth "to conquer." But the Word of God stands sure! For, it was only to conquer! And today we all know the ignoble end he met - Even though some say he shall rise again out of the tomb, and though some say he is risen, yet his maniacal voice is stilled and the Word of God was fulfilled- that you and I might know our Lord has declared the end from the beginning, and is even now preparing for the consummation. For, we cannot escape the conclusion that as we heard the voice: "Come and see", and we went to see the specified and precision end-time fulfilment of the first Seal's contents, that we are now also in the era of the other seals being broken.

    "And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say: Come and see.. And there went out another horse that was red; and power was given unto him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth; and that they should kill one another; and there was given unto him a great sword...." Rev 6:3-4.

    In this vision-prophecy, the outstanding symbology is veiled in the number 2, and that of the bull, or "a calf" - The horse is red; while the rider takes peace from the earth - and he receives a great sword.

    The Second Beast and the Second Seal!

    "And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say: Come and see.. And there went out another horse that was red; and power was given unto him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth; and that they should kill one another; and there was given unto him a great sword...." Rev 6:3-4.

    In this vision-prophecy, the outstanding symbology is veiled in the number 2, and that of the bull, or "a calf" - The horse is red; while the rider takes peace from the earth - and he receives a great sword.

    This rider goes forth in the power of the number 2. Those familiar with "Number Symbolism" by the writer, know how 2 is the number of division and separation; of screening, and with the ultimate objective of reunity.

    With this thought in mind we may run our eye back through the Christian era and observe how quickly dissention arose within the early Church.... This developed into the "great schism" and the eventual splitting of the Church into its Eastern and Western division - today known as the Greek and the Roman. As students of the Great Pyramid, and of the Tabernacle series know, all progress is from East to West. And so has also been the ever-progressing crest of civilization's zenith leadership. Hence it was imperative that the eastern half of the Catholic Church submerge ever more and more into oblivion, yielding its portion to a new, spiritually infused member coming under the law of the "replacement" prophecy through Esau-Jacob. This has been witnessed in the rise of the spiritually virile Protestant organism since the 16th century.

    But coming back to the number 2, we see the vast scope of its force through ever-increasing division of the people - even in the name of God our Savior! Although that is not the ideal, neither the perfect will of God, yet we know that He shall bring about reunity.

    Did not Christ say: "I came not to bring peace, but a sword"? (Mtt 10:34). Although division, strife and war flourished before the Christian era, we cannot help but perceive how intensely and extensively division and strife was stepped up following the advent of Christianity.... Does God want unrest and strife to rule the earth? Hardly! Yet evil cannot abide in the presence of good! Hence strife is engendered, leading to division. As wheat separates from the chaff, so must good be segregated from evil. Then the latter intensifies until it becomes like unto a purging fire for the elements of good, to the end that good may develop and multiply in profusion.

    And today we behold the vision repeating itself in the political ideologies of the nations. For, surely the second beast has roared its fury, that division might enter every nation and family where unity is not an established fact.... Lurid and long has been the era of its spawning, while grimly now approaches the dread harvest....

    All readers are aware how we have in our midst a great nation whose banner is "red" and its avowed objective: "World Revolution" (division)!

    The sword is the symbol of division; it is the emblem of Strife rather than that of war. Of course, division, and fomented strife usually lead to blood-shed, which, between nations we call war. Therein then we see the absolute symbology fulfilled in the basic doctrine of Communism: not war as an objective in itself, but infiltration and division - fomenting unrest which leads to strife, and ultimately, war between the nations in order that all may become "one" in that Godless concept of an oceanic philosophy.

    "And power was given him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth: and that they should kill one another."

    Could anyone not indoctrinated with hell's effervescence fail to realize how tragically this prophecy has already been fulfilled? The voice of the Living God has declared it that "they should take peace from the earth"! Yet stupid, gullible man labors and expends himself, hoping to maintain peace with the very offscouring from the Pit, when His Holy Word declares boldly that he (the Red rider) shall succeed in fully eliminating peace from the earth! "And that they should kill one another" - that becomes prophetically a declaration of war!

    We have seen how the regal nobility attributed to the Lion, symbolized through the "first" beast (Rev 4:7), has seen its fulfilment through the noble, self-sacrifice by people in the cause of the spiritual ideal. But what of the second beast which was like unto a calf?

    In the ancient eras, and even unto more modern times, the bull was the animal of prodigious strength to bear the brunt of man's labor. And after the beast had toiled his span of time, his flesh could be eaten and its hide utilized. Thus, in the eras of darkness he was worshipped (because of his strength and value). Even in the days of Moses and Aaron, a golden calf was brought forth for an idolatrous people. Even so today, though the times have changed and man is too intelligent to kneel before a "golden" calf, yet in spirit he worships the symbolic bull!... But why did Aaron plate that calf with gold? Because of that metal being so precious? Partly! Yet as we look further back we find that the amount of cattle represented a man's wealth. Yes, even to its celestial counterpart in the starry heaven, the constellation of the Bull - in the lore - is associated with "money"!

    With all these factors in mind we look once more at Soviet Russia. Is she not the greatest "agrarian" nation on the face of the earth? And is not her subversive philosophy founded in money? Think, and think hard: can one iota of faulty symbology be shown in this majestic vision-prophecy beheld under the rainbow tints? Yet that is not all!

    It has already been shown how the first rider's going forth was fulfilled for the end-time in Mussolini's massacre of Ethiopia. And, since this is the "End-time", we should logically look for the 2nd rider going forth. And that too we have seen. Its first subtle manifestation was in Spain, but there the Catholic Church was too strong for his retention of power. Then came his more forthright venture in an unprovoked attack on defenceless Finland. The 2nd seal was then fully broken!


    "And a great sword was given unto him." Symbolically, this portrays the vast scope and far-reaching power of their subversive philosophy. But that we have already been told in that the Voice said "he should take peace from the earth", and men should kill one another. Symbolically, the sword is but a repetition of the words; yet not without a purpose! For, in World War II, after the successful defence of Leningrad, the Head of the world's greatest Empire, decreed that a sword should be presented unto Russia for her heroic stand against the attackers! As a result, "A Great Sword", ranking among the costliest ever fashioned for a gift, was furbished and ceremoniously presented to Stalin by Winston Churchill at the Teheran Conferance in November, 1943. No doubt it is the costliest and most magnificent sword ever given by one nation unto another. And all this that the prophecy might be minutely fulfilled, in that a 'great sword' should be given unto him, to the end that we might "know positively who is the red horse rider"! Yet the blinded Christian Democracies stumble on, thinking that they can maintain the peace.... "And power was given unto him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth"....

    But why was the beast like unto a calf instead of a Bull? Compared to nations of great age like the Romans, Russia is but as an immature calf!

    "And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say: come and see. And I beheld and lo, a black horse, and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of bar ley for a penny, and see that thou hurt not the oil and the wine." Rev 6:5-6.

    The Third Beast and the Third Seal!


    "And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say: come and see. And I beheld and lo, a black horse, and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of bar ley for a penny, and see that thou hurt not the oil and the wine." Rev 6:5-6.

    The number 3 links with the spoken or written word; we might say: the word transmitted. Hence it becomes the number of the Priest and the Teacher - whether true or false. But here - as with the three other riders, we have a "cloaked" figure, denoting that which is under cover: that which is not fully in the open. Unto Nicodemus Christ said, that he who is of the Light, comes unto (or into) the Light, that his works might be discerned to have emanated from the Light. Thus, in no instance of the riders can we attribute unto them that which is fully true and upright! Hence, instead of the 3rd rider being the messenger of God in Truth as he ought to be, he becomes a false teacher; the foister of a specious 'ism' upon people through the might of the sword. His banner is black and he bears a balance....

    As we review the pages of history from a general perspective, we find this prophecy supported by the record back through the ages. Perhaps the most outstanding illustration is that of the Islamic faith which set up its temples after the sword had cut a path. And in that as in so many another instance, scarcity and want became the common aftermath. Not only through the destruction wrot by war, but the inspired record states clearly, that the heavens are black and the earth does not yield its increase because of idolatry, false teachings and bloodshed.

    Yet again to pursue the blazed path of the riders in these "end - time" days, we find that simultaneous with the sawdust Caesar and Russia's 'Man of Steel', that an ego-maniac found his tongue like Balaam's ass, and commenced to indoctrinate a people with his "nationalistic" and race-supremacy ideas. No sooner had he begun than he hoisted a 'black" ensign which was to terrorize the world for almost a decade. Not only did he set up a national "balance" to mete out the bare necessitles for his own people that he might give them cannons instead of bread, but after his panzer divisions overran the weaker, then regimentation and "rationing" went into effect that every spare morsel might be wrenched from that nation's economy and channeled into war. lf ever a prophecy saw detailed fulfilment, then surely Hitler and his Nazi legions fulfilled every letter of the 3rd horse Rider!

    We might stop to ponder that the third beast had the face of a man. The other three beasts were bestial throughout, but the third was a beast with a man's face. Momentarily we might wonder why the bestial power behind Hitler was portrayed with a human countenance! Was he more humane than the others? Hardly! Yet the quality of humaneness lies within the heart rather than in the head.... Was he more intelligent? Possibly. But when we view his rantings of racial supremacy, we perceive the human "head" of this Beast above the bestial heads of the other animals. For that was the Nazi doctrine that they were the "head" of all peoples and races, while other nations and races ranked only from inferior and decadent humans, rating downwards to semi-humans, sub humans and animal races! Thus did he indisputably identify himself as the "beast" with a human head!

    "A measure of wheat for a penny." Briefly we shall consider this and then come back to it again at the close of our study. Many of the readers are aware how 'a penny' was the standard day's wage in the Roman era, and thus is prophetic of 'one' day, or any period which 'one' day may prophetically represent. And the word translated 'measure' is a 'choenix', or a scant quart measure, supposed to be sufficient for one day's nourishment. Thus in the symbolic language, one day's wage should only provide sufficient for the day's meagre sustenance! Although we cannot here enter into exhaustive data in an effort to establish wages and cost of food, yet it is generally recognized that under the Nazi occupation, a man's strenuous toil would net but a scant subsistence for the day!

    "And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say: come and see. And I looked and behold a pale horse; and his name that sat on him was death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth." Rev 6:7-8

    The Fourth Beast and the Fourth Seal!

    "And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say: come and see. And I looked and behold a pale horse; and his name that sat on him was death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth." Rev 6:7-8

    The number 4 is that of the earth and its fruitfulness. And the rider is also given power over 1/4th of the earth.

    We cannot help but see how the 4th rider brings to fruition the forces of the other riders as well. For, they kill with the sword, and with hunger and with death and with the beasts of the earth.

    From a general perspective, this rider can be linked with Famine and with Pestilence - through the ghastly palor of the 4th horse. But nowhere, nor at any time can we find the perfect symbology filled to the Nth degree until we look upon the tragic drama in the East under the Imperialistic war-lords of Japan, and in the days of the other three riders.

    On July 7th, 1937, Japanese forces entered Chinese territory in an unprovoked, aggressive war. And the daily reports were but of loss and retreat by the defenders of their homeland....

    The 4th seal was breaking! But by what right can we say that this was Rev 6:7-8? Through revelation? Yes, partly. But so many people today claim 'revelation' as their authority, and many of these give out conflicting 'revelations' and claims which are not entirely in harmony with the overall Revealed Word! Therefore the thinking person becomes very skeptical of such claims. But here is the 'Key'; the answer and the lifting of the dilemma: whosoever has a 'revelation', the matter revealed, or unveiled, must prove itself; it must be subject to irrefutable demonstration "coming into the Light, making manifest that it has been wrot in the light."

    "And power was given unto them over l/4th part of the earth to kill with sword and with hunger and with death and with the beasts of the earth."

    As we study the world atlas we find no geographical division which comprises 1/4th of the earth. But wait! Which is the more important, the land or the people living thereon? You know the answer.... With this thought in mind, let us look again. Running through the population figures as given in the 1938 World Almanac (pop. figures for 1937), we find that the 'old' world population stood at 1,831,000,000. While 1/4th of this amount would be:

    457,750,000. And the same compilers placed China's at 457,835,000. This figure shows an excess discrepancy of 85,000, which is a negligible amount when we consider that no exact figure, or official census was available for China at the time. In other words, a very considerable portion of both the world population as well as that of China was - in part - based on estimates. Although we may justly believe such estimates to be close, nevertheless, when an element of uncertainty enters both sums, then the 85,000 difference as just noted becomes but a minor trifle. In fact, it is only one part over 5,400 (1/5400) of the Chinese population.

    To understand one prophecy it is often essential to have a proper grasp of the over-all strategy of God. Assuredly, to understand prophecy we must be intimately acquainted with the entirety of God's Word.

    In the days of Israel's sojourn in Egypt, and as the time readied that they should be delivered, God severed that portion of land wherein Israel lived, from the rest of Egypt. It was known as Goshen. But "come now, let us reason together" says His Word.... Was that act of God but a fleeting whim for the moment? Or was it part and parcel of The Great Plan: the central pattern? Does God change? Is He tempermental? Or do you know Him well enough to realize that the perfection of detail was worked out to the Nth degree and perfected, ages before the Creative Fiat was uttered? Very well then, you will also know that He conformed unto the pattern, even as He commanded Moses to so do. Hence His severing Goshen from the rest of Egypt was but a part of The Pattern: it is a type of that which should also be thereafter in even a far greater degree. Thus, as Israel in Egypt was a type of the believer in this Egypt of bondage and suffering, so likewise in the latter eras, God severed from the rest of the world (symbolic Egypt), a New Goshen - a New World - wherein lives the New Covenant Israel! This modern Goshen is known as the New World, or the American Continent. And herein we have the true Israel, who are Israel according to Faith, but not necessarily according to the flesh. (See Rom 2:28-29; 9:6-8; Gal 4:22-31)

    Although all of us are not true Christian believers, yet that is in perfect harmony with the situation obtaining within Israel in the days of Goshen. They had backsliders and they had rebels, and so have we! Then again His Word declares: "...lo, the people shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations" (Numb 23:9). As Israel of old was not to be numbered among the Gentile nations, no more can modern Israel - dwelling in the New Goshen - be counted among the nations! Yet this great and staggering Truth is not realized today by those who would be prophets - therefore are their conclusions in tragic error.

    Then coming back to the 4th horse Rider, we see how in 1937, China's teeming millions made up an even one fourth of the world population according to God's standard of reckoning the nations! And the prophecy declares that the 4th horse rider's name was death, and he was given power over the 1/4th allotted him.

    As we look at the record we see that the powers of Death and of Hell (which followed him) went forward, steadily conquering unto the end of 1941, by which time their portion of success had gone to their heads. Then they struck at Pearl Harbor in the hour of their sheer madness, invoking powers against themselves which it wasn't in them to withstand. Then gradually did China find a measure of relief, and final freedom from the invading soldiers in 1945.

    The Rider s name was "death". Symbolically, as death is the end of life, so was Japan's invasion of China the end of the ancient and venerable China known to history. (Stop and re-read that until you grasp its full import). Her era had closed! She is now in transition and shall never be the same again! But what of the prophecy? Was not the invader to be given power over them?... Let us look again.

    "...his (singular) name was death (the 4th horse rider), and Hell followed with him (singular). And power was given unto them (plural) ---." That is, the Death-forces vested in Japan were joined, or followed by another named "hell", (or, the unseen). And for your information, the unseen forces (Hell) which followed Death, were none but the vested powers of the Red Horse Rider: the effervescing scum out of the Pit hurling defiance in the face of the Living God: we call it communism!

    Now is the prophecy clear; now we see the situation in its true light: now we know what the future shall be! Had it not been for the invasion and destruction caused by the Death-rider, the devastation and suffering of Nationalist China would not have been greater than Chiang Kai Shek, could, with the help of Western Powers have stemmed the Red tide. But now it is too late! Death wrot its work and Hell has taken over! We may spend our billions, and undergird Nationalist China, but the Word of God shall stand unmoved unto the very end - when we shall also behold a Communist China! For, the authority granted by God unto Death and Hell was unreserved in that territory and complete! Well might we pray....


    And now for another brief glance at the "measure of wheat for a penny and three measures of barley for a penny---." We have already seen how from the casual perspective, this was fulfilled through rationing; through small wages and the inflated price of food. Yet that is but the husk; within awaits the kernel and its exposing to Light.

    "I Am The Bread Of Life." And the full measure of His ministry was 21 years, as "being about His Father's business." Symbolically, then, as the wheat is the "staff of life", so does that refer to the full Gospel of Christ being measured unto the multitude. While the barley as the early grain, corresponds to a 'firstfruits'. We have therefore, two measures running simultaneously: one is the measure of wheat which must continue unto the end of the present dispensation; while the other measure consists of "three measures of barley". These three measures of the early grain speak to us of three 21-year periods of a preliminary work; - a preparatory work at the conclusion of which the New Age dawns. While the Wheat's full era was 331/2yrs.

    "- - a voice in the midst of the four beasts say: a measure of wheat - -." It may be difficult for us to pin-point that day which would be the true central date in the going forth of the four Riders, yet that may not be essential. But we should have no difficulty in arriving at an approximate date which will yield a near-true prophetic answer.

    First the white-horse Rider took off in late 1935, while the other seals snapped in rapid succession until the fall of 1939 when the Great war opened. The interim was but four years, centering in late 1937, to which we add the era of that "grain of wheat" which "falling into the ground -died." Its Initial period of 12.5 years measured to ear ly 1950; while its final 'measure' of 21 years runs well into 1971. It becomes that full "measure of wheat..." As for the barley measures, they too must commence late in 1937, running 1937 - 1958, 1958 -1979 and 1979 - 2000 AD. Yet the "midst" of the Riders' era is not likely to be intended for a day, but rather a period covering half a year or more. Or, if the Riders' era was to be reckoned up to Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, that would advance its mid-point a full year, running the final Barley - measure into the fall of 2001 A D (which closes this 'eon' according to the Great Pyramid).

    Thus we see it is quite immaterial which epoch we use; the difference of a year or two in the final consummation being of no importance to us now. And furthermore, even thoough we think we can place the mid-point as an epoch, yet the 'midst', or central point-in the sight of God - might vary considerably from our perspective which beholds only the outer course of events.

    As to the wherefore of the three barley measures, readers morefamiliar with the writer's teachings, know that we have an eraof preparation previous to the inauguration of the true goldenKingdom in or about the fall of 2001 A.D.

    Right now we have in progression the teaching and the preparation for a firstfruits unto Christ, which, as "a firstfruits of the harvest" is to be taken out of the world ahead of time! Although the vast bulk of believing Christians ridicule this teaching, it is nevertheless A Truth in God's Plan - His Master - stratagem - which shall bring the Church to its knees ere many more years have passed. That is not merely what the writer 'believes', but a forthright and positive statement of a factual portion of His Plan - soon to force its stark realism upon the Christian church like a staggering blow from God Almighty!

    Secondly, the writer visions a Firstfruits unto Immortality here on earth and in the flesh. That shall see its inception - through teachings in power - almost immediately following the "Firstfruits" unto Christ having taken to a higher realm. Finally for the third measure of a 'firstfruits' nature, The Kingdom must be set up in embryo form in Jerusalem and functioning previous to the Golden Era being introduced by Christ our King as approximating 2001 A.D.

    "Hurt not the oil and the wine." It may be that we would be justified in linking this - materially - with the fact that the vast oil field of Iraq and Iran were not injured by the war, neither was Palestine affected (by actual warfare). Yet in its truer sense it appears to link with a spiritual injunction which raised a hedge about those within the 100-fold (oil), and the 60-fold (wine) categories.

    Once more have we seen the inerrant Word of God stand vindicated by the relentless march of events as The Four specified Riders did go forth "as with the Noise of Thunder. " And now - in these days - are being fulfilled, consummated and completed the drama of the Death-rider, with hell as his secret ally. For the end is as yet not discerned (unseen = hell) by those who know not the Word of God.

    Take stock of this moment for the 'seals' are broken; now is fulfilling His end-time word. Look to the scenes of battle and hear - "as it were" - the thunder's peel.... Look back to the white of the militant church while the black of the swastika swayed. Yes, look to the red of the rivers of blood -

    Let loose by the sword we gave to Christ's foe - look to the palor of fear etched deep by the demons of hell in their siege on man. Yes, look to the

    Palor of death by hunger wrot, and war with its staggering toll - strewn in the wake of the Riders Cloaked!



    - M.D.

    Toronto, Canada

    April 23rd, 1953

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