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Christian New Moon Letters

Letters from our readers discussing the New Moon Celebration for Christians (and Jews)

8 March 2005
How do you suggest that we celebrate the new moon?

Hi Beto,

great question..

I'll break my answer into 2 parts..

1. what to do leading up to communion.
2. what to do for communion

what to do leading up to communion

this is what you might call "according to local tradition". Whatever flavor you all are comfotable with should fly. The point is to "gather in His name" and to "come towards Him". To the extent that you actually move your heart, mind and spirit towards Him and His, to that extent will you be blessed. To the extent you give, will you be given.

Psalm 89:14 (New Life Version)
14Your throne stands on what is right and fair. Loving-kindness and truth go before You.

So the activities that come to mind are seeking needs (or getting prayer requests), praying, sharing victories (praise reports). Reading and discussing either God's word or something very close to it.. If not "4 gospels only", then great care needs to be taken as to WHAT IS BEING READ!!! The farther from the center of Jesus' Good News - that He delivered, the less effective the message. Remember, that what Rev 14:6 calls the "everlasting gospel" was originally in Greek the "wellness message". Think about that.

Singing is good. It is a natural way to "lift the spirit".. The very act of singing raises the level of thought in the human. So in the church, we use it to get everyone headed in the same direction - towards Jesus.

what to do for communion

A solemn time. We start by lighting candles on a Hebrew Menorah. A special song. A verse or thought or explanation about the occasion and celebration. A public prayer, asking The Lord to enable all present with the elements about to be consumed.

And then take communion together.

Communion consists of only whole wheat bread and "preserving" red wine.

The bread can be made by men or women. I know because I have made a number of batches - a real feat for a "non-cook"... anyway, it's easy. only 4 ingredients.

1. pure whole wheat flour
2. olive oil
3. water
4. salt
1 cup wheat flour. 4 Tablespoons water. 3 Tablespoons oil. 1/4 teaspoon salt.

you probably don't need elaboration right now on all of the biblical attributes of each of those 4 ingredients, but stop and imagine for just a second. Pure whole wheat. Olive oil. Water. Salt..

Mingle the oil w/ flour and salt until absorbed. Add water, kneed all. Roll flat. Poke small holes in the surface with a fork, etc. Cut into round pieces approx size of silver dollars. Then bake at 400 degree for approx 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. Cook to desired consistency - crunchy or chewey.

The purpose of the wine is to represent the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus represents our cleansing and salvation. Salvation is another word for Preservation. Jesus came to show us how to gain Preservation for our soul (garment).

Did you know that if you take approx 23% wine and place a piece of raw meat in it, that not only will the meat not go bad, but over time it will actually cure and seemingly "cook" the meat. It is what is known as "preserving" the meat.

Take regular 12% red wine and add approx 1/4 to 1/5th brandy, which is about 70% alcohol, thus raising the overall to approx 20-25%

This is an external representation for what is happening on the inside of each participant. The strong wine's preserving features are easy to show representing the preserving power of Jesus in both this life and the one to come.

Above all, enjoy Jesus' presence before, during and after the meeting. This is the definition of "being in heaven" here and now, the natural byproduct of "coming towards Jesus".

Blessings 2 You :)

Noah Russell

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