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"You don't have to be a genius to understand these things,
just use your common sense!!"
Luke 12:57 The Message



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  • Then the LORD spoke to you out of the fire. You heard the sound of words but saw no form; there was only a voice. He declared to you his covenant, the Ten Commandments, which he commanded you to follow and then wrote them on two stone tablets.
    Deut 4:12-13


    (For some considerable time the writer has been seriously considering the writing of this treatise. But the stress of countless duties has postponed the matter time and again. Yet it is realized that an exposition of this nature is vital, inasmuch as it helps the earnest SEEKER Co better understand the MYSTERIES of God, and His manifestation to man.... Also exhaustive details cannot here be entered into, it is hoped that a concise statement and presentation of God's language may result.... Also a few brief explanatory statements, pointing in the general direction of the REASONS and fundaments underlying the Divine language unto His creation.

    Many books on 'numbers' have been written, and 'courses in numerology' are available at a price from Those who claim to have an understanding in such matters. Here, it is not the writer's interest to either support or discredit such writings. But it must be clearly stated that few - IF ANY - of such works are APPLICABLE to the Bible, or to the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. In Those TWO GREAT WITNESSES, God has spoken to us IN HIS OWN SPECIAL LANGUAGES. Therefore, to fully understand His revelation (of Himself) to us, we must arrive at a fluent understanding at that language which IS INTRINSIC TO HIS BEING!

    To Those who are already familiar with kabbalistic gymnastics according to certain writers, it is suggested that such concepts be forgotten; or at least not injected into the study of DEVINE TRUTH except, or unless such teachings be found in harmony with BASIC REVELATIONS herein stated.

    The writer would also draw attention to many works on the Bible by devout Christians - some of whom have touched considerably on numbers. Many of these have assigned 'perfection' to the numbers 3, 7 and 12; and again claiming the numbers 3 and 7 to be the numbers of God. Although the writer is loath to speak against the sincere efforts of any Christian worker, it must be frankly stated that such claims are but the invention of man, and without the slightest foundation in TRUTH. Therefore has it already been stated: RELEGATE SUCH IDEAS AND CONCEPTS TO THE ATTIC OR GARBAGE, for; assuredly they are not founded in TRUTH....

    Revert now to the opening Scripture from the 4th of Deuteronomy. Moses reminded the people how they had "HEARD A VOICE" speaking to them out of the fire, but 'they SAW NO SIMILITUDE".

    THAT - beloved of God - was what (hey did then AND EVER SINCE - and likewise has it been with the Gentiles. VIBRATIONAL WAVELENGTHS have impinged upon the auditory nerves ONLY, the people falling completely to SEE His similitude (IN and through the words spoken).

    Had it not been for their grossness, they should have beheld His glory, for HIS VOICE carried also "His similitude! Down through the ages has His Word been relayed, but how few have seen HIM AND HOW LITTLE OF HIS COVENANT HAVE THEY UNDERSTOOD! Why? - Because they have "heard only His voice", UNDERSTANDING NOT HIS LANGUAGE (televised!)

    Clearly stated Moses - chosen and elected by God - "He declared unto you His COVENANT, - EVEN TEN COMMANDMENTS"! This affirms boldly that

    ** His Covenant" IS IN THE TEN COMMANDMENTS! **

    But who has ever found, or revealed for others to see, any 'covenant' therein? - except for a slight trace of it to: "Honor your father and mother, THAT your days may be prolonged upon the earth"!

    WHY is not "His Covenant" manifest in His Ten Commandments? Simply because people have never understood His language IN WHICH GOD DECLARED HIMSELF! (IF space permits, and the Spirit so leads, it may be that we shall glance briefly at “His Covenant” before the close of this study.)

    Perhaps it should also be stated that Although this constitutes A STUDY IN THE MANIFEST BEING OF GOD, it is not suggested - nor implied - that these revelations are suitable for 'fortune telling' or ' character analysis', nor any of the many quaint usages to which some have tried to put 'numbers'.

    VALUES herein revealed, link BASICALLY with God, and His manifestation to man as revealed in His Word, in the Great Pyramid of Gizeh; and as also is manifest by His orbs of blaming fire in their majestic sweep through space....


    - MD
    Toronto, Feb. 12/53.



    Perhaps '0' should not be called a 'number', yet we cannot understand such numbers as 10, 20, 100, etc., unless we properly grasp the significance of the '0'

    It is, perhaps, His only figure which 'numerologists' have not mutilated too much.

    Basically, it is the UNmanifest (God). It agrees with what some eastern cults have termed "The Voiceless". It is the INFINITE BEING: The "Alpha and Omega"

    * BEFORE the 'beginning* and AFTER the ending!

    - It agrees with God ON THE 7th DAY: GOD AT REST.... It Is the only figure (in numbers) which can convey to us God in His true estate. ALL other numbers - which can be linked with God - only convey to us portions, or certain phases of His being, and /or/ His manifestation in time and space. It is the DIVINE CIRCLE which has neither commencement nor termination. Even flaming spheres in space portray THIS phase of His Being.

    Thus, wherever we find the *0* - in the works or Word of God - there, and THERE ONLY have we a number which approaches unto PERFECTION! But do not jump to the conclusion that such numbers as 20 and 30 are 'perfection' numbers; FAR FROM IT! They only PARTAKE of the Divine. It shows the TOUCH of God, bespeaking CYCLIC REST (for the Spirit of God) with reference to that specified phase or department of manifestation for the time being. Thus, a cipher attached to or between numbers, bespeaks a cyclic PERFECTION, or that degree of achievement or sublimation DIVINELY PLANNED as touching that phase, or department represented by its placement.

    This is our first digit in the scheme of numbers. It is the one and only single number which comes close to caressing God - such as we know Him.... It is the "Alpha": it is "the BEGINNING". It Is the '0* corning into ACTIVATION. It Is God projecting a shaft, or beam of LIFE-ENERGY into space: IT IS THE BEGINNING OF MANIFESTATION. It may therefore be termed LIFE and LIGHT. IT IS GOD IN MANIFESTATION OF HIMSELF! ONE is UNITY; no trace of conflict. It is concentration, or SINGLENESS OF PURPOSE. In a sense, it could be called initiative. In the affairs of man it may express as enterprise, energy and ambition.

    In the Word of God, we find that on the 1st day of manifestation ("in the beginning11), God said: "Let there be light." LIGHT is therefore a part of God (in manifestation}, and links with the number 1. And we find the same in the 1st Commandment, which speaks of the same Being who is LIGHT - the ONE and only TRUE GOD, whom we are to love with all of our composite being; and in all of that strength and singleness of heart which we can muster.

    For additional side light, we may also look to Jacob and his 12 sons. His 1st-born was Reuben, which name translated reads: "Behold a son!" How could we BEHOLD, or SEE without LIGHT? Or how could there be "a son” without LIFE? Thus, 'Reuben' declares the BASIC qualities of the number 1: LIGHT and LIFE, or God in the first phase of manifestation.... Yet later it was said of Reuben that be was "unstable as water" and that he should "not excel". This tells us that due FIRST (1) manifestation of LIGHT and LIFE is in need of ROUNDING OUT QUALITIES, garnered through time and experience, or that of sorrow and suffering (hence the numeral scale).

    In the human body, the EYES and VISION link with this first number. And, manifestly, the LIFE-seed is an expression of the same number.


    "And God said: -- let it DIVIDE the waters from the waters. And God — divided the waters which were UNDER the firmament from the waters which were ABOVE — and the evening and the morning were the 2nd day."

    Is it possible that God could manifest CONTRARY to His own Intrinsic Being? Hardly! Therefore, we KNOW that according to God's manifestation in the declared septenary cycle of creation, it is the symbology of the numbers 1 to 7 revealed to us.

    Thus, DIVISION is the chief significance of the number 2. But we must not overlook that the waters which God divided on the 2nd day, were, in the days of Noah, again GATHERED TOGETHER! Does God change His mind? Hardly! As we study manifest portions of His Ineffable Glory and learn to KNOW Him - even in a measure - we KNOW that all these things were PLANNED BEFORE "the beginning". Therefore, Although God DIVIDED on the 2nd day the waters which He had brought into being, He did so with a view towards their future RE -gathering into ONE (Incidentally, THAT also took place on a '2' day in a later septenary cycle: the 2nd 1000-year -day of the present week). So, 2 is DIVISION, but with the eye cast forward to the time of re-UNITY.

    The numbers 1 and 2 were also manifest a little later through Adam (1) and Eve (2), who were to become ''one flesh". The '2' of Eve came through the DIVISION of the ' 1' of Adam . Yet in that 'one flesh' we behold the basic objective of God, that, through reUNITY, a NEW LIFE might be engendered. For.


    The 2nd son of Jacob was Simeon, for, Leah said: "God has HEARD how I am hated . . . " So she called him Simeon, which means HEARING. A double stress is placed on these numbers in Gen. 29, where it is recorded that God SAW that Leah was hated, so he opened her womb that she gave birth to a son - Reuben: "SEE, a son!" Next He HEARD that she was hated, so she gave birth to Simeon: HEARING!

    How shall we learn to know God without HEARING His Word? How shall we learn to distinguish between Good and Evil without HEARING His "Word of Truth? Therefore have we BARS and an auditory nerve that we may DIVIDE between Good and Evil; that we may SEPARATE Truth and Falsehood, discerning: between Light and darkness, DIVIDING the tomal scale.
    * Wherefore He separated between the waters UNDER, and
    * the waters OVER, or above. As water links with 'soul'; so
    does that DIVISION of waters, speak to us of learning to distinguish between the desires which DRAG DOWN and the emotions which LIFT UP toward the re-UNITY with our Creator.

    We should also observe that the 'firmament' corresponds (within the microcosm) to the DIAPHRAGM in man - which separates between the more VITAL organs ABOVE and the more earthly functions BELOW. THIS again tells us symbolically, how we are to DISCERN between that which fully leads to LIFE and that which drags down to death.

    Even as God placed the diaphragm WITHIN man to keep the most VITAL organs separate from the balance of the inner man, so likewise did He SEPARATE His chosen people from the balance of the world - that they might serve His vital purpose. The same symbology by the separating VEIL was carried through into the Mosaic Tabernacle to DIVIDE between the profane and the sacred.

    In harmony with the number 2, the 2nd commandment forbids idolatry, or the worshipping of false gods - •which are not God. Here the 2nd injunction, seeks to SAVE MAN from the grief and suffering incidental to LACK of separation between Light and darkness; that through HEARING (the Truth) man may take in one bound - as it were - the vast time otherwise entailed in learning through grief and pain, that the gods of wood and stone and metal, can only bring us sorrow and death.

    Because the Commandments are from God, the 2nd injunction seeks to AVOID THE ERROR of the number 2 entailed through LACK of DISCERNMENT, by proclaiming the BASIC TRUTH, which ordinarily we would only apprehend through sorrow and suffering, leading to a discernment and SEPARATION between the waters which are BELOW from the waters which are ABOVE. It DECLARES that God is ONE, manifesting as the polarity of LIGHT and LIFE; that we are to recognize Him only, thereby speeding re-UNITY with our Creator, from whom we have been temporarily separated. (Neither let the people of this era be smug in their criticism of the crass idolatry of ancient Israel, for, in the eyes of God, this generation is far more abominable in, its idolatrous worshipping of automobiles, radios and FORGETFUL living.)

    Thus, 2 is DIVISION, SEPARATION, SCREENING. It is DISCERNMENT (between good and evil}. In the world, and in the life of the carnally minded, it is friction, discard, error, change, instability, etc. In the human body it is HEARING: the ears, auditory nerves and diaphragm.


    "And God said: Let the waters under heaven GATHER TOGETHER into ONE place, and let the earth bring forth grass -- and the fruit-tree yielding fruit after its kind — and the evening and the morning were the 3rd day….

    "And she conceived again and bore a son, and said: Now, this time will my husband be JOINED ONTO ME — - and she called his name Levi."

    Although some modern scholars claim to have found other meanings attached to the name Levi, we have the unequivocal Word of God that It links with 'Joined'. And we see its confirmation on the 3rd day of manifestation when the waters were commanded to be gathered together into ONE. That is: JOINING, or adhering one to the other.

    Later on we find Levi to be the chosen ancestor of God's priesthood: the Lawbearer, and he who should declare God, and the ways of God FOR MAN. This too confirms the GATHERING TOGETHER on the 3rd day, which is the ADHESION meaning of Levi. For, it is through the declared revelations of God, that man learns to CLEAVE TO his Master. It is through the SPOKEN WORD (by His messengers) that man is again "gathered together into ONE."

    In the 3rd injunction we are told not to take the name of our Lord and God in vain. Here, the DECLARED TRUTH of God's Being is an established REALITY in UNITY and must be upheld - not weakened through the speaking of His glorious name improperly. And, as the number 3 has to do with the SPOKEN WORD, THAT lends stress to the injunction against blasphemy…. The GATHERING TOGETHER; the ADHERING (to God); His joining of husband and wife in a continuous estate of UNITY, are the TRUTHS WHICH MUST BE DECLARED, nor ever vitiated by blasphemy. It is the "fruit-tree yielding fruit" - unto eternal life!

    Therefore is the basic meaning of the number 3 that of ADHESION or joining together. It is ACTIVE UNITY which brings forth fruit - not a mere passive state of no friction. On this human plane its manifestation is through the life-work of Levi: that is, the SPOKEN (or written) WORD; TEACHING or the teacher, ''You shall not take the name of the Lord God in vain." This refers to the SPOKEN word, and implies understanding and discretion having been arrived at (through the 2).... In the human body it links with the vital organs. It can be said to be the number of MIND, or intelligence. As the spoken word links with THOUGHT and its TRANSMISSION from one being to another, so does the number 3 in its lower or earthly phase, link with motion and TRANSMISSION.


    And God said: "Let there be Lights in the firmament of heaven - -- and let them be for signs and for SEASONS, and for days and years - - - And to rule over the day and over the night," and the evening and the morning were the 4th day.

    "And she conceived again and bore a son, and said: Now will I praise the Lord; therefore she called his name Judah."

    "Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. Six days You shall labor and do all thy work; but on the 7th day is the SABBATH of the Lord thy God."

    These are the declared revelations of God centered in the number 4. Observe, then, how on the 4th day of Creation, God dealt with the ordinances of Heaven IN RELATIONSHIP TO THE EARTH. It becomes our first and basic EARTH-number, but it includes the accomplished and REGULATING ORDINANCES of God; therefore is it the number of FRUITFULNESS.

    This is confirmed by the name of Jacob's 4th son; for, said Leah beholding her own fruitfulness: Now I will praise the Lord. Then she was ready to enter into thanksgiving for that which He had done for her, IT IS ACCOMPLISHMENT WHICH RESULTS IN A GRATEFUL AND REJOICING HEART.

    The same impact is brought out in the 4th commandment, wherein man having labored 6 days, fruitfully, relaxes on the 7th day, PRAISING God for his worldly achievement. Granted, the Christian has much to praise God for aside from the purely earthly accomplishments; yet overlook not the fact that the very Lamb of God was a manifestation of the earth-number 4, and the 'praise' of its 'fruitfulness'. For, it was at the close of the 4th day (4000 years) that the Lamb of God was ushered into the world, born into the tribe of Jacob's 4th son.

    ONE is the only number true to itself; 1 multiplied or divided by itself indefinitely still remains ONE! While 4 is the first number which is a true MULTIPLE: that is, it is the sum of 2 squared. You will readily understand it by graph above. Therein is shown how 4 is the FRUIT(fulness) of 2 squared; that is: PRAISE is the ultimate fruit of DIVISION (2).

    This, the first mathematical demonstration God has given us of His strategy for man, could be said to be:

    When man's earthly life and conduct, have been correlated to the SCREWING which DIVIDES between Good and Evil, then FRUITFULNESS is achieved, resulting in true PRAISE (of God).

    In its lowering ramifications, we find it links with DESIRE and sexual attraction. To this we can add the sense of feeling.

    And God said: "Let the waters bring forth abundantly-- ; and fowl that may fly ABOVE the earth in the open firmament to heaven" -- And the evening and the morning were the 5th day.

    "And Rachel said: God has JUDGED ME, therefore she called his name DAN."

    "Honor your father and your mother that your days may be long upon the land -which the Lord your God gives you." - 5th injunction.

    Some have attributed 'grace' to this number, which is quite correct, although GRACE is insufficient to express the fullness of its value.... Christ said:

    "Whom the Son sets free is FREE indeed."

    THAT comes the closest to expressing the fullness of the number 5: the absolute FREE-dom by the grace of God to us-ward through Jesus Christ. We might say that God was GRAC-ious towards marine life and the flyers of heaven; but it more adequately expresses the situation if we say that He gave them FREEDOM. Fish roam the water at will and are servants to none; the same can be said of birds in their element, while man and animals are severely restricted in movement, and subject to various forms of servitude. They are not FREE in the same way as are fish and birds.

    Also, the FREEdom of life in air and in water, speak to us of that MENTAL and EMOTIONAL FREE-dom we are to achieve, AFTER that 4 has brought forth it's FRUIT-fullness (as shown by the 2 x 2 = 4 in graph). This FREEdom Jesus spoke about when He said that when a man sins, "he is the servant of sin" (in bondage to evil desire), but "he whom the Son sets free is FREE Indeed". Man does not enter into the enjoyment of that FREEdom except and as through the overflowing grace of God by Jesus Christ, in granting us an ABSOLUTE EMANCIPATION from DESIRE (water), and the ILLUSIONS of the senses (air). Therein, then, we see how God declared His love to upward through the TYPE He wrought on the 5th day by creating UNfettered life in water and in the air.,..

    This is confirmed also by what is usually termed "the first commandment with promise". (Though it might as well have been said "the ONLY commandment with promise".) In the "promise” of this commandment we have God's first declaration of His grace towards the children of men, IF they will obey their parents. For, obedience to parents is not only good, proper and SENSIBLE, but is a TYPE of obedience unto God. Therefore, is HIS GRACE reflected in the 5th commandment.

    Jacob's 5th son was named Dan, meaning 'judged'. Judgment may manifest in either of two directions: one leading to punishment, the other to a reward. In Rachel's case, the judgment was benign giving her a son. Thus, being judged FAVORABLY is but another way of declaring God's grace.

    In Rachel's case it was being FREED from barrenness through Bilhah, her maid. 'Bilhah' is usually interpreted to mean 'timidity'. But as viewed by the writer, we would come closer to its correct shade of meaning when we think of that 'timidity' which results from a CONTRITENESS of the human heart. THIS is that "timidity' which God looks upon with favor; with outwelling LOVE in His heart, and blesses abundantly. THEN is His FREEdom-setting power through Jesus Christ brought into full activity.

    Thus, the story of Bilhah's first son to Rachel (Jacob's 5th), is God's way of showing us His GRACious judgment towards the sinner when be has achieved humbleness and, contriteness of heart, which nets the true "fear of the Lord", exemplified in the SERVANT-maid - Bilhah (better defined as 'humility'.) Then does His grace (5) overflow, netting LIFE (1) to the truly contrite heart (Bilhah).

    Let us take another look at 5, for, it is the very first number in a very unique place: it is the hypotenuse of a 3 x 4 rectangle as shown, adjacent. This is the one and only way of mathematically demonstrating that the angle of a rectangular figure is SQUARE, or a true 90° angle. There are other ways of proving the 90-degree angle, but not mathematically. For, in elementary mathematics we learn that the hypotenuse of a rectangle equals the square root of the sum of the base-squared and the perpendicular squared. Thus, the diagonal becomes that projected arm which ADJUSTS the sides (or ENABLES them to be adjusted) so that the ONE corner may be TRULY SQUARE.

    Look, then, at 3, 4 and 5 as in figure previously. The earth number is on the horizontal plane. This is DESIRE (4's lower phase), while 3 is on the vertical bar as THOUGHT. Now mark carefully: when DESIRE and THOUGHT are PROPERLY correlated (the comer SQUARE) through the Word of God (3 in its higher form), and Joined to PRAISE (4 in its higher phase), then we have the FACTOR OF ADJUSTMENT (diagonal distance) expressing as 5, or * THAT OF GOD's * SPIRIT-GRANTED FREEDOM. * Call it 'grace' if you wish, FIVE is not the multiple of any number, but as above, becomes the SPIRITUAL ADJUSTER for 3 and 4; thus PARTAKING their qualities in a higher form. We could also say that the spirit-essence of 5 becomes infused into 3 and 4 when the two latter are in proper co-relationship. Ordinarily we might think that 5 links with 2 and 3, but here geometry shows it tied to 3 and 4.

    Thus we may consider 5 as the POWER of THOUGHT directed unto fruitfulness (in achievement). In its lower form this manifests as thought used to take advantage of others. It could be called subtle, or even cunning. While in its higher phase, 5 is God's measure of spiritual CO-ORDINATION, which, when complied with, draws on the grace and power of God. When the individual seeker applies its secret magic, then the BATTLE IS WON, and the aspirant is ready for entering into the higher phase of the next number, 6.


  • And God made the beasts of the earth after his kind.
  • And God said: "Let us make man in our image --"
  • and the evening and the morning were the 2nd day.
  • "And Rachel said: With great wrestling have I wrestled with my sister, and I have prevailed, and she called his name Naphtali."
  • 6th Commandment: You shall not kill.

    Basically, then, 6 is the number of man, or HUMANITY, and envisions its STRUGGLE, or wrestling to secure full mastery of all his lower propensities. This is portrayed by God's injunction to man to secure and implement DOMINION over the "BEASTS of the earth", et cetera. It is again substantiated by the words of Rachel when Jacob's 6th son was born. Thus, it is not merely man's number, but MAN IN HIS STRUGGLE FOR EMANCIPATION FROM ALL THAT HOLDS HIM IN BONDAGE TO EARTH, AND THE THINGS THEREOF.

    Incidental to that struggle from bondage, other factors become involved, such as 'sin'. In this one word we also include man's baser, or BEASTial propensities. Thus, aside from it being humanity's number, it embodies INDEPENDENCE, or that which is finally achieved when his struggle for dominion has succeeded.

    "You shall not kill" is God's directive to stupid man who reaches out to achieve the 'dominion' commanded him, but foolishly starts killing to achieve his purpose.

    By the selfsame Commandment we see wherein DESIRE is not to be 'killed' through self-denial, but as shown by previous graph, transmuted, or SUBLIMATED through the spiritual correlation-factor of ADJUSTMENT: the FREEdom engendering deliverance -wrought by the Spirit of Jesus Christ.


    "and on the 7th day God ENDED His work which He had made, and He rested (or eased) on the 7th day from all His work!

    And Leah said: "A troop comes” and she called his name Gad. 7th Commandment: You shall not commit adultery.

    This is the number most commonly linked with 'perfection', yet erroneously so. We are justified to link it with conclusion and completion, but NOT with perfection.... We may finish a building, but does that imply Its PERFECTION? We may conclude a job, but does that make it PERFECT? Such notions are but the inventions of childish minds - men too lazy to STUDY the Word of God....

    Primarily, then, it is COMPLETION AS PERTAINS TO THE SEPTENARY CYCLE of manifestation. It is ACHIEVEMENT REALIZED; therefore It is REST and TRANQUILITY.

    But now God saw that "It was not good for man to be alone". So He fashioned man a mate. Why? Because ALONE, man could not be at REST!

    He is not TRANQUIL; be was seeking a complement, which later God termed His "help-mate". Wherefore, based on man's intrinsic nature, REST and tranquility implies MARRIAGE, or man's UNION WITH HIS MATE. Because of this implication, yes-ultimate NECESSITY betokened by the number 7, did God give the 7th directive: "Commit not adultery". It is God's warning, linked with the REST of 7, that IF FIDELITY IS NOT LIVED, then the TRANQUILITY of the 7 BECOMES A LOST ESTATE!

    Fitting into the same picture, we see where Moses was commanded to make a 7-pronged candlestick, symbolic of the "7 spirits before the throne", which were later given jurisdiction over the 7 churches.

    Therefore is 7 the number of His Church which shall "enter into His rest". It is the number of "the bride of Christ", wherein, even the Son of God shall find tranquility in His beloved, and, in which union, man shall find repose in His Master. THAT was the vision of Leah when she said: "A troop comes" and she called him Gad, (the 7th son of Jacob). Though troops can be linked with war, the fuller meaning here is that of JOY. GAD bears the connotation of fortune. Therefore, in beholding the immense 'troop', which becomes the BRIDE OF CHRIST, bringing the JOY linked with a priceless treasure, she cried out "GAD". Thus, in its various ramifications, 7 can be said to denote REST, tranquility, SPIRITUALITY and union with God.

    From the spiritual perspective THAT is the objective of the 7th day, wherein man rests from his labors, devoting himself to the SEEKING OF GOD and the ABIDING IN HIS SPIRIT, and in the will of his Maker. This leads to ATTUNEMENT WITH THE DIVINE WILL, which indeed may be said to be the central vibration of the number 7. Hence, it is agreement, harmony, felicity, approbation and beauty. Its strong point is fidelity.

    As 7 completes the recorded creative manifestation of God, we have less DECLARED significance attached to the numbers beyond. Yet there is sufficient, fundamentally, to furnish us a working knowledge. While a little later on, we shall again look at the number 7. But first let us take a bird's-eye perspective of this 'week' now closing, to see how God has correlated major developments to harmonize with the intrinsic value of the numbers.

    As a Thousand years are but as one day with God, we look at the 1st 1000-year period, or that of 0 AM to 3000 B.C. (4000 to 3000 B.C.) This marked the age of the great Patriarchs, and the populating of the earth. Inescapable is the conclusion that it was the INCEPTION period of this age. Thus it is in agreement with the LIGHT and the LIFE of the number 1.

    On the 2nd 1000-year day, we have the record of the great DELUGE when the waters of the upper stratosphere were «-united-with the lower waters. This was the filial phase of the number 2 as pertains to the element of water. But spiritually, and for man commenced the first phase of 2 in DIVISION. For, as the earth was again being rapidly overrun by the descendants of Noah - termed "gentiles" - God SCREENED the people and found one man called Abram. This man He called out from his people and native Chaldee, SEPARATING him from the Gentiles; CALLING him to become "a peculiar treasure" unto Himself, in those two events we find both phases of the 2 highlighted.

    On the 3rd 1000-year day, or from 2000 to 1000 B.C. , we find the ADHESION of 3 -well illustrated through His Chosen People, when, under Moses, they ADHERED to Jahweh, Who wrought mighty miracles for their deliverance. THEN was declared to man the LIVELY ORACLES OF GOD, through "the SPOKEN WORD", that man might learn to knew his Lord and Master, and "cleave to God.

    On the 4th 1000-year day, the first phase of the FRUITS were brought forth. His Chosen people inherited their Kingdom and reached the peak of their glory - THEN FELL AWAY! They yielded to the earthly, or carnal vibration of the number 4, giving themselves over to its DESIRE. Hence their gross idolatry, yielding to the sexual allurements in the heathen worship - so called - of Baal and Ashtaroth. This was nothing more or less than periodic and unlimited sexual license under the cloak of worship, offering themselves to the MALE and FEMALE principles which these gods' typified.....

    Since, then, His Chosen people fell away, being entangled in the lusts and materiality of 4, God ushered into the world at the close of the 4th day, THE LAMB OF GOD, that FRUIT-fulness might manifest UNDER THE DIRECT RAY OF "THE ORDINANCES OF HEAVEN".

    On the 5th 1000-year day, the SPIRITUAL NOTE having been sounded - the FREE-dom-setting power of God flowed into mighty and effective action when a wooden cross was erected on Calvary's brow. THEN the Grace of God became known unto the sons of men. And, during that full day (1 to 1000 A.D.) the forces of 5 were active throughout the earth, liberating countless peoples and nations from the thralldom of heathen superstition and idolatry.

    And now during the last 900 and 50-odd years of this 6th day, man has surely gone far towards the fulfillment of securing 'DOMINION' not merely over the beasts of the earth, but also in his conquest over matter in general.

    In response to the lower phase of this number, we see great "BEAST nations" arising to wrest DOMINION over the earth. But since the Son of God struck the spiritual note, we know that the higher phase of this number MUST come to the fore - to the end that the 6th commandment shall be realized: "Do not Kill." And already do we find that countless individuals, and groups here and there - and nations in a lesser sense - are already well on the road towards "subduing the BEASTS” WITHIN THE HUMAN HEART!

    How can we escape the conclusion that successive cycles roll on in perfect harmony with the intrinsic nature of their numbers God has revealed to man?


    The first number of the 2nd septenary cycle is 8, but His Word tells us nothing of what God DID that day, although we are told somewhat as to what He WILL DO on a certain 8th day. That shortly. In the meanwhile we find that Zilpah - Leah's maid - bore Jacob his 8th son. And Leah said: "Happy am I, for the daughters will call me blessed." And she named him Asher. While through the 8th Divine precept, man is warned NOT TO STEAL.

    These two minor details are vital, yet not sufficient to j our knowledge of the number in God's manifestation. But highly informative is the auxiliary ordinance whereby the rite of circumcision was to be performed on the 8th day (of life). Also, in the setting up of the Tabernacle, Aaron the High-priest was consecrated throughout 7 days; then on the 8th day ISRAEL WAS ACCEPTED, when fire came out from the Lord and consumed upon the altar their offerings. The same stress and portent is placed on the 8th day through the prophet Ezekiel, declaring that after 7 days of consecration God would accept them on the 8th. Thus it is seen to at SPIRITUAL ACCEPTANCE-- assuming that the 7 previous digits have found their full and proper expression.

    "Don't steal" implies vastly more than refraining from taking something belonging to another. The first and basic TRUTH it declares is that God shall supply ALL of one's needs - approaching that of an overflowing measure!

    Yet to the carnally minded, its highest expression is that of practicing 'good will' toward others. Hence it implies CO-OPERATION.

    Leah too, realized its spirit of abundance in that she said the daughters would call her BLESSED, and she named her son to express that HAPPINESS.

    While in the rite instituted by God for the 8th day (of life) a clearer insight into the number. The circumcision was symbolic of being CUT CLEAN, or SEVERED FROM THE LUSTS OF THE FLESH. In its institution it looked FORWARD to when mankind should be severed from all carnality. This matter stressed by God when speaking to Joshua after he circumcised all of Israel on the west side of Jordan:

    "This day have I rolled away the reproach of Egypt from off you."
    The "reproach of Egypt" bespeaks all of the passions and carnality to which the human being is heir as a result of the original sin. Therefore, having "rolled it off through circumcision, (cutting around and cutting off), God thereby declared Himself that on the 8th day (8th 1000-year period), man should be cleansed from all carnality: that the reproach of sin shall no longer cleave to him; that THEN his consecration stall have been completed - that be may become fully accepted by God. (This does not necessarily imply that ALL of humanity will be accepted on the 8th day). Of all the digits, 8 holds a unique position, and COMMANDS THE GREATEST POWER.

    Already we have seen how 4 is the square of 2; while 8 IS THE CUBE OF 2 - or its 3rd POWER. None of the digits - aside from 8 - is the cube of any number! Therefore is its POWER the greatest since it is the absolute FULLNESS OF THE 3-DIMENSIONAL PLANE OF BEING filling the 3-dimensional. Manifestly, IT MAKES CONTACT WITH THE 4th DIMENSION. This is shown us by its placement as the 1st of the 2nd cycle of manifestation (7+ 1=3). Hence we must attribute to this number - on its higher plane - the RESURRECTION power! Its highest manifestation on the physical plane is regeneration.

    Jesus of Nazareth is the only known instance of anyone living and manifesting the FULNESS of the Regenerated life. (This is not disputing the fact that countless individuals have lived 'chaste' lives. He also demonstrated the power of the RE-surrection on others, and later on His own body. Therefore, it is of the utmost interest to observe that the numerical value of the name JESUS in Greek (it being a Greek name), is 888....


    Issachar was the 9th son born unto Jacob, and the name means RECOMPENSE, or 'he brings a reward'... While the 9th Divine injunction forbids the bearing of false witness against another.... In the scheme of numbers, it terminates the digits, and is the SQUARE of 3, or 3 in its 2nd 'power'. We have already seen how 8 COMPLETES for the earth plane of being, and borders on the 4th dimension. Simple logic, therefore tells us that 9 is the first SPIRIT-number of the digits.

    And is not related to the purely material plane of being. In that sense we could call it Divine, yet NOT the number 'of God'. Its better definition is SPIRITUALITY. (Do not confuse this with the 'spirituality' - MINDEDNESS of the number 7.)

    As 4 is the 2nd power of 3(2x2=4), so is 9 to 3. As 4 speaks of the FRUITS of DIVISION, and the SEPARATION between Good and Evil; so does 9 speak of the FRUIITfulness of the Divine Word (3), which has engendered a consistent and BALANCED ADHERING UNTO. GOD. As 3 links with THOUGHT, so does its SQUARE link with its higher, spiritual phase: *** FAITH *** . As faith is impossible without an approach unto God, so does it speak of a contact with LOVE in a spiritual sense. Because of its SPIRIT-pauper operating through Divine LOVE and FAITH, it engenders calm assurance, which is founded in spiritual tranquility.

    God was gracious unto Lean the second time, hearing Jacob his 9th son; Issachar being her own 5th. 'Leah' means WEARINESS. When WEARINESS of the human soul - in its travail through carnality - bears FRUIT unto FREEdom (5), then that FAITH is born which nets a RECOMPENSE beyond man's ability to compute. When we have proven the depths of God's LOVE, and finally sounded the chord of FAITH, THEN does "He bring a RICH REWARD" (Issachar: 'recompense').

    To a humanity carnally minded, it might even be difficult for Deity to frame an injunction which could fully manifest the value of a Divine number; yet we see in "You shall not bear false witness" a reflection of the Divine Love. Man bears false witness against others because of hatred. This is the opposite of LOVE. Wherefore God warned against it. False witnessing is sometimes based on earning a wicked reward, (financially or otherwise), being a recompense for falsehood. Thus again God speaks to carnal man in the only language he could understand, warning him against the evils which manifest in the opposite of God's LOVE, reflected by the number 9.... We might also observe that 'witnessing' is a manifestation of the number 3. Therein are we also shown the RELATIONSHIP which exists between, the 3 and 9, as is so readily seen mathematically. But since this witnessing must never be false, but TRUE, and kept thus by the LOVE OF GOD, we see again how the 3 SQUARED has taken ns out of the material plane for the carnal man, and transposed us to the realm of God, where abides the DIVINE LOVE, and TRUTH in Jesus Christ.


    Now we have come to the end of the digits; they have run their course: the FULNESS of man has been achieved. LIFE and LIGHT have brought forth fruit, receiving God's (0) first Sabbath-approval as portrayed by 1-0.

    And Lean said: "God has endued me with a good dowry; NOW WILL MY HUSBAND DWELL WITH ME.” (because I have born him six sons)" and she called his name Zebulon.

    Although Leah's 6th son, it was the 10th son unto Jacob. The name Zebulon has been translated 'habitation' and also 'intercourse'. Both of these meanings are consistent with "now will my husband dwell with me", as the BASIC THOUGHT which prompted Leah to name him Zebulon. Though 'intercourse' is appropriate, the writer considers 'communion' as more fully reflecting the meaning of 10 by Zebulon. It may also be in place to here observe that because of his being Leah's 6th, this number has a close relationship thereto, implying that 10 is the cycle for HUMANITY's acquirement of POWER.

    "IF you obey my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have obeyed my Father's commands and ABIDE IN HIS LOVE." - John 15:10.

    Again we see how in the Masterpiece of His farewell address to His loved ones, He gave voice to the Truth of 10 in His 10th utterance:

    ABIDING IN MY LOVE THAT is the sweet communion with God which man enjoys when ALL of His precepts have become a part and parcel of the INNER man....

    YOU SHALL NOT COVET - is the 10th commandment. Look not to the world nor the things therein; look not with desire upon that which belongs to another, but look unto God your Maker; seeking the FULNESS of His fellowship…. These are but other ways of saying; You shall not covet. And, in-as-much as God gave that precept, the IMPLICATION and the 'covenant' hidden in that precept is that God is both ABLE and WILLING to ABUNDANTLY SUPPLY YOUR EVERY NEED - IF YOU WILL ABIDE IN HIS LOVE.

    "You shall not covet" is the spiritual hand-maid unto "You shall not steal", (8th injunction). As these two cannot be separated spiritually, so shall we shortly see how mathematically they are also interlinked: In dealing with the number 5, we found how it is geometrically and mathematically linked with 3 and 4, being its "bar of adjustment", or CO-relation. Similarly do we find that 10 stands to 6 and 8. Therefore, everything said about the interlinking of 3, 4 and 5 applies similarly to 6, 8 and 10. The number of man is 6, while 8 completes the earthly functions touching on Spirit through the resurrection power. Thus, when man (6), and all of his carnal propensities get fully ironed out (SQUARED), and properly CO-related to the POWER of RE-generation (8), THEN have we POWER and COMMUNION (10) with God; then do we "ABIDE IN HIS LOVE."

    TEN having taken us out of the digits, enters upon a multiplicity of values, or meanings. Perhaps its first and basic significance (to man) is that of LAW. Law is an absolute necessity unto carnally minded man ("written on the tables of the heart”) in order that he may become properly CO-related to his fellowman (6); and, through REgeneration, qualify for the Resurrection Power (8), through the implementation of which we shall eventually be enabled to fully ABIDE IN THE LOVE OF GOD.

    Since LAW entailed enforcement with primitive man (and still does-because of primitive elements within our society), that enforcement necessitated POWER. Power called for AUTHORITY. Thus we have the basic attributes of 10 as LAW, AUTHORITY and POWER. On its higher plane it is COMMUNION with God, and the spiritual POWER resulting from an "ABIDING IN HIS LOVE".

    Again, as 10 leaves the digits and makes contact with God (0), it denotes man's spiritual supplement, namely, 'soul'. In God's picture language, SOUL is portrayed by man's mate, wife, or 'Eye'. And, as man's true qualities are reflected in what we term his soul, so does "WATER symbolize soul. Primitively, it was THAT which reflected man's image. Thus we see in 10 how the touch of God (0) has pushed LIFE (1), one place to the left. THUS, this second placement (in multiple numbers) TAKES ON THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE NUMBER ITSELF! Thus is the 2nd place to the left of the decimal point the equivalent of 10. Hence that placement - regardless of the number, speaks of Law, Power or Soul, TEN also speaks of an aggregation of individuals; therefore, a NATION or a society.... Thus is the general vista we view of the number 10; the first number that touches God and bears a measure of COMPLETION, but far from PERFECTION.


    We have examined the days of Creation, and also the 10 Divine precepts: scantier becomes the Divine precedent for the extension of numbers in their symbolism to man. But Rachel - the woman of Jacob's love gave birth to his 11th and 12th sons. Her firstborn she named JOSEPH, saying: "God shall ADD to me another son, for, He has remembered; He has hearkened, and taken away my reproach."

    As 10 completes the 1st cycle spiritually, so does 11 commence the 2nd cycle spiritually. ("Spiritually” is here used advisedly, since 7 completed the 1st cycle of MANIFESTATION, but this was a purely physical wave of manifestation, finding REST in its COMPLETION (7), in preparation for the next lap of the journey. Following the septenary cycle, 8 and 9 were added, yielding the first contact, leading to RE-unity with God through 10).

    We have now '1' in both the 1st and 2nd place. As the first manifestation-wave (within the digits) was that of a predominantly physical one, we can correctly label the 2nd wave as that of SOUL. Thus 11 is the opening of the SOUL-cycle.... Therefore spoke God through the spiritual discernment of Rachel, saying: "HE shall add another" (the meaning of JOSEPH); symbolically referring to the 2nd cycle in the POWER OF SOUL, which commenced with the number 11. (They were then, and we as yet are in the 1st, or earthly cycle). It Is the first number of the spiritually awakened man in ACTIVITY (1), when both body and soul are functioning in conscious UNITY with the life of God, expressing His LIGHT. Thus it becomes a number of the souls out welling. Its expression today with carnal man is ANTICIPATION, especially that which is in JOY and confidence.... It betokens INCREASE which is yet to come, to its lower ramifications, it can link with true (soul) friendships and social intercourse.

    Here it should be pointed out for the good of those who have dabbled In 'numerology', that in God's numeral language, the number 11 is two ONES, but IS NOT 2; 12 is NOT 3. The digits of a multiple number must be interpreted singly IN THEIR PLACEMENT, and NEVER ADDED UP (to make another number)....


    The number 12 is a repetition of '2', but in the CYCLE OF SOUL, the same as 11 is the RE-emergence of '1' in the SOUL-cycle. Thus it speaks to us of spiritual DISCERNMENT; that is, screening and separation. In its first cycle, it denotes separation between good and evil INSOFAR AS THE PHYSICAL MAN is concerned, while in its second cycle it speaks of spiritual or SOUL-values. It is drawing the line of demarcation on a higher plane of being. For instance, a good 3 in its first cycle will adhere to the truth and refrain from profanity; while the same 3 having reached its soul-cycle will not be content with such shallow standards as the bare truth and lack of profanity, but will fix the mind on a higher standard, saying: are these words uplifting, inspiring and ennobling to the recipient, or is it but a line of chatter without value (spiritually)?

    Therefore, as Rachel gave birth to her 2nd son (Jacob's 12th), she cried out "Benoni", (meaning The Son of my Sorrow). And in that moment her soul departed!

    This opens to us the greater vista of the number 12, showing how self-sacrifice yields sorrow unto the soul as it is SEPARATED (2) from that to which it cleaves. Thus, to the carnal man, 12 stands for DEATH; for sorrow and separation. But to the spiritually awakenING man, it is SELF-SACRIFICE; and conscious selection of that which is FOR THE ULTIMATE GOOD.

    As Rachel named the 12th son Benoni, and her grief-torn soul departed, the Spirit cried out "BENJAMN"! The soul could not discern the DEEPER. Truths of Spirit, sensing only the SORROW dim SEPARATION; yet the Spirit of God spoke through Jacob, saying: "The son of my Spirit" (right hand), in that he named him Benjamin.

    The right hand refers to spirit, in contrast to the left hand, which is that of earth and the carnal roan. Thus, Benjamin translates: "The son of my Spirit-power." Hence, separation through 2 in the soul-cycle, though grievous to one's soul, nets a positive (son) SPIRIT-ACQUIREMENT; it engenders a spirit-faculty, taking the person a step closer to God.

    Although some have attributed completion and perfection to this number, we find no justification for that in the Word of God, neither in the Great Pyramid. Although '12' is the number of Jacob's sons, and the number of the gates and foundations for the New Jerusalem which shall descend out of Heaven from God, yet THAT constitutes neither completion nor perfection. But it is the number of faculties and virtues to be achieved by man, in order to qualify for REentry to the Garden of Eden. For, when in the cycle of soul, man has learned to discern (2) between DESIRE (carnal) and the WILL OF GOD: to consciously and happily CHOOSE AND SELECT that which is for the ULTIMATE GOOD (God's Will), not in the slightest yielding to SELF-desire, THEN once more has man the right to stride in the Edenic Garden of God. Actually, then, we may term '12' the "cycle of sin and suffering”; of sorrow and death in that limited sense (cycle of SIN) it becomes a number of completion:

    Although we can speculate as to the meaning of other numbers, we have little REVEALED foundation on which to advance impregnable ideas. But a few other numbers are used in the Bible, which we shall briefly consider.

    In the Mosaic Tabernacle, we find the numbers 20, 30 and 50. ... As the nation holds a TEN -relationship to the individual, so 20, 30 and 50 become 2, 3 and 5 as applicable to the nation. Secondly, as SOUL also holds a TEN-relationship to the individual, so again these numbers take on their digital values with reference to the SOUL of the individual.


    The number 40 is frequently found in God's dealing with man. What has been said about 20, 30 and 50 apply also to 40. But God was dealing with a NATION (and its individuals). Thus, the 40 years in the wilderness, becomes a 4 for the nation, and reaches unto the SOUL for the individual in the power of 4. ... Already have we seen how it is the outstandingly EARTHLY number, and is that OF FRUITFULNESS. Thus, the 40 years God TRIED AND TESTED THE PEOPLE of His choosing TO THE END THAT THEY SHOULD BRING FORTH FRUIT ERE HE BROUGHT THEM INTO THE PROMISED LAND.

    In the sense of SOUL, His treatment of Israel compares to the light and darkness; warmth, wind and rain, to bring forth the fruit of the earth.


    At the age of 100, God manifested to Abraham realistically. This is the lowest number of God's manifestation TO and through man. "God is a Spirit" and can therefore not manifest except by '0' in the placement of both body and soul. Thus, 100 shows the REPOSE of INFINITY in the place of both body and soul, while '1' (LIGHT and LIFE) is found in the place of Spirit. ... As yet man - a carnal being - is not capable of discerning REALITY on the plane of Spirit; hence the necessity of God's REVELATION to man. Although God manifests to man through the number 100, we should not jump to the conclusion that it is God's number; yet it IS the number of spirit. God is s being of INCALCULABLE POWER, His LOWEST revealed number is 1000, being the 10 x 10 x 10 of the Mosaic Tabernacle, or the cubic volume of the Holy of Holies. (The 10 x 10 floor-area, is His " manifestation to man".)

    By analogy of the PATTERN He has given us, it follows that His own true number cannot be less than the CUBE of His lowest REVEALED number to man. This would be 1000 x 1000 x 1000 = 1,000,000,000. (1 Million). Although it is utterly immaterially its how high the 'power' of His number goes, (for it Is far beyond our comprehension), it is the conviction of the writer, that the I billion number as above, is THE NUMBER OF THE CHRIST IN CREATION ("by whom all things were made",) But said He: "My Father is greater than I." Therefore, as the numerical relationship of father to son is that of 10 to 1, so 1 billion times 10 = 10,000,000,000, as the MINIMUM "number of the Father". In view of these factors, we see the childish folly of attributing such numbers as 3 and 7 to God! But in the realm of numbers - like that of other fields - man's shallow mentality has sought to drag God down to his own level....

    We also have the numbers 1260 and 2520 used in God's dealing with man. The original orbit of the earth was 360 days instead of the present 365.24 days. We have seen how 6 is the number of man, with ultimate MASTERY as the Divinely proclaimed goal. This 'mastery' (on the earth plane) is denoted by the SQUARE of the number (6 x 6 = 36). When we raise this by the power of SOUL (10), -we have 360. Thus we see the basis for God's original establishment of the earth's orbit in that of 360 days, to the end that MAN SHOULD REALIZE MASTERY unto the "power of Soul". And when THAT number has completed SEVEN SPIRALS (360 x 7= 2520), then a fresh commencement is called for as pertaining to the subject or person under treatment (by His Spirit).

    This cycle of 2520 years may be viewed as 'one day', divided into day and night of 1260 years each. Scripturally, 1260 is linked with 'tribulation' and 'witnessing'. While 2520 is linked with the fullness of chastisement, but could be better defined as man's manifestation cycle unto the Power of Soul, (6 x 6 x 10 x 7 = 2520).

    The Mystic 7

    Coming back to our BASIC numbers, we find that ALL of the digits - except 7 - are linked one with another,. 2 is linked with 4 and 8, while 3 we saw linked with 4, 5 and 9. SIX is the multiple of 2 and 3, while geometrically we saw it linked with 3 and 10. Thus all the numbers have their INTER-relationship EXCEPT FOR 7 WHICH HAS NO AFFINITY.

    Of course, the number 1 can be said to have a relationship to every number in its own terms. In that way, and in that sense only can we give 7 'a relationship1, and that to its number ONE! Hence it becomes THE TRUE VIRGIN NUMBER, refusing all relationship, EXCEPT IN THE MARRIAGE UNTO LIGHT AND LIFE (1)!

    Did not Moses say: "And He declared unto you His covenant, which He commanded you to perform, even the 10 commandments' A 'covenant' is an agreement, which in turn is A PROMISE.. Without a 'promise' there can be no 'agreement', and without an agreement there can be no 'covenant'. Therefore, Moses declared A PROMISE by God to Israel IN THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. And a 'promise' by God becomes A PROPHECY!

    What! Is there prophecy in the 10 Commandments? And how!

    But before we go into the Prophecy phase thereof, let us not overlook the fact that THE ENTIRETY of the recorded 'Law' by Moses was read to the people; then BLOOD was poured upon the altar AND SPRINKLED UPON THE PEOPLE, and MOSES said: "Behold the BLOOD OF THE COVENANT!" Blood in its place IS LIFE, but blood elsewhere is SHED BLOOD, which is the symbol of DEATH. Therefore, as "The Covenant* was BY God unto His people, God RATIFIED His Covenant by BLOOD, making of it "A TESTAMENT"! Manifestly, the blood of an animal could not be BINDING on God, but since He honored that sacrifice through its blood IT BECAME GOD's TOKEN OF RATIFICATION UNTIL THE TIME THAT GOD IN HUMAN FLESH WOULD SHED HIS OWN BLOOD TO FULFILL THE COVENANT. OTHERWISE BLOOD HAD NO PLACE IN THAT RITE! AND WHEN THE 'PACT' HAD BEEN FULFILLED BY GOD, THEN DID ITS 'ARTICLES' (previously governing) BECOME NULL AND VOID!

    These are AWE-Inspiring TRUTHS WHICH MUST BE ACCEPTED; otherwise we repudiate the DIVINE ORIGIN of "The Law".

    6 Of all the feast days unto Jahweh, the first and most important is as the 7th day which had to be kept HOLY unto God. This draws our attention first to the number 7, which - as shown - is the VIRGIN NUMBER. Also, it is the number of REST, which, unto man, can only be fulfilled in and through marriage. Therefore, the BASIC and outstanding 'covenant' of the 10 Commandments, is mat of GOD's MARRIAGE UNTO HIS PEOPLE! And Its prophecy in its basic aspect is simple. First, Moses received 2 tables of stone. This speaks of TWO parts as well as segregation…. When we set down the numbers of the PRECEPTS (shown below), we find two groups of INTER-related numbers; the first 6 and the last 3 numbers (7 remaining INviolate!) Thus we get the 6/9 and 3/9 or the TWO THIRDS and the ONE THIRD. This PROPHECY was RE-shadowed in the Tabernacle Pattern, where the Nuptial Veil hung at the 273rd distance within the Sanctuary.

    As pertains to the 6 days (6000 years) of ACTIVE manifestation, its 2/3rd distance is 4000 years (6000 x 2/3 = 4000). Therein was God's marriage to His people slated for the close of the first 4000 years. True to His 'covenant', at the close of 4000 years, the 'Bridegroom' presented Himself for the marriage, but the 'bride' would not have Him -being occupied in playing around with another man (the Roman Emperor). Because she rejected her Lord and Maker, the RE-placer prophecy of Esau-Jacob came into operation, that the 'smooth' (spiritual) man should inherit the birthright of the 'hairy' (earthly) man (see Gen 27:11). THEN and THERE the TRANSFERENCE OF INHERITANCE (birthright) from the earthly to the spiritual man took place, and automatically, from the septenary cycle (1-7) which links with earth, to that of the numeral cycle (1 - 10) which contacts SPIRIT through SOUL (10). (There is also spirit-contact through the numbers 8 and 9). Therefore, as the earthly fulfillment was frustrated by a willful 'bride-elect', the prerogative of God lifted the 'promise' and conferred it upon 'the younger' (the spiritual), in whose cycle (1 - 10) there was still ample time left to consummate the marriage. Thus, the 2/3rds of 10 - (7 remaining INviolate) yield 6, or 6000 years (9 x 2/3 = 6).

    Wherefore, BEFORE the close of the present century, the SPIRITUAL MARRIAGE must have taken place, when He "shall have gathered out of the Gentiles a people for His name."

    The same truth of TRANSPOSITION, or replacement, is shown by the position of the 'virgin number'. The first 6 digits PRECEDE 7. These are the BASIC numbers of the EARTH-TREADING man, while the 3 numbers following the 7 ARE ALL IN CONTACT WITH SPIRIT-POWER, and in HARMONY with the Divine-SEEKING nature of the VIRGIN (7)! SOON, then, shall this era conclude, ushering in ** THE GLORIOUS MILLENIUM **, which shall flourish in "the REST" of the number 7 during the next 1000 years (the SABBATH Day). But FIRST must come the "marriage of the Lamb of God", when He "takes out of the Gentiles A PEOPLE FOR HIS NAME". THEN shall REST and relaxation be found while the Bridegroom rejoices in His beloved, and the BRIDE mounts to her EXALTATION in sweet communion with her Lord.

    When people SEEK THE WILL OF GOD instead of their own pleasure on the Sabbath-day, then indeed shall our earth revel in a 'Thousand years of PEACE.'

    Incidentally, it is of interest to observe that the Divine regulations governing marriage, decreed that a man just married should be EXEMPT from war -service for one full year! (Deut 24:5). Prophetically, 1 year answers to a day, and 1 day with God is 1000 years with man! Even therein did God foreshadow the 1000 years of Peace which should immediately follow His own marriage. At every turn did God proclaim His 'covenant' (prophetic promises). But His people were so gross and carnal that Moses had to stand between them and God: they "heard but His voice, but saw NOT His similitude!” And even unto this day remain most of that grossness in the mind and heart of the people, even to the extent that the very Ministers of God have failed to "see His similitude”! (Travel the width of the land: visit the churches; Interview the ministers, and see if ALL OF THEM COMBINED can manifest as much of "His similitude." as you will find in this one little brochure!!).

    "Awake You that sleeps"; ROUSE, for the day is breaking; shout for the Virgin is grooming, rejoice that the Bridegroom. His vestment is taking; exult in the rapture of trumpets proclaiming: UNION of Heaven and earth!

    On the 8th day (3000 - 4000 A.D.) a large representative number of humanity is to be shorn clean from all carnality, introducing the era of "the Sons of God" here on earth: immortals walking in Paradise regained, rejoicing in "the dew of their youth", — But the eras of the coming week are still very distant and not of much concern to us now. Yet we do see the GLORIOUS CONSUMMATION of God's work depicted for the 10th, 11th and 12th days, by the close of which the CYCLE OF SIN shall be finished; when the Serpent's trail shall come to its end!

    Then shall "death and hell (the UNseen) be cast into the lake of fire".

    Numbers In Prophetic Relationship

    Should we now yawn with satisfaction and close our eyes in a reverberating snore? Or shall we honor our Lord by proclaiming: 'tis but the beginning".... Very well - child of human kind, BEHOLD, for to His revelations there is no end!

    We have seen the two tablets of prophetic promises; we have searched and found the numbers (1 - 10) all interlinked except for 7. We have seen the Divine precepts speak of material and spiritual values: these two being symbolized by the prone and the upright, and 'keyed' for us in the angle of the figure 7. Thus we have the two sides of a rectangle. As we have seen the numbers 3 and 4 and 6 and 8 on these two arms, CO-ORDINATED by 5 and 10 on the diagonal bar so does this speak to us of God's way of ** DRAFTING THE FUTURE, or CO-ordinating with ** two epochal developments!.... **

    (THAT is a momentous statement; ponder it sufficiently to grasp its full import). But the two developments must be BASIC: one spiritual while the other earthly; it corresponds to the mother and father principle. Now for the PROOF that God GEOMETRIZES....

    According to the Bible Chronology (back pages), the Exodus took place 2666 AM {likely 2666.5). The Law was received shortly thereafter, and the entry to Canaan effected after 40 years in the wilderness.

    Although the writer is no adherent to the " Law of Moses", it must be admitted, yes BLUNTLY STATED, that no recorded event since creation, has compared in magnitude and SPIRITUAL IMPORTANCE to the Law on Sinai - and related events - except for the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth! But even of Jesus it is recorded that He was born according to and "under the LAW". (Gal 4:4).

    Wherefore, the Exodus, the Law. the entry to Canaan and its subjugation, BECOME SPIRITUAL EPOCHS of the 1st magnitude. The entry to Canaan and its conquest can also become EARTHLY epochs IF considered in relationship to its proper and greater SPIRIT-powered epochs.

    As an illustration we can consider the GRACE and FREEdom-setting power of the number 5 which was to become manifest in Jesus Christ. It was first manifest to Israel in their DELIVERANCE, and entry to Canaan, and more fully when their enemies were vanquished. In the adjoining graph, we see the SPIRIT-power of 5 on the vertical bar, plus the earthly achievement of entry in 2707 AM (2.707 millenniums). On the diagonal bar we get 5.68574. This we cube, or raise to its 3rd power for the measure of the great spiritual event of the world's Savior. The result is 183.8 SABBATHS (7s) from the time Israel commenced them in 2713 AM (presumably) THAT was their 7th year from entry into Canaan. Thus, the spirit-geometry shows 184 Sabbath-years, while Jesus was born between the 164th and 185th IF computed from Entry, but almost PRECISION as reckoned from the Sabbath year count! (183.8 x 7 = 1287 years + 2713 AM = 4000 AM or 00 CE).

    The adjoining graph shows the time of Abram's birth: 1946 AM.

    He was chosen FATHER of the elected people
    in whom Israel's root is counted. From Abram
    to entry Canaan (the great ante-type of
    Jesus' bodily ascension to Heaven) measured
    760 years, placed on the other bar....

    A careful calculation shows the angular arm of spiritual CO-ordination to measure 2089 years. This added to the time of Abram nets 4035 AM, being PRECISION TIME of Jesus' resurrection and ascension to Heaven (Pyramid chronology).

    To demonstrate that we need not confine ourselves to the events of the Israel people, let us look at the previous outstanding event:

    the Great Deluge. Since this terminated one age and commenced a NEW, we must use the same span of time on both arms, as it measured the EARTHLY, and also commenced the NEW, or spiritual. A careful study of the Biblical record, approximates Noah's vacating the Ark in 1657.16 AM. This measure on both bars, yields 2343.58 as God's spiritual ADJUSTMENT. Add this to the date of Epoch, and it yields 4000. 74 AM, or within .21 (75 days) of Jesus' birth, (basis Pyramid Chronologies)!! Incidentally, IF we adjust the time of Epoch 30 days (.09), it yields 4000.95, which is PRECISION for Jesus' birth (Pyramid Chronologies).

    Is there someone who dares to come forward , and PROVE by history and the present world that the EVENT which opened the Christian Era was not God's great Spiritual ADJUSTER?

    Can we view several of the greatest events recorded history, and behold the amazing PRECISION AGREEMENT, and still say these things "just happened"? Hardly!

    As we view the past, and marvel at the precision of God's geometry, we may look with equal confidence to His detailing the future according to the same PATTERN. Therefore, we may logically expect that from the two greatest events of Divine history recorded, that the next outstanding spiritual event will be coordinated thereto. As previously stated, these events are The LAW and the epochs in Jesus' life. Thus, on the basis of the Pyramid Chronology, the span of time from the LAW unto Calvary was 1366.5 years; while from the Law unto the Jordan Baptism (to Israel's Messiah) was 1363 years. The geometry adjacent shows for the said two arms, God's measure of spiritual CO-ordination to reach into 1960 A. D. and to the fall of 1968 A.D. As the writer sees it, these measures should mark Christ's RETURN TO EARTH, and secondly, the inception of IMMORTALITY in human flesh HERE AND NOW by a representative number of His Kingdom people.

    However, neither of these measures should be considered as PRECISION for the years specified. For all we know, these measures MAY become subject to the "SHORTENING" of which our Lord spoke emphatically. Nevertheless, by the spirit-geometry here illustrated, we can rest with great assurance that God will manifest His great power by or BEFORE these dates go into history.

    We could also look back to the father of the Israel people, and take His time as one epoch, and the Law as the 2nd as shown adjacent. Here we see where these two bars produce the CO-ordinant measure of 3300.5 years, measuring to 1968 A.D. AGAIN! But again the same 'cutting short' MAY apply (which factor is dealt with in other works by the writer.)

    ln fact it is FOLLY for us to think that we can pin-point the moment of His return to earth, "in flaming fire taking vengeance on them who know not God —. ".... Even, in our study of The Great Pyramid of Gizeh - which monument reveals the very years, months and DAYS of these greatest of all events - AN OBJECT OF MYSTERY has been injected. This boulder of SOLID GRANITE (linking with the DIVINE) with its numerous drill-holes through it, still remains a MYSTERY to the writer, no revelation having been received concerning it. Yet this much is recognized: it could POSSIBLY constitute a factor of 'shortening', though more likely it could POSSIBLY be a factor of an ADDITIVE MEASURE as applying to the expiry dates of the two DIVINE NUMBERS (explained in the Pyramid works by the writer), and the events contingent thereon. But even so, the rock is too small to effect a PLUS or MINUS of more than an odd few years - at least so it appears to the writer. Hence it becomes apparent that the Living God has deliberately injected ELEMENTS OF MYSTERY (or uncertainty) both into the written Word as well as into His Revelation in solid stone. This to the end that we all should live in these LAST DAYS according to the Lord's words - ringing the warning:


    Numeral Values


    The Unmanifest; INFINITY. The Spirit of God BEFORE "the beginning" and AFTER "the ending". Spirit in REPOSE. COMPLETION of the numeral cycle, contacting God hi the 'placement' found.

    1: LIGHT, LIFE; the "Alpha". The MANIFEST God in creative activity; UNITY. in its lower phases: Action, enterprise, energy, ambition initiative. Physically: eyes and vision. life expressing as MAN or the FAMILY. REUBEN. Precept: LOVE GOD with all one's strength and being. The SUN's number.

    2: DIVISION and separation, but with a view towards REunity Screening and SELECTION... .In its lower phases: error, friction, discord, change instability, vacillation. The NATION (world DIVISION). HEARING: ears and auditory nerves; diaphragm.... SIMEON. "Idolatry" is the error warned against through the number 2. It is also the number of the MOON.

    3: ADHESION: the Word spoken, or written; the PRIEST. ACTIVE unity; gathering together. The TEACHER: mind, intelligence, thought, speech. TRANSMISSION, the vocal organs; SMELL. LEVI. "Blasphemy" is warned against. The number of Mercury.

    4: FRUITFULNESS. BASICALLY - the earth iwmber. PRAISE. Rejoicing in accomplishment, CARNAL man manifests this number as sensualism and materialism.
    Physically: sexual attraction; feeling; desire.
    JUDAH. "Remember the Sabbath day to beep it holy," MOTHER' s number.

    5: FREEdom; Grace. CO-ordination between mind and matter; ADJUSTMENT to mental and material conditions through the Word of God; spiritual reception. The POWER of that. TRANSMUTATION.... In its lower phase it is subtle, or even cunning. Liberalism.... Physically: TASTE...... JUDGMENT. DAN.... "Honour thy father and thy mother." (We could allot planets to the numbers beyond 4, but since what is known of them does not seem to fully AGREE with God's REVEALED significance of the numbers, no further assignments will here be made).

    6: THE NUMBER OF MAN: HUMANITY, with MASTERY as its ultimate goal.'. 'For immature MAN it becomes STRUGGLE; dominion, domination; independence. AWARENESS; SIN,... The tribe of Naphtali. "You shall not kill."

    7: The VIRGIN number; THE CHURCH OF CHRIST. Seeking ATTUNEMENT with God; spiritual-MINDEDNESS. The EARTH-cycle. Therefore, 'REST; achievement realized; tranquility.,.. MARRIAGE: fidelity, felicity, harmony. Agreement, approbation; beauty. DEVOTION; chastity... GAD. "You shall not commit adultery."

    8: The RESURRECTION power. Man today responds only to Its lower phases In the form of GOOD-WILL, oo-operatico abundance, happiness.... It is 3-dimensional fulness, contacting spirit-power. Its highest today lor man is RE-generation. ... A confederation at nations. (The "united Nations") is an attempt to express the number B .... ASHER "Do not steal." {God will supply!)

    9: Divine LOVE; peace, spiritual tranquUity. FAITH, and spirituality.... Recompense; reward. ISSACHAR..... "Do not bear false witness. "

    10: LAW: government, authority, POWER. The father; a NATION or society. Cyclic spiritual completion but not 'perfection'. (Perfection only with reference to the main factors of the previously closing cycle.),... SOUL., .SUBLIMATION. ZEBULON.... "Do not covet."

    11: Commences 2nd, or SOUL-cycle. HOPE; outselling of the soul; joyful anticipation. INCREASE to be realized. SOUL-friendshlps, aad social intercourse. JOSEPH. "And this is my commandment: THAT YE LOVE ONE ANOTHER - AS I HAVE LOVED YOU'."

    12: Spiritual DISCERNMENT; SELF-SACRIFICE, Spirit-power achieved through self-sacrifice; soul-realization. Divine COMPASSION. ie its lower phase it is the cycle of SIN, hence DEATH, sorrow and suffering; confinement. BENJAMIN..,. "FEAR NOT littleflocklet; it is the Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom."

    20: is a 2 for the nation; or a 2 in the place of SOUL for the Individual. It is soul-searching SEPARATION for the spiritually aspiring, while unto the materialistic it becomes anarchy, and 'revolution' when carried to the nation.

    30: For a nation this is ibe number of tike priesthood. For a people as individuals, it may be mourning, or spiritual activation mru the Word of God - REACHING UNTO THE SOUL.

    40: Here we have the wilderness number, or that of TESTING for the individual, it is that which engenders soul-FRUIT-FULNESS.

    50: Liberation; jubilee. In its highest aspect for the INDIVIDUAL, it is EMANCIPATION from lusts and carnality. In the world at large today it expresses as 'democracy'.

    60: A GOOD number for TUB AWAKENED, bespeaking MASTERY having been achieved on the material plane. But since the world at large baa not finished the first cycle, this becomes a number of BEASTLAL man (6) in the place of soul. Hence it manifests as AUTOCRACY, or dictatorships.

    70: Politically, this is ECCLESIASTICAL RULE like that of the Vatican. For the individual, its highest aspect is FULL SURRENDER to God.

    80 & 90: These are very HIGH numbers, speading of the MANIFESTATION in the Resurrection body. The rulership and conduct of the impending Kingdom.

    100: God's manifestation to man. SPIRIT (not God).

    1260: The 'night' part of 2520-unit day. It links with 'tribulation' and 'witnessing'.

    2520: BASIC septenary cycle of manifestation.


    3rd place (100.)
    to LEFT of

    2nd place (10.)

    1st place (1.)
    To RIGHT

    1st place (.1)
    FAITH Desire Thought Response or feeling
    The WORLD NATION Man family Animate life

    The RIGHT corresponds to Spirit: constructive, creative and positive.

    The LEFT answers to earth: is disintegration; negative. UP and DOWN answer to Right and Left.

    To illustrate what is meant by 'placement' of a number, let us take: 345.6 (three hundred and forty-five and six-tenths).

    Here the 3 is in 3rd to left of decimal and answers thus to SPIRIT.. or it may apply to the WORLD. The 4 is 2nd to left and corresponds to SOUL, or may speak of me NATION, or of LAW. The 5 is in the 1st placement, and answers thus to the individual or me family (unity), and it speaks of MIND, THOUGHT or the qualities of 3 for the individual. While the final 6 is in the 1st place to the RIGHT of the decimal point, and hence spealcs of the physical body or LIVING-matter. It is animate life, and links with response or feeling.... Where 'whole' numbers appear, like that of 1260, ALL the figures are construed as being to the LEFT of the decimal point.

    Numeral Order Age Ref. (AM) Anno mortus
    1 - ADAM entered mortality
    2 - Seth born; Adam = 130 Gen. 5 130
    3 - Enos Seth = 105 Gen. 5 235
    4 - Cainan Enos = 90 Gen. 5 325
    5 - Mahalaleel Cainan = 70 Gen. 5 395
    6 - Jared Mahalaleel = 65 Gen. 5 460
    R8C1 R8C2 R8C3 R8C4
    R9C1 R9C2 R9C3 R9C4
    R10C1 R10C2 R10C3 R10C4
    R11C1 R11C2 R11C3 R11C4
    R12C1 R12C2 R12C3 R12C4
    R13C1 R13C2 R13C3 R13C4
    Numeral ORDER (AM) Anno AGE REF. Mortus (13) Salah.to^O) Abram =290 Gen. 11 1946* (21) ISAAC born Abraham = 100 " 21:5 2046* (22) JACOB " Isaac = 60 " 25:26 2106 (33) Joseph " Jacob = 91 " 41 and 47 2197 12:4 25:20 47:9 47:28 75 40 130 147 2021 2086 2236 2253 Abram's CALL Abram Isaac's marriage Isaac Jacob's ENTRY Egypt Jacob " death in Egypt, 110 " 50:26 2307 430 Ex 12:40-41 2666 and Gen 15:13 2666 40 Ex 16:35 2706 2706 - 2707 7yrs. 2713 (likely) 3414 Joseph's DEATH in Egypt at Israel's SOJOURN THE EXODUS Israel's sojourn in wilderness Israel's ENTRY Canaan First SABBATH-year Jerusalem's destruction N. B. IF Gen 11:10 means that Shem was 102 years at Arphaxad's birth (instead of roe stated 100), thea he was bom 1658 AM, and ail dates following require a 2-year additive, - 39 - 39


    "This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666." - Rev 13:18
    This is not intended as "an exposition" of the above passage in Scripture, but primarily to INDICATE how, by the very Word of God, systems and individuals are known to God BY A NUMBER! And observe how the Spirit stresses THE WISDOM required to 'COUNT' the 'number of the Beast' which is the number of 'A MAN!'

    Here is neither the space nor the intention to count his number, nor deal with the subject; but BRIEFLY we can look at his number and get his main EAR-MARKS. . . .

    Observe how SIX (6) is in the placement for body, SOUL and SPIRIT. The THREE (3) sixes speak to us of a HUMAN(e } PHILOSOPHY: a cult or creed which some would erroneously term 'religion, WHICH DEALS WITH THE INTERESTS OF MAN (6). His 6 in 1st placement shows a RATIONALIST of considerable attainments. He is the MENTAL type; forceful and independent.

    SIX ia bis 2nd placement denotes that he is filled with and swayed by HUMAN EMOTIONS, which, because of the 6 accentuation, will be purely SELFISH, His soul-desire will be the DOMINATION denoted by tfee 6 . His 3rd 6 is the most talkative to us. For, here we see that bis Spirit (religion) is a MAN -invented philosophy winch either ignores or repudiates GOD. Yet the 6 in religion's place shows the humaneness and EQUALITY -phase of the philosophy (at least so in its propaganda phase). And this unGodly creed which he accepts will be one well advertised and WORLD-known. And we shall recognize it in that it plays on HUMAN EMOTIONS (6) in 2nd place), setting MAN AGAINST MAN (the 2nd 6, or division), for the purpose of securing control of the people's soul, and to implement domination over them (6 in 2nd placement) The 3rd 6 in place of Spirit shows the pcstuladon of man's SUPREMACY, leaving God OUT OF THE PICTURE! His cult is one of human 'brotherhood' (the adhesion of his 3rd 6), but the man: SELFISH and DICTATORIAL.....

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