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"You don't have to be a genius to understand these things,
just use your common sense!!"
Luke 12:57 The Message

Here is the entire CLASSIC booklet by MD; "God - Who, What And Where" republished in it's entirety for the first time on the internet.. The contents of this booklet need to be shouted from the rooftops to every living creature!!! Enjoy :) Noah Russell, The Editor & Publisher

God; Who, What And Where?

 God; Who, What And Where?

Who, What And Where

  • GOD
  • 30 SILVER
  • Should Christendom today need an elaboration on 'God'? Does not everyone within Christendom know of God? And also KNOW Him - more or less? Do not ALL know the meaning of the word 'GOD'? And Jesus Christ: WHO is He? Does not every Christian believer know? Has not His Church down through the ages declared "the Son of God", with much elaboration on the 'Godhead'?... Can something of WORTH still be added to that which has been written by Theologians and the scholarly?

    Yet in this matter - even as in the Word of God - I dare to postulate that THERE IS A DENSE MIST OF FOG - to be cleared away; that the "doctrines of men" have replaced the Word of God to the befuddlement of humankind: that dreams conceived in the stygian night have been parroted down through the ages until now they are common property on "broken records"!

    Wherefore, in this seemingly elementary matter, I also assay to discard in the spirit of finality, the trappings of man's creation; rudely firing the dream-stuff enveloping His Church throughout its night.

    ALWAYS thus has it been with man since the advent of Lucifer: he seeks to place the fiction of his own creation in place of TRUTH. The TRUTHS in the Being of God ARE SIMPLE. But carnal man in his mania to rule over others, has invented 'creed' and 'dogma' to mystify the simple and to enshroud the plain. Thereby has a special 'caste' increased its "power over the souls

    Yet now the dawn is breaking....

    Wherefore, if TRUTH no terror holds for you, then read on.


    WHO is He? WHAT is 'God'? Foolish questions? Perhaps? Yet this is a FOOLISH generation, with 'drowsing virgins' in its midst. Wherefore, it becomes advisable to take a fresh look at BASIC FUNDAMENTALS - to the end that we may enter into the correct concept of that which is BASIC TO OUR BEING. For it is written:

    No doubt we can love God in our crass ignorance, yet I believe it very helpful to KNOW more about Him through that which He has declared of Himself. Therefore, LET US LOOK!

    Hence I propose FIRST to look to the meaning of the word "God". Secondly to the identity of Jesus the Nazarene, and finally to the "Holy Spirit", winding up in the "Godhead" - which takes us back to the "Elohim".


    If a foreigner with a very limited English vocabulary were to ask: WHAT do you mean by the term 'God'? Would not the average Christian answer something like this? "God is A SPIRIT: He is the MAKER of Heaven and earth; He is the Creator of ALL - even of you and me"?

    Although this general and common concept is largely a correct one, it is technically in error, and hence leads to many erroneous conclusions which get us entangled in the doctrines of man, and subject to the errors commonly committed in ignorance.

    The ancient and original "Elohim" has been rendered "God". And His manifestation to man has been by many names and expressions such as: "I AM; El (strength); Shaddai (the mighty God); Yahweh (Jehovah: the self-existent one); the Holy One; the Lord of Hosts; The KING of kings; the Living God; The Most High; Creator; Savior; the Father of Lights; The FATHER" as well as other expressions which convey A PORTION of the Truth of His UN-definable Being.

    But let us get to the bottom of this mystery, which Theologians call 'God'. So steel your nerves for the first shock! 'GOD' is not the name of a specific Being (even though thus commonly understood)! 'God' designates AN OFFICE! It is the term for a FUNCTION! It is designative rather than a proper noun! (Admittedly, Christendom uses it as a proper noun.)

    Our English 'God' links with the Greek 'Theos' (from which springs theology, etc). Some have translated this word 'The PLACER'. But words from out of ancient languages are today conditioned in their meaning by the lapse of centuries, and the evolution of man's concept, and his ever changing - though gradual - amendment of the original thought (as conveyed by the inspired mouth pieces for Divine Revelation).

    Wherefore, we must not place unlimited confidence in the definition of words, nor their modern usage, but rather DRAW OUR UNDERSTANDING FROM GOD'S OWN REPEATED USAGE OF THE TERM. Only in that way can we be sure that we are not blundering into error. So let us examine the word....

    'I AM the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.' God is not the God of the dead but of the living." (Matt 22:32; see also Ex 3:6).

    Let us try out the idea of Creator or Maker: Would God say "I am the Creator (or Maker) of a people who had been deceased for hundreds of years? IF creator be the meaning of GOD, He would more correctly have expressed Himself to Moses by saying: I was the Creator (God) of Abraham - -. IF we attribute to God the qualities of wisdom, truth and honesty, then we cannot evade the conclusion that at ALL times He does express Himself correctly and honestly. Hence we see by this KEY expression which our Lord chose to silence the Sadducees, that 'creator' is not the suitable meaning of the word 'God'. The attributed meaning of creator may be not entirely amiss, yet it is not THE SPECIFIC meaning of the word.

    Precisely the same must be said for the 'PLACER' concept. IF that were its fully correct connotation, then similarly must God has used the PAST tense, saying: I was the PLACER of Abraham etc.

    The KEY to its true meaning was given us by the Christ in that He said: "God IS the God of THE LIVING, not of the dead!" We could not say: "John is the John of the living, not of the dead"! By which we clearly see that 'God' is not a proper noun? THAT is man's usage!

    And, whereas Jesus proclaimed Himself ONE with the Father (Whom we call God), we may reasonably look to some of His other declarations to KEY with the correct meaning of the term.

    Only on two different occasions did He speak of Himself at length and that as in two different capacities. The first we find in John 10:1-16, where He is "the good SHEPHERD". The second we find in John 15th chapter where He declared Himself to be "the VINE" - Although the latter has not sentient life, careful analysis reveals that the VINE in relationship to the BRANCHES (which He declared His disciples to be), is in harmony with the term 'shepherd'. He defined the functions of the shepherd: he who calls his sheep by name who goes before - leading them to goodly pastures; he who tends to their daily needs and comfort, and who - if needs be - "lays down his life for the sheep". HARMONIOUS to this thought do we find 'the VINE' as supplying the energizing sap which enables the BRANCHES to stay alive and bear fruit. Thus we see that the VINE is 'the KEEPER' of the BRANCHES, even as a good shepherd is of his sheep! 'Shepherd' is a very specific and limited term. So let us substitute its broader equivalent: 'KEEPER'. Now let us try it:

    "God is the KEEPER of the living, not of the dead". We could change the wording slightly, making it even more lucid: "The KEEPER is the keeper of that which IS ALIVE, not of that which is dead"! With this understanding of the term GOD, we see clearly how He spoke volumes to Moses when He declared Himself in the PRESENT tense, as being the KEEPER of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! Let us pursue the thought further:

    "Fear not, Abram: I am thy SHIELD, and thy exceeding great reward," (Gen 15:1). Herein we find the thought of KEEPER emphasized. "Behold, I am with thee, and WILL KEEP THEE in all places --" (Gen 28:15). "I am with thee to SAVE thee and DELIVER thee --". (Jer 15:20) "Behold, I AM Yahweh the KEEPER (God) of all flesh; is there anything too hard for me?" (Jer 2:27). "And they shall be my people and I will be their KEEPER (God)" verse 38.

    THINK particularly of this last expression: could He - in rationality - have said: "They shall be my people and I will be their CREATOR?" How ridiculous!

    But we see how the thought of 'placer' is not foreign to the context. Only, it is too circumscribed. Indeed a good shepherd not only leads his sheep, but he PLACES in suitable

    It is not for you or me; not for any Theologian nor any Pope to interpret the Word of God; God Himself has furnished the full elucidation of ALL His deeper expressions to man.

    I can recall no passage of Scripture where 'God' is foreign to the thought of KEEPER. Neither do I know of any definition advanced by man, which answers ALL the contexts where 'God' is used.

    We might attribute other thoughts, which are near approaches to Truth, yet fall short of the full and true impact as God has revealed it through His own expressions. We might say? THE BIG BOSS; THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE, or THE DIRECTING INTELLIGENCE, yet we see that none of those necessarily implies the office of KEEPER.

    THAT is the central theme of His declarations to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob; yes, and to His people by the mouth of His prophets right down to the last of them. And THAT is the salient thought and the vital issue which Jesus emphasized and declared on numerous occasions: "Be not anxious for tomorrow ---( He will KEEP you). The very hairs of your head are numbered, (HOW He looks after you!)... You are of more value than many sparrows. --- Labor not for the meat, which perishes (leave all concern to your KEEPER). Worry not over what you shall answer, (TRUST your Keeper)!" We see in ALL these instances He stressed the CENTRAL THEME of God's declaration to man that He is man's KEEPER? And being a good KEEPER, He will NEVER forsake us, nor leave us to fend for ourselves. 'God Almighty' (the Almighty KEEPER) IS WITH YOU AND WILL KEEP YOU IN ALL PLACES! (Wherefore, RELAX and TRUST God!) "And Abram believed God (the KEEPER) and it was counted unto him for righteousness".

    Undoubtedly, many of Abram's fellow men in Ur believed in a 'creator', but THAT was not accounted to them for righteousness. But Abram heard the Voice and accepted Him as his KEEPER; and, having confidence in his KEEPER, he left his friends and kindred and early environment to become a sojourner in a land of strangers: relying not on his own brawn nor intelligence but committed himself fully to his Divine KEEPER. THAT pleased God! (God wants to be TRUSTED; does not any father?) Wherefore, He chalked it up in Abram's ledger, and underscored it as RIGHTEOUSNESS!

    You see, when once we FULLY ACCEPT the Divine KEEPER as being our keeper, then we relax and cease to fret ourselves about tomorrow.

    What is more, we cease from our devious ways and from our schemes and conniving, LOOKING WHOLLY TO OUR DIVINE KEEPER (God). If POWER UNLIMITED is for us and watches over us, WHY WORRY? Or why scheme and cheat? The Almighty KEEPER will provide! ..... It is THE BASIC CONCEPT - when once FULLY ACCEPTED - which ENGENDERS RIGHTEOUSNESS!

    Later we shall see how this correct understanding of the word GOD, dispels dogma, clears up mysteries and elucidates Scripture. But for the moment let us turn our attention to the far more befuddled topic of 'The Son' (of God) and search out the Scripture as to the identity of JESUS THE NAZARENE.


    It is doubtful that any issue for the Christian has been wrapped in more MYSTERY and bamboozling dogma than that of "the Son of God". Usually He is ascribed Deity. And most Christians would - undoubtedly - pinpoint the SON as first commencing with "the BABE OF THE MANGER". Some declare Him as ONE OF THREE, but wrapped in the 'mystery' of 'THREE-IN-ONE'! Some ascribe CREATION to the Father, while later on the Old One begot 'a Son' to clean up the mess.... Still others declare Jesus as "THE ONE AND ONLY GOD and indivisible Creator"! Usually, such are labeled "Jesus ONLY" people. While to add further to the contusion, we have numerous cultists who label Him a very enlightened TEACHER and EXEMPLAR, but not to be confused with God the Creator. Some label Him an "elder brother". Most of these ascribe Him some special office or MISSION to perform. And still others that He was only one among many greatly ENLIGHTENED who have manifested on earth. And still others declare Him but "A MYTH"!

    The thoughts and inevitable conclusion I shall here express, would have been quite impossible at the outset of my career as a TEACHER-IN-TRUTH. And readers of this treatise, who are not familiar with a number of my other writings, may find it difficult to FULLY accept the conclusions to follow. For, in one brief exposition it is impossible to present that mass of evidence which PROVES THE CASE - beyond controversy.

    Wherefore, first let me emphasize the INescapable conclusion to be drawn from my innumerable writings (demonstrated like a crossword puzzle) that:

      (1) God has clearly manifested to man; (2) that God has left His UNrefutable insignia abundantly scattered through the Pentateuch and by His various prophets, as well as through the FOUR GOSPELS and the "book of Revelation". (3) That in His expressions to man, He has used no idle word nor false symbol.

    Wherefore, the corollary to this realization must be



    (Please observe that "the revealed Word of God" refers to what is above mentioned, but does NOT include ancient history written and juggled by man - much of which is still scattered through the text of our Bible.)

    Neither can we arrive at TRUTH by claiming the right to 'interpret' Scripture to suit our own ideas or alleged versions of Truth (mostly to bolster man-invented creeds)!

    Therefore, whosoever has arrived at this understanding and faith should find little difficulty in shedding the cobwebs of dogma and man-concocted 'mysteries'; to come out into the glorious LIGHT OF TRUTH, and the enjoyment of that FAITH which is KNOWN to be founded in fact!

    Our problem then is simple! Jesus said: "SEARCH the Scripture ---- they are they which testify of me!" (John 5:39). Observe what He said: not to tie ourselves to some theologian or man-appointed teacher, but rather SEARCH the Scripture (for ourselves). Neither to run to some 'intelligentsia' or parrot for an 'interpretation' of that which is written, but "judge for yourselves what is right"! Lk 12:57.


    Here, there are far too many prophecies and references to the promised 'Messiah' (= 'Christ' or 'anointed') to be treated in a brief brochure, but we shall view an odd few which pinpoint His identity.

    Presumably, no Scripture citations nor proofs are needed to convince the reader that He who manifested in times of old as YAHWEH, was the 'God' of the Hebrews, as well as the God of modern Christendom.

    The passage already quoted from Jeremiah 32:27, states unequivocally, that the great Being then manifesting thru Israel's prophets, was 'God', and known as Yahweh. (The original soft Y sound was later replaced by the harder J; while Jewish reverence for the unutterable name of God led to the hybrid 'Jehovah', rendered 'Lord' in the A.V.)

    The El Shaddai manifested to man, and declared Himself to be Yahweh. And scattered thru those revelations of Himself, He left His UNdisputable INSIGNIA - that man today might KNOW, and therefore rest in confidence.

    In numerous passages, especially in the 10th chapter of Jeremiah, we are told that Yahweh was also the CREATOR (see v.12)... In Zech 12:1 Yahweh "forms the SPIRIT of man within him", wherefore the apostle calls Him "the Father of Spirits" (Heb 12:9).

    Even by these few passages we see Yahweh as the CREATOR, as well as the FATHER of the SPIRIT within man; hence, also his 'KEEPER' (or 'God'). Now for the soul jarring truth:

    "And I said unto them: 'if you think good, give me MY price' ----so they weighed for MY price thirty of silver. --- a goodly price that I was priced at of them." Zech 11:12-13. "And they shall look upon ME whom they have pierced---." Zech 12:10

    Let the reader carefully observe by Zech 11:6 and 12:1 that was Yahweh (the 'Lord') who was speaking thru the prophet! And it is an easy matter to demonstrate by the simple wording in connection with recorded history, that the crucified Nazarene was He of whom the prophet spoke that should be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver. Moreover, it is a simple matter to PROVE by the prophetic factors involved, that the TIME of Calvary's Cross fulfilled Zech 11:12-13!

    Wherefore, IF we are willing to believe in God's honesty; IF we will accept the declared Word of Yahweh, then it becomes


    - manifesting in human flesh!

    Of course, if you know better than Yahweh, then the inspired record is worthless (to you)! Or, IF after the fashion of Theologian This or Teacher That, you 'interpret' the Scripture to suit your own ideas, then again the inspired record becomes worthless and but a word-ball to kick around! (In either instance, reckon not your stupid conceit as deserving of public attention.)

    But now converge a crescendo of voices to question: IF Yahweh indeed encased Himself in human flesh, did THAT SPIRIT rule the universe even while He was a babe - and thru later life? Or WHO was on the Heavenly Throne? Or was that vacant? Or was there some sort of mystic 'ray' of Himself on the Throne or may be in the body of Jesus (making Him a Divine schizophrenic)? And who was the 'Father' of whom Jesus spoke, whom He also referred to as His 'God'? And is it not foolish to suppose that Yahweh the Almighty: Creator of Heaven and earth and the Father of angelic orders and the Spirit in man, would indeed subject Himself for 33 years to the limitations of a human body, and the final agony upon the Cross?......LET US SEE!

    First, when once we accept the honest and inerrant Word of Yahweh (SIGNATURED thru prophecy), we see at once that Teacher-This and Scientist-That who proclaim Jesus as merely man, but enlightened for His day and a great 'teacher', ARE BUT VENDORS OF DECEIVING TWADDLE, SEEKING TO EXALT THEMSELVES - by the HUMANIZING of Jesus, and thus to better foist themselves on the ignorant and credulous.

    This TRUTH of the Yahweh Himself indwelling the body of Jesus, was finally understood by the apostles, at any rate by John who declared Him as 'The WORD' who had become human flesh, yet had created all there is! (See John 1:1-3, 10, 14). Much later Paul was given the same by revelation, for, he declared Jesus as the CREATOR of all things that are in Heaven or on earth, visible and invisible, even to that of angelic orders (see Col 1:13- 7).

    When once this terrific Truth is fully realized, then does the Christian believer bow in awesome worship before his Maker: knowing that his Maker - YAHWEH - CAME HIMSELF IN PERSON TO RECLAIM SIN-CURSED CREATION -that it was not an old 'Father' (God) who permitted error to enter and later relegated the onus of its expiation to a 'Son' by the enduring of cruel torture and the shedding of His blood! Moreover, the one 'from Missouri' (who must have it proven) who has seriously questioned the possibility of the shed blood of any man atoning for human sin, realizes in a flash, that THAT LIFE which was and IS THE CREATOR IN PERSON, energizing and coursing in the blood of the Nazarene; had well within itself THE POWER AND EFFICACY to 'REDEEM' whomsoever, and 'ATONE' for whatsoever He saw fit. IF we dispute that, then do we LIMIT the power of the Creator:


    As to WHO ruled the universe during Yahweh's 33 years' sojourn on earth, THAT becomes simple as soon as we correctly understand the term 'God'. 'God' was still on the Heavenly Throne. The Great 'KEEPER' (God) is whosoever has the POWER and the OCCASION to fill that office! Even in the affairs of stupid man, IF "Mr. President" decides to travel to a foreign country on important business, THAT does not mean that the Chief Executive's chair is left vacant! A 'deputy', in whom is vested sufficient authority, RULES in the absence of the other. Similarly in the days of Jesus: A 'KEEPER' was on the Universal Throne, attending to every minute detail!

    Therefore is it written that He - Yahweh - " - - made himself of no reputation, and took upon Him the form of a servant (Phil 2:7). Another translation renders it more correctly by stating: "EMPTIED HIMSELF, taking the form of a slave ---".

    That is, Yahweh EMPTIED HIMSELF of His reigning POWER ("made Himself of no reputation"), laying down at the Central Seat of POWER His "seals of Office", by which act He "erased His reputation" (great GLORY), entering into a slave-form, becoming known as Jesus the Nazarene. Even by the faulty translation in the A.V. we observe that He first voided His 'reputation', then took on Him(-self) the form of a servant. Observe clearly that it was NOT the Nazarene (the servant) who was content to not build up a 'reputation', but rather Yahweh Who "was in the form of God" (verse 6), that is, in THE OFFICE OF 'KEEPER'. That KEEPER divested Himself of His GLORY ("erased His own reputation") in order to manifest in the form of A SLAVE!

    At the very moment of His doing so, another exalted Being assumed THE RESPONSIBILITY AS KEEPER: (God). Of that mighty Being spoke Jesus, terming Him "My Father and My God" ('Keeper') (see John 20:l7). Of Him Jesus declared: "My Father is greater than I" (John 14:28)

    Now, to clear the hoary mystery of the FATHER to Whom Jesus referred, and to dispel the mental mists of man-invented dogma we find in the doctrine of the ‘Trinity', as well as the equally great error of the 'Jesus only' people, we shall have to take a closer look at the


    This takes us back to Gen 1:26: "And the Eiohitu said: "Let US make man in OUR image and after OUR likeness ---".

    Scholars seem to be in full agreement that the "im" ending denotes the PLURAL. Hence we have the plural carried through to "OUR image" and after "OUR likeness". Theories have been built up and dogmas evolved to suit the ideas of man and dreamers in the night. One of such has it that the plural form denotes "the plurality of VIRTUES or of MAJESTY, or "The fullness of strength".

    ALL such stupid babble and empty verbiage let us cast aside for the absolute ZERO it is worth! GOD is the interpreter of His own expressions! And, since we have the clearest of Yahweh's statements that it were to be HE HIMSELF whom Jewry should PIERCE and LOOK UPON after buying His blood for 30 pieces of silver, then we are fully justified to look to the words of the same Yahweh as He hung upon the Cross in agony, awaiting release from the slowly dying body of the Nazarene:

    ** "EUM, ELOI, lama sabachttanir - Mk 15:34

    What! Did not Yahweh-Jesus know how to properly address "the FATHER" upon the Throne, by calling Him "the PLURAL of Majesty" ("ElohIM"), or the "Fullness of Strength" as our modern scribes have advanced?? But no!! Yahweh Himself upon Calvary's Cross, recognized His 'Father' (Who "is greater than I") – only in the singular!!

    What! Are we too stupid to understand plain words when they are repeated, and their truth hammered at us? Are we not supposed to understand that there is more than ONE when the PLURAL is used and THEY carry on a conversation? Or are our skulls so utterly empty that we must quail before the simplest language, jabbering as we run excitedly to a long-frocked priesthood to 'interpret’ words written for a 6-year old to understand? Or are we so moon-struck that the plain words of God to His wee children are not acceptable until we weave about it involved dogma to complicate the simple and MYSTIFY the lucid?

    But comes the retort: "Our God is only ONE! Wherefore, we cannot postulate TWO or more!

    Stupid! How could there ever be more than ONE 'Keeper'? Even in the affairs of man, has any business many BOSSES'? Has a kingdom more than ONE king? Or a Republic many Presidents? And when one is replaced, does that mean TWO 'bosses' or 'Presidents'? Or when one travels and leaves a functionary behind, does that change the imperative SINGLENESS of the Office? Even so upon the Heavenly Throne: When ONE KEEPER sees it expedient to "travel to a foreign country to seek fruit in His vineyard, He delegates to ANOTHER - fully capable - THE SEALS OF OFFICE with the full responsibility for the 'KEEPING' duties! THAT does not imply a plurality of active KEEPERS any more so than the great American Republic has many Presidents. Of sheer necessity, there can be but ONE acting CHIEF EXECUTIVE in either instance!

    By Isaiah 44:8, Yahweh declares "there is no God beside me: I know not any.” Observe, He did not say there was no CREATOR beside Himself; nor did He deny the existence of some other exalted Being. But simply said that there was no 'God' aside from Himself. Manifestly, there could be only ONE Chief Executive on ACTIVE duty; and that duty to KEEP all of creation. THERE CAN BE NO DIVISION IN RULERSHIP. Wherefore, "HEAR Oh Israel, Yahweh your 'Keeper' is ONE -----."

    Bear in mind that PAGANISM was in the toils of A MULTIPLICITY of 'gods'. They worshipped a 'god' of fertility, and another 'god' of agriculture and another for fishermen, and thus and thus and thus! 'Israel’ lived in the midst of such stupid idolatry; therefore was it vitally important for THE TRUE KEEPER to declare Himself IN FULL AND ABSOLUTE CONTROL in order to do away with DEMONOLOGY!

    Now do I hear a THINKING student say? "You declare but ONE 'Keeper', yet you concede that the ElohIM signifies PLURALITY.

    To understand that we must bear in mind the TIME and the CONDITIONS or CIRCUMSTANCES under which a word is used or an expression made.

    God is THE CHIEF (executive). On earth He spoke through 'prophets' and appointed a priesthood to instruct and direct the activities of His people.

    Similarly let us contrast the HEAD of a Ford plant. He appoints his Superintendent and Foremen and department-bosses. IF then the employees become unruly, is not the Plant-BOSS justified to thunder to them: You have ONE BOSS only? Yet IF that BOSS is young in office, and the retiring CHIEF EXECUTIVE has seen it expedient to remain for a while as coach and counselor, does THAT give the plant TWO Bosses? But NO! The elder executive knows better than to go through the plant issuing orders, but will make his suggestions directly to the younger Boss. OF NECESSITY THERE MUST BE SINGLENESS O F EXECUTIVE POWERS!

    But surely you can see that IF the Chief Boss and retiring Elder were considering some vital enlargement to the plant, or CHANGE in the plan of assembly methods, the two of them might get together and DISCUSS the matter, IF this were to be recorded, we couldn't very well say that the 'Boss’ talked to himself! But rather, "the BossES” said: 'Let US have this assembly line run by day, and that one by night. Or we might refer to them as the "Directors" or the " Executives". Such a record would only mean that the PLANNERS had discussed matters and CAME TO A FULL AGREEMENT. But by no stretch of the imagination does such an account imply that the WORKMEN had two bosses!

    Under conditions not too dissimilar was it written: "Let US make man in OUR image and after OUR likeness". .... Yet for ever AND A DAY I MUST THE EXECUTIVE VOICE REMAIN ONE ("Hear Oh Israel, the 'Boss' your 'KEEPER' is ONE!")

    While manifesting in human flesh Yahweh said: "I and my Father are ONE." From this together with the first commandment, our theologians have fabricated the dogma of the 'Trinity' the 3-in-1 yet l-in-3; COexistent and the same in substance. Included therein is "God the Holy Spirit"! (Momentarily let me say: I knew of no Bible passage that speaks of “God the Holy Spirit” or even remotely alluding thereto! THAT is purely a fabrication by the theologians! But perhaps some good protégé of theirs will come forward to show me how ignorant of Scripture I am.)

    Now let us look again at this "I and my Father are ONE" . But did not our Lord say: "It is written AGAIN!" Wherefore I quote to you: " The Scripture is not of any PRIVATE interpretation!" (II Peter 1:20). Therefore I do deny to any and all - within the range from Pope to parrot - the right to 'interpret' the simplest passage of Scripture contrary to common sense and GOD'S ELUCIDATION OF HIS OWN WORD!

    Tell me now: This Yahweh Who spoke of being ONE with His Father, would not HE be 'the logical one to explain what He meant thereby? Or is the dream stuff of drowsers in the night more to the point? Or maybe we should HEAR a parrot on a broken record?

    IF so, very well - creed-bound, to the befuddling mist of fantasy be gone. But let the sincere SEEKER AFTER TRUTH bow in worshipful adoration before our gracious Father who has made all things plain and intelligible unto the merest of His children..

    "Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which Shall believe on me through their word: that THEY ALL MAY BE ONE: as you - Father - are in me, and I in you; that THEY ALSO MAY BE ONE IN US, that the world may Believe that You have sent me." - John 17:20-21

    Yahweh-in-human-flesh looked forward and saw the mumbo-jumbo hoaxeries that were to mystify the unlearned, so that power could be increased in the hands of an ecclesiastical hierarchy? Therefore did He ruthlessly smash to shivers, man's calculated dogmas that were to reign in the hours of darkness!

    Is not His language so simple that the merest school boy can explain? Eleven disciples were facing their Lord when He uttered that great intercessory prayer to The FATHER. Praying to His Father He implored that these - His disciples - might "BE ONE" - even after the same fashion as He was ONE with His Father!! Were the 11 disciples but ONE BODY OF FLESH? Were they “1-in-11 and 11-in-1"? AFTER THE MANNER THAT WE ARE ONE said He to His Father ("AS you Father are in me and I in you") so grant that these whom I love may also "BE ONE"!

    True to His style of sweeping authority, in those few words He SHATTERED FOREVER the 'mystery' of the ‘Godhead’! The same truth in identical words He voiced in v, 11; while the KEY to the ONENESS He gave in v. 23 in that He said -- that they may be made perfect IN ONE; that the world may know that thou hast sent me and HAS LOVED THEM -- as you have loved me." Observe His words: " — that the world may know --- that THOU HAST LOVED THEM - -." Then loot at His similar words used a short time previously when He said to them: "By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, IF YOU HAVE LOVE ONE TO ANOTHER." John 13:35) ----- Whereby we see that *LOVE* is that 'UNIFYING* spirit of which He spoke: that magic alchemy that would fuse the 11 into ONE (in Spirit).

    That ONENESS He demonstrated in even simpler language, debunking forever the ‘mystery’ jargoned about a 'Trinity'. Behold the simpleness of His words:

    "On that day you shall know that I am in my Father, and YOU IN ME, and I in you! ''YOU in me - - -."

    Apparently the TRINITY doctrine has grossly curtailed the 'Godhead'! With 11 disciples IN Jesus that -would make at least 12, maybe 141.... In the selfsame breath He spoke of Himself IN His Father and also IN them, and THEY IN HIM! Only the BLIND by indoctrination and the pig-headed can fail to see the overwhelming simplicity of His statements that explode the 'mystery'; declaring an ONENESS through the alchemy of A SPIRIT-LOVE. Through the magic of this LOVE were they to be IN Him, and then would they also perceive that He was IN the Father, and also IN them!

    In the 15th chapter of John, He DEFINED that LOVE of which He spoke. While in 14:21, 23-24, He spoke of LOVE's manifestation in that it enforces (from within) the carrying out of the wishes, injunctions and will of the one who is loved.

    Therein we see THE ONE AND ONLY Biblical explanation of the ONEness of Yahweh and His Father, Through the transcendent LOVE of Father for Son and Son for Father, to the extent that there is AN ABSOLUTE AND UNQUESTIONING MUTUAL RESPECT for the will and wishes of one another. * THUS * may they too be ONE - He prayed the Father, that the world may know that I have DISCIPLINED THEM, and that YOU HAVE LOVED THEM - even as you hare loved me. (Herein we see the basis of His motivation for the spiritual disciplining (13 : 35) of the chosen ones, He might have worded it like this: 'Oh righteous Father, because YOU HAVE * LOVED * THEM - I have disciplined them to the end that they also should reflect that mutual LOVE which unifies father and son: THEN shall the world perceive your great love for them’ .

    "But that the WORLD MAY KNOW that I love You ARISE! LET US GO HENCE." - John 14:31

    THAT was but an hour or two before the armed band took Him captive. At the very moment of His speaking HE KNEW THE FATHER'S WILL, as well as the horror of the impending events, together with the agony of suffering and humiliation which would be heaped upon Him. In the face of THAT SHAME AND SUFFERING and its vision horrific: with great will and determination He arose to deliberately walk into Darkness' stark hour, saying: "BY THIS (act) shall the world KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU" But WHO was/is the FATHER to Yahweh-in-human-flesh?

    In the opening of Genesis we are shown PLURALITY by use of the " ElohIM" and THEIR conversation. Somewhat later Yahweh declared that He would manifest in human flesh - to be put to death. Not only through the prophet Zechariah but also through Malachi did He declare His personal advent on earth by saying:

    "See! I will send my messenger and he shall prepare the way BEFORE *ME*; and the Lord ( *Yahweh*) whom you seek SHALL SUDDENLY COME TO HIS TEMPLE ---! Mal 3:1

    Having arrived at "His temple” some 450 years later, this same Yahweh spoke to the selfish and hypocritical priesthood, forecasting their doom and announcing His own identity by speaking the parable of the vineyard:

    "But last of all He sent unto them HIS SON, saying: They will reverence my Son!" Mat 21:37

    Here we should observe that Jesus portrayed God (the KEEPER then on the throne) as an 'householder' - who, last of all SENT his son. The SON was with the Father from the beginning (of His planting the vineyard). Observe that it was not the Householder who later begot a son in the midst of the husbandmen, but pointedly: the Son - of sheer NECESSITY - had been with the Father in order to later get SENT unto the husbandmen!

    This is stressed, for I am well aware that many explain (interpret) 'the Son’ (phase of God) as becoming AT THE INCARNATION. We have but to look at His words to see through the lie of that twaddle.

    Or , WE CAN "JUDGE FOR OURSELVES WHAT IS RIGHT”. Suppose a bachelor scientist concocts a synthetic egg which eventually he succeeds in hatching! So (in our supposition) the egg brings forth a chick! Would we then say that the bachelor scientist had become 'a father’? How utterly ridiculous! HE MUST BEGET HIS OWN KIND before we will credit him with 'fatherhood’.

    The Yahweh-Savior declared plainly that "God IS A SPIRIT'. HE would necessarily have to beget A SPIRIT in order to be A FATHER! (STOP right here until this terrific TRUTH is thoroughly grasped.) Whereby again we see the empty mumbo jumbo of certain spiritual luminaries who limit 'the SON’ to the manifestation of the Manger's Babe.....

    Later in His triumphant exultation in Spirit He prayed: " -- that they may behold my glory which thou has given me, for, you loved me BEFORE the foundation of the world!" (John 17:24) The same thought was expressed in the 5th verse but even more emphatically (in declaring His PREexistence with the Father) . And in that He said: "My father is GREATER than I". Did He give the lie to the Trinity doctrine that declares them equal! .... To postulate that He who was-aware of His Yahweh-identity, yet spoke of Himself but in the consciousness of FLESH limitation and called A SPIRIT His 'father', becomes just that much childish prattle. Let us grasp clearly the distinction and recognize the relationship between "father and son". Let us understand once and for all time that THERE CAN BE NEITHER WITHOUT THE OTHER! There can be no 'son' unless there is a 'father'; neither can there be a 'father' unless or until he has offspring after his own kind". (These elementary facts of biology should need no mentioning were it not for the fact that our theologians today are but parrots in plumage who have trained their protégés in parakeetery.) A little honest reflection on this simple Truth, reveals the absurd stupidity of postulating that A SPIRIT became ‘a father’ when Mary brought forth her first-born. THAT is tantamount to declaring that God was A MAN OF HUMAN FLESH. Yet Yahweh said to Moses that no man could SEE HIM and still live! (Ex 33: 20)

    Let us reflect a little farther on "father and son". THINK in terms that we can understand fully. In a very limited sense-man becomes a 'god’ when he enters fatherhood. To begin with he placed the seed that eventually developed into a human form. Here we find harmony with the definition some have given to 'Theos’ as that of ‘Placer'. But to stop there does gross injustice to fatherhood in the sight of man as well as before God. A father has RESPONSIBILITIES. It is recognized that he is accountable for the little form that has come into the world. God commands it; the laws of any civilized land enforce it, while deep within the heart of every father is the URGE to watch over, provide for and KEEP that life which he has begotten. Is there anything that God has placed within the heart of parents more entrenched, or surer to find expression than the 'keeper' -love towards the offspring? Have we not been begotten in the IMAGE of our MAKER?

    As this is THE outstandingly expressive relationship between parents and child, can we then evade the conclusion that the selfsame KEEPER-love is THE predominant nature of the "Father of Spirits” Who created man (physical body) in His own image? THUS, how can we again evade the conclusion that the first name of Himself that He revealed to man, was and IS THAT WHICH BESPEAKS HIS PREDOMINANT NATURE? (Eloah-Eloi; ElohIM, while "Er for short.) WHERE, or WHO was the parent of God to give Him a name pleasing to the ears? Was it not HE who declared His name and nameS to man? IS HE NOT TRUE? AND HONEST? ASSUREDLY! So it follows naturally that the name He manifested to His creation was THAT name which would convey to them HIS PRINCIPAL CHARACTERISTIC and function to them-ward. And having done so He commenced to 'hammer in’ this basic Truth by such emphatic declarations as: "I AM your shield and mighty defense; I AM with you and will KEEP you in all places; I AM with you to SAVE and to DELIVER"; and later and more intimately: "Be not anxious for tomorrow — for behold, I AM with you even unto the end of the age".

    "You loved me BEFORE the foundation of the world", Even by itself this AFFIRMS that A SPIRIT had BEGOTTEN HIS OWN KIND (another 'Spirit') before creation THUS, having begotten a Spirit-SON, THAT made the 'First Cause' a 'Father'. To attribute Him 'Fatherhood' through the creation of FLESH - regardless of HOW brought about - BECOMES A MONSTROUS ABSURDITY!

    Now for a minor point seized upon by the unscrupulous that are enemies of Christ our Savior. John 4:24 speaks of God as "a Spirit" , but does not place the 'a' in italics. Yet the 'a' IS AN INSERTION by the translators! This fact has been exploited by some trying to show that God is NOT a Being or Personality, but rather an UNdefinable FORCE or substance that is everywhere present, but nowhere, nor ever as AN INDIVIDUAL (being)!

    Let us bare in mind that many of the ancient languages did not make use of the indefinite article ‘a’ neither did they use a bunch of unnecessary words. This becomes evident when we look at all the printed words IN ITALICS in the A.V. "Yet such lack of words is no excuse for us to be pig-headed and deny their intended presence. As in John 4:24 the Lord immediately proceeds to say: " - - - they that worship HIM must worship HIM in spirit and in Truth." He did not say to worship 'it', but boldly declared God to be A Being by using the INDIVIDUAL pronoun (Him). Can we speak of space or force as him or her - and still maintain our rationality. But some are not concerned over Truth and Reason! Such with brazen abandon contort the Word of God that fit their own dreams in the night, woven into crackpot theories that they seek to foist upon the simple. Or could a sane and normal person 'WORSHIP' space, or force or anything intangible even to thought? And IF Jesus spoke of 'spirit' in its abstract and NON-personal sense, how could He call THAT His 'Father’? And rejoice in reminiscence over the GLORY He had with that " before the world"? Since we have a brain, LET US USE IT!

    Now we have clearly beheld how the awesome Yahweh unequivocally declared Himself to be the CREATOR (Jer 10:10, 12-13), and how the selfsame Creator of all there is, clearly implied five centuries beforehand how He (Yahweh speaking) would incarnate in human FLESH in order that they could weigh for His price of 30 silver, and look upon HIM ('me’) whom they pierced: THAT through the prophet Zechariah. A little later through Malachi He declared the same Truth by foretelling He would send a special messenger to prepare HIS way ('before ME’), and the Lord (Yahweh) whom ye seek "SHALL SUDDENLY COME TO HIS PEOPLE (Mal 3:1). This ‘temple’ word has here a twofold meaning: (1) the temple of HUMAN FLESH: the body for His incarnation (2) the temple of wood and stone wherein the Chosen People worshipped Yahweh.

    While we have reason, let us not affirm that He meant it in a SPIRITUAL sense. For, in a spiritual sense HE WAS ALREADY THERE! And had He meant that He would manifest His spiritual presence FEARFULLY as He did in the days of Moses, then in keeping with His impeccable honesty He -would have been compelled to say: "I will come AGAIN suddenly to - my people - --." Moreover, there is no record of His spiritual presence ever manifesting phenomenally in the temple of Zerubbabel, neither in the rebuilt and enlarged one by king Herod. Yet of THAT temple He said through His mouthpiece: "I will fill this house with glory — the glory of this latter house SHALL BE GREATER than the former." - Hag 2:7, 9.

    Would God - A Spirit - eulogize wood and rock and precious stones? Hardly! But rather He spoke of the glorification of Zerubbabel - Herod's temple by or Through the personal manifestation there of Yahweh-in-human-flesh; of the GLORY OF TRUTH He fearlessly declared, and the GLORY of the POWER HE WIELDED AT THE SPOKEN WORD! Yes, of the GLORY OF GOD'S UNLIMITED POWER IN THE PRESENCE OF MAN! Unless THIS TRUTH is recognized and accepted, then Hag 2:7 and 9 become a lie! Nineteen centuries ago THAT temple was reduced to rubble, la grandeur it could not be compared to Solomon's: neither was any spiritual manifestation of God ever recorded for it – save for THE GLORY OF YAHWEH-IN-PERSON as He strode its courts in the calm and majestic assurance of the Creator; declaring Truth as never heard before nor since; WIELDING DIVINE POWER which struck awe and terror to the heart of the carnal. "STRETCH IT FORTH" He commanded, when instantly, the withered arm was restored to normalcy! "It was He who said:

    " I came forth from the Father and am come into the world; again I leave the world and go to the Father" - John 16:28

    IF God is but "spirit"', or some indefinable FORCE, then were the words of Jesus only BABBLE; for, that FORCE - like space itself - could NEVER BE LEFT BEHIND, neither "returned unto"! IF Jesus was a babbler, then He was of lower intelligence than many of His compatriots. IF so, then He could not speak parables and perform miracles, ALL OF WHICH WERE VEILED PROPHECIES - now vindicated by history! Yet THAT I have demonstrated abundantly in numerous writings! Wherefore it follows that it was NOT Jesus who babbled, but nitwits and the unscrupulous who seek their own personal glory by the propagating of falsehoods - at a price....

    We have now established through the revelation that Yahweh gave of Himself, that He used the word ‘God’ to designate His OFFICE as man's KEEPER. That through three different mouthpieces He clearly foretold that He (in person) would incarnate in human flesh in a manifestation unto His Chosen People, (see Isa 9:6-7; Zech 11 10, 12-13; Mal 3:1). So let us take another look at the GODHEAD around which has been woven the mists of dreamstuff to obscure the Truth and bamboozle the unlearned (in His Word).

    "Three in One and One in Three" and "three yet only One", as well as more infantile babble along the same line. Still others have declared Jesus as THE One and ONLY: the indivisible Creator, manifesting His Fatherhood through begetting; His Sonship through the incarnation and His "Holy Spirit" in and through a portion, or emanation of His own substance (like steam rising off hot water), shedding it forth wheresoever He wills..... And of course, that too is a ‘mystery’.

    The ‘Jesus Only’ people have had sense enough to realize the incoherent babble of the 'trinity' doctrine, yet have themselves lacked the rationality to perceive the ridiculous incongruity of the brain-child they brought forth: that the ‘Babe’ of human FLESH was the ‘son’ of A SPIRIT! (May God have compassion on His children in the night - engaged in blasphemous babble…) THAT is even more stupid than to say that an eagle fathered a sardine. The eagle and sardine are native to different elements (air and water): likewise is SPIRIT in relationship to matter (flesh) with the difference that the contrast is at least 100-fold greater! Moreover, the sexual organisms of bird and fish have nothing in common, neither that of spirit and flesh.

    Read the opening of Genesis, and see how God has declared that ALL BROUGHT FORTH "AFTER THEIR OWN KIND”! It is not MD who postulates that one must beget his own kind (to enter parenthood), BUT THE VERY WORD OF YAHWEH HIMSELF! Wherefore it follows that GOD MUST ALSO BEGET HIS OWN KIND! He is A SPIRIT. His 'fatherhood' becomes by His begetting another 'spirit', or spirits. The earth, elements and various FORMS containing life, He has FORMED and CREATED, but not 'begotten'. Even if He formed ten billion blazing stars, THAT would not make Him a “father”; neither would the creating of whales to fill ten thousand seas. And if creating fish did not make Him a 'father', neither did humanity constitute Him that: NO, not even the "Babe of the manger" - regardless of HOW that embryo was conceived. (For, the ‘First Cause’ was assuredly not A MAN!)

    Neither let us sponsor fantasy by saying that God deflects, or emanates a ‘ray’ or portion of Himself elsewhere, calling that His 'son' or maybe 'Holy Spirit'! Let us not ape those in 'delirium tremens’…. Should the ocean swell her bosom in pride at the falling of raindrops? And say: I AM A MOTHER? NOTHING had been begotten!… Neither let us postulate that God is a schizophrenic with ‘splits’ within His being: the one part talking to the other. (How deep into spiritual dementia can mortals sink? But that is a $64 question!) MAN was created in the IMAGE of God. Therefore it follows that God is the original and perfect PATTERN on which man was formed; that God is the full-blown PERFECTION of man's highest and best. Wherefore, let us not pick up something in a mental institution, enlarge its derangements infinitely and call the net result ‘God’! (Have you a brain? Then USE IT! That you were commanded! - Luke 12:57)

    ADAM has been called "the son of God" according to Luke 3:38 AV. But observe: the words: ‘the son’ are in italics. The proper rendering is: "Adam which was of God". This is one instance where the translators made an unjustified injection of an auxiliary thought. It is UNJUSTIFIED on the grounds that in Gen 5: 1 -2 we are told distinctly that God 'CREATED' Adam; the same word is again used in Gen. 1:27. Whereby we have the authority of God's own word that Adam was CREATED, not 'begotten’! That which is 'formed' is not offspring. The only sense in which Adam can be called the Son of God is by referring to the SPIRIT indwelling the human form known as Adam. Yet THAT spirit which dwelled in Adam permitted its garments (body and soul) to get stained through DISOBEDIENCE. Therefore, the Word of God does not accord to that spirit (within Adam) the honor of being named 'a son'. THIS thought was clearly brought out by Jesus when speaking to the Jews of His day. He acknowledged that they were "the SEED of Abraham", but would at the time not concede they were his "children'! He disputed their claim to being the children of God, but on the contrary - said He - they were the children of the devil! Here He clearly brought out the thought that a son would manifest the WORKS of his father. (Carefully study John 8: 37-47). And He stressed precisely the same thought when told that His mother and brethren were without - wishing to see Him. Said He: "My MOTHER and my BRETHREN are those who DO THE WILL OF MY FATHER IN HEAVEN! (Matt 12:48-50)

    Simple rationality, together with the correct meaning of the word used, has shown us that 'a son' must be the off spring-in-kind of his father. Secondly, we have seen how Jesus raised the concept of a biologic and generic SONSHIP to include that of A MANIFEST sonship by doing the will and WORKS of one's father! And its antecedent-in-logic is A SPIRITUAL MATURITY AND FITNESS to qualify for fatherhood! This gloriously full and interlinking reflex was manifest between Yahweh-Jesus and THE FATHER-GLORY that brought Yahweh into being. And THAT was Jesus' meaning when He referred to Himself as the "son of hu-MAN-ity: the fully flowered perfection of humanity's offspring.

    Hereby we perceive why the Word of God in the originals does not call Adam the SON of God. First, the body of flesh had been FASHIONED from the elements instead of grown from a parent-seed. Secondly, the begotten spirit within WALKED NOT IN THE FOOTPRINTS OF ITS FATHER!

    MAN is in bondage to FEAR, which in turn is the child of ignorance. Ignorance was the fettering chain wantonly used by an unscrupulous priesthood to shackle the body and soul of man — lest it lose possession of the "GOOSE that laid the golden eggs!!

    Even as recently as pre-revolutionary Russia and some of the Balkan countries, peasants would tremble in fear before the landowners: yes to the extent of abjectly kissing the hand that cruelly smote them the moment before! Why? Because of ignorance (engendering fear). No education: no knowledge of the world and FREEmen: no cultivated talents: no leg of their own on which to stand. Hence their serfdom!

    Similarly in the field that we term religion. Only a bare few centuries have passed since the last fagots were lit and martyrs therein bound - because THEY DARED TO BRING GOD'S WORD TO THE PEOPLE! And others also because THEY DARED T O BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD - instead of man-invented doctrines foisted on the unlearned masses to hold them in subservient slavery!

    With these thoughts in mind, let us return fearlessly to the 'Godhead’ about which we have heard so much, and with deliberate determination sweep away the cluttering debris of man's making. Sooner or later ALL must discern between FACT and fiction and choose between Christ and Creed! "SEARCH the Scripture" said He! Dare YOU obey His word? Come men, that we may SEARCH, and LOOK and UNDERSTAND. For, to understand is LIGHT and LIFE and JOY.

    Clarified has it been before you that the 'I AM' who spoke to Moses out of the burning bush: He who identified Himself as Yahweh, was none other than He who came in person to redeem man from the curse of sin; manifesting in and through the body of the lowly Nazarene. And, in that He spoke of His "Father in Heaven" He declared Himself the Son of God: that is, the SPIRIT within as being the BEGOTTEN SPIRIT-SON of another and distinctly separate Being THEN on the Throne of Glory. FATHER and SON = TWO! The 'ONE ADONAY’ or 'Lord’ (master, boss) was, IS and forever shall be JUST THAT, for our KEEPER IS ONE!

    This TRUTH was stressed also by the Crucified One when He cried out: "My Keeper, my Keeper, why have you forsaken me? Were there but ONE (Spirit-Being) in a 'mysterious' Godhead He could NEVER HAVE BEEN FORSAKEN! Again, were there but ONE, 'forsaking' would be an utter impossibility. REPUDIATE all 'mysteries': such are but the fabrications by man; God has made all things PLAIN. And He provided you a brain. Therefore, USE IT!

    ALL these Truths have also been wrought out by God through type - to the end that man's infantile brain should not fail to grasp the salient points. Abram-Isaac: The High Father and the Son of his JOY. But in Isaac's seed should Abram's children be counted. As Abraham was undisputedly GREATER than Isaac, so did Jesus say, "My Father is greater than I." As Abraham had but "an ONLY SON" (Gen 22:2), so similarly ABOVE: Father and but ONE Son; and they add up to TWO (with no 'mystery' attached!)......

    God is HONEST: the 'types' He wrote were TRUE IN DETAIL (within their applicable range and set boundaries). Thus we have the TWO of the 'ElohIM': Father and Son. That the latter was a begotten Being is also declared in John 1:18, and again stated in Rev 3:14 where He spoke of Himself as "the BEGINNING of the creation of God." (Here, 'manifestation' would be a preferable word to 'creation').


    Next let us look at the mystery of "God the HOLY SPIRIT' - according to the dogmas of man! *** YET IN THE BIBLE IT IS NOT TO BE FOUND! Observe the above words in quotation, then spend the rest of your life - if you wish - to search for them IN GOD'S WORD! THEY ARE MAN's INVENTION! (Yes, read that again, for, I mean what I say, and I challenge its refutation!)

    In numerous passages we are told about the 'Holy Spirit, but MAN HAS PREFIXED 'God'! But perchance you prefer man's authority. If so, then SWIM in the misty sea of mortal's creation!

    In Abraham's household was a steward: Eliezer by name. It means "My God IS HELP". We read about him in Gen 15:2, andlater in the 24th chapter we see where his servant Eliezer the steward was sent to get a wife for Isaac. This answers beautifully -in type - to the mission of the Holy Spirit to gather out of the world a bride for Christ.

    Carefully observe the meaning of Eliezer, "My God is Help". Here LIMITATION is clearly implied, which in itself precludes God! But you will counter: it was merely the name of man. True! Yet THUS arranged by God to correctly represent the office of His own Functionary as CHIEF of the Angelic lights ministering to man. He is referred to as "the Angel of the Lord", and by Psalmist as "The Holy Spirit”. Jesus termed him the 'Comforter'. In that name we see again reflected the steward-servant Eliezer who was A HELP FROM GOD, even as Eliezer was a HELP unto Abraham and Isaac. It was He who appeared -unto Hagar in the wilderness (Gen 16:7), and it was He of whom Yahweh said:

    "Behold, I send an Angel ('messenger') before you to keep you in the way, and to bring you into the place which I have prepared. Beware of him and OBEY his voice; provoke him not, FOR HE WILL NOT PARDON YOUR TRANSGRESSIONS; for, my name (is) in him" Ex 23:20,21

    First observe: "for MY NAME IS IN HIM". Then look to 1 Kings 8:29; 9:3; 11:36 and also Deut. 12:5, 21 where you will find precisely the same wording by Yahweh that He would "place His name there", that is, IN THE TEMPLE. We may safely assume that God did. And the people thought of the temple as the Lord's dwelling place among them, yet they knew that He was not there FACTUALLY. Time and again did they see His glory DESCEND to meet with Moses! But HIS NAME was there; i.e. the VIBRATION of His Being or NATURE. SIMILARLY did Yahweh speak to Moses that His NAME was in the 'angel’. That is, NOT Yahweh factually, but only His NAME-vibration enshrined within the 'angel' or messenger-servant. (This is a point of TREMENDOUS importance that you do well to remember.)

    Now bare in mind what Yahweh warned Moses about the Angel NOT FORGIVING THEIR TRANSGRESSIONS, then contrast the words of Yahweh-Jesus when He said:

    " Whosoever speaks a word against the Son of man it shall be forgiven him; but whosoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be for- given him in this era, neither in the age impending" Mat 26-12:31-32

    WEIGH those words carefully and see how utterly ridiculous they become IF we postulate that the 'Holy Spirit' IS 'GOD'! It would be similar to a man saying to another: "If you curse my right foot or hand I will forgive you; but if you ever speak against my left foot or hand, I SHALL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! How stupid! Yet such are the postulations by our 'theologians'!

    WHY will not the Holy Spirit forgive blasphemies against him? (Steel yourself for the shock) HE HAS NOT THE POWER! THAT power belongs to God! The Holy Spirit IS NOT 'GOD'!

    But that you may know that the Son of man has POWER on earth to forgive sins ---" Mark 2:10

    Yes, beloved, to forgive sins calls for POWER! We can say to an offender: I forgive you. It is just that simple. But NOT SO WITH GOD! SIN is more than imaginary: for, by transgressing the Divine Love -law, A VIBRATION is set in motion which is of a destructive and degenerating power: IT IS DISCORD within the Cosmos. To FORGIVE sin calls for the POWER to stop, annul or TRANSMUTE that discordant and destructive vibration. And some forms of sin call for much more than that; sometimes to the REcreating of conditions and opportunities, and maybe to the restoration of life itself at times. It calls for the POWER of cutting into that which man has labeled "Cause and effect". It calls for the POWER of our Creator. Therefore said Jesus to the Jews:

    ** For THAT sin there is no forgiveness in this eon or the one
    ** impending. That is, this great Angelic Light in the stew-
    ** ardship-service of Father and Son, HAS AS YET NOT AT-
    ** TAINED TO THE POWER to draw within himself the flow
    ** of disintegrating vibrations caused by 'sin', and to annul
    ** its train of consequences; neither to give life again where
    ** and when needed. By what process of reasoning could we
    ** expect such staggering power in the hands of a 'servant'?
    (Yes, ponder that much.... )

    "MY NAME (is) in him"! He - the Holy Spirit - has entered into that state of VIBRATIONAL GLORY whereby Yahweh’ s name in its MANIFEST REALITY has become like a consuming fire within him. "OBEY HIS VOICE"! OBEDIENCE is the keynote to his being. He KNOWS the Father's will, and to its minutest fulfillment is his incessantly bent. That is his Father's NAME (vibration) within him . He does not FORGIVE - because he LACKS THE POWER! Yet in the second eon impending, it may be that he attains the POWER to forgive, or annul transgression. But as yet HE HAS NOT ENTERED INTO THE FULNESS OF THE creator's power:

    "I have blotted out as a thick cloud your transgressions, and, as a cloud, your SINS 'RETURN UNTO ME; for I HAVE REDEEMED YOU" Isa 44:22

    Here Yahweh declared His POWER to annul (the consequences of Jacob-Israel's sins. "As a thick cloud they returned unto Him," and as such "He blotted it out."

    RECOGNIZE that Yahweh is TRUE; He is HONEST: He STATES THE FACTS! The sins of Israel like a thick cloud returned to Him, and He blotted them out. That is, He gathered those disintegrating vibrations (fully capable of undoing Israel) within the periphery of His consuming Spirit that they should be no more. And what had already gone amiss (on the earth plane) HE WAS ABLE AND WILLING TO RECTIFY. Think not that 'sin’ is a minor thing! It calls for the power of God Almighty to handle it! THAT has not the 'Holy Spirit’ - who is the steward and messenger for " Father and Son".

    The Yahweh-Savior said of the 'Comforter': "he shall take of mine and shall show it unto you." But for Himself He said: "ALL that the Father has is mine (John 16:15) (Ponder that long enough to perceive its TREMENDOUS CONTRAST!) Could He (Yahweh -Jesus) divide Himself into segments or spheres of ownership, so that ALL belonged to one portion but not to the other portion (H. S.)7 (Just how stupid can theologians be?)

    Perhaps here it would be in place to clarify John 14:17; "for he dwells with you and shall be IN you."

    Here, the Jesus ONLY people find a prop for their pet theory. Yet this He spoke of the Holy Spirit that did dwell among them BY VIRTUE OF JESUS' PRESENCE. Clearly did John the Baptist declare that he saw "the Spirit descending on Jesus and remaining on Him." (see John 1:33). Even as other mortals have 'ministering spirits', so did Jesus receive the individual guidance and supervision of "the Angel of God" - which REMAINED on Him.

    Therefore was the same SPIRIT 'dwelling with’ the disciples while Jesus was with them. Had He meant it as they aver, He would not have hesitated to say: " I dwell with you and shall be in you." But NO! Jesus was HONEST: HE SPOKE THE TRUTH!

    Consider also the full connotation of the word 'messenger', (rendered 'angel' in the A V). A messenger is one who carries a message FOR. ANOTHER: it implies a SERVANT-relationship. Only by dishonoring our God-given intelligence AND OUR GOD, can we postulate that one portion or segment of God is IN SERVICE to the balance of His Being! (Keep your feet on the ground!) IF we say that our hands SERVE the rest of the body, then equally does the balance of the body SERVE THE HANDS. Therefore, there is no such thing as one portion of our body being A SERVANT to the rest, for, there is mutual and even interchange And WE are IN HIS IMAGE!

    Man-indoctrinated parrots purport to show that the Holy Spirit is ‘almighty’ and synonymous with the Creator. ALL such claims lack Scripture backing, and do violence to reason and common sense. For instance, a Bible encyclopedia, at hand refers to Luke 1:35-37 and Rom 15:19 to back up the contention that Scripture teaches the Holy Spirit to be 'Omnipotent’ (possessing ALL POWER). To allege that Rom 15:19 teaches THAT is but an instance of how hard they are driven to find even the shadow of Scriptural support. It speaks of 'power' but with NO allusion to ALL power. And in Luke 1:35-37 we see again how words must be juggled in a stupid attempt to give a prop to man-invented dogma. Verse 35 tells us that the "power of the Highest should overshadow Mary", then in v 37 we are told that "with God NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE."

    Manifestly, the HOLY SPIRIT as THE SERVANT of God was directly invested by God Almighty WTTH THE REQUIRED POWER TO MEET THE ASSIGNMENT. But to make the mental hurdle of propounding that the 'Spirit' of v 35 is synonymous with 'God’ of v 37, is but to declare our willful asininity. Did not Jesus say, "ALL power is given unto me in Heaven and on earth"? And did He not also say "I give unto you POWER to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all power of the enemy" (Matthew 28:18; Luke 10: 19). In the first instance we see ALL power, while in the second instance only 'power'. And therein is A TREMENDOUS DIFFERENCE! Even after the transfiguration He had to cast out a devil where the disciples had utterly failed! Had they received ALL power? Hardly! Did they possess the power to command the sun to hide its face while they rolled up the heavens as a scroll and brought a new creation into being? Not by a vast margin! Theirs was only 'power' in contrast to 'ALL power’ that Jesus received and wielded at His spoken word! Similarly in Luke 1:35-37 the 'Spirit’ was commissioned to draw on God's power sufficiently for the assignment received. Yet THAT is far from being ALL-POWERFUL; neither does it imply that any more so than the power Jesus gave to His disciples. The power was LIMITED in either instance. Neither is v 37 that speaks of God's omnipotence a postulation that the Holy Spirit is God.

    Let us conjure up a parallel expression in type: Eliezer had been sent to fetch a wife for Isaac. He was the SERVANT in the house of Abram-Isaac. Camels and servants were at his command. He was the steward and could take along such wealth as he saw fit. So let us SUPPOSE that he had said to Rebekah:

    "The SERVANT is come unto you in the authority (power) of the highest (Abram = the High father). I bedeck you with jewels and lay wealth at your feet, for, Isaac has vast wealth and can do whatsoever he pleases."

    Carefully study this and you will observe that its basic structure is in harmony with the passage in Luke. Now I ask you in plain words; Does the above declare that the servant (Spirit) is to be identified with either Abram or Isaac? And does it declare that the SERVANT can do whatsoever he pleases? And does it imply that the SERVANT has vast wealth? IF you are in your right mind you will realize that the answer to all these questions is an emphatic NO. The SERVANT in the opening (portraying the HOLY SPIRIT) does by no stretch of the imagination justify our claiming that he is THE Isaac (portraying God) of the closing passage. Neither that the vast wealth of Isaac's is the wealth of the servant. Nor that the power which Isaac’s wealth can command, is the power of the servant. Yet ALL of these absurdities does a long f rocked caste proclaim with ALLEGED AUTHORITY, while you and I are expected to tremble before their august persons, meekly accepting in FAITH their puerile pronouncements!

    Fabrications from the darkest pit - OUT! Dogmas hollow with inanity – AWAY! Deny to all mortals the right to ‘interpret' Scripture. And whosoever assays to 'teach’ you in the Word of God, request that he produce the Divine Credential - which is his authority to TEACH. Whoever cannot produce that has not been commissioned by God, for "God changes not'. At all previous times He has amply provided His especially chosen and commissioned TO DEMONSTRATE THEIR DIVINE CREDENTIAL! Wherefore, be not deceived!

    I call you to stand on your feet as A CHILD OF THE INEFFABLE LIGHT, repudiating the alleged authority of power-mad cliques who seek the possession of your soul to constitute their GOOSE to lay the golden eggs. Christ our Lord commanded us to SEARCH THE SCRIPTURE. And having done so, "JUDGE FOR YOURSELF WHAT IS RIGHT".

    The age of the UNlearned dithering before his master or scribe, is but a spectral shadow of man's intellectual infancy. But THIS is the day of LIGHT!

    HEAR then His Word for the Alpha has spoken. Rejoice in His Truth for the Omega has declared it; yes, even as a loving, all-wise father speaking to his wee tots in the swaddling clothes of spiritual understanding. He has not used 'high-brow' language: His expressions are for the little ones that they might find riches; that "out of the mouth of babes might come praise". His language is simple without ambiguity, asking only that we DISCERN HIS WORDS ("How do you read it?"). And that discerning of His words calls for no special talent, but merely an understanding of the words used, PLUS a remembrance of all His other statement bearing on the subject. And to this should be added: PLUS an UNbiased mind, free from the lurking monsters of lurid deception begotten in the horror of night when human souls were prey for the avaricious and unscrupulous.

    Child of the Morning, ROUSE! Hark! 'tis messengers of JOY - Daybreak declaring. (Behold His Light-streamers a-spreading from sea to sea. Dark fuming smogs thru the ages gathered: lifting, dispelled by the Light of His Spirit. HEAR, then, beswaddled child of His Love-Light: the morning is breaking - in symphony clear; Truth-light's effulgence dispelling the ageless mists! ROUSE has He bidden - to channel His White Light, decreed to FILL THE EARTH as waters do our sea.

    And THAT shall it also do for YOU - and humanity as soon as dogmas are given the boot, and His Light turned on self -styled illuminati to show them up for the unthinking parrots they be, "THE THREE WHICH BEAR WITNESS IN HEAVEN": I John 5:7

    Lest some should stumble over this passage, a few words here will clear the air. In speaking of the Holy Spirit Jesus said: "---he shall testify of me" - John 15:26. Therefore it may be stated correctly "three bear record in heaven". Yet THAT fact does not declare him 'God’. (In the " Book of Revelation" we are told of different 'angels' seen right in the very TEMPLE, but that does not constitute them 'God'. Furthermore we should not overlook what seems to be the consensus of opinion (among scholars) that the said passage is AN INTERPOLATION by the copywriter, not being found in the oldest mss. But whether the passage is 'inspired' or otherwise, we know that his messenger-capacity is one of "TESTIFYING UNTO THE TRUTH” - be that on earth or in heaven.


    Perhaps it would be in place here to consider the place of God's residence! Is His Throne far away in space, or is He like the air: everywhere about us? Or perhaps He is within each being like some postulate? (THAT would give us well over two billion 'Gods' in the world today!)

    Theories can easily be hatched, and cults built on the vapid mouthing of would-be-Gods. Yet His inspired Word is very clear and emphatic on the matter for those who prefer Truth to fiction. (Admittedly, 'fiction' seems to be the preferable reading by the masses.) Aside from the repeated statement by Jesus that He "came *DOWN* from Heaven" and that He "came FORTH from the Father" (John 3:13; 6:38, 51, 58 and 16:13) we have the precision wording by God Almighty to Moses; " I am COME DOWN" and "the Lord will COME DOWN". (Exod 3:8, 19:11, 18). IF God is everywhere present, then He cannot" come DOWN" ! Similarly, IF God is WITHIN EACH INDIVIDUAL, and then He can't come DOWN…. We can either wander midst the confusion of man-invented theories, or accept the clear and simple Truth as God has proclaimed it. But in an effort to understand His manifestation, we should distinguish clearly between GOD and His spirit-SUBSTANCE BY AND THROUGH WHICH HE MANIFESTS. This SUBSTANCE is everywhere present. To observe God's manifestation, or moving-in or through this omnipresent SUBSTANCE and thereby postulate God (in person) as EVERYWHERE PRESENT, is like saying that because we can hear radio programs in our homes; THE BROADCASTING STATION IS ALSO PRESENT!

    This I have said (and it bears repeating): Wherever, whenever and WHATEVER God has spoken, THERE MUST BE THE DIVINE IMPRIMATUR! Is not the wisdom of the Omniscient and the power of the Omnipotent, EQUAL THERETO? And such Divine signatures are by themselves PROOF THAT GOD IS AN INDIVIDUAL (-ized intelligence).

    The passages from Zech 11 have been used already to PROVE UNDISPUTABLY that the Almighty Creator - who identified Himself as Yahweh to Moses - would later incarnate in human flesh and be "sold for 30 pieces of silver". THIS we have abundant reason to believe saw fulfillment in the betrayal of Jesus the Nazarene - Whom we call the Christ.

    30 SILVER

    Let us look with greater care : is His Divine Insignia there? Can we accept it in its fullness as the distillation of Truth's essence? Let us see:

    THIRTY (30) pieces of silver: of what does it speak? Not what man's ideas may be, but of what do they speak ACCORDING TO THE WORD OF GOD? By the Law of Moses we learn that if an ox gored a human, the ox was to be stoned, and the owner to FORFEIT 30 SHEKELS ('pieces') OF SILVER. (Ex 21 32)

    Of course, THAT was a law governing in civil life, yet the rulings of God are not arbitrary. The goring ox is symbolic of man's bestial nature, or UNregenerate propensities which goad him into disobedience (‘sin’) - the fruit of which is DEATH. This through the said section of the Mosaic Law, we know that God spoke of A RESTITUTIONAL PENALTY in the amount of '30 shekels'. Thus was His ruling in Exodus fully corroborated by Zech 11:12-13; for, it is written that He was to offer His soul an atonement for sin". (Is 53:10). THAT is sufficient to vindicate His Word as per Zech 11:12-13; yet but a portion of HIS SIGNATURE! Behold:

    This Moses who gave the Law was of the tribe of Levi -who fathered the priesthood. Levi died at the age of 137 (Ex 6; 16). Therefore
    137 x 10= 1370 yrs,
    Priesthood inducted in + 2667 AM
    = 4037 AM or 37 A. D.

    As seen above, the multiplication by 10 is to raise the number of the INDIVIDUAL to speak for the NATION. And, since our multiple is 10, and the age of 137 as a 'round figure', it is essential to allow a small margin of leeway. Yet true to God's wisdom and guiding hand, we see that the PROPHETIC ERA FOR THE AARONITE PRIESTHOOD was to rule 1370 years, terminating within 2 years of Calvary's Cross (by Pyramid Chronology).

    Yet let us look again! How can we think of the 30 pieces of betrayal money without immediately remembering His predecessor IN TYPE who was sold for 20 shekels? As Joseph was sold into Egypt (type of this world in the throes of sin) to save his brethren (when they arrived), so did he typify our Savior, who also was sold TO DELIVER US (from this 'Egypt'). .Wherefore, to fully understand the 20 shekels, we must first understand the 20. Thus the 20+ 30 = 50, being the full price of FREEdom reaching into the SOUL (see "Number Symbolism"). Therefore was the same number that of the JUBILEE when all servants and captives were SET FREE, and forfeited properties returned to the original owner. Therein, then, we do see God's gracious plan in providing the means for humanity's COMPLETE REDEMPTION from the thralldom of sin, being our price of FREEdom paid in full! Further, if we consider the 20 shekels paid for Joseph in the light of the Sanctuary Poll Tax (which was half a shekel), then the 20 would provide 40 such assessments. Therein we behold the allusion to the 4000 years (40 x 100) of serfdom in this Egypt of sin until REDEMPTION would be provided. THAT was the span from Adam's mortality (AM) to the entry of God's Lamb.

    Now for a closer look at the 20 shekels (bearing in mind that they were but A PORTION of the TYPE He wrote.)

    In Gen 37:2 we behold Joseph at the age of 17 feeding the flock with his brethren. But the chapter details other events for which we may reasonably allow half a year. Thus was Joseph seventeen and a half (17.5) years when sold unto the Midianites. In Gen 41:46 we learn that Joseph was 30 years of age when he stood before Pharaoh.

    Then followed 7 years of 'plenty’, plus 2 years of 'lean’ before his father arrived, making Joseph 39 when again he beheld his father's face. (While we are at the data-gathering let us also realize that the 18-year-old Joseph was no liability to the Midianites, but much to the contrary. Wherefore they were in no rush to make a sale, but rather to KEEP AND USE HIM UNTIL A PROFITABLE DEAL COULD BE EFFECTED. Thus, although we cannot prove the matter from Scripture or history, it becomes a logical conclusion that he may have been retained many months in Egypt prior to being sold. THEN commenced his real servitude in Egypt. THAT precise time we cannot fix.)

    By the chronograph God has furnished us, (computed ENTIRELY from Bible data), we see that Joseph was born 2197 AM. Calvary's Cross cannot be fixed with precision from Bible history, wherefore we resort to the Great Pyramid. This shows that epochal event to have transpired in 40 - 34.5, while the Lamb of God was presented to Israel - 3.5 years earlier.
    = 31.0 A.D. or 4031.0 AM
    While Joseph's birth was in 2197
    = 1834 years
    interval from Joseph's birth to the presented "Lamb" for the entire world (see John 1:29).

    Observe now that to reduce the above number for the world to that of the individual, we must divide by 100. Thus 1834 becomes 18.34. In view of God's wondrous ways of working, I ask you: is it an unreasonable assumption that Joseph was 18.34 years of age when he entered the House of Potiphar? Hardly! Let us also remember that Joseph died at the age of 110 years, netting a servitude of
    110 years LESS 18.34
    = 91. 66 years, to be multiplied by
    x 20 (as betrayal's price)
    = 1833.2

    - Can you not perceive the staggering marvel of the mathematical PRECISION God wrote through the majestic PATTERN-IN-TYPE - to the end that we might SEE AND BELIEVE? For, as above, the years of his servitude, times the price of sin (20), nets the exact time from Joseph's birth unto THE LAMB OF GOD! (91.66 x 20 = 1833.2). And his age on entering bondage to Potiphar (18.34) raised to the "power" for the world (x 100), again nets the same PRECISION FIGURE (18.34 x 100 = 1834). But slam not the door in the face of God Just LOOK AGAIN:

    When Joseph beheld his father's face in Egypt he was 39 years old. He had been sold at the age of 17.5 (39 - 17.5) = 21.5 yrs. absence from his father. Multiply by 20 (shekels) = 430.0 (years)

    - which we are told was the PRECISION NUMBER OF YEARS TO THE DAY that Israel sojourned in Egypt (Ex 12:40). Or maybe you thought that God never had the schooling to be a mathematician!! Yet this is His way of revealing His identity by an in-wrote SIGNATURE, placing His seal of Divine Authority on Scripture; as well as giving us that UNSHAKABLE FOUNDATION ON WHICH TO BUILD A LIVING FAITH! As in this instance, not only were the 430 years of Israel's bondage in Egypt revealed by the 20 shekels for which Joseph was sold, but also the PRECISION INTERVAL OF TIME unto presentation of 'GOD'S LAMB’ - of which Joseph was a type.

    Now, with the factors of Joseph's betrayal fresh in mind, let us look to the Nazarene who was sold for 30 of silver: PAID OUT BY THE HIGH PRIEST - in charge - of the Sanctuary (which sanctuary was A LUNAR EDIFICE).

    A strict command did Joseph give that his bones were to be carried into - Canaan - a type of Heaven. Prophetically, this showed us - in part - how He whom Joseph typified, would ASCEND TO HEAVEN. And the INTERVAL OF TIME during which the bones of Joseph were prophetically awaiting in Canaan, unto the fulfillment of the shadow-prophecy, BECOMES PROPHETIC OF THE TIME that the world awaits the consummation of His work while the LIVING BODY (portrayed by Joseph's bones) resides in Heaven (Canaan) - with the relationship of 30 to 20 considered. Thus:
    4034.5 as ASCENSION (Pyramid Chronology)
    2707 .5 = Joseph's bones entered Canaan
    = 1327 years INTERVAL (Pyramid. Chronology.)
    Therefore 1327 x 30 x 354.36
    20x 365.24 = 1931 solar years.
    + 35 AD (=Cross)
    1966 or '67 A.D.

    (Pyramid chronology) as consummation of His Work.

    - In explanation of the foregoing, we must bear in mind the risen Lord of Life was no longer subject to mundane conditions, but lived in the POWER OF SPIRIT on the SOUL plane (lunar) of being during the 40 days following the resurrection. This therefore, AGREES with the fact of the High Priest of the lunar sanctuary, paying out 30 pieces of Silver. This metal answers to the moon. ALL Sanctuary rites were governed by the LUNAtions. Hence, the 30 of silver must be construed for the Lord of Life as being A LUNAR MEASURE OF TIME. Therefore do you see on page 36 the 354.36 (days in lunar year) over 365.24 in the equation. And you see the 30 over 20 because the two betrayals were part of ONE PROPHECY. While the final figure of 1966-67 AD should not be construed as necessarily being PRECISE. Our multiple is that of 30; therefore a considerable margin may be allowed forth or back.

    In our considering the SIGNATURE of God, we find the abundant evidence in me betrayal money of Joseph; put as yet the final prophetic figure for the 30 of silver is not conclusive (its time being yet future). Nevertheless, when we realize that God talks to us through numbers, we see the DIVISION and SEPARATION of the '2' in 20, reaching into the very SOUL. THIS was realized through the 'chosen people' by their COMING OUT FROM Egypt and being SEPARATE FROM the gentiles. And similarly are we shown by the '3’ in 30 that the WORD OF GOD also reaches into the SOUL, to the end that a man may be "born again" into a regenerate life. THIS is given THE DIVINE SEAL by the fact that the 20 plus 30 adds up to 50 - which is THE DIVINE LIBERATION NUMBER, and the very objective of His coming "to SET THE CAPTIVES FREE” (Isa 61:1): preaching the word of Life which has power to redeem the soul.

    Having then the prophetic PROOF abundantly displayed in the first drama, with the second dovetailing to fit into the PERFECT NUMERAL MESSAGE of Him who said: "He whom the Son sets free is FREE indeed", (John 8:36), we see the abundant testimony to His HOLY, IMPRIMATUR, and may await in confidence its final seal!


    With a true understanding of the term God, and an insight into the 'Godhead’ it might be well to give a few thoughts to 'prayer'. Be not concerned over WHOM you address in prayer. Address your petitions unto 'God'; or unto 'Jesus', for, JESUS IS NOW 'GOD' (the KEEPER). Or we may call upon 'the Father', for, that great Yahweh-Jesus Spirit is He who did beget us all! The Father of Yahweh cannot personally be readied by our prayers, for, THE SON is the reigning 'God'. The ALL-highest Father sits back with a supervising eye, but not directly ACTIVE in the reign (being on the LEFT side).

    Finally, let us dwell much and long on the word ‘God' we use, that its full implication may take deep root within our being. For, if indeed any exalted Spirit-Being is our 'God’ (KEEPER), then * THERE IS NOTHING FOR US TO WORRY OVER! *

    Then we perceive the sound foundation for Jesus' teachings that we are not to fret over tomorrow's needs, nor over any phase of the future, for, our KEEPER (God) is making it HIS BUSINESS to KEEP us! When at last the full voltage of this TERRIFIC TRUTH is given a free surge within our being. THEN IS OUR LIFE TRANSFORMED FROM FEAR AND FAILURE, TO THAT OF PEACE AND UNRUFFLED CONFIDENCE, WHICH EVER.MOUNTS THROUGH THE GLORIOUS STRATAS OF JOY AND SUCCESS.


    Here, let us briefly review the ground covered, and then draw the logical and inevitable conclusions:

    We have seen that where God has spoken, THERE IS THE DIVINE IMPRIMATUR. And wherever God has written, there too is the UNerasable SEAL of the Divine Being. THIS to the end that mortals may abide in FAITH, UNswayed by the babble of would-be philosophers, and those who seek to discredit the Divine Revelation in order to project themselves into prominence. Seeing His SIGNATURE AND SEAL, we KNOW that we can stake our life and all, ten thousand times over on THE VERACITY OF THAT WORD WHICH HE HAS SPOKEN!

    Through that SEALED WORD Yahweh declared Himself as THE CREATOR, and the ONE and ONLY KEEPER (God). Through this selfsame attested Word, He did foretell that He would be 'pierced’ after having been 'sold' for '30 of silver'. Money is a metal common to EARTH; neither does man 'pierce' an angel or spirit. Therein, then, did the very Creator - Yahweh - declare and foretell that in verity He would inhabit a human body - to be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver, as well as PIERCED-that His soul might be poured out an offering for sin.

    And through the selfsame SIGNATURE of God Almighty, we have seen the double-checking PROOF that Jesus the Nazarene was the human body used by the Creative, Self-existent Yahweh-Spirit in His INCARNATION TO REDEEM THE WORLD UNTO HIMSELF.

    We have seen how this Spirit is an individual, or CENTRALIZED INTELLIGENCE which 'came from' and 'came DOWN' from 'above', rather than being some Cosmic and UNdefinable intelligence everywhere present. We have seen how this Yahweh Spirit-in-man-flesh said to LIFT UP OUR HEADS and to ‘LOOK UP' for Him and our Redemption, rather than to hearken to the ‘oogly-glup' chatter of spiritual infants who postulate ‘God’ within in each human being. (True. He said that "the KINGDOM of God is within (us)”; yet let us clearly distinguish between the KINGDOM, and the very Being of GOD. Assuredly, that which God REIGNS OVER is the INNER man: THAT is His KINGDOM -or that which was intended to be His Kingdom. God works from the CENTER, irradiating OUT. WHEN that which is WITHIN is fully and constantly RULED by the Spirit of God, THEN His Kingdom does also become manifest WITHOUT - be it for the individual, or the nation or the world.

    We have seen how Yahweh-Jesus debunked the alleged 'mystery’ of the 'Godhead’, by praying to His Father (implying by that one word that the conscious Spirit within had been begotten by another and greater Spirit), beseeching Him that the human disciples might be 'ONE', even after the manner and selfsame fashion as He (the Yahweh Spirit) was 'ONE' with His 'Father'. And we see where He gave the LIE to the trinity postulation of 'equality' (in the 'Godhead') by honestly declaring: "My Father is greater than I. We also behold the Jargon of the "Jesus ONLY" cult through the selfsame words, as well as by those when speaking of the right to promise seats on His left and right sides in the impending Kingdom, ("It is NOT MINE to give" - Mk 10:40). Unless we take a vacation from reason to nosedive into lunacy, we cannot postulate that a Jesus-ONLY-God had no right to grant privileges in the awaited Kingdom, but that a Father-RAY or vortex of Himself upon the 'Throne' did have that right and power! When once we concede that JESUS WAS HONEST, and was also YAHWEH-IN-HUMAN-FLESH, then we find that a few of His simple words DEBUNK MOST OF THE DOGMAS EXTANT TODAY!! When with swelling words we postulate that which does violence to reason, and is beyond man's mentality to grasp, we have but announced our own asininity and mental vacuum. And when we take numerous passages of the clearest meaning, to twist and 'interpret' in order to uphold and defend dogma and doctrine in VIOLENT CONFLICT with such Scripture, then we do but demonstrate our stupid arrogance, as well as mental-spiritual unfitness to teach — even a winged parrot!

    We have but ONE Spirit-KEEPER ('God'). A 'father' implies offspring AFTER HIS OWN KIND. A 'son' NECESSITATES the existence (at some time) of a 'father'. Therefore, to declare either implies THE TWO (the ElohIM). The Father and Son have a servant, or messenger-Spirit (‘angel’). That slave or SERVANT capacity by itself declares that the 'messenger’ IS NOT" GOD but only in the service of God. Wherefore, the 'Godhead’ consists of two DISTINCT AND SEPARATE BEINGS (Father and Son) with either of them on the Cosmic Throne of Glory filling the Office of KEEPER ('God'). Even when both are there as was seen by Stephen (Acts 7:55), ONE is "on the RIGHT hand" (denoting EXECUTIVE POWER) of the other, and hence ONLY "ONE" KEEPER.

    While Yahweh-Jesus (the Son) was in human flesh. He functioned AS A MAN. His Father was THEN THE 'KEEPER' at Central Power. Therefore was it both right and proper AS WELL AS FULLY HONEST for Him to pray to His 'Father', and also call Him His 'God'.

    We have also seen that while Yahweh was in human flesh, His "Seals of Office" had been left behind: He had erased His 'reputation' and functioned on earth as any other mortal. The one difference was that He had LIVED WITHOUT SIN; was conscious of His identity and could consciously commune with His Father.

    With the simplicity of the true facts in plain focus, we cease from the jargon of three-in-one and one-in-three 'mystery' which mortal mind does not understand. Thus we eliminate the absurdity of ONE out of Three imploring another portion of the 'mystery - with Whom the Son was "COequal and Coexisent." We also eliminate the implied dishonesty of Jesus praying to His Father. (Such prayer would have been spiritually dishonest had He been truly "God in human flesh", either by the trinity or Jesus-ONLY concept. We recognize 'God' as being THE One at the EXECUTIVE helm, rather than as a specific Being regardless of place.)

    Now observe: AFTER that the Yahweh-Spirit had demonstrated to His 'Father', that He was well able to exercise FULL CONTROL over the 'carnal mind', as well as to 'take it' to the extremity of human suffering (VOLUNTARILY entered into), THEN did He declare to His disciples "ALL POWER IS GIVEN ME IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH" Mtt 28:18.

    We might be prone to imagine that the Yahweh Creator was ALL powerful in the time that the creative fiat went forth, yet here we see by His own words - which in their minutest detail must ever be true - that ALL power" had not been granted Him by His Father until He had PROVEN Himself THE ABSOLUTE MASTER, AND HAD REDEEMED THAT CREATION WHICH HE HAD BROUGHT INTO BEING! THEN He had become that 'God’ into the hands of whom the Father could ENTRUST ALL.

    THIS we could contrast to the human plane where a young man becomes the father of children, and maybe goes into big business yet can profit and be guided by the greater maturity and wisdom of his father.

    WEIGH His words as recorded in John 14:12-14, in contrast to16:23, and we behold the two positive declarations: (1) that when speaking of the THEN present time and conditions, His FATHER in Heaven would hear the request made in Jesus’ name; and forth with His Father would DO for them according to the petition (John 16:23). While (2) as to obtain in the THEN-NEAR-FUTURE when He would be gone to the Father (14:12), THEN, He (Jesus) would personally HEAR and undertake to carry out their petitions ("I will do it" - v 13-14).

    As in 16:23 He was not ascended, therefore

    The Father upon the Throne would HEAR and DO, for, that 'Father' was THEN the reigning KEEPER ('God’). But AFTER the ascension "because I GO UNTO MY FATHER" v 12), THEN would Yahweh-Jesus be the reigning 'God’ or CHIEF EXECUTIVE, and would PERSONALLY HEAR AND ANSWER PRAYER.

    Here it seems in place to observe that when He gave those specific instructions to ASK HIM (in prayer), He did not breathe a word about the present idolatrous babble about "the mother of God"; neither prayer to ‘saints'. In fact, such is strictly forbidden (see Col 2:18-19).

    THESE truths utterly VOID the 'trinity'-concept, as well as obliterate the Jesus-ONLY brainchild out of a delirious night of Machiavellian darkness.

    We have also seen how Yahweh-Jesus declared the function of the Holy Spirit as that of A SERVANT, in that he should TAKE of the things belonging to Jesus Christ, and SHOW FORTH unto the disciples (John 16:13-14). In v 15 we see where Jesus claimed that ALL things of the Father was also His (Jesus')! Yet He clearly implied that such did NOT belong to the Holy Spirit. For, as yet that Holy Spirit was but a SERVANT (unto God), THESE Truths are fearlessly declared, to the end that you may
    * BEFORE. (Let us help and honor them for "good works"
    * and a Savior proclaimed to man; yet let us boldly ignore
    * their dogmas from out of the stygian night: dogmas which
    * shackle the soul, blind the eye and violently assault reason
    * to "limit the Holy One of Israel” - that they might further
    * their own interests.) * AWAY WITH THE CLAPTRAP OF
    * MURDERED (by the Enemy's deified seed) IN HOPES TO



    By M.D.
    In Canada 1958

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    "New paradigms put everyone practicing the old paradigm at risk. The higher one's position, the greater the risk. The better you are at your paradigm, THE MORE YOU HAVE INVESTED IN IT, the more you have to LOSE BY CHANGING PARADIGMS" - Joel Arthur Barker in his book PARADIGMS
    "When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit being mistaken, or cease to be honest." - Unknown Netizen
    Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened. - Winston Churchill
    There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth - not starting, and not going all the way. - Buddha
    "Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko." - John Loeffler

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